The State


Iftar Buffet 1

Ramadan Juices

Tamarin | Sobya | Karkadeih | Kharoob | Kamar El Din

Cold Mezzeh

Hummus | Tabouleh | Tabouleh with Quinoa | Mutabal | Fattouche | Labneh with Mint

Foul with Olive Oil | Stuffed Vine Leaves | Medardara | Muhamara | Baba Ghanouj

Green Beans | Okra | Eye beans | Mesakaa | Spinach | Beetroot | Capsicum with Olive Oil

Lebanese Makdous

Cold Seafood

Dill Marinated Shrimps Tower with Cocktail Sauce | Smoked Salmon Roses Served with

Lemon, Capers and Salmon Garaflax (Orange or Beetroot or Dill)| Mussels on Ice

Salad Station

Assorted of Fresh Lettuce

Roman | Ice-Berg | Lolo Rosso | Radicchio | Freeze

With 6 Different Kind of Sauces

César | Cocktail | Mango Vinegrat | Raspberry Vinegrat | Balsamic Vinegrat White Vinegrat

Condiments Fresh Carrot | Tomatoes | Cucumber Crudités

Assorted Pickles

Mix Green Salad

Plain Labneh | Black Olives Labneh | Tomatoes Labneh | Hummus | Yogurt with Cucumber

Salad | Fresh Cream (Keshta) | Assorted of Olives

Cheese Station

Assorted Kind of Cheese

Cream Cheese | Blue Cheese | Mozzarella Cheese | Emmental | Edam | Parmesan | Feta

White Cheese | Low Fat | Shillal | Garish | Haloumi | Low Salt | Yellow Cheddar |

White Cheddar | Cumin Gouda |

Assorted of Cheese Ball

Plain| Thyme| Sumac | Black Sesame

Hot Mezzah

Fried Kibbeh | Samboussak Spinach | Beef | Cheese and Mix Spring Roll

Soup Station

Minestrone Vegetables Soup & Cream of Chicken Soup | Harrira Soup | Chicken Creamy

Soup | Pumpkin Ginger Creamy Soup | Clear Sea Food Soup | Chicken Vegetables with

Vermicelli Soup | Oats Soup with Beef Soup | Mushroom Creamy Soup

Main Course

Grilled Shrimp with Lemon Creamy Coriander Sauce Serve on Grilled Vegetables

Oriental Mixed Grill Including; Shish Tawouk, Shish Kebab, Kofta, Biwa’s Salad

Penne Ala Forno |

BBQ Chicken with BBQ Sauce Serve on Slice of Saffron Potatoes

Egyptian Beef Fatah with Crispy Arabic Bread and Tomatoes Garlic Sauce

Grilled Beef Fillet on Grilled Seasonal Vegetables Serve with Brown Mushroom Sauce

Grilled Salmon Fish Fillet on Sauté Spinach Serve with Creamy Shellfish Sauce

Egyptian Molokhia Alex Style Cooked with Shrimp and Fresh Garlic Sauté with Dry


Grilled Lamb Chops Serve with Brown Mint Sauce

Grilled Fresh Hammur Fish Serve with Hot Tahinia Lemon Sauce

Dawood Bash with Onion, Tomato and Pine Nuts

Vegetables Fried Rice

Chinese Vegetables Fried Noodles

Chinese Spicy Sichwan Chicken

Asian Ginger Beef Cooked with Lemon Grass and Galnka

Eye Beans Edam Cooked with Lamb Cubs in Tomatoes Sauce

Grilled Fish Sea Bass with Creamy Saffron Sauce

White Rice Serve with Fried Onion and Nuts

Green Peas Edam Cooked with Lamb Cubs in Tomatoes Sauce

Veal Osso-Bocco Cooked with Orange Zest Serve on Risotto Milanese

Grilled Quail Serve on Farik and Mix Vegetables

Traditional Moroccan Couscous Serve with Lamb and Mix Vegetables in Tomatoes Sauce

Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables


Slice of Eggplant, Tomatoes, Marrow & Mexican Tomatoes Sauce

Carving Station

Roasted Duck

Roasted Rib Eye Cooked with Herbs in Brown Sauce

Roasted Whole Turkey

Roasted Stuffed Lamb Leg with Minced Beef and Nuts

Roasted Whole Hammur Fish Stuffed with Mix Greens and Sundry Tomatoes

English Beef Willington

Roasted Rib Eye

Oriental Roasted Chicken Whole


Selection of Baklava, Basbosa with Almond | Mehalabia | Kunafa with Cashew Nut | Awama

Barazik | Harrisa | Maamol Dates | Nuga | Rolled Kunafa with Pistachio

Mixed Oriental Nut Tart | Hot Apple Tart with Vanilla Sauce | White Chocolate Mousse |

Fig & Date Mousse | Banana Mille Feuille | Opera Slice | Italian Tiramisu | Red Velvet

Cheese Cake | Lemon Cheese Cake | Chocolate Dom Stuffed with Berries | Cream Brulee |

Selection of Short Glass (Creation from our Pastry Chefs)

Selection of Whole Fruits Display

Hot Kunafa with Fresh Cream and Pistachio

Om Ali with Nuts

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