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New Zealand: Poppy Day appeal to help post-Vietnam veterans

The annual Poppy Day appeal is as

important now as it has ever been with

many young veterans suffering from post

traumatic stress, the RSA says.

Royal New Zealand Returned and

Services Association's annual Poppy Day

Appeal is being held today.

The association is tapping into new ways

to raise money via the digital world and

hopes to raise more than the $2.6 million

raised last year.

RSA chief executive David Moger said

money from this year's appeal would go

On Sunday, May 1st, the RCN will

nationally commemorate the longest

campaign of the Second World War — the

Battle of the Atlantic. On April 28th, the

annual Battle of the Atlantic Gala, held at

the Canadian War Museum, will reflect,

with our veterans, their Navy’s

accomplishments, past and present.

By looking to the past, we seek inspiration

from the brave men and women who

sacrificed so much in service to Canada.

We can see echoes of the RCN’s

contributions to global peace and security

throughout the decades. We see how the

Canadian Government has, over and over

again, called upon its Navy as the

towards providing assistance dogs to

young veterans suffering from post

traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While it was not viewed as a physical

wound, research showed the disorder

changed the structure of the brain, and

the support and care required - and

the impact on their families - was


There are about 31,000 veterans in

New Zealand and about 20,000 are

from the post-Vietnam era.

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US: 22 female officers approved for Army Infantry and Armour

The Army just announced the first female

officers who will be commissioned for

infantry and armour.

Twenty two women are close to completing

their training that will allow them to be

commissioned as second lieutenants for

infantry and armour units.

In order for them to assume these positions

they still have to pass the specialty schools

and meet the physical requirements,

Only one of the women is in the 12-

week officer candidate school at Fort

Benning, GA while the rest are in college

ROTC programs or at West Point.

Canada: Royal Canadian Navy to commemorate Battle of Atlantic

instrument of “first resort”, responding in

times of crisis and threats to global


Today’s RCN remains faithful to the

spirit of our motto “Ready, Aye Ready”.

The importance of being prepared for

anything is reinforced daily. Whether in

counter-trafficking missions in the

Caribbean, keeping tonnes of drugs off

the streets in North America, or NATO

security operations in Eastern Europe,

adaptive and flexible naval capabilities

continue to enable Canada to play its

desired role in the world.

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Thirteen of the twenty two women will

become armour officers and the

remaining nine are headed for the


Many officers appointed to the Infantry

are graduates of the Army’s Ranger

school but it is not known how many of

these women will attend the school at this


Ranger school is not required for infantry

officers but all infantry officers are able to

volunteer after training and many consider

it to be an “unofficial requirement” to lead

infantryman in land combat.

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