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The purpose of this magazine is to uplift the community by local inspirational Stories of Eldorado Park, Freedom Park, Naturena, and Slovo Park residents who are making a difference in changing our communities and inspiring others.
This magazine contains stories that will inspire the community and uplift their ambitions in day to day lives. It will also inspire and reveal the worth of the growing South African cultural developments, social activities, social issues, sports and entertainments, happening around the communities of Eldorado Park, Freedom Park, Naturena and Slovo Park.
This magazine is also a platform of new business advertisement opportunities for existing businesses in the community to advertise their goods and services. The main aim of the magazine is to showcase all the developments and activities happening in our communities;
including individuals who are committed to bringing change by literally healing our
communities from economic setbacks.
Reach Out Community Magazine programme it’s all about reaching out to our South African
community at large. According to our research the youth of today do not know where we are
going or where we come from. We are troubled by issues such as drugs, alcohol, teenage
pregnancy, depression, and wrong choices we make for ourselves.
“Education is the key to success”- Nelson Mandela, most youth ignore the importance of
getting education and that expands the rate of poverty and unemployment, so as the
magazine we want to emphasize on the importance of learning and using education as a
weapon to tackle challenges that mostly affect our communities.
Our aim is to influence the attitude of our youth and empower them. The guests on Reach
Out Community Magazine is our youth who have been through these issues, our doctors,
community leaders, motivational speakers, and some of the youth who have achieved in life,
to inspire and influence others. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change
the world” Nelson Mandela.
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COMMUNITY MAGAZINE January – February 2016



Inspirational stories of

our communities


Mama Junior A

Dedicated Business woman

Anti-Drug Activity Dereleen

James from Eldorado





“Education is the most

powerful weapon we can use

to change the world”

Nelson Mandela.



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The aim of this magazine is to uplift the community by local

Inspirational Stories of Eldorado Park, Freedom Park, Naturena

and Slovo Park residents who are making a difference in

changing our communities and inspiring others.

This magazine contains stories that will inspire the community

and uplift their ambitions in day to day lives. It will also inspire

and reveal the worth of the growing South African cultural

developments, education, social activities, social issues, sports and

entertainments happening around the communities of Eldorado

Park, Freedom Park, Naturena and Slovo Park. This magazine is also

a platform of new business advertisement opportunities for

existing businesses in the community to advertise their goods and


The main aim of the magazine is to showcase all the

developments and activities happening in our communities;

including individuals who are committed to bringing change by

literally healing our communities from economic setbacks.



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4 Together we can (Eldorado Park March)

5 Say no to Drugs (Meet Dereleen James Anti-drug activity)

9 Freedom Park clinic (Social development)

10 Mama Junior (A dedicated business woman)

13 Department of Education

16 Annual School sports day held at Naturena

19 Freedom park high school

21 Naturena community library

22 Social development (Freedom Park)

23 Service delivery (PIKI TUP)

24 Recycle

25 Boys & Bins (Seeking a better life)

28 Back to Nature with Master linx



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It was on 19 th of September 2015 the residents of

Eldorado Park, Freedom Park and Naturena together

with the Community leaders, youth, young and old

people came to the streets of Eldorado Park in an effort

to stand up against drugs, nyaope, killing of our Police

officers, crime and women & child abuse in our


The march started in Freedom Park were the chairman

of West Zone region Richard Zulu well known as Shoes

was leading the march until Eldorado Park Police


City of Johannesburg Metropolitan municipality

Councillor (Clr) Mbuyiselo Dokolwane of ward 119 who

was the part of the walk said “the reason of the march

was to raise awareness to the community, fighting

against the killing of police, drugs, and crime in our


When the protesters arrived at the gate of Eldorado

Park Police station they we’re singing struggle songs. Clr

Dokolwane greeted people and welcomed everyone, he

then introduced all the community leaders who were on

the stage such as, Dada Morero, Dereleen James and



Chairperson of West zone Richard Zulu was

reading the memorandum, he says “No more

funny activities that are against the South

African law. We are claiming our streets back,

we say no to drugs, no more killing of our

police officers”. The memorandum was

addressed to Mr Kenneth Van Wyk a Station

Commander of Eldorado Park SAP station.

