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MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />


JANEL<br />


Class of 2008<br />


Class of 2010<br />

ROSE<br />


Class of 2009<br />

TOM<br />


Class of 2014<br />



Creating Community Leaders for 9 Years

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Phone: 540.371.2402<br />

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Thinking about Leadership<br />

Fredericksburg? The time is now!<br />

By Susan Spears<br />

When Leadership Fredericksburg graduates its<br />

ninth class this month we will have more than<br />

200 alumni members interwoven throughout<br />

our community. From the moment you pick up<br />

your <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> copy of Fredericksburg Regional<br />

Business you will see multiple layers that describe<br />

why this matters to the <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce.<br />

This year I worked with co-facilitators, J.R.<br />

Flatter, PhD and Dave Corderman, PhD, two<br />

local leaders with advanced degrees in leadership<br />

development, to deliver the program. We are<br />

now finishing up our first year as a team and I am<br />

pleased to inform you both will be with us again<br />

to lead the 2017 class.<br />

Susan Spears is president and<br />

CEO of the Fredericksburg<br />

Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of<br />

Commerce.<br />

If you have not yet become involved with our signature program, the time is now.<br />

Consider your own unique talents – Can you serve as a program mentor? Should<br />

your nonprofit consider applying for a project partnership? <strong>May</strong>be you want to<br />

support the program as a sponsor – it’s an incredible way to give back to your<br />

community.<br />

Or perhaps now is the time for you to encourage a member of your organization<br />

to apply for the upcoming class, or… consider applying yourself. Leadership<br />

Fredericksburg is for leaders from all stages of their professional and/or community<br />

leadership journey – from company presidents, small business owners, nonprofit<br />

leaders, to young supervisors.<br />

The criterion is a proven track record of demonstrable leadership, which is much<br />

more than a simple title. That’s why we are competitive, and that’s why this<br />

program is challenging. Leadership Fredericksburg is for the best and brightest in<br />

our community. Is that you? If so, the time is now! Applications for the 2017 class<br />

will be accepted from <strong>May</strong> 1-July 1, <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

I am proud to serve as your <strong>Chamber</strong>’s president, and I am proud to serve<br />

as Executive Director for Leadership Fredericksburg. If you have questions<br />

about our signature program, please contact me at (540) 373-9400 or<br />

susan@fredericksburgchamber.org.<br />

On the cover…<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg Alumni continue to actively participate with the<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> program. Pictured left to right: Janel Donohue, Ben Keddie, Rose<br />

Heyward and Tom Schoedel. Their story is on page 7.<br />

Photo by Dawn Haun / Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce.<br />

From the President<br />

1916-<strong>2016</strong><br />

The mission of the Fredericksburg Regional<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce is to build<br />

relationships and create competitive<br />

advantages for a healthy business environment.<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Board of Directors:<br />

Officers:<br />

Chairman<br />

Bill Hession<br />

Lockheed Martin<br />

Vice Chairman:<br />

J.R. Flatter<br />

Flatter & Associates<br />

Immediate Past Chair:<br />

Greg Calvert<br />

The Kloke Group<br />

Treasurer:<br />

Shawn Sloan<br />

The Media Partners, LLC<br />

President & CEO:<br />

Susan Spears<br />

Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce<br />

Directors:<br />

Brian Baker, UMW Center for Economic Development<br />

Michelle Caldwell-Thompson, CTI Real Estate<br />

Rob Dodd Jr., DLR Contracting Inc.<br />

Janel Donohue, Rappahannock United Way<br />

Kevin Fastabend, Virginia Partners Bank<br />

Mike Fidgeon, Pathways<br />

Eric Fletcher, Mary Washington Healthcare<br />

Adam Fried, Atlantic Builder, Ltd.<br />

Paul Giambra, Quarles Petroleum, Inc.<br />

Kathy Hoffman, Mary Kay Cosmetics<br />

Ron Holmes, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management<br />

Stacy Horne, Allstate<br />

Deirdre Powell White, DPW Training & Associates<br />

David Sam, Germanna Community College<br />

Legal Counsel:<br />

Margaret Hardy, Sands Anderson PC<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> Staff:<br />

Susan Spears, President & CEO<br />

Whitney Watts, VP of Member Services<br />

Michele Dooling, Dir. of Finance & Human Resource<br />

Dawn Haun, Communications Manager<br />

Kasey Nabal, Military & Government Affairs Manager<br />

Sheri Wikert, Member Services Manager<br />

Stacey Madigan, Executive Assistant<br />

Stacey Hicks, Administrative Support<br />

Desiree Suggs, Membership Account Executive<br />

Erin Meadows, Member Services Assistant<br />

A publication of<br />

Fredericksburg Regional<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce<br />

Editorial: Dawn Haun<br />

Printing & Mailing: Stafford Printing<br />

www.staffordprinting.com<br />



ESTABLISHED 1916.<br />

inside 540-373-9400 • www.fredericksburgchamber.org • Fax: 540-373-9570 • Located: 2300 Fall Hill Ave., Suite 240, Fredericksburg, VA 22401<br />


3 President’s Message<br />

4 Chairman Update<br />


5 Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

6 Class President Kyle Allwine<br />


8 Transportation<br />

16 MAC Recap<br />


11 HR Matters<br />

13 Green Challenge<br />

NEWS<br />

14 Geico<br />

20 New Members<br />

NEWS<br />

22 Member News<br />

27 Calendars<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 3

Chairman’s Update<br />

Building ties between business, elected officials<br />

a key part of <strong>Chamber</strong>’s mission<br />

By Bill Hession<br />

It’s that time again: political campaigns are flooding America’s<br />

television screens and saturating the front pages of its<br />

newspapers. Come summer, we’ll know the Republican or<br />

Democratic candidate for president. In just over eight months,<br />

we’ll know who will win a four-year lease at 1600 Pennsylvania<br />

Ave.<br />

As Americans head to the polls to choose their leaders,<br />

members of the business community must educate themselves<br />

about the choices. Elected officials – from the city council<br />

and county board of supervisors all the way up to Congress<br />

– exercise tremendous power over those of us who keep<br />

America’s economy growing.<br />

With the stroke of a pen, a president can issue an executive<br />

order that imposes new regulations that dramatically increase<br />

the cost of doing business. Similarly, a president can issue<br />

trade restrictions that suddenly decrease the supply of raw<br />

materials or parts needed by manufacturers.<br />

Congress can make infinite adjustments to the tax code –<br />

effectively picking economic winners and losers by eliminating<br />

tax deductions for some businesses and creating new credits<br />

for other industries. Closer to home, a local governing board<br />

can institute zoning rules that put a property out of reach for<br />

a business operation.<br />

I am not suggesting that government is inherently bad or<br />

always a menace. Indeed, especially on the local level, it<br />

provides vital services such as public safety. But the business<br />

community needs to vigorously guard against unnecessary<br />

encroachments on the free enterprise system that has made<br />

America strong.<br />

How do we do this? By educating ourselves.<br />

Yes, that means that after a long day at the office, we all need<br />

to take time to watch or read the news and find out candidates’<br />

stances toward the business community. In this time of social<br />

media and sound bites, we can easily be swayed from making<br />

truly informed decisions. Talk to your neighbors; talk to other<br />

business leaders. Make time to attend a local debate or<br />

candidate forum. When you<br />

encounter a candidate in<br />

public, take time to present<br />

– politely! – the challenges<br />

and opportunities facing the<br />

business community.<br />

Believe me – they want to<br />

hear from you. In fact…it is<br />

critical that they hear from<br />

you.<br />

The Virginia <strong>Chamber</strong><br />

of Commerce website<br />

Bill Hession is Chairman of the<br />

Board of the Fredericksburg<br />

Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce.<br />

www.vachamber.com/advocacy, provides a source for<br />

information on Virginia policy and politics. Their advocacy<br />

page, Bills We’re Watching, publishes all legislation pertinent<br />

to business. They provide short, concise summaries of each<br />

bill, along with the <strong>Chamber</strong>’s “thumbs-up” or “thumbsdown”<br />

position.<br />

We utilize several methods of discussions with our elected<br />

leaders, and are available to answer their questions about<br />

issues in the business community.<br />

The Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce’s<br />

Legislative Affairs Committee is consisting of local business<br />

leaders who meet to discuss relevant issues, pending legislation,<br />

and the business community’s priorities. We invite you attend<br />

our upcoming Community Conversations. Recently, we held a<br />

conversation forum on transportation with Congressman Rob<br />

Wittman. Our next series will be with Lieutenant Governor<br />

Ralph Northam and Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.<br />

The <strong>Chamber</strong> has become an active and outspoken advocate<br />

for common sense policies benefiting our region. We need<br />

your continued involvement to stay the path. Contact Kasey<br />

Nabal, <strong>Chamber</strong> Legislative Affairs Manager at 540-373-<br />

9400, e-mail: Kasey@fredericksburgchamber.org. Join us!<br />

Joye Marsh receives <strong>Chamber</strong>'s annual award<br />

Congratulations to Joye Marsh, Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite for<br />

being named <strong>2016</strong> Professional Administrator of the Year. “Because of<br />

her heart, she thrives in customer and client service.”<br />

The award was presented at the Day Luncheon sponsored by At Once<br />

Staffing. Finalists: Tamra Corbeau, Fredericksburg Christian School;<br />

Theresa Dove, Atlantic Green Plumbing & Electrical, LLC; Lisa Lambert,<br />

Spotsylvania Education Foundation; and Jessica Smith, Kelly Generator<br />

and Equipment.<br />

Congratulations!<br />

Ben Keddie, Joye Marsh, Greg Calvert and J.R. Flatter.<br />

4<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Leadership Fredericksburg:<br />

