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Australian Cupcakes and Inspiration - Volume 4 Issue 3

Would Yo Like Fries with

Would Yo Like Fries with Cupcakes hat? INGREDIENTS There is nothing quite like eating something that looks like one thing yet tastes like another. It’s a trick the eyes play on the mind when sweet is disguised as savoury just like these sweet cakey hamburgers and chips. EQUIPMENT Photo 1 TO MAKE THE BURGER BUNS STEP 1 These baking cups are perfect to use for making the buns as it makes them look more realistic because you don’t get the pattern from the pleated edges of standard patty pans. (Photo 1) Use the vanilla cake batter to make the burger buns. Stand the baking cups in the cavities of a cake batter. (Photo 2) Photo 2 STEP 2 Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the top of the cake batter and place in oven until cooked through.(Photo 3) When these cakes cooked the top cracked open which spoilt the effect. If this happens to you also, once cooked, remove the cakes from the baking cups and stand upside bottom will now become the top. (Photo 4) Photo 3 Photo 4 6 Australian Cupcakes & Inspirations

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