Commander Van wky received the

memorandum and he then explained how

they will handle the Issues of drugs, crime and

funny activities which are against the law. He

said “This should be a free crime zone, from

Freedom Park, Eldorado Park, Naturena and

Slovo Park. He signed the memorandum then

he explained that he and his fellow works “on

Monday we will discuss this memorandum;

we are currently on the daily basis together

with the Provincial office discussing crime to

figure out what we can do”.



Dereleen James (the woman on left hand

side), wearing the white t-shirt, holding a

poster with a peaceful powerful message


a resident of Eldorado Park, a mother and

a community hero who inspired others by

her commitments and changing people’s

lives. Dereleen and fellow mothers in her

community wrote a letter to President

Jacob Zuma about the terrible situation of

drugs abuse and high rate of crime in

Eldorado Park.

Since last year Dereleen has recently

captured the headlines of local and

national publications; radio and television


of safety for children who are involved with


On the 22 nd of September 2015 Dereleen

was intived to SABC External service

Channel Africa Radio by Maximillan

Bushoke a Journalist/Producer.

Dereleen explained she is a founder of


organisation, with the goal of being a place

Dereleen was invited by President Baraka

Obama of the United State of America in

related to issue of drugs in South Africa.

You can change the world. Lead SA is a personal call to every person to make a difference. We

all have a responsibility to make the world a better place. It could be as simple as making a

stranger smile or big as fighting to further the rights entrenched in our Structure. Each act

makes a difference.

We salute heroes like you Dereleen James.

Freedom Park Clinic





ON 1 APRIL 2014

Mama Junior A Dedicated Business woman

Maboko R (Photographer). Mama Junior and her grandchild. Mama Junior’s house.

Naturena. BushBox production. 2016

Community Leader /

Businesswoman/ Woman

with Disability


unior Nkoane well

known as Mama Junior a

Naturena resident 2876

Hamilton Street ex 19 phase 2.

She is now (58) of age, was born

in the township of ‘Alexander’

outside the city of

Johannesburg; then she moved

to Tembisa where she

matriculated in 1982. After

matric she went for ‘Computer

courses’ to upgrade her learning

skills and computer skills. In

1994 she worked for Telkom,

retired in 2005 due to ill health.

Mama junior is a person with disability, she’s married with two children, two nephews and two grandchildren.

She had her disability before she had children.

She is an entrepreneur who established her small


she started her business in 2008. The purpose of

starting her business was because she has passion

for cooking and catering. She explained that she

started cooking meals, as time goes on she decided

to do a research about what short in the area and

discovered that she can render services of hiring

events equipment for example, tents and chairs.

Since then she started using her profits from

catering services to buy those equipment to hire

late in 2008, early 2009 she had 10 chairs for hire.

With 2010 profit, she managed to buy 40 chairs and

1 tent from the profit she made in that year,

because of the ‘2010 world cup’ it was possible;

along the way there were competitors but that

didn’t stop her to make her customers happy. She

rendered them with quality services, she handled

complaints well. In 2011 her vision was to see

herself expanded and still doing well, because of

competitors she tried to minimise her prices. In

2014-2015 that’s when her vision came to life as

she has more equipment’s to hire, three stretch

tents, two tents 100 chairs, she caters for functions

any functions she’s up for it.

Mama Junior is dedicated to her business,

ambitious, patient and able to turn her life around.

Contact us at +27



Gas stoves


Table cloths


Stretch Tent for Hire

Ottomans & Couches

Contact us @

+27 74 047 2705 / +27 74 276 7045

Education the key to

unleashing your


Education is a great weapon anyone can arm

themselves with here in our country. We both

know whether you want to be a business,

nurse or a train driver you need be equipped

with the right knowledge and wisdom, with

that said comes through basic education to

higher education. In South Africa we need to

have attained basic education for general jobs

offered by companies, atleast when you have

reached your grade 9 then you have a

possibility to work at any small general jobs.

We often forget to teach our kids the

importance of education and being able to

align it with our dreams, we often tell them go

get an education that’s all you need.

