Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions

you will make. At Khalsa Secondary Academy we aim to provide a positive and

supportive environment where your child will be inspired, challenged and

successful in their learning. We want our students to develop into happy,

confident, independent learners who make outstanding progress.

We endeavour to ensure your child feels safe and welcomed in the Academy and

we are confident the learning opportunities we provide will enable them to

reach their potential. We have high expectations of all our students and we

want them to work hard and have a positive attitude towards learning, whilst

taking pride in their appearance, having a strong self-discipline and behaving

responsibly at all times.

Our staff and governors provide excellent opportunities that will inspire and

challenge your child to succeed, both in and out of the classroom. Working

together we can make a difference to our children’s futures. Key to our

students’ success is a positive and productive relationship between home and

the Academy. Therefore I invite you to join us in a partnership which could lead

to your child growing into a young adult fully prepared for the challenges of our

rapidly changing society.

As you read through this prospectus, we hope that you will have an insight into

how our student-centred approach, enthusiasm for learning, sense of

community spirit and our supportive and inclusive nature blend to help every

student achieve their best.

W e l c o m e

There are many opportunities that cannot be represented here. However, you

can find out more information about us on our website or by visiting us and

seeing us at work.

Rose Codling


“Students’ behaviour

around the Academy is

exemplary.” ( Ofsted )

We are committed to maintaining a safe and positive environment that fosters an ethos of honesty and

helpfulness, where students of all faiths and of none are respected and supported.

O u r E t h o s & V i s i o n

We nurture the potential of all students and provide them with opportunities to achieve more than they

thought possible. The Sikh faith is emphatic in respecting all faiths and does not seek to convert. Our

vision for the school is based on the Sikh ethos.

As your child begins his or her secondary education, leaving school may seem a long way off. However,

we remain focused on preparing our students for the next steps in their lives. During their time at Khalsa

Secondary Academy we want our students to develop, not only their academic knowledge and practical

skills, but also their independent learning ability, as well as a willingness to help others by making a positive

contribution to society.

“The Academy’s curriculum is

broad and balanced.” ( Ofsted )

L e a r n i n g i s p a r a m o u n t

Learning is our overall priority. We have high expectations of our students. We expect each student to

work hard, to play hard and to take a full part in the life of the school.

Through our engaging curriculum and highly qualified teachers, we strive to provide a stimulating

educational experience for every student everyday by providing a dynamic and personalised approach that

helps our young people to become active learners. Our curriculum is broad and balanced throughout the

key stages 3 and 4.

In addition to the core subjects, our students study Punjabi or another Modern Foreign Language. At the

end of Key Stage 3, students select courses to be studied to GCSE level in Years 9, 10 and 11, all of which

helps to develop their ability to make informed life choices.

Showing students that learning is for life, our experienced teachers engage in a wide variety of active

learning opportunities both, in and out of the classroom.

“Leaders show a clear commitment to ensuring that all students

have an equal opportunity to achieve well.” ( Ofsted )

Khalsa Secondary Academy offers a rich programme of extra-curricular activities that develop students’

individual aptitudes and collaborative skills, while a wide range of educational trips broaden their

understanding of their subjects and link it to a real life context.

In addition to many modern sports clubs, we also offer a mixture of traditional sports, such as horse

riding and archery. Our students have many opportunities to develop and show-case their artistic,

dramatic and musical talents, as well as developing their self-discipline through martial arts. We also

support a wide range of community projects.

The development of the whole person is crucial and this is supported through a wide range of extracurricular

and enrichment activities.

E n j o y m e n t i s t h e K e y

Each day begins with prayers for all of

humanity in accordance with the Akal Takhat

(supreme authority) code of conduct.

We build an understanding of other faiths,

whilst positively nurturing each young person’s

own faith. At the heart of our mission are the

W i t h i n a S p i r i t u a l E n v i r o n m e n t

Sikh values of Naam Japna (meditation), Kirat

Karna (honest earning) and Vand Shakna

(sharing your earnings with the needy).

We reflect on our commitment to these values

every day during our prayers.

Student leadership is also important at Khalsa

Secondary Academy. Teaching skills that are

learnt through a wide range of opportunities

will not only stand our students in good stead

for their future working lives, but also develop

a sense of unity and togetherness across the


We provide an inclusive morning assembly period where students and teachers

collectively congregate, focusing on universal values and prayers from the Sikh


We are committed to equality of

opportunity, we foster an inclusive ethos in

which all students are encouraged to aim

high and are supported to achieve their

full potential. The Khalsa way is at the

heart of our daily life and is the foundation

for nurturing the individual.

Our pastoral support starts before

students even join the Academy, with our

comprehensive transition programme,

including visits to our feeder primary

schools, one-to-one meetings with

students and their parents, and taster days

for year 6 pupils, ensuring a smooth and

happy transfer to secondary school. This is

one reason why students do well within

the school, whatever their ability.

Pastoral care is organised on a year group

system building a supportive school

P a s t o r a l C a r e

community allowing their academic work

as well as personality and character to

flourish. We work positively, celebrating

what is good, encouraging and inspiring

so that every student can understand and

develop their potential.

“The Academy’s work to

promote students’ spiritual,

moral, social and cultural

development is strong.”

( Ofsted )

C o m m u n i t y P a r t n e r s h i p s

The relationship between home and school plays a vital role in the success of our students. Parents and

carers are encouraged to get involved in their child’s education, especially in relation to homework. We

want to work in partnership with our parents to help their child achieve their full potential and make a

positive contribution.

The happiness of your son or daughter will be as important as academic and personal success. Together

we can achieve anything.Clear and frequent communication helps families to understand how their

children are progressing.

Parents are invited to meet with their child’s form tutor at the start of the academic year, as well as to

attend parents’ evenings to review progress.

We strive to build a strong bond with our community, sharing time and skills to both enhance the

experience of students and parents, and to strengthen the local community.

Khalsa Secondary Academy is within a Multi-Academy Trust.

What is a Multi-Academy Trust?

Where more than one Academy joins together as a family or group of schools, the official way

of operating is a Multi-Academy Trust.

The Khalsa Academies Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust which supports local communities to help

establish and run Sikh schools.

Members of the Khalsa Academies Trust have been working with the Department for Education

for over 13 years.

K h a l s a A c a d e m i e s T r u s t

The Trust has three Academies:

- Khalsa Secondary Academy in South Buckinghamshire opened in September 2013.

- The British Sikh School, a new Secondary Free School in Wolverhampton opened in

September 2015.

- The Atam Academy, a new all-through (4 – 19) Free School in East London, planned to

open in September 2016.

Our aim is to become the leading provider of inclusive Sikh schools which have an enviable

reputation for academic achievement and breadth of enrichment opportunities set within a

spiritual and caring environment.

Our students support a range of local charities and community projects, which

they will continue to support throughout their school life. This will allow the

students to develop long term relationships with the wider community.

“ It is when you give of yourself

that you truly give.”

C h a r i t a b l e G i v i n g

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.“

Khalsa Secondary Academy,

Hollybush Hill,

Stoke Poges,Bucks.SL2 4QP.


Tel-01753 662009

www. k h a l s a s e c o n d a r y a c a d e m y .com

Khalsa Secondary Academy

F a i t h I n s p i r e d E d u c a t i o n

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