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Australian Cupcakes and Inspiration - Volume 4 Issue 3


INGREDIENTS EQUIPMENT Using the new texture mats, create these simple yet stunning sequin cupcakes with Rolkem Supers, some fondant and cupcakes. Begin by getting all your equipment ready and in place so you can work quickly and easily. These are really easy to reproduce on a large scale, so that makes them perfect for weddings and larger functions. STEP 1 Roll fondant out approx 5mm thick. (Photo 1) STEP 2 Place the texture mat under the rolled fondant and roll over the back of it with a rolling pin to emboss the design. (Photo 2) STEP 3 Cut out a circle shape with a scallop cutter to fit the top of your cupcake. (Photo 3) STEP 4 Mix Quick Dry Essence with Rolkem Bronze Supers to make a good painting consistency - not too thick and not too thin. Use a good quality painting brush to paint over the entire cut out ensuring you paint the sides too (Photo 4). Leave to dry for about ten minutes. Ingredients Photo 1 Photo 2 32 Australian Cupcakes & Inspirations

Photo 3 Photo 4 TO FINISH OFF STEP 1 Spread buttercream on top of your cupcake. (Photo 5) STEP 2 Lift the round cut out carefully with a spatula and place it on your iced cupcake. Selected products available online. Cakes Around Town all products available online Photo 5 Easy Australian Cupcakes & Inspirations 33