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esk k is is manned 24 24 hours. welcome to you - thank you for choosing to stay at Ten Hill Place Hotel.

A full copy of our terms and conditions of business is on display and available from Reception.

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the charitable Taxi: aims of the A College, taxi can be which booked is by dedicated contacting to Reception. the maintenance and promotion of the

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tel, 10 10 Hill Hill Place, Edinburgh, Princes EH8 EH8 9DS Street. 9DS

62 662 Ten 2080 2080 Hill Place Fax: Fax: Hotel 0131 0131 was 662 662 opened 2082 2082 in 2006 Email: as a

Edinburgh Airport: Edinburgh Airport is only three-star a 35-45 minute metro bus/taxi Hotel. ride Since from then the Hotel. it has been upgraded to

four-star by Visit Scotland; If you No. are Ten leaving Restaurant at peak has times been please refurbished allow 1 hour and travelling a very time. exciting a la Carte menu

has been introduced; 10 Wine Bar was opened in 2012 and offers a wonderful contemporary area to

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Edinburgh Trams leave St Andrews Square every 11 minutes.

We offer accommodation packages which change on a regular basis, please check our website in case A taxi you to the miss Airport one will which cost would be ideal for you. Best value guaranteed booking

Dial approximately Dial 0 0 £25.00

directly through our website.

ot operate a a Bureau de de Change. Please ask ask at at Reception for for details of of the the nearest bank.

Train Station: Waverly Train Station is only a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Ten Hill Place Hotel is only one part of The Royal College of Surgeons Commercial Enterprises. We can

ents also offer wonderful historic or contemporary rooms for parties, weddings or meetings. Go to


and American Express card for card further payments information. may may be be made at at the the hotel, please note note that that all all

ents are are Complimentary subject to to a a wi-fi £3.00 is accessible surcharge. in all No bedrooms No surcharges and public are areas made within for for debit debit card card payments.

From the Hotel. team The at Ten password Hill Place is free2ufromus. Hotel, we hope you have a wonderful stay and if there is anything we can

out t do to help make this happen, please just let us know.

1500 and and guests are are requested to to check-out by by 1200 1200 on on the the day day of of departure. A A late late

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by contacting reception, which is is subject to to availability and and charged at at £10.00

Mark McKenzie

Hotel Manager

Ten Hill Place Hotel

City Hotel With Style

hotel does does not not accept part part or or full full payment by by personal or or company cheque unless

ance, subject to to clearance of of funds.

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