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Mangere community news


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Edition #19

may 2016

275 times




Our stories, our people, our Māngere

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou



The tragic loss of a childhood know how significant this will be.”

friend inspired Emeline Afeaki- Ms Afeaki-Mafile’o grew up in Māngere,

Mafile’o to give her life to serving attending schools such as Favona

others. And it has now led to Primary and McAuley High and her

childhood friends included Jonah

the unexpected honour of being

Lomu. But it was the death of

inducted into the New Zealand

her closest friend Susan Fariu that she

Order of Merit.

describes as one of the most defining

Ms Afeaki-Mafile’o accepted her

moments of her life.

award in a special ceremony at the

Following her friend’s death from

Governor’s General House on April 28

cancer she decided to go into social

accompanied by close family.

work and this led her to leave South

She says the news came as a huge

Auckland for the first time and move


to Albany.

“I’m both honoured and frightened

“My parents were really upset about it

at the same time. The expectations

as they didn’t want me to leave home

that come with it are what make it

INSPIRED: Emeline Afiaki-Mafile'o, NZOM frightening and I probably still don’t CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO...

The voice of MĀngere's future

My name is Paul Lesoa, aged 15,

and a proud student of Māngere

College. A lot of outsiders who

are not from South Auckland look

down on where we come from –

Māngere 275.

Māngere is where most of us Islanders

live. Māngere is home and I know a

lot of people are afraid to tell people

that they come from Māngere. Looking

from the outside in people label us as

the Compton of Auckland. There are

people who may call us ‘overstayers’.

Well, if I'm that, then I'm going to

overstay and change this country

for the better. I'm going to change

Māngere’s reputation to a good one.

I'm going to try my best to inspire

other kids my age, younger and older,

to dream big.

The schools in Māngere may not

have the flashest facilities or have the

Paul Lesoa

luxuries that other schools have but

we have a bond, we can relate to each

other, we all have a common goal and

that’s to make our parents proud.

At Māngere College, last year’s NCEA

results were the best results our school

has ever had. We don't need the nicest

resources if we have a big heart and

a big dream. Any brown kid can make

it big. We can be the next SBW, the

next doctor, the next principal or even

the next Prime Minister. We just need

to believe. We need to realise we are

more than just the brown statistic.

Our school has produced school

principals, police officers, barristers,

nurses, doctors, sporting legends and

music stars. They had to work hard

to get where they are now so that

inspires us to work hard and to believe.

We can be the generation that gives

Māngere a good reputation for the rest

of Auckland. We can be the generation

that breaks the stereotype.

Paul Lesoa contacted us last

month to share why he loves his

community. Feel free to share

why you love your community by

emailing 275times@gmail.com

WHAT'S INSIDE: P3: Super-coach comes to town P4: Mr Lane retires P5: Get Legal P7: Sport



but they supported me getting higher

education. They drove me to Albany

as I still couldn’t drive and I crossed

the harbor bridge for the first time in

my life.”

Her studies led her to undertake

a Master's degree and develop a

mentoring scheme particularly

aimed at helping young Pacific

women. This scheme would soon

evolve into what is now known

as Affirming Works. Since 2001,

without the support of her husband

and their faith in God.

“We just feel called to this piece of

work and it’s just by faith that we step

out. The key for us has been about

doing those small things well. Doing

the ordinary things right and I think by

doing that, things fall into place.”

Watching these young Pacific leaders

come up is what excites me now.”

Ms Afeaki-Mafile’o says her upbringing

in Māngere has given her a unique

perspective on the world to help her

achieve big things.

“It’s all about Māngere. I think it’s the

richness and diversity of the people

here that has prepared me so well

and it’s basically helped me feel

confident in being brown.”

So what's next for Ms Afeaki-

Affirming Works has supported

more than 5,000 youth and

children and provided training

and employment to more than

100 youth workers.

But Ms Afeaki-Mafile’o has

morphed from social worker into

social entrepreneur as she and her

husband have gone on to run two

cafes, a consultancy business and a

coffee plantation in Tonga.

In 2006 she was awarded the Sir Peter

Blake Emerging Leader Award, and in

2013 she was awarded the Westpac

Woman of influence for Community

and Social Enterprise.

The mother of three says she couldn’t

have undertaken all these projects

“It’s all about


I think it’s the richness

and diversity of the

people here that has

prepared me so well..."