They end up just making sure they

matriculated and having not acquired

anything for themselves

just the certificate to get on another level of

education. As a graduate I remember doing

some of the things I did in high school during

my first year as to how it is done and what I

had no memory of it. That is not the reason of

basic education, it has to open a path of ability

to use your understanding and applying to

what required. There is a huge different

between a person who left school in grade 9

and one who matriculated, the conduct the

use to deal with same situations differs a lot.

The government does its best offer free

education so everyone can access it, youth of

today are wasting most of their time thinking

education is not a must, where as they end up

nowhere. Let us respect the little we are given

and expand it to something big that we want

to see in life. Carry your weapon to successful



The new Naturena Primary II

Education and transparency are key in creating

sustainable social economic solutions in Africa. The

Government in partnership with independent Trust

school programme initiatives officially have opened 17

new school in Gauteng province. The government set

R694.1 million toward the planning and construction

of new schools in 2014/2015.

The new Naturena primary school II, was one of the

schools built under the leadership of Clr Dokolwane of

ward 119. Mr G marks, the principal of the school,

explained that the school was constructed and

completed within 12 months or less since the

beginning of the 2014 calendar year. It is aimed at

alleviating the pressure of the rapidly growing learner

population in the province.

The school is well functioning, it has been receiving

many of leaners, it has (number of classes) which

accommodates (number of learners) in each class.

The school start from grade R up to grade 7. The teachers are well trained, Mr G Marks the

principal has very good leadership and he meets all the demands of the school. The

community is very happy because the school is nearby and they can use some of the school

facilities, even though the school does not have a hall where they can use it for community

meetings, Social activities and etc. Clr of ward 119 Dokolwane said “the school was built to

develop a vision and establishing key relationship within the school and community”, to

create a school that inspires more children to go as far their talented and potential allow.



Annual School sports Day

There is a great importance of sports in our schools. The sports teach discipline and it is very

essential to students. They also develop spirit of sportsmanship. It also inculcates the quality

of team spirit and unity around the students together with the parents of the community.

One the 12 th of September 2015 Naturena primary school held a sports day. They had three

different team, Yellow, Red and Blue competing against each other. The school celebrates the

Annual school day every year.

The teachers prepare for the sports day in advance so that it can be progressive.

It was a very big gathering, the community showed support by large number of attendance,

Parents came to support their child whom were participating.

The event started in the morning, with memorable and colourful ceremony. The races were

all organised very well, the signal for starting it was given by a pistols gun. One teacher was

noting the time with the help of a stopwatch. The whole event was very interesting and

everyone was having a wonderful day.

Maureen Mnzima Deputy principal of Naturena primary school.

Mnzima said “Every year we participate and the winning team receive a trophy,

after participating here in school

we go provincial”.

We choose to held the event on

a Saturday, because we want the

community and the parents of

students to join so that we can

interact and socialise,

celebrating this day together as

one. Last time we held this kind

of event and the challenge we

faced was the attendance of the

parents couldn’t due to work.

Rebaone Mmude interviewed one of the Parents.

Mmude: Tell us why are you here? Parent: today it’s a sport day here at Naturena primary.

because we are gathered here as parents

to meet different races, culture, and

Mmude: What makes you leave your home

to attend this sport day? Parent: I have a

child by the name of Phenyo who is also

participating; It means a lot to be here

supporting one another. One of the

student Kabelo, said “this day means a lot

to me, because we are not just competing

with each other but we are learning”.

Annual sports day at Naturena primary school

Freedom park high school


Learning is path to liberty

Multi-million rand investments in economic and social infrastructure to drive the city of

Johannesburg’s future growth and development are the primary features of the city’s 2015-

2016 budget. Naturana Library a new infrastructure built at Naturena ex 11 under the

leadership of Clr Dokolwane of ward 119.


Job Creation Freedom park CWP

Service Delivery

PICK IT UP – Serving you, saving our environment



“Up to 84% of recycling comes from the small army of pickers, now believed to number as many as 25000

countrywide.”- (sundaytimes 2015:[sp]). They are many unemployed men and women who resort in making

a difference in their daily lives, and they become pickers of recyclable items to sell, they are known

“abomakgereza” recycling hustlers.