Producing new leaders, one year at a time<br />

Feature<br />

By Dawn Haun<br />

The excitement of graduation is starting for those who<br />

are reaching the last stages of their education voyages,<br />

anxiously ready to go out into the real world. This<br />

month, the <strong>Chamber</strong> will hold a graduation ceremony for its<br />

ninth Leadership Fredericksburg class.<br />

Now with more than 200 graduates, Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

has continued to fill the need of leadership for this community.<br />

But not to be confused, this program isn’t for people to learn<br />

how to be a leader; instead it’s for leaders to grow to be even<br />

stronger leaders. This program provides the opportunity to<br />

develop practical leadership skills and build integrity.<br />

Class members include a cross-section of representatives from<br />

local corporations, industries, government agencies, and nonprofits.<br />

Graduates not only excel in their organizations, they<br />

also have a passion for their business community.<br />

The nine-month journey –-once a month, for a full day--<br />

includes a Leadership Multi-rater Assessment of Personality<br />

(LMAP) 360 which gathers the feedback from each fellow’s<br />

peers, co-workers, and bosses. The assessment helped Barry<br />

Waldman in 2013 when his results indicated he needed<br />

to focus on the inter-personal side of his leadership. He is<br />

chairman of the Leadership Advisory Board and a shareholder<br />

in Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, P.C. “It allowed me to see where<br />

my leadership growth needed to head,” Waldman said. The<br />

“Crucial Conversations” skill set allowed me to address the<br />

needs of others in a constructive fashion where behavior was<br />

not matching the need.”<br />

Providing the opportunity to network, meet<br />

extraordinary people, and make life-long friends.<br />

Success of the leadership program, in part, is due to the high<br />

caliber of individuals who volunteer to facilitate, speak, and<br />

mentor. These community leaders impact the students and<br />

inspire them on their pathway of leadership. Dr. David Sam,<br />

President of Germanna Community College, and Rick Hurley,<br />

President of University of Mary Washington, are<br />

guest speakers every year.<br />

They each share different leadership twists and<br />

turns, even though their positions are parallel.<br />

“I explain my leadership and career journey<br />

experiences and how important to learn<br />

teamwork, ethical leadership, mentoring<br />

and coaching, communication,<br />

empowering colleagues, and<br />

just being real.” said Sam.<br />

“There has been a great<br />

fulfillment for me serving as a<br />

mentor for the program.”<br />

Hurley likes telling about how<br />

Leadership Advisory Board, front left: Leigh Snyder, Leadership<br />

Fredericksburg Board Vice Chairman and Susan Spears, Executive<br />

Director. Back left: Denny Fallon, Chairman of the Mentor Program,<br />

Barry Waldman, Chair Leadership Advisory Board, and Brian<br />

Morgan, Leadership Fredericksburg Alumni President.<br />

unusual his background and upbringing is for a university<br />

president. “My story captures the attention of the students<br />

and hopefully they pick up on the messages embedded in the<br />

narrative,” he said.<br />

Both have encouraged their leadership staff to apply for the<br />

program. “I have always believed that employees should be<br />

rewarded for wanting to improve their skills. These training<br />

sessions are practical and beneficial for them,” Hurley said.<br />

“The contacts our employees make, coupled with the skills<br />

they learn, only benefit the institution in the end.”<br />

Ted Hontz, Retired Navy Captain and Vice President of Basic<br />

Commerce and Industries, has spoken to the class every year. “I<br />

find that speaking to the Leadership Fredericksburg class each<br />

year is energizing on several levels,” Hontz said. “Leading up to<br />

my presentation, I think about leadership in a focused manner<br />

because the time limits to discuss a topic that is inherently<br />

complex and diffuse. Mostly, I enjoy the room full of interested<br />

and attentive class members, all of whom are or will be leaders<br />

in the community.”<br />

Denny Fallon, Chairman of the Mentor Program, explains the<br />

mentoring aspect of Leadership Fredericksburg as an important<br />

dimension that clearly differentiates it from other related<br />

programs. “The mentor-to-fellow relationship begins to build<br />

a common foundation of what the whole program offers,”<br />

he said. “Most of the mentors, being fellows themselves, can<br />

relate immediately and empathetically to where their fellows<br />

are in both their Leadership Fredericksburg journey and in<br />

their own leadership development journey.”<br />

Continued to page 25<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 5

Feature<br />

Kyle Allwine elected <strong>2016</strong> Class President<br />

By Dawn Haun<br />

“If you have leadership abilities,<br />

you are obligated to use those<br />

for the betterment of the<br />

community.” This quote was told to the<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg <strong>2016</strong> class,<br />

from J.R. Flatter, facilitator. It was the<br />

catalyst for fellow Kyle Allwine.<br />

In the beginning, Allwine hesitated to<br />

apply for the leadership development<br />

class, uncertain if he had the qualities<br />

and experience to be accepted into the<br />

program.<br />

Kyle is assistant director of Graduate<br />

Admissions at the University of Mary<br />

Washington. The 25-year-old MBA<br />

graduate of UMW said “I had taken a<br />

few courses on leadership as part of the<br />

MBA, so I thought I could learn more<br />

from Leadership Fredericksburg. I 100%<br />

hesitated because I didn’t think I was<br />

enough of a leader.”<br />

He applied and was accepted into the<br />

<strong>2016</strong> class. Obviously his talents as a<br />

leader emerged because before the year<br />

ended, his classmates elected him Class<br />

President. He now has the distinction<br />

Kyle Allwine is the LF ’16 Class President<br />

and the youngest to be elected.<br />

of being the youngest Leadership<br />

Fredericksburg Class President.<br />

Kyle says being named Leadership<br />

Fredericksburg’s <strong>2016</strong> Class President is<br />

an honor. “It doesn’t matter what your<br />

title or position is within a company,<br />

but it’s your actions that make you a<br />

leader,” he said.<br />

One of the class assignments is to write<br />

your story about the life moments that<br />

led to where you are today. It was a<br />

difficult task for Kyle, but he realized<br />

in the end, your life moments will<br />

lead you to today. “It was difficult to<br />

write about yourself, let alone, share it<br />

with your classmates,” said Allwine. In<br />

part, he credits his parents, Kenny and<br />

Sherrie Allwine, for showing him their<br />

determination and drive. His dad taught<br />

him how to own and operate a business<br />

as a second-generation commercial<br />

roofer; his mother influenced him<br />

with her successful political campaign,<br />

running against a 30-year incumbent<br />

for a seat on the King George County<br />

School Board.<br />

Kyle describes himself as optimistic and<br />

outgoing. According to his RightPath<br />

Assessment-which gives individuals key<br />

insights for understanding themselveshe<br />

was defined as a “Networker.” The<br />

RightPath tool identifies this as “one who<br />

works well with individuals, is patient,<br />

loyal, team-oriented, and passionate<br />

about their work”. Regarding his LMAP<br />

360 rater assessment, Kyle further<br />

noted “People viewed me as a leader<br />

in some roles, and saw strengths in me<br />

that I didn’t see in myself.<br />

Ironically, he was paired with mentor,<br />

James Roberson, LF ’15 Class President.<br />

“It was nice to have someone who went<br />

through the same steps of crafting a<br />

mission statement, working on the class<br />

project, and personal evaluations,” said<br />

Allwine. “Having James’ example of<br />

leadership at my fingertips gave me the<br />

confidence to find my true self.”<br />

Roberson happened to be visiting the<br />

class on the day they were voting for<br />

class president. “It’s been my honor<br />

to mentor Kyle during this session of<br />

James Roberson served as mentor to Kyle<br />

Allwine and also LF ’15 Class President.<br />

“Interestingly, Kyle is<br />

the youngest President<br />

elected in the LF<br />

program to date.<br />

This speaks volumes to<br />

his professionalism and<br />

natural leadership ability.<br />

The more time I spend<br />

with Kyle I’ve found<br />

myself learning from<br />

him, more than I’ve<br />

been able to teach.”<br />

–James Roberson,<br />

LF ’15 Class President<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg,” he said.<br />

“It’s extraordinary to hear what the<br />

fellows said about Kyle; his excitement<br />

for the program, dedication, positivity<br />

and outlook on life were all mentioned.”<br />

The Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

experience changed Kyle’s way of<br />

thinking. Now each morning before<br />

work, he reminds himself of his personal<br />

leadership development plan and the<br />

goals he prioritized in it. “I come into<br />

each day with a clear understanding<br />

of what to accomplish,” he said. “I<br />

understand what is most important to<br />

me, and I have established a vision of<br />

how to get there. I am confident that<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg has prepared<br />

me for my leadership career.<br />

6<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>


Proven successful, Leadership Fredericksburg alumni<br />

give back<br />

Feature<br />

By Dawn Haun<br />

The keys to successful leadership are presented in a<br />

simplified and unforgettable way. It may be by a beautiful<br />

photograph, a success story, an inspirational movie, or<br />

a motivational quote. Leadership Fredericksburg Alumni are<br />

shaped through these lessons, instilling the characteristics and<br />

responsibilities of a leader.<br />

Leaders help others grow<br />

When Janel Donohue, LF’08, was approached by her<br />

supervisor to apply for Leadership Fredericksburg in 2007,<br />

she came up with excuses not to. “I couldn’t afford the<br />

time and energy to participate,” she said. She was juggling<br />

work, two children, and running a business with her husband<br />

Michael. Her boss’ response made her think again: “Janel,<br />

you can’t afford NOT to. Just do it.” Her supervisor knew she<br />

showed the characteristics of a leader, but needed to learn<br />

more for her position as Director of Resource Development at<br />

Rappahannock United Way.<br />

So Janel stretched her schedule, decided to apply, and was<br />

accepted in the inaugural Leadership Fredericksburg class. The<br />

Mentor Program was the component which helped her the<br />

most. “We were a perfect match,” said Janel. “He saw my<br />

weaknesses, excuses and my blind spots. He taught me to<br />

think and act differently, and to be more effective personally<br />

and professionally. The diverse leaders who contribute to<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg community are unique.”<br />

