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Yoga Journal USA - June_2016

live well STYLE 4 7 1 3

live well STYLE 4 7 1 3 6 5 2 Meet your mala Whether you want to keep count of your mantras or adorn your neck or wrist with beautiful beads (or both!), a mala can help you set an intention for your day. Get inspired to select a strand that’s best suited to your path. By Yelena Moroz Alpert june 2016 22 1 BOOST CONFIDENCE The stones of the Open Heart Warrior Faceted Blue Tigers Eye Empower 108 Mala are said to remove inhibition in the third-eye chakra, boosting self-confidence and courage ($268, 2 TAP INTUITION Each Blooming Lotus Jewelry Recycled Sari Tassel Mala is made with aromatic sandalwood, the royal tree of Mysore, India, believed to awaken the mind and help cool pitta aggravation in summer’s heat. They also come with customizable gemstones, such as amethyst, which may enhance intuition ($118, 3 STOKE PASSION Modern ŌM malas are handcrafted from sustainable Schima tree wood on China’s Hainan Island, where the artisans recite their own mantras while working to impart each piece with positive energy. The orange resin beads of this Passion Mala speak to the second chakra, the seat of creativity and sexual energy ($44, 4 SPUR INNOVATION The clustered crystals of the aqua druzy pendant on the Karma Mantra Wanderlust Japa Mala are said to store energy while amplifying the creative vibes of the mala’s agate gems ($56, 5 GET CENTERED Known for their spiritual prowess, the beads on this Lulu Dharma Rudraksha Mala are made from rudraksha, seeds mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures and believed to have healing powers. Some say they create a cocoon of positive energy around the wearer to maintain a sense of presence during meditation ($70, 6 PROMOTE POSITIVITY Satya Jewelry’s Gold Tulsi Mala is made of rare rudrani seeds, considered sacred to the female goddess Parvati, connected by 18K gold-plated caps. Wear it to find your inner shakti, the divine female energy ($149, 7 SELF-SOOTHE The nurturing properties of jasper stones in Silver and Sage Jewelry’s Bright Spirit Mala target the heart chakra and bring balance during stressful times ($138, PHOTO: BROOKS FREEHILL; STYLIST: EMILY CHOI

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