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Becoming an independent Top Dog Vitabites Representative is your first step to achieving financial freedom.­‐dog-­‐

Become a Top Dog Vitabites Sales Agent

• Why develop a business with Top Dog Vitabites Limited

• The market for Dog related products in the UK is over £1 billion pounds,

people in the UK love their Dogs and over 50% of households own a Dog.

Dog owners and increasingly looking for products that will enhance their

Dogs health and wellbeing and are more conscious of what their dogs

are eaCng. The market for Dog Treats is growing rapidly, and the spend

per Dog is also increasing .

Top Dog Vitabites are unique, and you won’t find any of our products in

any retail shop. Our products are only sold by Dog enthusiasts and Dog

related businesses direct to the Dog owner. We are proud of our

products and the benefits they bring and only want enthusiasCc

independent Top Dog RepresentaCve promoCng our products. We will

never sell through the large retail stores and our aim is for you our

Agents to grow with us and develop your business in your own area. That

is the only way we will sell both now and in the future.

• Our Dog Treats are made from HUMAN grade fish products with no

addiCves from sustainable Icelandic fishing grounds. They are slowly

heat dried so that all the vitamins and omega 3 and omega 6 oils are

retained. Our treats are a healthy food supplement great for joints,

general mobility and boost stamina. You will noCce an immediate

difference to Dogs young and old. These unique products are easy to sell

and you will get many repeat orders from saCsfied customers.

Financial Benefits of becoming an

independent Top Dog Vitabites


• Becoming an independent Top Dog Vitabites RepresentaCve is your

first step to achieving financial freedom. You are given the full

support of an award winning markeCng team to build your own

business in your area. We have developed a three Cer sales model

proven to succeed if you follow the simple repeCCve sales process.

The product is so good it sells itself. All you have to do is make a few

regular sales a month which will become mostly repeat orders and

encourage other Cer two representaCves to join you in your team.

The power of network markeCng is that others do most of the work

and you benefit from their success and yours. As a Direct Tier 1 Top

Dog RepresentaCve you have a unique opportunity with a unique

product. Month aVer month you will see your income rise. You can

do as liWle as a few hours a week to seeing this as a full Cme

opportunity. Like any job the more you put in the more you will get

out. But the key to financial freedom is to recruit as many Tier 2 Top

Dog RepresentaCves and to help train them to recruit Tier 3 Top Dog

RepresentaCves, as well as developing your own customers sales.

Our fish treats are made from ALL natural ingredients with NO flavorings, colours,

e-­‐numbers, or addiCves of any kind.

An Example of how your business

could develop

• Your first step is to sign up to becoming a Tier 1 Top Dog Independent

RepresentaCve. You will receive full training, support, markeCng materials,

sample products and 20 packs of 200 gram Dog Treats to get you going.

• Your second step is to idenCfy potenCal Dog Owners and allow them to try the

product with the sample packs and then start taking orders. Your aim is to sell

to just 100 customers a month the 200 gram pack size. The product retails at

£7.00 and the wholesales price is £5.00 where you will make £2.00 profit per

pack. With follow up most of these customers will become repeat orders so

you will find it easier as Cme goes on. We will show you how to find these

customers easily. Just 100 customers, not hard is it? Just a few hours per week

of your Cme, no pushy sales, just giving Dog owners the opportunity to try the

product and place an order. But this iniCal stage will make you a secondary

income of £200 a month. Useful but not the route to financial freedom. You

might now be thinking, but what if I work hard and develop 500 customer

sales a month of the 200 gram pack? Well you are right, that is one route to

go and you could make £1000 a month, a very useful income we think you will

agree. Again over Cme very achievable if you show enough Dog Owners the

product and give them the opportunity to place an order.

• However Step three is where the power of NETWORK MARKETING comes in.

To really succeed to financial freedom all you have to do is find five, yes just

five like minded individuals who are enthusiasCc about Dogs who wish to

work in your team as Tier 2 Top Dog Independent RepresentaCves. These five

RepresentaCves work in your team. They place all their orders through you.

They get exactly the same deal as you from Top Dog Limited so have the same

opportunity to develop their sales but for each sale they make you receive

£0.50 from the 200 Gram pack. So with five Tier 2 Top Dog Independent

RepresentaCves selling 100, 200 Gram packs a month each you will receive

£250 a month in addiConal commissions, and there is no limit to how many

Tier 2 Top Dog Independent RepresentaCves you recruit!! If for example you

recruited 10 Tier 2 Top Dog Independent RepresentaCves you could receive

£500 a month in commissions plus the commissions from your own sales.