Since graduating, Janel’s career immediately advanced to Vice<br />

President of Resource Development and later, to President<br />

of Rappahannock United Way. “I am stronger and better<br />

equipped as a leader,” said Janel. “My career growth has<br />

aided me to support the community.”<br />

Earning Respect Is a Leadership Skill<br />

Rose Heyward, LF’09, is the human resource director for<br />

Spotsylvania County. She has a wide range of duties overseeing<br />

the administrative tasks that revolve around personnel<br />

functions, such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training.<br />

As a fellow in the program, she was challenged to be her<br />

best and become an authentic leader. “It’s not prescriptive,”<br />

she said. “ You are not taught how to be a leader based on<br />

a set of characteristics; but how to be your best so you can<br />

effectively lead.”<br />

Since Leadership Fredericksburg, Rose has received a<br />

professional certification in coaching, advanced her career to<br />

a director level, and started a small business. “I attribute my<br />

recent accomplishments to my skills refined and connections<br />

made through Leadership Fredericksburg,” said Rose.<br />

Pave Your Way to the Top with Leadership<br />

Skills Training<br />

When you’re ready to hone your leadership skills, it makes<br />

sense to learn from a proven leader.<br />

Ben Keddie’s experience in the program opened his eyes<br />

to strengthen his effectiveness as a leader. Ben, LF’10, Vice<br />

President of Commercial Division at Coldwell Banker Elite,<br />

was impacted by the high-caliber of community leaders<br />

who helped mentor and share their leadership talents with<br />

the class. Since graduating from the class, Ben mentors and<br />

shares his own career experiences to the new classes.<br />

“Exercising leadership is what increases your effectiveness<br />

as a leader,” said Ben. “Selfishly, I found a personal and<br />

Continued to page 25<br />

Rose Heyward, Tom Schoedel, Janel Donohue, and Ben Keddie.<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 7

Transportation<br />

Federal grants could help ‘unlock’ Fredericksburg area road congestion<br />

‘Atlantic Gateway’ funds would expand express lanes, finance River Crossing and boost rail<br />

By Scott Shenk/The Free Lance-Star<br />

Big planned improvements along the Interstate 95 corridor<br />

from Northern Virginia to Spotsylvania County could come<br />

faster if the state gets money it is seeking from two federal<br />

grants.<br />

The Virginia Department of Transportation and the Department<br />

of Rail and Public Transit recently announced that the state is<br />

tossing its hat into the ring for some $1.5 billion from two grants<br />

that, if won, could go toward the expansion of the express<br />

lanes, the construction of the northbound Rappahannock<br />

River Crossing project and rail improvements.<br />

The state is grouping the projects the grants would fund as<br />

the “Atlantic Gateway,” a plan to “unlock” the gridlock along<br />

the Interstate 95 corridor, according to a recent presentation.<br />

There’s no guarantee the state will win funds from the Fastlane<br />

and Tiger grants, but transportation officials are optimistic<br />

about the approach, at the very least.<br />

“It’s a good thing,” said Hap Connors, the Fredericksburg<br />

area’s representative on the Commonwealth Transportation<br />

Board. “It shows [transportation planners] are trying to be<br />

proactive . . . in an outdated system.”<br />

Del. Mark Dudenhefer, a former Stafford County supervisor<br />

who has spent years pushing for transportation improvements<br />

in the region, agreed with the potential benefits. He also<br />

touted work already completed and projects in the pipeline.<br />

“It’s amazing what’s going on, much better than 10 years<br />

ago,” he said. “Don’t know if we’ll get the [grant] money, but<br />

if we do, that would be a big shot in the arm.”<br />

If the state gets funding from the grants, two major area<br />

projects would benefit.<br />

The money would be used to expand the express lanes north<br />

to the Pentagon and south to U.S. 17 in Stafford.<br />

There already are plans to extend the express lanes north on<br />

Interstate 395 and about two miles south of what is now a<br />

troubled merge with regular lanes at Garrisonville.<br />

If the express lanes are extended to U.S. 17, that would possibly<br />

allow them to tap into the planned Rappahannock River<br />

Crossing, which would add collector–distributor lanes for local<br />

traffic along I-95 between U.S. 17 and State Route 3.<br />

The southbound portion of the crossing project is expected<br />

to win funding in the state’s new prioritization program.<br />

The northbound crossing project did not score well, so it<br />

isn’t expected to get funding in the first round of the new<br />

prioritization program.<br />

But it the state gets the grant money, it could help pay for the<br />

northbound crossing project and accelerate its construction.<br />

The grant money could also be a boon for rail travelers,<br />

including Virginia Railway Express commuters.<br />

According to VDOT and DRPT, the grants could be used for<br />

the addition of an eight-mile stretch of third track in Fairfax<br />

County and proposed improvements to the Long Bridge, which<br />

is a bottleneck for train traffic crossing the Potomac River into<br />

Washington.<br />

Transportation Update<br />

The <strong>Chamber</strong>’s Regional Transportation Action Committee<br />

(RTAC) is busy advocating for transportation solutions for<br />

the region! Hitting the ground running since January, the<br />

Committee has met with Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner<br />

and Congressman Rob Wittman. RTAC has been relentless in<br />

meeting with others like State Senator Scott Surovell and State<br />

Delegates Mark Cole and Mark Dudenhefer, hosting meetings<br />

and putting forth communications on its policy positions.<br />

The Committee will continue its pace throughout the<br />

remainder of the year and is set to meet with Aubrey Layne,<br />

Virginia Secretary of Transportation, and Charlie Kilpatrick,<br />

Commissioner of VDOT, in <strong>May</strong> and Lt. Governor Ralph<br />

Northam later in the summer.<br />

What is our top priority? We need to create funding for local<br />

transportation projects to ease congestion and increase quality<br />

of life for those who live and work or own a business in the<br />

region. Help us better advocate for these solutions by sharing<br />

your frustrations and stories with us. Have you been stuck at<br />

a light for more than one cycle? Have you sat in traffic during<br />

a two- hour commute? Have you been late picking up a child<br />

from school? Then, we need to hear from you!<br />

RTAC will be hosting a Transportation Report in <strong>June</strong>, at which<br />

we will present constituents’ stories and the results from a<br />

recent transportation survey. Local and state officials will be<br />

present and we plan to hold an open and honest dialogue<br />

with the audience. Call the <strong>Chamber</strong> for more information at<br />

540-373-9400.<br />

8<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

UMW Joint Land<br />

Use Study (JLUS)<br />

Intern Team<br />

presents to MAC<br />

Military Affairs<br />

Council<br />

News<br />

The Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce<br />

Military Affairs Council (MAC) received a presentation<br />

from three of its four interns, all geographic information<br />

system (GIS) students at the University of Mary Washington<br />

(UMW) at their March Board of Directors meeting.<br />

The MAC’s UMW JLUS Intern Team was created during the<br />

Fall 2015 semester for the purpose of producing a regional<br />

JLUS that incorporates data from U.S. Army Garrison Fort<br />

A.P. Hill, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Naval Support<br />

Facility Dahlgren, and the surrounding localities. To date,<br />

data collection and mapping efforts have been focused on<br />

three target areas: noise, traffic and urban development.<br />

Left to right: Matt Whipple (’18), Luci Coleman (’16), Meredith<br />

Gregory (‘18), Nate Dawes (’14; current masters student)<br />

This presentation was the culmination of two semester’s<br />

worth of data collection and mapping, which was no easy<br />

accomplishment. To obtain the data used for mapping,<br />

the students contacted military installation commanders<br />

and public affairs officers as well as county administrators,<br />

boards of supervisors and more. Most data was given<br />

freely and enthusiastically, demonstrating a regional sense<br />

of cooperation and community spirit.<br />

The MAC hopes that this Regional JLUS Project will allow<br />

it to better advocate for the local bases and defense<br />

community within Planning District 16, presenting helpful<br />

data and visual maps to decision makers at the local, state,<br />

and federal levels.<br />

“Having tangible data that directly supports our mission<br />

of advocacy for the local military and defense community<br />

is invaluable, and the UMW interns knocked it out of the<br />

park,” said Mike Hudson, MAC chairman. “The reaction<br />

from our board, in response to the interns’ presentation,<br />

was very enthusiastic. We’re thankful to have this<br />

relationship with UMW and look forward to the next stage<br />

of their study and analysis.”<br />

This is the first regional study of its kind in the<br />

Commonwealth and, potentially, in the nation. The<br />

Virginia Department of Veterans and Defense Affairs is<br />

considering doing a statewide JLUS.<br />

A total of five interns from the University of Mary<br />

Washington have worked on the Regional JLUS Project<br />

since September 2015. They have been guided by mentor,<br />

Dan Choike of Marstel-Day, and supervisor, Kasey Nabal of<br />

the Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce.<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 9

Tech Trends<br />

6 Critical Integrated<br />

Digital Marketing Strategies<br />

By Scot Small<br />

Integrated digital marketing is a slam-dunk strategy approach<br />

that enables you and your business to be where your potential<br />

customers are online.<br />

The goal of integrated digital marketing shouldn’t be to do<br />

everything. The goal is to focus on where your potential<br />

customers are found, create an objective that focuses on<br />

marketing the campaign wholly, and then look at how you<br />

can deliver the right information at the right time.<br />

Scot Small<br />

Let’s take a look at 6 possible strategies you may want to<br />

consider with their basic definitions:<br />

•<br />

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ranking your site in search<br />

engines for relevant keyword terms, phrases and subjects.<br />

•<br />

Paid Search (PPC). PPC, sometimes referred to as Search Engine<br />

Marketing (SEM), involves paid ads in Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter<br />

and others.<br />

•<br />

Content Marketing. Providing content to prospects that helps them<br />

along the decision path to become your customer.<br />

•<br />

Design. Must have focus of converting prospects to customers. Not winning<br />

design awards.<br />

•<br />

Social Media Marketing. Reaching out and engaging your<br />

customers, prospects and supporters on social media channels.<br />

•<br />

Mobile<br />

Marketing. Connecting with your target market via mobile<br />

phones. Either through apps, texts, and ads.<br />

To best understand how the “integration part of this works let me walk you through an<br />

example of someone looking for a service from an Heating and Air company.<br />

Suzy Q has the need for a new HVAC unit. She goes to Google and searches for<br />

