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City of Bloomington

The City of Bloomington operates under a Home Rule

Charter Council-Manager form of government. Leadership

of the City of Bloomington is recognized for its stability

and sophistication. Four members of the City Council were

recently re-elected including the Mayor, who will be serving

his fifth four-year term. Bloomington’s current City Manager

began in February 2015 and is only the third city manager in

the past 50 years.

Bloomington has 650 full- and part-time employees.

The City strives to provide high quality services. Residents

continue to rank these services highly, according to the

annual citizen survey. In 2015, 86 percent of residents scored

City services as excellent or good, placing Bloomington in

the upper 20 percent of all jurisdictions polled nationwide.

Fiscally, the City ranks among a few elite cities in the U.S.

that hold three triple-A bond ratings from Standard & Poor’s,

Moody’s and Fitch. Only 32 cities across the country have

comparable bond ratings.

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Organizational Culture

The City of Bloomington is embracing the concept of

a High Performance Organization (HPO). City Manager

Jamie Verbrugge and the executive team are building a

culture that engages employees and encourages leadership

at all levels. Everyone in the organization is encouraged

to contribute their ideas and take on leadership roles in

their respective work areas and across the organization.

Additionally, the concept of HPO reaches beyond employees

to engaging with the public. The City partners with the

community and seeks continuous input on its direction.

The City Attorney will be expected to play an integral

role as part of the executive team to help develop the

organizational culture and expand community outreach.

The City Manager also looks to the City Attorney to be

an active participant in policy formation and strategic

thinking. The new attorney is encouraged to look for ways

to add value to the position and to be an innovative leader

in the organization and community.

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