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Yoga Journal USA - June_2016


JUNE 2o16 FEATURES 64 Shake Things Up Even when things are going great, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and slip into a state of boredom or ennui. Break free and discover just how rich life can be with these simple, mindful practices for mixing things up and spurring fresh excitement. By Sally Wadyka 7o Spark Your Creativity Unleash your creative potential with this hip-opening practice from yoga teacher and Rock Your Bliss founder Mary Beth LaRue. Designed to unblock the second chakra—which rules our creativity, emotions, and sensuality— LaRue’s 11-pose sequence will help clear the energetic path to inspiration. By Christine Chen Sequence by Mary Beth LaRue 78 Rise of the Yoga DJs Four popular DJs sound off on the creative process of syncing beats to asana and the sometimes-controversial growth of live music in the yoga community. By Andrea Ferretti ON THE COVER 38 A meditation for a peaceful mind 70 Instant energy: A home sequence for vitality and joy 64 13 wise ways to break out of a rut 31 Find true joy: Poses for happiness, health, and abundance 57 Fast, fresh summer recipes 47 Inspire a happy life: A 30-minute practice to feel focused and fearless 78 Create a playlist for your practice cover credits Mary Beth LaRue in Vrksasana (Tree Pose); photographed by Laura Austin. Stylist: Ashley Turner/Hazel & Pine; hair/makeup: Michelle Hodnett; top: Alo Yoga; bra: Lululemon; bottoms: Yogasmoga; necklace: The Neshama Project; malas: Shakti Jewelry; all other jewelry: model’s own. june 2016 2 Open your hips—and your mind to possibility— with teacher and cover model Mary Beth LaRue’s inspiring sequence on page 70. PHOTO: LAURA AUSTIN; STYLIST: ASHLEY TURNER/HAZEL & PINE; HAIR/MAKEUP: MICHELLE HODNETT; TOP: ALO YOGA; BRA: LULULEMON; BOTTOMS: YOGASMOGA; NECKLACE: THE NESHAMA PROJECT; MALAS: SHAKTI JEWELRY; ALL OTHER JEWELRY: MODEL’S OWN

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