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The Knowledge 6 May 2016 Issue 50 2015/2016

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Democratic Services Officers

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Please note meetings shaded pink are NOT open to the public

Meeting DSO Date Time Location

Community Fund Panel CL Monday 9 May 10:00 Council Chamber

‣ Development Management Committee HW Tuesday 10 May 10:00 Council Chamber

Licensing & Enforcement Sub Committee CL Wednesday 11 May 09:30 NOT REQUIRED

Exeter International Airport Consultative


CL Wednesday 11 May 15:15 Exeter Airport

Social media café DV Wednesday 11 May 16:00 Committee Room

‣ Cabinet AC Wednesday 11 May 17:30 Council Chamber

‣ Development Management Committee

(additional meeting)

‘Tour of the EDDC website’ – a useful and

informative presentation to guide you to key

online services (all Members welcome)

Development Management Committee

(Extra Ordinary meeting)

Manor Pavilion Theatre Management

Steering Committee

HW Thursday 12 May

DM Thursday 12 May


Tuesday 17 May

Tuesday 31 May

11:00 Council Chamber

17:00 Council Chamber

10:00 Council Chamber

AT Tuesday 17 May 18:30 Manor Pavilion

Licensing & Enforcement Sub Committee CL Wednesday 18 May 09:30 NOT REQUIRED

ANNUAL COUNCIL HW Wednesday 18 May 18:30 Council Chamber

In the press

‣ Right to Buy extension criticised by MPs

East Devon profile

The Government's plan to extend the Right to Buy scheme to

housing association tenants has been criticised by a group of MPs.

A Public Accounts Committee report has questioned how the policy

will be funded, whether proper replacement homes will be built

and said there was evidence that it could increase overcrowding for

those in housing need. The LGA has criticised the policy which the

Government said will encourage home ownership. Cllr Sharon

Taylor, Vice Chair of the LGA, said: “We share the Committee’s

concerns about the difficulty in assessing the impact of this in each

local area, and have opposed proposals for it to be funded by forcing councils to sell much

needed housing. We are urging MPs to vote for a vital amendment that will mean councils

retain sufficient funds to replace any higher value home they are forced to sell to fund the

policy one-for-one and with a tenure that best meets local need.”

Civic engagements

Wednesday 11 May

British Empire Medals Awards

Ceremony, County Hall,


Friday 13 May

Opening of new garden at

Thelma Hulbert Gallery,


EDDC news

‣ Read the latest news

‣ East Devon Eddie says

look after your dog properly

to pet carers of the future

‣ New rent support grant

to bring consistent

financial approach for

sports and activities clubs

who rent council facilities

‣ Stockland Parish Council

submits Neighbourhood

Plan to East Devon District


‣ East Devon District

Council completes transfer

of Seaton Town Hall to

Seaton Town Council

‣ Mamhead Slipway April

project progress

‣ 76 ‘legal high’ drug deaths over 10 years

The number of Britons killed by legal highs has tripled in two years,

figures reveal. There were 76 deaths in England and Wales in 10 years,

according to data from Office for National Statistics, but there was a

marked rise from seven in 2011 to 23 in 2013. The Government is

preparing to order a crackdown on the drugs.

‣ England’s lowest turnouts revealed

Fewer than one in five eligible voters in some parts of England previously

chose anyone to represent them in local elections, research has found.

BBC News analysis of voting patterns in 2,500 council wards since 2012

has revealed wide disparities with most of the areas where the fewest

people voted in recent elections centering in the North. Katie Ghose,

Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, said: "These figures show

that there is a serious democratic deficit in local elections in England.

Local authorities are central to running so many services - from adult

social care, to waste, schools and transport - and with many getting more powers, it's vital

people turn out, hold them to account and have their say."

‣ Binge drinking boom since pubs opened longer

Longer opening hours for pubs have led to an increase in heavy

alcohol consumption, according to a study by Lancaster University.

It says that despite average drinking volumes increasing slightly, the

chances of some drinking heavily had gone up substantially.

‣ More pensioners suffering from alcohol problems

Figures compiled by Public Health England show that the number of people aged over 65

who were admitted to hospital with drinking problems has increased. For those over the

age of 65, 261 out of every 100,000 were admitted as a result of drinking in 2008/09. That

figure rose to 275 by 2014/15.

