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Yoga Journal USA - June_2016

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contents JUNE 2o16 19 19 LIVE WELL 2o WHAT’S THE BUZZ The link between posture and mood; what productivity sounds like; the sweet treat that boosts brainpower; more. 22 STYLE Find the mala that matches your intentions and personal style, to count your mantras. 24 ESCAPE Soak up the serenity of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center’s meditative retreats and hot springs, deep in California’s Ventana Wilderness. 24 26 ASK THE EXPERTS Wise advice on twisting to detox, combating muscle fatigue on the mat, and more. 29 PRACTICE WELL 31 YOGAPEDIA How to move safely from Matsyasana to Camatkarasana with OM Yoga Center founder and author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind Cyndi Lee. 38 MEDITATION Access the universal life force that connects us all with a five-step meditation from YJ contributing editor and Integrative Restoration Institute founder Richard Miller, PhD. 42 ANATOMY Prevent and end knee pain by strengthening these surprising muscle groups. 52 47 HOME PRACTICE Kundalini Yoga instructor Kiyomi Takahashi offers a 14-pose sequence to tap your inner courage and face challenges fearlessly. 51 EAT WELL 52 FLEX TABLE Get your (healthy) grill on with these three tasty alternatives to the classic beef burger. 54 SMART CHEF Put a cherry on top of just about anything this season for a flavor and antioxidant boost. 6 ALSO INSIDE 8 GET MORE YJ 12 EDITOR’S LETTER 85 57 NOURISH Transform your favorite summer produce into delicious, gluten-free pastas, stir-fries, and more. 85 CONNECT 85 IN FOCUS Readers share their standup paddleboard yoga practice. 86 CONSIDER THIS Is it ethical for teachers to have romantic relationships with their students? 88 TEACHER SPOTLIGHT Acro yogi and founder of YogiMBA Lizzy Tomber shares how playing to your strengths garners success and happiness. 92 I’M A YOGI New York Times best-selling author and peace activist Marianne Williamson explains how a morning spiritual practice counters yesterday’s stress, and how yoga keeps her young. 16 LIVE BE YOGA TOUR 9o YOGA PAGES 91 LIVING WELL 91 CLASSIFIEDS FROM TOP: CHRIS ZIELECKI/STOCKSY; PHOTO COURTESY OF MARGO MORITZ; JENNIFER OLSON; MARK NIEDRINGHAUS

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