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Yoga Journal USA - June_2016

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live well WHAT’S THE BUZZ Find Your (Upright) Seat Here’s another reason to thank yoga (and your mother’s nagging) for helping you to sit up straight: Your good posture will put you in a more positive headspace. When you slump, your brain takes almost twice as long—and has to work significantly harder—to access positive memories than when you sit upright, according to a new study published in the journal NeuroRegulation. CUE waterworks THE The next time you feel your productivity and mood slipping at work, try a little babbling-brook therapy: Listening to natural sounds like flowing water significantly improved employees’ productivity and mood compared to sitting in silence, according to a study presented at an Acoustical Society of America meeting. “Complete silence isn’t the best environment in which to concentrate because in nature, a silent environment can signal danger,” says study author Jonas Braasch, PhD, an associate professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. So, the next time you need a reset, take a short walk next to a creek, enjoy your lunch beside a fountain, or if you can’t escape your desk, go to to create a free, custom-mixed natural-ambience soundtrack. KAREN ASP 50 percent That’s how much range of motion some joints lose as we age. Good thing your flexibility-enhancing yoga practice tops your to-do list. Source: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons june 2016 20 THINK SLIM To reach a healthy weight, tune in to your current feelings and emotions. This “dispositional mindfulness” can reduce your risk of obesity, finds a new Brown University study. More cheers for chocolate Dark chocolate has practically reached health-food status these days, with numerous studies demonstrating its nutritional benefits— including a new one published in the journal Appetite that found you may be able to boost cognitive function by regularly giving in to your craving. Researchers analyzed study participants over a 3o-year period and found that those who consumed chocolate at least once a week performed significantly better on cognitive tests compared to those who never or rarely ate chocolate. They point to cocoa’s flavanols, which boost blood flow to the brain, keeping it healthy. Chocolate’s small amount of caffeine, which improves alertness, likely helps, too. FROM TOP: GREENSTOCK; GOJAK/ISTOCK

WARNING: New mindful movement options may be habit forming. Practical tips for teachers Whether you’re a new teacher looking to avoid common mistakes or a seasoned pro hoping to make more money or feel more fulfilled, you’ll find sage advice in The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga, by yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti and wellness entrepreneur Taro Smith, PhD. From how to build a strong student base to inspired ways to spend more time on your own mat, this book will be your trusted guide. With so many exciting mindful movement opportunities from Balanced Body, it’s the perfect time to start or expand your career with our truly unique products and programs. | 1-800-PILATES (745-2837) Find Your Bliss DAVID MARTINEZ STUDIO & TARO SMITH; BOOK DESIGN: TRACY CUNNINGHAM PAIN, PAIN, GO AWAY Going in for a medical procedure? Listening to music or a recorded meditation during your treatment may reduce related pain, anxiety, and fatigue, according to scientists with the Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, North Carolina. They evaluated 121 women undergoing breastcancer biopsies who listened to music (their choice of instrumental jazz, piano, harp, nature sounds, or world music) or a recorded meditation (focused on creating positive emotions), or who received standard care (health care workers offering casual conversation and support). Compared to those in the standard-care group, women who listened to music or meditation had greater reductions in anxiety and fatigue, while those in the meditation group had much less pain during the biopsy than those in the music group. The Sea Eagle® NeedleNose NN126 Just you, your board and serenity... Take a breather on the patented Sea Eagle® NeedleNose inflatable standup paddleboard. Stable, rigid, fast & lightweight, the NeedleNose can be used on lakes, ponds, bays or ocean waters. For yoga or touring. Packages start at $949*. *NY & WA residents add sales tax. Scan here to learn more. Visit for more info or Call 1-800-944-7496 M-F, 9-5 EST for a FREE Catalog. 19 North Columbia Street, Suite 1, Dept. YG066B, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 june 2016 21

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