‣ Call for all food sellers to show hygiene ratings

All food premises in England should be forced to display

hygiene ratings to drive up standards and protect people from

the risk of eating poorly prepared food cooked in unsafe and

unhygienic kitchens, say councils. The LGA is calling for

mandatory displays to be extended to England to help raise

food hygiene standards at restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways,

sandwich shops, supermarkets and delicatessens, and to

reassure consumers. Compulsory ratings already exist in Wales and will be introduced in

Northern Ireland in October. Cllr Simon Blackburn, Chair of the LGA's Safer and Stronger

Communities Board, said: “Anyone in England who sees a business without a hygiene rating

sticker currently has to decide if they want to eat or buy food there without knowing what’s

going on in the kitchen. It’s not always easy for people to judge hygiene standards simply by

walking through the front door of a premises and know whether they are about to be

served a ‘dodgy’ burger or kebab that could pose a serious risk to their health. Councils

always take action to tackle poor or dangerous hygiene and improve conditions and see

first-hand what shockingly can go on behind closed doors at rogue food premises.

Businesses have recently been prosecuted for being riddled with mice or cockroach

infestations, rodent droppings on food and caught with a chef smoking when preparing

food.” The LGA has released details of recent food safety breaches, including in Croydon

where more than 100 food outlets failed to meet expected hygiene standards last year,

including 22 in a single street. (Deputy Chairman of the LGA, Cllr Peter Fleming was interviewed by

Sky News Radio about and on Radio 4's You and Yours. LGA Community Wellbeing Board member Cllr

Jonathan McShane was also on Good Morning Britain and LBC Radio.)

What’s on

Thelma Hulbert Gallery

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The Beehive, Honiton

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East Devon District Council.

Please contact Diana Vernon

if you have any comments

about the newsletter.

‣ Diesel pollution cancer risk

‣ Street ban on beggars and charity workers

Pollution from diesel cars raises the risk of numerous

cancers, according to a study by Birmingham University. It

warns that even a small increase in traffic fumes raises the

chance of dying from cancer by more than a fifth. This comes

after MPs last week warned that air pollution was "a public

health emergency", and said it could cause 200,000 deaths

over the next five years.

Newport in South Wales has banned beggars and charity workers from

approaching people for money. Anyone who breaches the new rules

faces a £100 fine or banning order, in an attempt by the authorities to

improve public spaces for visitors.

‣ ‘We need more women to stand for election’

Across England, 31% of councillors are women but latest figures from the Centre for Women

and Democracy show that women make up only 15% of council leaders. 400 female political

leaders from countries around the world met in Jordan this week - the title of the meeting

is ‘Women in Politics: fast forward’. Jane Dudman said ‘For many of those standing in UK

elections, it can’t come quickly enough.’

‣ St Ives residents go to the polls over second homes

Residents in St Ives have voted to approve proposals

whereby new-build housing developments will only

receive planning permission if they are reserved for

people who live in the area full time. Supporters of the

idea claim second home owners are pricing locals out of

St Ives. The Town Council says 25% of residential

properties were classed in 2011 as second homes. The

vote in favour of the plan means, Cornwall Council will be

legally obliged to follow it in making planning decisions.

‣ Make builders flood-proof new homes, government told

Developers should be made to install flood prevention measures when building new homes

in flood-risk areas, councils have said. The LGA is calling for mandatory anti-flood

requirements to be put in place for new homes and businesses. It says these should include

raised electrical sockets, sealed floors and wiring above floor level.

Cllr Martin Tett, LGA Environment spokesman, said: "It would be easy and inexpensive for

developers to introduce a raft of measures to ensure homes and offices are more flood

proof. These include sealing floors, raising damp-proofing courses and putting electricity

meters on upper-floors so homes still have power when flood water hits. These simple and

straightforward steps could in the long term save thousands of homes and businesses from

some of the catastrophic damage and trauma which we saw this winter. We are urging the

Government to make it a mandatory requirement for builders in at-risk areas to better

protect properties from flooding."

Deputy Chairman of the LGA, Cllr Peter Fleming, told Sky News that the Government and

the construction industry must "step up to the plate" to stop homes being devastated in

future storms. He said: "These are simple, low cost changes that can easily be made that

would actually make a massive difference to people that have been affected by flooding."

In response the Government said the proposed changes would "wrap the sector in red

tape". Cllr Fleming spoke on Sky News and has also been interviewed by Sky News Radio.