She says all the proceeds from their

business enterprises are reinvested

into the support services for young

people as that remains her greatest


“We’re focused on trying to grow the

next generation of leaders by creating

opportunities for our youth to use

their giftedness.

Mafile’o and her team?

"We've run this conference

for the last three years called

"Young, Free and Pasifika" - it's

for young women to explore

their culture, identity and to

empower their communities." She

says attendees are hand-picked

from around secondary schools in

Auckland and this year it will be held

on May 27 at the Māngere Arts Centre.

To find out more check out the

YouTube clip from last's year

event: https://www.youtube.com/


Or visit https://www.facebook.com/

affirmingworksltd/ for more info.

275 times




Words: Justin Latif

Design: Jo Latif

Publisher: ME Family Services

We are currently reaching around 15,000

people via Facebook, Twitter and our hard

copies magazines which are distributed to

over 100 pick up sites around Māngere, Māngere

East, Māngere Bridge and the Airport District. If

you would like to promote your business AND

support this community initiative please email

us and we'll send you more info.





what we're about

There are so many great things going on in Māngere

but unfortunately we don’t hear about them or these

positive events get overlooked.

Therefore, with the help of ME Family Services, we

have set up this local media initiative to provide a

platform for sharing the positive stories of Māngere,

celebrating successes and also bringing to light things

that matter in the community.

This is a social enterprise aimed at enriching this

community through informing and entertaining

anyone who workds, lives or plays in Māngere.

If you're unsure why the '275' - it refers to the 275

telephone prefix than many used to have and it

also has become the unofficial nickname of this


Please don't hesitate to send us any feedback or ideas for stories.



Contact: Tuhin Choudhury

Unit 7/17 Airpark Drive

Football super-coach comes to Māngere


If you know anything about

football in New Zealand, then

you know Kevin Fallon.

His name has been synomous with

footballing titles, success and awards

ever since he arrived in the country

from the north of England in the

1970s. He was assistant coach to the

All Whites on their miraculous run to

the 1982 FIFA World Cup. He's also

coached Gisborne United, Hamilton

AFC, Central United, the U17 All Whites,

the Football Kingz as well as guiding

Mt Albert Grammar to seven national

titles. And now the heralded football

coach is coaching the top team at

Māngere’s very own Manukau City

Association Football Club.

Fallon admits himself that the move

south wasn’t one he’d have predicted.

"I was basically retired and getting a bit

bored and to a lot of people, coming to

Māngere was a bit of a strange move.

"But it’s got some things that a lot of

clubs don’t have. And as soon as I got

back I felt good to be back in it."

Fallon says he’s been in and around

professional teams since he was 15

and is relishing the chance to help

foster a new crop of talent to reach

their potential.

“I set off in football in 1964 and I’ve

had football in my head ever since.”

And Fallon says the club has the right

ingredients for success.

“The lights are excellent and training

fields are good and the main field is

It’s her genuine love for people

and an unexpected life change

that drew Karen back into real

estate in 2013.

Being born and bred in South Auckland

it was a natural choice to make Māngere

Bridge home, especially near the ever

changing Manukau Harbour she has

always loved so much.

Karen Grant-McKenzie doesn't do things

by halves and a quick chat with her

about career and personal life to date

is evidence of her love to live life TO

the full. Business ownership, Respite

Care provider, Property Stylist, Post War

(Croatia) Drug Rehabilitation Manager

and missionary, not to mention artist

and recently, wing walking on a flying

plane, Karen has a few stories she could


Previously working as a counsellor,

To see a video of the full interview search:

'Māngere's 275 Times' on YouTube.com

FRESH START: Kevin Fallon's arrival at MCAFC has already made a difference.

good –so if you’ve got good facilities -

the rest you can build on.”

And he sees great potential to grow

football in the area.

“Like any area, it has a lot of kids who

have the skills we can work with. And

this is basically an area of football

people. Whether they’ve come from

the Phillipines, Fiji, South America or

Africa. Our team is like a league of

nations. This area and club will get

stronger and stronger as it’s basically

football people.”

The club's senior team captain

Hone Fowler says Fallon has had an

immediate impact on the club.

mostly in South Auckland high schools,

Karen’s return to real estate combines

her love of people, property and styling.