• Your network will then develop, because with your help your Tier 2

Top Dog RepresentaCves will develop their own sales and recruit Tier 3

Top Dog RepresentaCves. If each of your 5 Tier 2 RepresentaCves

recruits 5 Tier 3 Top Dog Independent RepresentaCves and they build

sales of 100 packs a month each, you will have 31 people in your

Network. For Tier 3 Top Dog RepresentaCves you will receive 25p for

each 200 Gram sold. So at this level you could receive an addiConal


• So by just selling 100, 250 Gram packs per month, recruiCng 5

commiWed Tier 2 Top Dog Independent RepresentaCves and by them

recruiCng 5 Tier 3 Top Dog Independent RepresentaCves you can

easily achieve £1075 a month in commissions. Well on your way to

financial freedom. We will help you achieve this and within a few short

years your commissions could be much higher than that giving you

financial freedom for you and your family.

• This is not a pyramid sales scam. It is a sophisCcated Three Tier Sales

Model using the power of NETWORK MARKETING, with a unique very

saleable product. It offers a flexible job as a second income or an

opportunity to work full Cme and develop your team. Once your

Network Team is selling 6000, 200 Gram packs a month, for 6 months

in a row, you as the Tier One Top Dog Independent RepresentaCve will

receive a brand new MG 3! Car, fully logoed to promote your business

for just £20 a week. There will also be monthly prizes for best Network

Team and best overall Independent Top Dog Independent

RepresentaCve based on how many sales they have made and how

many RepresentaCves they have recruited.

The Cost of this Opportunity

• Unlike many franchise opportuniCes that can cost upwards of £30,000, this

opportunity costs just £200 to get started for your unique Sales Pack and full

training. Within that you get £100 of product and free sample bags, plus

markeCng materials, your own business card, and training worth £300.

• The good news doesn’t end there. Sell just 600, 200 Gram packs within the

first three months and you will get £300 cashback plus your commissions

making your opportunity completely cost free. If you sell 2000, 200 Gram

packs within your network within the first 6 months, you as a Tier One Top

Dog RepresentaCve, you will receive £1000 cash back on top of your


• Unlike most companies we want you to succeed and share in the success of

Top Dog. There is literally no limit to how much you can earn. If your sales are

very low we will not ever let you go, some people take Cme to get going and

see the opportunity. What we do want is enthusiasm and preferably an

interest in Dogs welfare and a definite belief in the products Top Dog


• Within two years we truly believe you will be earning over £1500 a month in

commissions and driving a MG 3! as your reward for becoming a Top Dog

Independent RepresentaCve.

• This product range is going to be very successful within the Dog Treats sector

because of it’s unique benefits to the dogs themselves. Be part of that success

early on. In five years Cme it will be harder to succeed so grasp the

opportunity NOW and secure your financial future with us.

MarkeDng Plan: Top Dog Treats

• IntroducDon:

• The pet market in the UK is worth a staggering £7 billion pounds, a

mature market with many established brands. The main stream brands

sell through established high street retailers and specialist retailers like

‘Pets at Home’. Profit margins are high in this lucraCve market, but the

sales outlets are dominated by a number of large established players and


• In order to break into this mature market, a new product needs to have a

very clearly defined unique selling proposiCon (USP) that is compelling

enough for dog owners to try and conCnue to repeat purchase the

product. CommunicaCng the salient benefits and providing opportuniCes

for dog owners to sample the product will be key to wider acceptance.

• We have decided to only sell the product range through appointed sales

agents, and all orders will need to be placed through an agent even

enquires that come to our website. You will have the opportunity to

build sales in your area and appoint sub agents (Tier 2 agents) to work

with you very much like Avon sell their cosmeCcs.

• The product is being branded as ‘Top Dog Vitabites’. It is a fish based

product designed to supplement a dogs diet, and provide a high quality

treat for dogs to enjoy and have significant health benefits. Credible

recommendaCons and tesCmonials are being collated including from

Guide Dogs for the blind.

Top Dog will help you develop the brand and sales within your territory

and the following markeCng plan gives you advice on what has worked

for other agents.

• Product Benefits

Top Dog treats is the only UK produced fish based product

that uses human grade Icelandic cod and salmon pieces with

no added bulk ingredients

• All of the fish is caught and processed from sustainable fish

stocks in the AtlanCc

• The product is uniquely dried to retain all of the nutrients

and proteins (80% compared to 20% for compeCtor


• Health benefits for dogs include stronger bones and joints,

and a healthy coat

Dogs love the taste of the product – it is a treat with health


Vitabites is a good strap line, or ‘Top Dog Vitabites

• Its an addiConal supplement to dog food but aids a balances


• The cod and salmon pieces are extracted as a waste product

so the product is very sustainable

• The product is manufactured in Great Britain in Grimsby, the

heart of the fishing industry

• Recommended by the Kennel Club Great Britain and the

Guide Dogs for the Blind

• TesCmonials from VETS and top dog breeders

• Recycled packaging and packaging kept to a minimum for

environmental reasons

All Top Dog products are air dried, the term “drying” ‘is actually the

“dehydration’’ of a food product and involves removal of water content from the

fish body. Drying fish can take several days, but by doing so we keep proteins

and intrinsic nutritional properties intact.

