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Deer & Deer Hunting - Summer_2016


Summer 2016 Volume 39 | Issue 11 Features 14 | The Power of the Chainsaw Planting food plots, passing on young bucks and balancing sex ratios are great for improving hunting on a property. But if you’re not harnessing the power of the chainsaw, you’re working with one hand tied behind your back. by Steve Bartylla 22 | Housekeeping Investing time and effort into preparing for a better whitetail season now will put you ahead of the game when it counts later. by Patrick Meitin 27 | Sunn Hemp Some say this might be the greatest new food plot seed ever for deer. by Gerald Almy 30 | Going Native Native warm-season grasses and forbs can provide highquality habitat for deer — where and when they need it most. by Brandon Bleuer 36 | Consulting a Pro In a little over your head when it comes to managing your whitetail property? Maybe it’s time to get a helping hand. by Don Higgins 41 | Piney Plots Strategically planting food plots in pine plantations and other woody areas helps draw and concentrate deer. by Bryan Hendricks 46 | Summer Crops for Winter Food The one-two punch of corn and soybeans can provide deer with valuable nutrition going into the winter. These food sources can also offer great hunting opportunities when properly applied. by Jeremy Flinn 51 | Mapping Monster Bucks Bowhunting requires a close and personal approach to stand selection. Identifying and utilizing specific terrain features can put you in those money spots where big bucks like to roam. by John Stallone 54 | Quick on the Draw Seven tips that can help you shoot a buck out to 300 yards in five seconds. by Ron Spomer 60 | Six Months with My Hunter Coping with the loss of a loved one can be devastating — especially if he’s your soul mate and life-long hunting partner. by Vikki Trout Departments 4 | Editor’s Stump 6 | Readers Recoil 8 | D&DH Community 10 | Browse 67 | Bow Shop 68 | Biology How to Contact Us Visit us online: • Sign up for our free newsletter. • Participate in deer hunting forums. • Renew your magazine subscription. • Share whitetail insights with other members of the prestigious Stump Sitters White-tailed Deer Study Group. SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Visit us on the Web at www.deeranddeerhunting. com; call (386) 246-3414 in the U.S. and Canada; for subscriptions outside the U.S. and Canada, call (386) 246-3414. Deer & Deer Hunting publishes 10 issues per year, which may include an occasional special, 60 64 | Glorious, Wonderful Deer Camp A week in deer camp with good company is about as close to heaven as a man can get. by Duncan Dobie 80 | The Heritage Buck Deer hunting roots often run deep — generations deep. by Glenn Helgeland 69 | Butcher Shop 73 | Gun Shop 74 | New Gear 76 | Buck Shots 77 | Hunter’s Closet combined or expanded issue that may count as two issues toward your subscription. CUSTOMER SERVICE: For customer service on orders, email us at, or call (855) 842-5271. ADVERTISING: Call (888) 457-2873. E-mail us at Or request a media kit by writing to: Deer & Deer Hunting, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Send letters to Daniel E. Schmidt, Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001. Or send an e-mail to 2 | Summer 2016 Summer 2016 | 3

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