Last year, the founder of Mangere

Bridge Realty Limited, which is a

boutique stand alone agency where

Karen was working, was planning

retirement. When she offered Karen the

opportunity to buy the company she

jumped at it! Since taking ownership

of the business six months ago, Karen

gets great satisfaction supporting the

community as they buy and sell homes

and ensures confidence and care during

the process, with shared excitement

about the results. She explains, “It

is so neat being a part of this vibrant

village community and because it is a

small community, confidentiality is most

critical along with ethical practice. I have

made so many great friendships already

through my work and my life here.”

“He’s brought a new level of

experience and knowledge from

coaching at highest levels of the


And Fowler hopes Fallon can also help

establish a South Auckland Football


“The dream is to change the mentality

around football in our Pasifika

community. Half of the All Whites

team are of Polynesian descent so the

outcome of this initiative could widen

the pool of players for NZ and all the

Island nations to choose from."

Visit http://www.manukaucityafc.

com/ for more information.


Helping local people buy local homes

Property Insight Evenings.

On Thursday evenings 6-7pm at St

James - Church St, Māngere Village.

Hear from guest speakers on topics

such as subdividing and building

minor dwellings, getting appraisals

and valuations for insurance,

mortgages and finance, and info

about the upcoming Proposed

Unitary Plan. Email karen@

mangerebridgerealty.co.nz to

express interest, all welcome.


Get started on a new career in the trades

With projects such as the

development at Auckland

Airport, new housing areas, and

public transport infrastructure

– the opportunities for qualified

tradespeople has never been


The Southern Initiative’s Māori and

Pasifika Trades (MPTT) training

programme offers free trades training

for Māori and Pasifika men and

women 16-40 years old.

“There is massive development in

construction and infrastructure across

Auckland so the work is there - our

job is train people to have the skills

needed and to be work-ready,” says

recruitment coordinator Dale Williams.

“If you are a school leaver with limited

qualifications, a mum or dad looking

to go back in to the workforce or in a

job with limited security, we want to

hear from you.”

Having a great attitude and desire to

learn is all you need to get started.

Improving employment prospects

and earning capacity of local workers

Mr Lane bids farewell

to Māngere College

is a key driver towards creating

transformational social and economic

change for South Auckland.

Skilled tradespeople can make good

money and some eventually go on to

own their own business.

MPTT provides a pathway to an

exciting career, help with getting a

drivers’ licence trainees can get help

to get their drivers’ licence and

mentoring during and after their


Three of MPTT’s training providers,

Skills Update Training Institute, Te

Wānanga o Aotearoa and Tai Poutini

Polytechnic, have bases in Māngere.

If this sounds like you, call 0800

0800 874 678 (TSIMPTT) or go to

www.mptt.co.nz or Facebook MPTT:

Māori and Pasifika Training.

After 19 and half years at Māngere College, and 42 years,

7 months and 13 days (not that he's counting) in teaching,

Jerry Lane is hanging up his teacher's whiteboard marker.

The Deputy Principal says the main highlights of his time at

the college have been interacting with the students and the

end of year prizegivings. His one regret is seeing students who

don't reach their potential. But a great source of pride has been

seeing how much the school's NCEA grades have gone up

and he puts that down to the teachers working to improve the

students' study habits. His parting message to the community

is: "Māngere College is a good school - safe, happy and you

should send your kids here."

Sutton Park School strives

to help community




Sutton Park School senior management, the school public health

nurse, the Health Promoting Facilitator for schools and the Social

Worker in Schools Heidi Lomiwes (pictured far right) are currently

planning Sutton Park’s first ever community expo. They will be inviting

doctors, youth workers, early childhood centres, police and anyone else that

offers support to this community to have a stall where they can promote their

services or give out information that is relevant to the issues facing our people.

The expo is set for Wednesday, May 11 from 3.30pm-6.30pm. For more

information about being a stall holder email: heidi@mefsc.org.nz

Sutton Park school students, families and the community filled a

container bound for Teidamu Primary School in Fiji. The container was

filled on site at the school. Students and teachers were involved in the process

of collecting, sorting, cataloguing and packing the container with items like

desks, chairs, clothes, food and sports equipment. The school wants to thank

everybody who partnered with us, especially our generous parents and Blue

Scope Pacific Steel for sponsoring the container.

Here's the latest column from

the Māngere Community Law

Centre. This month the focus is

on the Disputes Tribunal.

Have you had a car crash and the guy

at fault is refusing to pay for repairs?