MarkeDng Plan Top Dog Sales Agents

• We at Top Dog want you to build a successful business for yourself and

we are here to help you achieve a second income or financial freedom.

The benefits of the product for Dogs are so compelling that once a dog

owner has tried the product they will almost certainly want to conCnue

using it. There are literally thousands of dog owners within just 10 miles

of where you live and to succeed in this business you need to do just two

simple things:

• One you will need to give dog owners a sample pack of the product (s) to

try with their Dog, a leaflet with your details on it, and a promise to

contact the dog owner to see if they will buy from you. No hard sell just

give them the facts!

• Two you need to find a minimum of five individuals that want to become

sales agents and work in your team to sell the product, this will come

naturally through word of mouth, shows aWended and enquires through

the Top Dog naConal website.

• Within 12 months (with our help and guidance) we expect you will have

a minimum of 31 people working in your team and you personally will be

selling 200 packs a month of product and earning a good second income

of £1200 a month. Very achievable and structured to your needs. This

assumes that you put in one day’s work a week spread over the week. If

you want to make this a full Cme opportunity you will do a lot beWer

than this! As you get repeat orders and aWend more shows the year two

figures will improve further.

• We must stress this is a genuine opportunity with the

opportunity to work either full or part Cme. The more effort

you put in the more you get out. This is not a pyramid selling

scheme, it is a sales agent three Cer mulC level markeCng

opportunity. We want you to be as passionate about our

products as we are, not simply looking for a way of making

money, It can suit a person or business already involved in

the dog related business or someone who wants to develop

a business around dogs and is willing to develop their own

sales area with our support.

• GeSng started:

• You have made a commitment to a new way of working and

a new opportunity by signing up to be a Top Dog Sales

Agent. You will receive as part of your welcome pack the


• 20 , 2oo Gram bags of Fish Skin cubes and Salmon biscuits to

sell to customers

• 50, sample bags to give out for potenCal customers to try

• 500 leaflets overprinted with your details for orders to be


• A free 3 hour training markeCng session and support for

your first show or sales round

• A markeCng planner

• An 2 part order form pack

• A database form for recording customers or potenCal

customers that have taken free samples

• A credit card type card with your unique order number for

ordering stock at wholesale price

First Steps

• The first step is to make a list of everyone you come into contact

with who has a dog or dogs and ask around. Produce a physical list

of potenCal customers for Top Dog. Most people can idenCfy 50

people who come into this category.

• The next step is to approach these people, give them a Top Dog

leaflet which has your details over printed and offer them a sample

bag to try with their dog. Be sure to record who you have given

these to, including contact details. This is no hard sell. Just point out

the product benefits for the dog, the benefits to the dog and the

fact that one 200 gram bag will last a month for most dogs

• The next step is to contact these dog owners again and ask them if

they want to place an order. Again no hard sell just get feedback.

Our experience suggests that 50% will want to place an order and

keep using the product on an ongoing basis. The product retails for

£7.00 and if used correctly will last one dog a month. An owner can

give their dog more treats per day and some owners might need

two packs a month.

• To really boost your business further you need to do three

addiConal things. Firstly idenCfy all the local farmers markets, car

boot sales, events where you can have a stand. We will help you

brand the stand and in this way you will talk to many more dog

owners in your area who can try the product. You will sell off the

stand and give out sample packs, but remember always get the

contact details of anyone you sell to so that you can follow them up

for repeat orders and give them a leaflet with your details. You

should aim to do two shows a month as a minimum.

• If you really want to boost your sales then you need to develop a round

by choosing suitable areas and knocking on doors, leaving a sample for

dog owners to try once you have ascertained that they own a dog. Again

collect their address, phone and name so you can recontact them to get

an order. We suggest you start with more affluent areas where owners

spend money on their dogs.

