2 years ago

CBJC Festival Magazine 2016

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium produces a Jazz Festival every year. 2016 brings our 17th Annual Festival. The Brooklyn grassRoots festival this year runs from April 15th until May 15. This years event was fantastic. View our magazine for a look inside.

Congratulations Central

Congratulations Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium On your continued success with the 17th Annual Jazz Festival Magazine Barry Harris Every Tuesday Mario Bauza The man that made it happen Get the latest Jazz news from Pure Jazz Magazine Log into: View current or back issues and additional information Spring 2015 US$6.00 / $7.50 out of town / CanC$ 7.50 14

Pure Jazz Magazine and Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium have had a strong working relationship for nearly two (2) decades. Both companies have a similar start date, share similar mission statements and have maintained a working relationship from their beginnings. Jo Ann Brewster-Cheatham Pure Jazz Magazine’s founder and publisher always pushed for continued support of CBJC. She felt CBJC was one of the foundations PJM was built upon. Jitu Weusi the first chairmen of CBJC said many times “Jo Ann Brewster-Cheatham and her magazine Pure Jazz must be supported; it’s a magazine by us about us.” One of the last things Jo Ann said before her recent transition was to implore her family to continue the relationship robustly. On that note Pure Jazz Magazine has pledged to do its best to continue the relationship by publishing the CBJC Festival Journal renamed CBJC Festival Magazine. The CBJC Festival Magazine is a statement of CBJC from it inception until today. Pure Jazz Magazine has published stories during the years that had an impact on the CBJC membership. A few articles from different eras of the magazine are included in this issue. Please continue your support of Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium and Pure Jazz Magazine as we try our very best to build on Ms Chatham’s high standards. With Appreciation, Dwight Brewster Interim Managing Director Jo Ann Brewster-Cheatham “Jo Ann Brewster-Cheatham and her magazine Pure Jazz must be supported, it’s a magazine by us about us.” ....... Jitu Weusi... 2004 15