Maybe your plumber did a shoddy

job on fixing the tap and you’ve had

to pay for someone else do it? Or

maybe you can't decide who should

pay for the fence repairs. Disputes

in life are inevitable but how do we

resolve it when it costs too much to

hire a lawyer. That’s where the Disputes

Tribunal comes in. The Disputes

Tribunal (formerly known as the Small

Claims court) is the place to go for any

financial disagreements under $15,000.

Fees range from $45 to $180 and allow

you to put your side of the story to an

impartial referee who can adjudicate

on your dispute and order someone

to pay up if necessary. One good thing

about the Disputes Tribunal is you

don’t need a lawyer and it’s a relatively

quick process to get your matter heard.

At the Māngere Community Law

Centre we advise many clients to use

this avenue and people find it a really

worthwhile course of action when

they’re faced with a sticky situation.

The key to a successful claim is to

make sure you have evidence to back

up your side of the story. This could

include video evidence, receipts,

contracts or eye witness accounts.

But whatever the situation is, make

sure you can back your story up. One

last aspect you need to know about

the Disputes Tribunal is that it's not

the place to get your undisputed debts

recovered, have your tenancy issues

sorted or clear up a disputed will or


For more information visit us

or check out www.justice.govt.

nz. The Māngere Community

Law Centre has been serving

the unmet legal needs of the

community since 1986. If you’d

like to make an appointment to

see a lawyer call 275-4310.


Te Ara Mua

Future Streets

Work is underway on an exciting project to make the streets around

Mā ngere Central safer and easier for people to travel around, especially by

walking and cycling.

Project area overview

Town Centre Carpark

Mascot Avenue

Mascot Avenue

• Wayfinding installations

• Improved pedestrian and

cycle facilities

• Dedicated cycle lanes

• Planting and street tree


Community Trail

• High amenity shared path

• Wayfinding installations

• Reserve improvements

including planting and


• Fitness equipment

Massey Road

Massey Road

Community Trail

Town Centre Carpark

• Wayfinding installations

• Improved pedestrian

linkages to Town Centre

• Cultural features

including pou

Massey Road

• Intersection


Construction Timeline


Waddon Place to Mascot Avenue

shared path construction


Mascot Avenue shared path



Māngere Town Centre

walkway works


Mid March – June


March – June


April – June

How will it look?

Artist impression of Mascot Avenue and Town Centre Carpark once works have been completed

J001200 Future Streets Ad_V4_KH_19.04.16

2m wide shared path


dots mark





for improved


Planting and street

tree improvements

Mascot Avenue

Town Centre

Ten marker posts identify and

locate maunga in Māngere

Emphasise pedestrian connection

from reserve to mall with raised

tables, widened footpath and


Wayfinding signage

shows significant sites,

marae and education

facilities in Māngere


pedestrian and

cycle priority zones

through carpark

For more information visit www.AT.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/te-ara-mua-future-streets

Volleyball team a national success

SPIKE THE HEIGHTS: The team are Auckland champions and 3rd in NZ.

Māngere College's Premier Girls

Volleyball team have taken on the

best in New Zealand and fallen

just short of taking out the title.

The girls went to Palmerston North

recently for the National Volleyball

tournament and finished a heartbreaking


They qualified for the event after

winning their first Auckland champs.

"We cruised through the Auckland

comp to be honest," says Akanesi

Funaki. Māngere College qualified for

the Auckland championship event by

finishing in the top 8 during the regular

season Premier competition that runs

during the year.

Big things on the horizon for Takaji

Takaji Young Yen is a young

man on mission - whether

it's on the rugby field, in the

classroom, or with his church -

he's going places.

The Year 13 Kings College student is

currently in his school’s first XV and if

he repeats his 2015 form he should be

a good chance for a repeat selection to

the Blues Under 18 development squad

and NZ Secondary Schools squad.

But what makes his rise up the rugby

rankings even more remarkable is that

he’s only been playing rugby seriously

since he was 14.

Takaji was born and raised in Māngere

and after initially taking up basketball,

he found his feet as a prop at Year 10

for Kings College.

“I just love the game - whether

it’s watching or playing,” he says.

“But fitness training is not really my

favourite part.”

He says the school has given him a

great platform to develop his rugby

and career aspirations.

“I’m looking to get into Commerce so

hopefully my study goes well. It’s hard

juggling the studies and the training.