Photos by Maboko Romeo

Bio- ( .



This article describes the journey taken by

a group of youth from Naturena, seeking

for a better life, showing others that you

do not have to give up or say ‘there is

noting that I can do’ because we are all

capable of doing better in our society.

This is an Interview between Rebaone Mmude

a senior editor from BushBox Production and

Tebogo Monyethabeng who is the leader of

the Boys & Bins Cleaning project.

Where are you from? Tebogo: I’m from

Naturena, been staying here for 12years

What motivate you to do this job? Tebogo: I

saw that there was a need to do this, the

dustbins here are very dirty, and there was no

one cleaning them, so I saw the opportunity to

start this project and to earn something for

myself, also to make sure that our

environment it’s clean.

How much do you earn from all this job?

Tebogo: To be honest we make close to

R10 000 every month, because we have two

branches. I really don’t make that much for

myself because I have people to pay too, who

are working with me. Me personally I make


How many of you in this project? Tebogo:

We were two when it started, but then

increased the number to four people for

both branches.

How many years has it operating? Tebogo:

It started In 2012 February, so its 4 years.

Do you feel safe doing this job, I mean there

is a lot of dirt here,and germs? Tebogo:

Cleaning this dustbins, it’s a hell of a job,

because there are germs, we can catch

infections very fast, but then when they are

used to be cleaned there, are not a lot of

germs here.

Cleaning this dustbins can cause sicknesses,

how do you prevent yourself from them?

Tebogo: We use sanitations, such as soups,

polish, deep, we have gloves and there is this

spray we use called Salvest it kills germs.

How did you approach the owners of these dustbins? Tebogo: We just goes house to house, tell them

about the project, some houses have dogs which is very difficult to approach, but at the end of the

day we manage, we negotiated then it was done.

In terms of the materials what do you use, where do you get them and whose water do you use?

Tebogo: Sanitation materials, buy them from different stores every month. There is this lady who is

giving us the water, we offered to pay her but she refused, because she feels that we are doing a great

job for ourselves.

What are you doing during the weekdays, since you only do this project on Wednesdays? Tebogo:

During the week I have piece jobs that I do, such as doing couches from the scratch, I also earn from

that, I also promote products.

What are your views about this community in terms of youth using drugs, alcohol e. t. c? Tebogo:

Drugs are really affecting the youth, like nyaope and others, but then we do have hope that someday

it will change, also by doing this project we are trying to show them or rather say pulling them to do

something better than doing drugs.

Back to Nature with

Master Linx

Reaching out to our Leaders who are leading

our communities for a better place. Building

of nation to grow our economy.

These issues we encounter everyday of our

lives, some of the youth today struggle to

reach out, to seek help, because we have

this attitude of “how will it help me?”, “what

benefit will I get”. At some point I would say

we are too ignorant. Young people have a

need to constantly set themselves apart.

This is resulting in the increased number of

youth who seek to define themselves

through their lifestyles. Meet Master Linx

S.A a Naturena resident extension 19, real

name Lindelani Gift Mngomezulu well

known as ‘Buddha nai nai’ or Master Linx,

Born and raised in Soweto. He is a Deejay,

Producer, Instrumentalist, Percussionist and

Co- founder of Dynamic pioneers. Lindelani

said “I am a self-driven musician and my

music career started back in 2005, but at

that time I just liked mixing different tracks,

and that inspired me to become who I am


In 2009 Lindelani bought his first drum

(Djembe drum) then after he bought a

conga drum and his collection grew ever

since. Master Linx became a brand that

influences organic and indigenous tribe. He

explain “I’ve shared stage with artists like Dj

Ganyani, Naakmusiq, Prince KB, K.O, AKA, L-

tido, and Lilac Jean just to name a few.

Reach Out team say “You too can change

the world”. Leading South Africa is a

personal call to every person to make a

difference. Big up to Master Linx SA keep

up with the great work and inspiring

others. We salute you.

#Remember your History

“On 11 th February, in 1990 Father of the Nation,

President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was

released unconditionally from prison after 27


Nelson Mandela

A Better life for all.

Founder of REACH OUT Community Magazine: Maboko Romeo



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