“HVAC Company in Fredericksburg.” She finds “XYZ HVAC” because they are properly<br />

optimized for organic search. However, she is not ready to decide, so she goes back to<br />

the search and visits a second HVAC company. But lunch is over.<br />

At home she gets on her Facebook to catch up on the days happenings and what<br />

does she see – an ad for XYZ in her newsfeed for XYZ. Still not ready, she decides to<br />

do another search in Bing, she sees an ad (paid) at the top of the page and clicks, and<br />

bingo she is back on the XYZ page once again. Now, Suzy Q is hard to convince, so she<br />

goes to Yahoo answers to get more info. While there, she sees an ad for a guide to “7<br />

critical questions to ask before hiring an HVAC company” – perfect she thinks and she<br />

downloads it. (It happens to be from XYZ HVAC)<br />

She calls XYZ HVAC. The magic of integrated digital marketing at work.<br />

With proper planning you can deliver to your potential clients the information they need<br />

to decide to call you. Isn’t that what you want as a small business owner?<br />

Guided by one his favorite songs “The Impossible Dream” Scot is constantly reaching for the<br />

unreachable star. It’s this passion for success and achievement that drives him to create success<br />

for RevBuilders Marketing and its clients. Scot founded RevBuilders Marketing in 2002 and it<br />

provides an integrated approach to SEO, SEM, SMM, web design and marketing automation<br />

services. Scot currently serves on the advisory board of the Middleburg Bank. Find him at<br />

@scotsmall or revbuilders.com<br />


ACTION<br />

Video content will take<br />

over in <strong>2016</strong> -<br />

Companies are finding<br />

that video content leads<br />

to greater customer engagement<br />

with consumers. Many companies<br />

will soon consider video to be a<br />

must-have in their marketing plan.<br />


Mobile over everything<br />

- Mobile consumption<br />

continues to dominate<br />

the desktop. Therefore, we<br />

are seeing brands develop<br />

strategies that aim to appeal<br />

to mobile consumers across<br />

various mobile devices.<br />



Virtual reality is ready for<br />

take off - Up to this point,<br />

it has gained traction<br />

primarily among gamers, but we’ll<br />

begin to see it emerge in other<br />

industries as well. Virtual reality can<br />

change the way we view content and<br />

introduce the world to a brand new<br />

digital medium, thus making it more<br />

viable to integrate marketing plans<br />

into the virtual world.<br />


Content quality over quantity –<br />

Google’s algorithm updates are<br />

continuing to reward content<br />

based on its value to the readers<br />

who are searching for particular<br />

topics. Much like video, blogs<br />

will continue to be a great outlet<br />

for grands to interact with their<br />

community, showcase their<br />

personal voices, and increase<br />

their SEO.<br />



Webcasts will continue to<br />

evolve – Apps like Periscope,<br />

Meerkat, and Snapchat<br />

popularized live streaming in 2015. Your<br />

favorite celebrities, events, and sports<br />

teams are being live-streamed in the<br />

palm of your hand. Even the White House<br />

decided to join the “Discover” section of<br />

Snapchat. <strong>2016</strong> will be the year we see<br />

more interprises start to incorporate live<br />

streaming into their marketing plan.<br />


THE IOT<br />

The Internet of Things (IoT) and<br />

location-based services (LBS) will<br />

continue to change the consumer<br />

experience – Brands are utilizing IoT<br />

and LBS to execute real-time marketing<br />

strategies and reach out to consumers in<br />

new and exciting ways. For example, Waze is a popular example of<br />

an app that uses LBS to benefit its consumers by providing real-time<br />

data and incentives. And IoT devices, such as home automation tools<br />

and other solutions, will give marketers insight on consumer behavior<br />

from data collected, enabling them to tailor their strategies towards<br />

specific consumers.<br />

10<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

HR Matters<br />

The Emerging Frontier: The protection<br />

of LGBT employees in the workplace<br />

By: Randy C. Sparks, Jr.,<br />

Kaufman & Canoles, P.C.<br />

North Carolina recently set off a fire<br />

storm with the passage of a law that<br />

bans individuals from using public<br />

facilities that do not correspond to their<br />

biological sex and prohibits localities, like<br />

the City of Charlotte, from implementing<br />

local non-discrimination laws. Viewed<br />

Randy C. Sparks, Jr.<br />

by many as anti-LGBT legislation, many<br />

businesses have denounced the law; PayPal even announced<br />

the cancellation of plans to build a global operations center<br />

in Charlotte. On the other side, however, Mississippi enacted<br />

a similar law that allows churches, religious charities, and<br />

privately owned businesses to decline to provide services to<br />

people if doing so would violate religious beliefs, and Georgia<br />

toyed with a similar law until receiving pressure from the<br />

entertainment industry and the NFL. One thing is clear – the<br />

issue of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) rights is<br />

a very emotional issue, engendering strong feelings on both<br />

sides.<br />

This is nothing new for employers; they deal with strong<br />

emotional issues on a daily basis. But, employers still struggle<br />

with their legal obligations to LGBT employees. And, for<br />

good reason – the law in this area is less than clear and<br />

frequently changes with governmental proclamations and<br />

court decisions. For example, in one of his first acts, Governor<br />

McAuliffe issued an executive order prohibiting discrimination<br />

on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity by the<br />

state government; however, the Virginia Human Rights Act<br />

applicable to private employers in Virginia contains no such<br />

prohibition. Despite the uncertainty, the past few years have<br />

brought us the following guidelines for employers:<br />

Make sure your benefits and policies are updated<br />

to include same-sex spouses. Last summer, the U.S.<br />

Supreme Court ruled that states must issue marriage<br />

licenses for and recognize same-sex marriages. As a result,<br />

any benefit plans covered by ERISA (i.e., the federal law<br />

regulating employee benefits, such as retirement plans<br />

and group health insurance) must provide for benefits for<br />

same-sex spouses. And, employee leave laws, such as the<br />

Family and Medical Leave Act, require employers to provide<br />

leave for covered situations involving same-sex spouses.<br />

Which bathroom should transgender employees<br />

use? At first glance, this seems to be a simple issue;<br />

however, over the past few years, the question of which<br />

bathroom an employee must use is cropping up with<br />

greater frequency. So much so, that it actually went up to<br />

a federal appellate court for decision. The Fourth Circuit<br />

(which has jurisdiction over Virginia) recently decided that<br />

federal law requires public schools to allow transgender<br />

students to use the restroom that corresponds to his/her<br />

gender identity, rather than his/her biological sex. OSHA,<br />

EEOC, and OFCCP – all federal agencies having some<br />

oversight of the employment relationship – have all taken<br />

similar stances, issuing guidelines advising that employees<br />

should be allowed to use the restroom that matches their<br />

gender identity. EEOC and OFCCP have even stated their<br />

view that prohibiting an employee from using the restroom<br />

corresponding to his/her gender identity constitutes<br />

unlawful discrimination.<br />

Federal employment discrimination laws are being<br />

expanded to cover sexual orientation and gender<br />

identity discrimination. No federal law expressly<br />

prohibits discrimination based on “sexual orientation”<br />

or “gender identity.” However, Title VII (which applies<br />

to companies with 15 or more employees) prohibits<br />

discrimination because of “sex.” The federal government<br />

takes the position that the term “sex” encompasses<br />

gender identity and sexual orientation. In fact, the EEOC’s<br />

Strategic Enforcement Plan identifies the coverage of<br />

LGBT employees under Title VII’s prohibitions as one of<br />

its present enforcement priorities and has filed litigation<br />

alleging transgender discrimination on behalf of at least<br />

three individuals. And, earlier this year, the EEOC filed its<br />

first two cases alleging sexual orientation discrimination.<br />

Federal government contractors cannot discriminate<br />

against employees and applicants on the basis of<br />

sexual orientation and/or gender identity. In July<br />

2014, President Obama issued Executive Order 13672,<br />

prohibiting government contractors from discriminating<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 11

against employees and applicants on the basis of sexual<br />

orientation and gender identity. Covered federal contractors<br />

are not required to collect and report statistics on the<br />

hiring of LGBT employees as part of its affirmative action<br />

requirements, but they are required to take steps to ensure<br />

that LGBT employees and applicants are provided with equal<br />

employment opportunities and to ensure that the nondiscrimination<br />

provisions in their contracts, subcontracts, and<br />

job postings are amended to cover sexual orientation and<br />

gender identity.<br />

While LGBT issues will continue to be an evolving, and often<br />

divisive, mix of opinions and views, it is clear that, at least in the<br />

workplace, we are dealing with traditional ideas of equality and<br />

fair treatment. Make no mistake -- employers should expect<br />

to see more changes and more protection of LGBT employees<br />

in the workplace. However, employers who remember and<br />

abide by the notions of equal employment opportunity and<br />

non-discrimination will have fewer difficulties navigating this<br />

emerging frontier.<br />

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees often<br />

face unique challenges at their places of employment.<br />

Randy is an attorney with the Kaufman & Canoles Labor and<br />

Employment Practice Group and the Legislative Affairs Representative<br />

of the Fredericksburg Regional SHRM chapter. He has been named to<br />

The Best Lawyers in America – Labor and Employment from 2010-<br />

<strong>2016</strong> and to Virginia Super Lawyers in 2015 and <strong>2016</strong> for Employee<br />