• Thirdly you need to menCon the business opportunity and go through

the commission process with anyone who shows interest in becoming a

sales agent. People already involved with dogs such as dog groomers,

dog siWers, dog trainers, vets and kennels will all be potenCal sales

agents as will anyone who has had experience of selling Avon, Betaware,

Amway or UClity Warehouse as they will already be familiar with

mulClevel markeCng and developing their own business. Remember if

you need help with explaining the opportunity to a potenCal agent

someone from head office will come and support you. Your aim is to get

five Cer two agents working with you within the first 6 months. This is

the way to really boost your business. If you can grown this side of the

business at Cer one level to ten sales agents you will have a very

successful business and income within 12 months, sCll only working part


• Building a great business for yourself and gaining financial freedom

• Unlike most other opportuniCes we want you to succeed, and are solely

there to help you achieve success with this business. Any great business

starts with the product being a fantasCc unique product and good value

for money. That doesn’t mean cheap. Our products are 100% human

grade fish based, they are healthy and dogs love them. Yes they are a

treat but they are a healthy treat. The second part of any great business

is people. We want great people working with us who have the right

aptudes and moCvaCon. Without posiCve aptudes and moCvaCon

there cannot be success. That’s why we don’t limit how much you can

earn with this business. We are giving you the opportunity to be involved

in a great range of products that sell themselves. This product is not

available in retail shops and there are no middlemen. We manufacture

the product and you are a sales agent working with us but growing your

own business.

Year Two

• In year two we hope that you have put the effort in, built the

foundaCons and have at least five Tier two sales agents working

with you. Your efforts shiV into making sure they have been well

trained and are building their sales to at least 100 packs a month

and that they are idenCfying their Tier two sales agents and your

Tier 3 sales agents. Once they have five sales agents each you will

have 30 sales agents working in your team and over 80% of your

income will be coming from the commissions you receive from their

sales. As you can see to be really successful at this business it is not

how many sales you personally achieve each month, it is how many

Tier two agents you recruit that can sell, 100 packs a month and

develop their Tier two sales agents.

All of our fish products are sourced

from sustainable fisheries -

guaranteed as human-grade fish and

bursting with protein and high in

natural Omega 3 oils. With our wealth

of experience, we understand the fish

industry, and currently there is no

other fish treat producer in the UK

with our level of experience and

knowledge in supply, production and

distribution of quality sea food.

Year Two

• We are not here to tell you that you will be a millionaire out of

becoming a sales agent with Top Dog. Companies like Amway and

UClity Warehouse that do make these ‘get rich’ claims we do not tell

you that only the people at the very top of the pyramid that were

there at the outset get to that level and they are put forward as case

studies. 99% of agents for those type of companies never achieve

financial freedom. Yes it is possible but also very difficult. We are

saying that realisCcally you can earn between £1000 and £2000 a

month as a part Cme income, selling a product that is ethical, good

value and high quality to dog owners. If you like dogs, own dogs or

are involved in the dog industry then all the beWer. Some sales

agents are going to do a lot beWer than this if they work full Cme at

the business, and many will earn less than this if they don’t put the

effort in or follow the sales process that we recommend and we

know works!

Year Two

• The main thing you have to do is keep in touch with your customers

and Tier two sales agents and support them. If you do then repeat

orders will follow and you will build your business. Eventually like

any good business it becomes easier and customers will be coming

back to you and potenCal sales agents will be asking to get involved.

• We want you to think carefully about this opportunity. It will not suit

everyone. You have got to develop habits that help you succeed. If

you don’t go to any shows, don’t tell any of your friends or

colleagues that own dogs, don’t give out leaflets and free samples

then you won’t succeed! If you do these simple things liWle and

oVen then you will succeed, it is that simple.

• We will never sack you, we will never set you targets and we will

never put you under any pressure. Your success purely depends on

your own aptudes and moCvaCons. We will always offer you help,

advice and support.

• Winston Churchill had a famous ethos that made him succeed,

‘AcCon today’. Take acCons each day that will get you to where you

want to be, set clear goals and work towards them. Then you will

succeed at this business and other areas of your life.

We produce natural fish treats for

discerning pet owners - and we take

care to use only high-grade humangrade

fish, sourced locally from -

established and trusted fish merchants

in Grimsby or Hull.

Agents price list


Agent Price £2.00 £5.00

RRP £3.00 £7.50


Agent Price £2.00 £5.00

RRP £3.00 £7.50


Agent Price £2.00 £5.00

RRP £3.00 £7.50


Agent Price £2.00 £5.00

RRP £3.00 £7.50



Agent Price £3.00

RRP £4.50


• So to sum up, you have already decided to invest

in this opportunity. The cost of this sales agency

with guaranteed sales territory is just £200. With

that you are receiving sales product to get you

started worth £100, sample bags worth £50, a

free on site training course by our markeCng

specialist, and 1000 branded leaflets worth £50

with your details overprinted. We are so

confident in our product that if for any reason

you decide the opportunity is not for you then we

will take back any unopened stock and samples

and refund you the wholesale cost that you have


• We truly want you to succeed and will help you

do so. All you have to do is book and aWend some

local shows, farmers markets, and car boot sales,

speak to dog owners and get them to sample the

product and most importantly, introduce the

business opportunity to other potenCal sales

agents in your territory and build your team up

over the next 12 months.

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