A joint government and

insurance industry initiative

Making insurance available and affordable

for homes affected by flooding

What is Flood Re?

Flood Re is a joint Government and insurance industry initiative to enable you to find

affordable insurance for qualifying properties that are at risk of flooding or have

been flooded.Part of our work also involves helping you find out more about flood

risks to your home and how you can help to reduce them.

Can Flood Re help me?

Flood Re works in the background, helping the insurance industry offer more

affordable insurance to everyone with eligible properties that may be at risk of flooding.

It is estimated that

around 5.3 million properties

are at risk of flooding in the UK

Total pay outs as a result

of the 2015/16 floods

were estimated to reach

£1.3 billion


References: 1. The Environment Agency; The Scottish Environment Protection Agency; The Welsh Government

2. The Association Of British Insurers

3. The Environment Agency


After flooding insurance prices

and excesses can often become


Nearly 10,000 homeowners

made claims during the flooding


in 2015/16

What do I need to do?

1. Talk to your insurer and ask them if your home is eligible for the Flood Re Scheme

(details of our eligibility are set out on our website).

2. Be prepared to shop around.

3. Remember, finding the right advice and products is important.

Do I make my claims through Flood Re?

No. You will continue to buy insurance and make claims through your insurer

in the same way as you do now.

What can I do to prevent flooding?

Find out more about flood risk levels in your area and how to minimise the impact

on your property:

Fully repairing and

restoring a flooded

home can cost

between £20,000


and £45,000

Over 2.8 million properties are

at risk from surface water


More than 2.4 million

properties are at risk from


rivers or the sea alone

Last year more than 3,000 families

had to be housed in alternative

accommodation while repairs were


made to their homes by insurers

How does Flood Re work?

We work behind the scenes, taking on the high flood risk elements of your home insurance.

It works like this:

• We collect an annual tax from home insurers who will contribute £180m to a

fund each year that we manage centrally.

• Your insurer passes on any high flood risk part of your policy to us, so you don’t

have to do a thing.

• We then take responsibility for the flood risk part of your policy and if you make a valid

claim on your insurance we’ll reimburse the insurer from the central Flood Re fund.

With this support from us, insurers should be able to provide affordable insurance, even on

those homes which are most at risk as they no longer have to pay the cost of the flood claim.

Over time, we estimate Flood Re will benefit over 350,000 households by providing access to

those more affordable policies.

You buy your home insurance as usual

Insurers pay an annual tax that funds Flood Re

Insurers forward the risk and pay a premium to Flood Re

You make an eligible claim and your insurer pays out

Flood Re reimburses valid claims to insurers

Insurers set prices, not Flood Re

Information and advice

You’ll find more details about flood risk surveys and the right kind of flood protection

for your home here:

The Association of British Insurers

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The National Flood Forum

The Blue Pages

Flood Protection Group

Environment Agency

Contact your insurer or visit to find out more

Follow us on Twitter @FloodRe

Flood Re Limited is registered in England and Wales (08670444). Flood Re is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority

and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 706046).

CSP Bitesize Workshops

Child Sexual Exploitation Training

Who should attend?

Anyone working within or connected to the night time economy –

hotel staff, security and door staff, taxi drivers, food outlets and

restaurant staff, Police Officers and PCSOs, Environmental Health

officers, Fire Officers, CCTV operatives, Street Pastors, Licensing

officers, Civil Enforcement Officers – and anyone else who may

come across young people in our communities

What is it about?

This is a free 2 hour training session outlining what Child Sexual

Exploitation is, what the key risk factors and vulnerabilities are,

and how you can report it.

When and where is it being held?

Friday 20 May 1.00pm - 3.00pm The Kings Centre, Honiton

Monday 23 May 10.30am – 12.30pm Tiverton Town Hall

or 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Wednesday 1 June 10.30am – 12.30pm Cullompton Community

or 1.00pm – 3.00pm Centre

Friday 3 June 1.00pm - 3.00pm The Kings Centre, Honiton

Tuesday 21 June 10.30am – 12.30pm Lords Meadow Leisure

or 1.00pm – 3.00pm Centre, Crediton

This workshop is FREE to attend

Each session can accommodate 24 people - booking is essential

How do I book?

To book a place, please email:

or call 01884 234997 and state which session you wish to attend

This event is being organised and supported by:

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