Litigation: Defense.<br />

Contact Stafford Printing<br />

for information on<br />

advertising and inserts<br />

in Fredericksburg<br />

Regional Business<br />

chamber@staffordprinting.com<br />

2707 Jefferson Davis Hwy.<br />

Stafford, VA 22554<br />

540.659.4554<br />

888.745.2265 • cbtc.com<br />

12<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Feature<br />

#GreenBiz<strong>2016</strong><br />


<strong>2016</strong>Green Business<br />


Friendly competition to save dollars and the environment<br />

By Kasey Nabal, FRCC Government & Military Affairs Director<br />

The <strong>Chamber</strong>’s first Green Business Challenge is in battle<br />

mode. The “Green” competitors are various in size and<br />

industry type; ranging from a beauty salon to a car<br />

dealership, a defense contractor and two local churches. This<br />

is indicative of our community concerned about how their<br />

business affects the environment.<br />

How about another bonus of being green? Saving money on<br />

your business’ bottom line!<br />

There are 15 competitors in the year-long challenge who<br />

compete in categories of: energy, leadership, purchasing,<br />

transportation, water, and waste reduction. The <strong>Chamber</strong><br />

is hosting green workshops featuring industry specialists<br />

throughout the year and a final awards event to showcase<br />

the Challenge’s winners.<br />

Some of the steps in the competition are simple tasks such as<br />

“review a year’s worth of water utility bills” and “have staff<br />

participate in a community sustainability event (e.g. Earth Day,<br />

tree planting with Tree Fredericksburg, volunteering with Friends<br />

of the Rappahannock).” Also, by encouraging employees to<br />

ride their bike to work or use refillable water pitchers instead of<br />

bottled water at the office can save money and reduce waste.<br />

All save money and positively affect bottom lines!<br />

Another important aspect of this competition is the<br />

interactive workshops. So far, competitors have participated<br />

in a roundtable discussion on leadership and water. They<br />

learn creative ways to share their story; how water is wasted<br />

and its business costs, and how to conduct a self-water<br />

audit. These discussions allow the competitors to learn from<br />

the professionals and each other. By sharing activities and<br />

initiatives with others on social media promotes business and<br />

good green habits to others in our community.<br />

The <strong>Chamber</strong> and participants bring awareness to the smaller<br />

tasks to start saving money and the environment. These<br />

local businesses are not only bettering our environment and<br />

bringing green awareness to others in the region, but are<br />

noticing the money saved by making small changes in the<br />

way they do business.<br />

There is still time to join the competition if you are interested<br />

in putting dollars back in your pocket and bettering the<br />

community and the environment.<br />

Call 540-373-9400 or visit<br />

http://www.fredericksburgchamber.org/Green-Initiative<br />

to find out more!<br />


Marstel-Day Germanna Community College<br />

Stafford Printing Rappahannock Electric Cooperative<br />


Arts & Flowers<br />

City of Fredericksburg<br />

Fredericksburg Today<br />

River Rock Outfitter<br />

Salon 730<br />

Stevenson Ridge<br />

Teakwood Enterprises<br />

Unifirst Loc 288<br />

Basic Commerce Industries<br />

Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg<br />

Mazda & Volkswagen of Fred’burg<br />

Rosner Collision Center<br />

St. George’s Episcopal Church<br />

Volvo Cars of Fredericksburg<br />

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of<br />

Fredericksburg<br />

Join the Challenge!<br />

The <strong>2016</strong> Green Business Challenge started in January<br />

and is a year-long business competition that includes<br />

workshops and events on how to green your business.<br />

Participating businesses within Planning District<br />

16—which includes the City of Fredericksburg and<br />

the Counties of Caroline, King George, Stafford<br />

and Spotsylvania—will choose to compete in up<br />

to six categories: Energy, Leadership, Purchasing,<br />

Transportation, Waste Management and Water.<br />

At the end of <strong>2016</strong>, we will host an awards event and<br />

present awards to winners in each category as well as an<br />

overall Challenge winner.<br />

For more information, contact Kasey at 540-373-9508<br />

or e-mail Kasey@Fredericksburg<strong>Chamber</strong>.org<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 13