GOING PLACES: Takaji Young Yen is aiming high with his rugby and schooling.

"But at the end of the day all the hard

work will pay off. “

He’s also proud of his local community.

“A lot of the boys [in the Kings first XV]

are also from Māngere. I love the area.

There’s a lot good places here to do

training or just to relax.”

Takaji says it’s not uncommon to get a

couple of thousand people coming to

watch the Kings College team play and

The girls say going to the Nationals

was a lot of fun but the build-up to it

was tough.

"We learnt about hard work. We had to

sacrifice things like Polyfest and family

stuff like birthdays but at the end of the

day it was worth it," says Jane Tipoki.

The team lost a five-set nail biter to

Tauranga Girls High in the semi-finals

and then easily beat Marlborough Girls

College in the 3rd and 4th play-off

despite having lost to them earlier in

the tournament.

Jane says their success surprised many

but not them.

"Coming from a school where

everyone looks down on you but then

to prove everyone wrong [by winning

the Auckland champs and then

finish third in the nationals] is pretty


Māngere College Premier Girls

Volleyball squad: Jane Tipoki, Rosita

Sauni, Akanesi Funaki, Uamiata Salai

Keni, Victoria Tilo, Jennice Ioramo,

Madison Oa, Ana Salaikeni, Kiara

Tufuga, Sela Filisione, Siata Ah Chong,

Sarah Ah Chong, Mary Vaafai, Ruta

Urika. Coach and manager: Nancy

Palelei, Mr Stevens.

they are hoping to repay their loyal

supporters with a title this year.

"At times it can be overwhelming

[the big crowds] but once the whistle

blows, you don’t really notice the

cheering and you’re more focused on

the game. We lost in the 1A semi-final

to Grammar last year but the team this

year is pretty strong so hopefully we

can take it out [the title].”


Community Notices

MĀngere bike fit

The Cycle Safe Awareness event will be taking place on Monday,

June 6 Queens Birthday weekend at the Māngere Town Centre.

Remember to also support Red Lunday de Waal, who is walking

the Te Araroa Trail in aid of Teau Aiturau's Time To Thrive

Charitable Trust & Māngere BikeFIT. Go to her Give-A-Little

page to make a donation: https://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/



Communicare Māngere run a Friendship Centre in Māngere.

They are a nonprofit multicultural organisation running a weekly

group meeting in the Netball Centre in Court Town Close opposite

the Town Centre. Guests enjoy morning tea, light exercise, craft

activities then some bingo and a cooked lunch from 9.30-12.30

for $6. Transport can also be arranged for those needing it. Their

phone number is 09 631-5968 for further information.


Adrift, Opening May 6, 6pm. Collaborative works by Pacific People

and Afghan former refugees. Exhibition will run until 4 June.

The Great Adventure, May 12, 7pm, brought to you by Monica

Moore Productions and Marcellin College. The May 12 event will be

a Gala opening with special tickets that include drinks and nibbles

from 6pm.


Dance all around the world, May 9, 10.30am - 11.15am. Come

along for a Wriggle and Rhyme session with home-grown NZ

music. NZ Music Month KEWL Club performances, May 10, 4pm

– 4.50pm. Enjoy some special performances from the OSCAR

students from Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa.

Sing-along storytime, May13, 10.30am - 11.15am. Come and join us

as we learn some well-known Kiwi tales and tunes!


The Warm Up New Zealand Programme which provides free

insulation in homes with a Community Services Card or Super Gold

CSC is running out in June! Ring 0800 777 111 to find out more.


A community network meeting for anyone working or living in

Māngere, 10am, May 26 at Māngere Community Law Centre.

Welding +

Panel beating




Employment Skills



& Sport


& Cabinet




Army, Navy,

Air force,



just dream it.


& Forklift


Fitness &




New mural brightens up

Robertson Rd School






FOR 16-19YRS *






Mural by Charles & Janine Williams

World famous South Auckland artists, Charles and Janine

Williams faciliated a workshop at Robertson Rd School,

working with students and using research of the local area

to come up with the mural callled 'Hikoi' (Journey).

Some key components of the mural were the Torea (Pied

Oyster Catcher), a local bird which they drew parallels to

community life, search for knowledge and stewardship.

The artists want to give a big thanks to Principal Wayne

MacGillivray for inviting them into their school and for the

support of the teachers.


(09) 257-5732


Conditions apply.

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Saved successfully!

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