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CBJC Festival Magazine 2016

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium produces a Jazz Festival every year. 2016 brings our 17th Annual Festival. The Brooklyn grassRoots festival this year runs from April 15th until May 15. This years event was fantastic. View our magazine for a look inside.

Communications The

Communications The position of Communications Director was created by former Chairman Jitu Weusi in 2006 in response to Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium partnership with a government agency of the Republic of South Africa. Bob Myers’ passion for the African inspired art form called Jazz; his training at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications made him a good fit for the position. Myers was the owner of the Up Over Jazz Café and now heads Up Over Jazz Productions. This department is responsible for all internal and external correspondences from the company. Duties of this office have expanded into public relations, marketing, and contractual agreements. Those duties plus active support for the 16th Annual Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival ‘Where Jazz Lives’, April 17th thru May 17th, 2015, presented Bob Myers by the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium. This music series is New York City’s longest continuously running grassroots festival dedicated to the African inspired art form called Jazz. More than 500 artists will perform in 50 events at venues throughout Brooklyn and a few of the other boroughs. This celebration is accessible and open to all. This genre of music must be available to our community especially the youth so as not to relinquish their legacy and place in Jazz. International and regionally recognized artists performing at entertainment establishments, cultural, educational and faith based institutions during Jazz Appreciation Month. The backbone of our community based Jazz festival is the musicians and venues that keeps Brooklyn’s Jazz scene vibrate and fuels its nightlife economy. 8

Recording Secretary Harold Valle THE ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF RECORDING SECRETARY The Recording Secretary is responsible for all record keeping required by the organization during its fiscal year, keeping an accurate written account of the many functions of CBJC and what transpires during board or general meetings. This requires being accessible, having excellent attendance and being on time at all meetings. As Recording Secretary, I am committed to keeping Jazz alive and will continue to contribute my time and energy in doing so. By diligently adhering to our mission, I will continue to do my part to promulgate jazz to a larger audience with great emphasis in influencing the younger generation to be cognizant and appreciative of Jazz, the classical music of America. 9