Looking Inside...<br />

GEICO Insurance … It’s What They Do<br />

By Dawn Haun<br />

As you drive down Route 17 west in<br />

Stafford County, pass the Wawa store<br />

and in a mile ahead you will see a large<br />

building with mirrored windows, and on<br />

the top of the building are letters that<br />

spell GEICO. As you enter the building<br />

in Stafford County, its enormous scope<br />

and bustling groups of people flowing<br />

in and out, can be a bit intimidating.<br />

One can only imagine the nervousness<br />

of a potential employee, going for a<br />

job interview at the largest employer in<br />

Stafford County, GEICO Insurance.<br />

There’s a constant hustle as employees<br />

scramble for elevator space to get to<br />

another floor in the building. Showcases<br />

throughout the departments hold<br />

photos of hundreds of employees<br />

celebrating a milestone or volunteering<br />

at a charity event. Oh, and not to miss<br />

posters of the company’s gecko mascot.<br />

Just turn on<br />

the television<br />

or radio, and<br />

chances are<br />

within 15<br />

minutes you<br />

will hear or<br />

see a GEICO<br />

Insurance<br />

commercial.<br />

T h e i r<br />

advertising<br />

campaigns<br />

contain<br />

surreal humor<br />

and satire,<br />

GEICO provides on–site<br />

that it dares<br />

amenities for their employees,<br />

such as, fitness center, outside you not to<br />

recreation areas, cafeteria, watch it.<br />

convenience store and GEICO has<br />

banking at GEICO Federal produced<br />

Credit Union.<br />

many wellknown<br />

ad campaigns and are the top<br />

favorite for many viewers. A personal<br />

favorite is when Tarzan fights over<br />

directions with Jane when they are lost<br />

in the jungle, “It’s What You Do.”<br />

Other spots in the latest campaign,<br />

“It’s What You Do,” include a mom<br />

who always calls her son at the<br />

worst possible time to vent about his<br />

dad; the band Europe singing “Final<br />

Countdown” to a microwave; and a<br />

pair of golf announcers whispering,<br />

even as a player gets devoured by a<br />

Kraken—no more directly related to car<br />

insurance than alligators or geckos, but<br />

great for underlining Geico’s value in<br />

entertaining and memorable ways.<br />

GEICO, (The Government Employees<br />

Insurance Company) is considered the<br />

fastest growing auto insurer in the<br />

U.S., and the choice of more than 14<br />

million customers. They have a regional<br />

office site in Stafford County, one of<br />

14 regional sites that support GEICO’s<br />

overall business. They are also the<br />

second-largest insurance company in<br />

Virginia second to State Farm.<br />

The 44-acre campus is located on Rte.<br />

17, just a few miles from Interstate 95,<br />

and accessible to the FREDericksburg<br />

Regional Transit system. The site is<br />

home to several of GEICO company<br />

operations including GEICO auto<br />

insurance, GEICO commercial auto<br />

insurance, GEICO Insurance Agency<br />

and GEICO National Print Mail Center.<br />

Other insurance coverages offered are<br />

renters, boat, motorcycle, and business<br />

insurance. Last year, GEICO rolled out<br />

a new product to meet the insurance<br />

coverage needs of ridesharing drivers<br />

in Virginia. GEICO’s ridesharing product<br />

covers drivers that Uber (UberX and<br />

UberXL), Lyft, Sidecar and others have<br />

approved to drive for them. It replaces<br />

the driver’s personal auto policy and<br />

provides coverage both for personal<br />

and ridesharing use.<br />

Odds are that someone you know has<br />

worked at GEICO. In the 22 years Geico<br />

has been in Stafford, its employee base<br />

has steadily increased. They started with<br />

1800 employees when the Stafford<br />

office opened and added 2,000 more<br />

positions throughout the 20 years to<br />

currently employing 3800 associates,<br />

becoming one of the largest regional<br />

operation centers for GEICO.<br />

Before 1992, GEICO had local sites<br />

at Shannon Office Park and then at<br />

Riverside Business Park. When GEICO<br />

was ready to expand, they chose the<br />

Stafford County location to build the<br />

five-story, 370,000-square-feet office<br />

building. It took two years to build.<br />

Providing opportunities for<br />

long-term careers.<br />

Many associates begin their GEICO<br />

career with an entry-level position and<br />

Customer service associates Shannon<br />

Robinson (left), and Nikki Lewis (right).<br />

14<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

advance to higher positions. Associates<br />

are encouraged and supported in<br />

pursuing professional goals they set.<br />

GEICO offers tuition reimbursement and<br />

on-site resources to get an insurance<br />

title. “We are an employer that provides<br />

opportunities for employees to grow<br />

into long-term careers,” said Theresa<br />

Livelsberger, GEICO Human Resources<br />

Director. “100% of the supervisory<br />

staff started in entry-level positions. Our<br />

company offers competitive starting<br />

salaries, industry-leading training, and<br />

a comprehensive Total Rewards benefits<br />

program and career advancement<br />

without the commute to Washington,<br />

D.C., or Northern Virginia.”<br />

The Human Resources department at<br />

GEICO is an active department, working<br />

diligently to attend to the questions and<br />

needs of the nearly 4,000 employees.<br />

Recruitment is high demand, and the<br />

department handles all of the hiring<br />

and interviews in-house. They plan to<br />

fill nearly 700 positions this year.<br />

Training programs for college<br />

graduates to fast-track into<br />

management<br />

GEICO offers two programs for college<br />

graduates to learn the ropes and move<br />

into management. Employees in the<br />

Management Development Program<br />

a fast-track to management program<br />

learn about one of the major insurance<br />

operations with on-the-job training,<br />

development seminars, and mentoring,<br />

coaching, and real life business projects.<br />

At the end of the program, employees<br />

receive their professional insurance<br />

license and are prepared to manage a<br />

team of associates.<br />

The Emerging Leaders Program is a<br />

selective program to train employees for<br />

Operations Management or Information<br />

Technology. Emerging leaders gain<br />

a complete view of GEICO’s overall<br />

business or IT operations through indepth<br />

job rotations, hands-on training,<br />

mentoring by executives, and leadership<br />

training.<br />

GEICO and employees give to<br />

the community<br />

GEICO is the Rappahannock United Way’s<br />

highest contributor for 2015, with a<br />

corporate gift of over $259,000, bringing<br />

their total campaign to $1,058,951.<br />

“This makes GEICO a million dollar<br />

workplace campaign for two years<br />

running,” said Janel Donohue, President<br />

of Rappahannock United Way, at the<br />

presentation last month.<br />

GEICO employees have been giving<br />

their time and donations to the local<br />

community since establishing roots<br />

here in 1990,” said Talbert. “We have<br />

partnered with the schools and nonprofits.<br />

The Rappahannock United Way<br />

is an important part of our community.<br />

Associates also support Relay for Life,<br />

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,<br />

American Red Cross, Cystic Fibrosis<br />

Foundation, Fredericksburg SPCA and<br />

the Annual Car Seat Safety Campaign.<br />

Our civic involvement extends to the<br />

Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of<br />

Commerce and Fredericksburg Regional<br />

Alliance.”<br />

Earlier this spring GEICO partnered<br />

with the Marine Corps Marathon and<br />

offered a 15% discount on registration<br />

to active duty and reserves. 2,500<br />

members of the military took advantage<br />

of the discounted registration, it is now<br />

sold out. “The upcoming marathon<br />

is one of many successful marketing<br />

opportunities we use to grow our brand<br />

in the marketplace,” said Talbert.<br />

GEICO was recognized as 2013 “Best<br />

Places to Work in Virginia” by Virginia<br />

Business and Best Companies Group.<br />

It’s what they do.<br />

AT A GLANCE:<br />

• GEICO’s Fredericksburg office opened<br />

in 1994.<br />

• Fredericksburg started with 1800<br />

associates at the Stafford County site.<br />

• Stafford County office is one of the<br />

largest regional operation centers for<br />

GEICO.<br />

• Currently Stafford employs more than<br />

3,300 associates.<br />

• Largest employer in Stafford County.<br />

• Recognized as 2013 Best Places to<br />

Work in Virginia by Virginia Business<br />

and Best Companies Group.<br />

• In 1996, after many years as a<br />

publicly traded firm, GEICO became a<br />

wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire<br />

Hathaway, headed by Warren Buffett,<br />

one of the country’s most successful<br />

investors.<br />

• GEICO is headquartered in Chevy<br />

Chase, Maryland.<br />

• GEICO is the second-largest private<br />

passenger auto insurance company in<br />

the United States.<br />

• GEICO serves more than 14 million<br />

private passenger customers, insuring<br />

more than 23 million vehicles (auto<br />

and cycle).<br />

• GEICO was founded in 1936 by Leo<br />

Goodwin, Sr. and his wife Lillian to<br />

provide auto insurance directly to<br />

federal government employees and<br />

their families.<br />

• In 1974, GEICO began to insure the<br />

general public, after real-time access to<br />

computerized driving records became<br />

available throughout the United States,<br />

and it was briefly the fifth-largest U.S.<br />

auto insurer.<br />

• GEICO generally deals directly with<br />

consumers via telephone and internet;<br />

however, the local agent program has<br />

more than 150 offices countrywide.<br />

• Stafford County office is one of the<br />

largest regional operation centers for<br />

GEICO.<br />

• In 2012 GEICO spent over $1.1 billion<br />

in advertising, or 6.8% of its revenue.<br />

All of GEICO’s television ads are made<br />

and produced by The Martin Agency,<br />

which is based in Richmond.<br />

• GEICO associate starting salary ranges<br />

from $34,000 - $50,000 per year.<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 15

MAC Update<br />

Annual Breakfast with Congressman Wittman<br />

By Denny Fallon, Chairman,<br />

Communications Committee,<br />

MAC Board of Directors<br />

On April 18, the Military Affairs<br />

Council (MAC) hosted their Annual<br />

Breakfast with Congressman Rob<br />

Wittman. Attended by community<br />

Leaders, business professionals<br />

from across the Region, MAC<br />

members and leaders of our<br />

regional military facilities, Denny Fallon<br />

Congressman Wittman shared his<br />

views on a number of topics, all of critical importance to the<br />

Fredericksburg region.<br />

In his capacity as a Member of the House Armed Services<br />

Committee and Chairman of the Readiness Subcommittee<br />

and a Member of the Seapower and Expeditionary Forces<br />

Subcommittee, Congressman Wittman has a laser focus on<br />

the state of our Armed Forces readiness and all of the factors<br />

that both contribute to it and detract from it.<br />

He affirmed the critical importance of our<br />

region and the impactful role that Marine<br />

Corps Base Quantico, Fort A.P. Hill and<br />

the Naval Support Facility Dahlgren<br />

play in the intricate scheme of our<br />

National defense.<br />

Beyond that, his comments<br />

can best be described as<br />

“cautionary.” America’s<br />

readiness posture has been<br />

impacted by a combination of<br />

influences from our extended<br />

wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; to<br />

the fight against ISIS and the Syrian conflict; to Sequestration<br />

and the effective $1.3 Trillion dollar budget cuts over the<br />

mandated 10-year period. Congressman Wittman painted a<br />

sobering picture across all of our Services using examples like<br />

the Marines’ F-18 Hornet’s state of readiness where 3 aircraft<br />

in a squadron of 18 are considered Full Mission Capable; and<br />

the Air Force lacking 5,000 aircraft maintainers to fix and<br />

sustain their aircraft; and where the Navy’s aging submarine<br />

force is being seriously tested by the newest, quieter Russian<br />

subs and why the Army finds it difficult to maintain ready<br />

Brigade Combat Teams because of downed equipment and a<br />

lack of spare parts.<br />

Congressman Wittman warned that there’s more to this<br />

story than just readiness impacts, and cited the impact that<br />

Sequestration is having on the necessary modernization<br />

initiatives affecting aircraft, surface ships, submarines, and<br />

cyber security initiatives. He stated that the Navy has 276<br />

ships compared to their minimum requirement of 313 and<br />

the shipbuilding slope to reestablish the fleet won’t return<br />

us to a 313 ship Navy in the foreseeable future. Sadly, the<br />

environment doesn’t seem right for the necessary focus on<br />

readiness and defense, but his initiatives to introduce the<br />

un-indoctrinated to the demands of military life, to and the<br />

reality of the Soldier’s, Sailor’s, Marine’s, Airman’s and Coast<br />

Guardsman’s commitment is paying-off. Congressman<br />

Wittman has invited many of his fellow representatives onto<br />

the decks of aircraft carriers and to cruise below the seas in<br />

America’s submarines. They’ve seen amphibious assaults by<br />

the Marines and the Sailors of the amphibious fleet and visited<br />

Brigade-level exercises by the Army. He’s working hard to make<br />

his point.<br />

Infrastructure is important but there’s a nagging sense that<br />

our “capacity” will be tested again soon. Assessed through a<br />

process referred to as “BRAC” (for the Base Realignment and<br />

Closure Act), Congress has tasked the Services to perform a<br />

Capacity Analysis to better understand base structure, mission<br />

and needs. Often at odds with DoD, Congress understands<br />

that Bases = Training and Training = Readiness, an equation<br />

that resonates with Congressman Wittman. Base closures<br />

without sufficient due diligence could be disastrous, because<br />

once closed; there will be no second chance to get those<br />

bases back.<br />

Congressman Wittman has a dedicated focus on the readiness<br />

of our Armed Forces and is passionate about building collegial<br />

support for our service men and women. He’s an advocate for a<br />

strong and ready defense and fully supports the Fredericksburg<br />

region’s emphasis on National Defense.<br />

Always appreciated, Congressman Wittman honored us by his<br />

presence, his comments and his candid concerns about the<br />

state of our readiness. He’s a true friend of the MAC and we<br />

thank him.<br />

Following a brief Q & A, the audience was treated to<br />

a presentation by the U.S. <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce to<br />

Congressman Wittman of the “Spirit of Enterprise Award”<br />

in recognition of his support of pro-growth, pro-jobs policies.<br />

The award is given annually to Members of Congress based<br />

on their votes on critical business legislation. The Spirit of<br />

Enterprise Award highlights Wittman’s strong commitment to<br />

bolstering our country’s economy, creating jobs, and keeping<br />

our nation’s spirit of enterprise alive.<br />

Congratulations, Sir!<br />

Special thanks to the MAC Annual Breakfast Gold Sponsor, RPI<br />

Group, and Silver Sponsor, Hilldrup Moving & Storage, for their<br />

continued support of the Military Affairs Council and its mission.<br />

Left to right: Clark Thomason, U.S. <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce, SE<br />

Region representative, Congressman Rob Wittman, Bill Hession,<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> Board Chairman, and Susan Spears, President & CEO,<br />

Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce.<br />

16<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Tips from the Pro<br />

The pros and cons of being promoted in your workplace<br />

By Lynne Richardson<br />

You are ready for new challenges! Perhaps you want to<br />

pursue a position that will provide additional responsibilities<br />

at a different organization, but what if there’s a promotion at<br />

your current workplace?<br />

There are positives and negatives to consider for each scenario.<br />

If you leave your current organization, you might do so and<br />

stay local. Those “moves” are easier in many respects than<br />

relocating to a new town, perhaps in a new state. Local<br />

promotions in new organizations have costs, but fewer than<br />

those requiring a move. Regardless, while the grass may seem<br />

greener there, the new place has weeds too. Perhaps the<br />

weeds are a different variety than your current workplace, but<br />

they are weeds nonetheless.<br />

If a family move is required, there is the consideration of the<br />

switching costs involved. Having done this three times myself,<br />

the switching costs are both financial in nature (e.g. home<br />

buying and selling), but also emotional. You are leaving close<br />

friends and trusted colleagues for the unknown. And what<br />

about having to find new doctors, dentists, hair stylists and<br />

the like? Given all of this, it’s no wonder some people stay in<br />

one community a long time.<br />

But the positives may outweigh the negatives. Perhaps you<br />

can grow in a new direction professionally.<br />

If you have children, they learn to be adaptable earlier in life<br />

than perhaps their parents did. You may get to explore areas<br />

of the state or country because of your new home. Foods<br />

and customs may be different, so your family can learn to<br />

appreciate new things.<br />

But, you say, I cannot move my children or my partner does<br />

not want to move. Or maybe it’s you who is uncomfortable<br />

leaving.<br />

OK, so look for additional opportunities, when you are ready<br />

to do so, at your current workplace. When an advanced<br />

position opens up, go for it.<br />

Assuming you receive the<br />

promotion, you will get those<br />

new challenges, while forgoing<br />

the switching costs required in a<br />

move to a new community. You<br />

will almost certainly receive more<br />

money in your paycheck each pay<br />

period, and that’s always good.<br />

Are there any downsides to an inhouse<br />

promotion? Of course. No Dr. Lynne Richardson<br />

good deed goes unpunished!<br />

I had a conversation with a friend who recently received a<br />

promotion. One of the downsides is that while she was once<br />

a peer, she’s now the boss. But since she’s worked with many<br />

of her colleagues for a very long time, they do not yet see<br />

her as the boss. They still say and do things that indicate this.<br />

We discussed having to draw a line of what is acceptable and<br />

what is not and communicating it well. While we need to<br />

understand that it will take some colleagues a bit of time to<br />

adjust their thinking and actions to the promotion, they still<br />

must respect the promotion.<br />

I know many deans who were internal candidates at their<br />

schools. One day a person is just “Joe, trusted faculty<br />

colleague” and the next day the title is “Dean Joe.” These<br />

colleagues had to quit having lunch with their longtime<br />

cronies, because now it will be considered favoritism. It’s sad<br />

that is the case, but people’s perceptions are their realities. We<br />

must understand this.<br />

I am all for people being promoted and you probably are as<br />

well. But when it comes to your career and personal life, what<br />

is the best option, an internal or external promotion? I’ve had<br />

both. One is not better than the other. They are just different.<br />

Lynne Richardson is the dean of the University of Mary Washington’s<br />

College of Business and a marketing professor.<br />

New Caroline County building has medical offices,<br />

Germanna extension<br />

By Cathy Jett/The Free Lance-Star<br />

Caroline County’s largest employers are located at Carmel<br />

Church, but the area has lacked adequate medical care and<br />

workforce training.<br />

Now it’s getting both with the opening of the Carmel Church<br />

Medical Building, the first building in the 25-acre Belmont Crossing development. It includes dental and medical offices as well<br />

as an extension of Germanna Community College.<br />

The building is located on 11073 Colonel Armistead Drive near Interstate 95’s Exit 104 and the entrance to the Belmont at<br />

Carmel Church subdivision.<br />

The approximately 13,000-square-foot building includes Carmel Church Medical Center, which is expected to open later this<br />

month, and Ruther Glen Dental, which has already opened.<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 17

Trailblazer Spotlight<br />

Strong relationships and sound advice<br />

By Dawn Haun<br />

Remember the 1938 musical-drama movie “Four Daughters”<br />

starring Claude Raines and the Lane sisters? It tells the story of<br />

a happy musical family whose lives and loves are disrupted by<br />

the arrival of a cynical young composer who interjects himself<br />

into the daughters’ romantic lives. Bill and Ginny McAvinney,<br />

decided to move from Connecticut, in search of a better area<br />

and a high-quality, independent Christian School to raise their<br />

four daughters, aged two to 12 years old.<br />

The McAvinney’s search ended in Fredericksburg, Virginia.<br />

On one trip south, they discovered Fredericksburg and<br />

Fredericksburg Christian School, and made the decision to<br />

relocate to Fredericksburg. Bill did not have income lined up<br />

and they didn’t know anyone in the area. “We chose to raise<br />

our family here,” said Bill. “One of the first things we did was<br />

enroll our girls in Fredericksburg Christian School.”<br />

The couple made decisions from their faith in God, trusting<br />

Him to guide their family. They are grateful their journey<br />

of faith landed them in Fredericksburg 26 years ago. They<br />

opened McAvinney and Associates in 1982, and have been<br />

serving clients for nearly 35 years. Bill’s business philosophy<br />

and vision includes being a firm that glorifies God by focusing<br />

on relationships and inspiring clients to achieve their financial<br />

goals.<br />

In 1990, Bill diversified to include McAvinney Employee<br />

Benefit Services LLC, which has over 26 years’ experience and<br />

knowledge in the employee benefits industry and provides a<br />

well-balanced approach to benefit planning. “At McAvinney<br />

Employee Benefit Services it gives great satisfaction to know<br />

that while affording advice and services for the company,<br />

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies<br />

we’re also protecting the employees<br />

and their loved ones through our<br />

benefit plans,” said Bill. While<br />

remaining a locally-based boutique<br />

employee benefits firm, they serve<br />

clients throughout Virginia with<br />

employees around the country.<br />

Through their many alliances and<br />

relationships, the firm offers service<br />

and advice to any size company --<br />

Bill McAvinney<br />

regionally or nationally.<br />

Along with serving his clients through the financial services<br />

industry, Bill has given back through many local and national<br />

organizations. Bill serves actively on the Christian Business<br />

Men’s Connections (CBMC) on a local and national level,<br />

helped to establish Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)<br />

Fredericksburg, Association of Health Insurance Advisors<br />

(AHIA), member of Kingdom Advisors, NAIFA Fredericksburg,<br />

and one of the organizers of “Back the Badge.”<br />

Bill is actively involved with the Fredericksburg Regional<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce as a Trailblazer; he was in the inaugural<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg class LF ‘08, and a 10-year member<br />

of Military Affairs Council (MAC).<br />

Bill and Ginny have been married for 42 years. They both<br />

agree that moving to Fredericksburg with their four daughters<br />

was among the best decisions they ever made.<br />

And now as the storyline of Four Daughters and the Lemp<br />

family continued in the 1940 film Four Wives, and 1941 Four<br />

Mothers; their daughters are adults, and raising their families<br />

in Virginia.<br />

McAvinney Employee Benefit Services: Strong Relationships.<br />

Sound Advice. Visit at www.McAvinney.com or call<br />

(540) 373-0084.<br />

Belcher Real Estate<br />

Belcher Real Estate owner Alex Belcher, along with his staff<br />

and family, held a grand opening at their new location at 1802<br />

Augustine Avenue.<br />

The Goddard School<br />

The Goddard School owners Gary and Lori Lucy officially held their<br />

grand opening and ribbon cutting for the new facility located at<br />

10060 Southpoint Parkway. Standing with them is <strong>Chamber</strong> of<br />

Commerce Ambassador Tammy Reid of Nicholls Auction Marketing<br />

Group and <strong>Chamber</strong> board of director Mike Fidgeon of Pathways.<br />

18<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Using next-generation WiFi to take<br />

your business into the future<br />

By Byron Cantrall, Vice President of Comcast Business –<br />

Beltway Region<br />

Trends in consumer and employee behavior are causing<br />

demand for WiFi to grow exponentially. According to Cisco,<br />

WiFi devices will power a majority of all Internet traffic by<br />

2017, and a 2015 study by Tech Pro Research found that 74<br />

percent of businesses are using or are planning to use “bring<br />

your own device” (BYOD) policies.<br />

WiFi solutions that were previously only available to<br />

headquarters and other large office locations are now available<br />

to a wide range of businesses, including small businesses and<br />

enterprise branch locations. By leveraging the latest WiFi<br />

technology and selecting a solution that provides the following<br />

advanced capabilities, you can promote, protect and manage<br />

your business as needs and demands evolve:<br />


Customers and patrons have come to expect free wireless<br />

service from the companies they do business with, and studies<br />

show that free WiFi brings in foot traffic and encourages<br />

customers to spend more time and money.<br />

Offering a guest or public WiFi network to your visitors<br />

as a convenience and benefit for doing business at your<br />

establishment, in conjunction with a private WiFi network<br />

that is only made available to employees and authorized<br />

users, also provides security benefits. A separate guest WiFi<br />

network helps reduce business concerns about data security<br />

and bandwidth.<br />


But the latest generation of wireless networks offers capabilities<br />

that do more than just protect. Marketing tools such as custom<br />

splash or landing pages allow you to speak directly to your<br />

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies<br />

Trailblazer Spotlight<br />

customers before<br />

they connect to your WiFi and help attract new customers while<br />

encouraging repeat business.<br />

Businesses that install WiFi networks with sophisticated data<br />

capture and analytics capabilities can capitalize on the wealth<br />

of consumer information available from guest networks to<br />

target customers with special offers, notifications of sales and<br />

special events, or to determine the effectiveness of advertising<br />

or signage.<br />


WiFi network configuration controls ensure that your business<br />

can handle a growing numbers of mobile users, while keeping<br />

employees productive and customers happy with their<br />

experience. These controls allow you to set schedules that keep<br />

unauthorized users off your network by shutting it down at night<br />

or on weekends automatically or allocate bandwidth so your<br />

customer WiFi never slows down your back-office connection.<br />


Consider cloud-based controls to manage all of your network’s<br />

features 24/7, on the device of your choice. A WiFi solution with<br />

a management system that can be run centrally on a smart device<br />

via a mobile app or online portal enables IT staff to universally<br />

apply controls and can reduce network-management overhead.<br />

These advanced WiFi features are only as useful as the<br />

broadband infrastructure they rely on. Organizations must<br />

be able to adapt and upgrade to changing technology and<br />

add new applications and services over time without worrying<br />

about network capacity or dependability. It is important to<br />

pair your WiFi solution with a network service provider that<br />

offers broadband options to accommodate your current and<br />

future bandwidth demands and an infrastructure with the<br />

uptime and reliability your business needs.<br />

Bricks 4 Kidz<br />

Bricks 4 Kidz, local franchise owner Melani Lyons opened the center<br />

at 4903 Plank Road in Spotsylvania. franchise that teaches the<br />

fundamentals of STEM education-science, technology, engineering<br />

and math-through motorized LEGO models. Pictured left to right:<br />

Rob Dodd, Jr., <strong>Chamber</strong> Board member & Ambassador, Melani Lyons,<br />

owner, David Lyons, and Stephanie Lyles, <strong>Chamber</strong> ambassador.<br />

Dogpatch<br />

Left to right: Mark Desnoyer, Mrs. Joanna Gish, former owner,<br />

Lynn Bailey, owner/GM, Susan Spears <strong>Chamber</strong> President/CEO,<br />

Theodore “Teddy” Spears, and Jessica Desnoyer, owner/CEO. The<br />

dog boarding and daycare is located at 11712 Post Oak Road,<br />

Spotsylvania.<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 19

Welcome New Members<br />

Welcome<br />

The Fredericksburg Regional <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce warmly welcomes the newest members of the <strong>Chamber</strong> family.<br />

Be a good partner – remember them when you do business.<br />

Fredericksburg Academy<br />

Dee Hwang<br />

10800 Academy Dr.<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22408<br />

Phone: (540) 898-0020<br />

Fax: (540) 898-0440<br />

www.fredericksburgacademy.org<br />

dhwang@fredericksburgacademy.org<br />

Education - Public/Private<br />

Partnership*<br />

Tutor Doctor<br />

James Hardy<br />

29 Club Dr.<br />

Stafford, VA 22554<br />

Phone: (540) 642-8724<br />

www.hometutorsva.com<br />

jhardy@tutordoctor.com<br />

Tutoring*<br />

Stache Barber Shop, The LLC<br />

Lindsay Jones-Gupta<br />

4500 Plank Rd., Suite 1018<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22407<br />

Phone: (540) 455-1846<br />

stachebarbershop@gmail.com<br />

Barbershop*<br />

99MediaLab<br />

Piyush Mangukiya<br />

1982 William St.<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22401<br />

Phone: (703) 563-2571<br />

www.99medialab.com/<br />

info@99medialab.com<br />

Web Design & Hosting Services*<br />

Rainbow International<br />

Restoration of Fredericksburg<br />

Gavin Saunders<br />

400 Nelms Circle, Suite 103<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22406<br />

Phone: (540) 850-3880<br />

Toll Free: 855 RAINBOW<br />

Fax: (540) 373-1123<br />

www.rainbowintl.com/<br />

fredericksburg<br />

eric.healey@rainbowva.com<br />

Cleaning Service - Residential/<br />

Commercial, Mold Remediation,<br />

Water & Smoke Restoration*<br />

LibertyTown Arts Workshop<br />

Dolores Lecky<br />

916 Liberty St.<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22401<br />

Phone: (540) 371-7255<br />

www.libertytownarts.com<br />

info@libertytownarts.com<br />

Art Galleries*<br />

Beverley’s Ribinator BBQ<br />

Anthony Beverley<br />

62 Sapphire St.<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22405<br />

Phone: (443) 877-0805<br />

www.ribinator73.com<br />

beverleyribinator@yahoo.com<br />

Food Specialties/Services<br />

Caterers*<br />

Embrace Therapeutic<br />

Foster Care<br />

Gretchen Rusden<br />

10705 Spotsylvania Ave., Suite 101<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22408<br />

Phone: (540) 613-5120<br />

www.embracetfc.com<br />

gretchen.rusden@embracetfc.com<br />

Human Services*<br />

Morgan’s Thrifty Deals, LLC<br />

Valerie Morgan<br />

10817 Tidewater Trail, Suite 125<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22408<br />

Phone: (540) 372-1459<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

morgansthriftydeals/<br />

thriftydeals4u@aol.com<br />

Thrift*<br />

Celebrate Virginia After Hours<br />

Brittany Hutchinson<br />

8030 Gordon W Shelton Blvd<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22401<br />

Phone: (804) 495-3908<br />

www.celebratevirginiaafterhours.com<br />

bhutchinson@<br />

afterhoursconcertseries.com<br />

Entertainment*<br />

Sage Payment Solutions<br />

Richard Mitchell<br />

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Phone: (800) 261-0240<br />

www.sage.com<br />

Payment Services*<br />

Bill Britt & Associates<br />

Bill Britt<br />

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Phone: (540) 845-5680<br />

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Insurance*<br />

Dogpatch<br />

(Nut Tree Enterprises, LLC)<br />

Mark Desnoyer<br />

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Phone: (540) 895-5966<br />

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Pet Supply Shoppe/Grooming &<br />

Boarding Kennels*<br />

Target Marketing /<br />

Southcomm Publishing, Inc.<br />

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Labor Ready<br />

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Stratford Hall<br />

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Restaurants*<br />

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20<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Green Printing is . . .<br />

• business practices that reflect environmental stewardship<br />

• protecting employee health and safety<br />

• a commitment to your community and building a<br />

better place in which to live<br />

If you believe the same as us at Stafford Printing,<br />

let’s become partners!<br />

Stafford Printing is pleased to sponsor the <strong>2016</strong> Green Business Challenge with<br />

Marstel-Day, Germanna Community College and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative.<br />

540-659-4554 howen@staffordprinting.com staffordprinting.com<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 21

Belcher Real Estate opens in<br />

city<br />

Local realtor Alex Belcher has opened a<br />

new Fredericksburg agency specializing<br />

in residential home sales.<br />

Last year Belcher, who previously worked<br />

for MacDoc Realty, was named one of<br />

Realtor magazine’s top 30 agents under<br />

age 30.<br />

Alex Belcher<br />

Connect America Gala Dinner and Dance<br />

Vets on Track Foundation is hosting their first “Connect<br />

America Gala Dinner and Dance” on Armed<br />

Forces Day, <strong>May</strong> 21 at Fredericksburg<br />

Hospitality House. The event will bring<br />

together 400 supporters, corporate<br />

partners, veterans, volunteers and staff. The<br />

evening will be filled with food, music, stories<br />

and awarding the first Vets on Track “Connect<br />

America Community Outreach Award.”<br />

For more information, sponsorship or ticket purchase go<br />

online to www.vetsontrack.org.<br />

SimVentions awarded $37M contract for<br />

Electric Warfare Systems Support<br />

SimVentions Inc. in<br />

Fredericksburg has<br />

been awarded a<br />

$37M contract for providing technical and engineering support<br />

services to the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Dahlgren<br />

Virginia, specifically the Electronic Warfare and Sensor Systems<br />

(EWSS) Division, to support the Navy’s goal in ensuring surface<br />

electronic warfare dominance. The required engineering<br />

support encompasses systems and software engineering and<br />

development, system integration, modeling and simulation, test<br />

and evaluation, cybersecurity, and training.<br />

These engineering efforts are in direct support of the Surface<br />

Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP), Navy<br />

onboard and off-board Electronic Warfare (EW) programs, and<br />

Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) programs<br />

and systems. The contract is for five years and will run through<br />

October of 2021. “We’re honored to be able to stand with<br />

NSWC Dahlgren’s EW team to support their programs,<br />

systems, technologies, research, and workforce in ensuring<br />

that our military forces can continue to control and dominate<br />

the electromagnetic spectrum during wartime.” said Larry<br />

Root, SimVentions CEO. “Control of the electromagnetic<br />

spectrum is critical to current and future military engagements<br />

and cannot be maintained unless we master all aspects of<br />

EW, train our military forces on how to effectively use EW<br />

systems and technologies, and continue to invest in future<br />

technologies and EW-focused research and innovations.<br />

Big Cloud Media sold<br />

Big Cloud Media, a client of the UMW<br />

Eagleworks Business Incubation<br />

Center, is getting new ownership.<br />

Koji Flowers started Big Cloud Media in 2008 in San Antonio<br />

Texas. He moved the company to Fredericksburg in 2013.<br />

After eight years at the helm, Flowers sold Big Cloud Media<br />

to his business partner, Paul Baptist. Flowers plans to pursue a<br />

new business venture.<br />

BigCloudMedia<br />

BigCloudMedia<br />



Julie Rettinger accepted into Executive<br />

Development Program<br />

Rappahannock Goodwill Industries (RGI)<br />

has announced that Julie Rettinger, VP<br />

of Community Relations and Resource<br />

Development, has been accepted into<br />

the Goodwill Industries International<br />

Executive Development Program. The<br />

program is a 16-month course of study<br />

aimed at preparing senior leaders to<br />

become chief executive officers for<br />

Goodwill. The program began in April.<br />

Donation from Operation Round Up<br />

Julie Rettinger<br />

Friends of the Rappahannock<br />

received $2,000 from<br />

Rappahannock Electric<br />

Cooperative’s Operation Round Up program. The money will be<br />

used to fund river cleanups, fly fishing education, and the student<br />

stream team (SST).<br />

Operation Round Up receives its funding from REC members<br />

who volunteer to have their electric bill “rounded up” to the<br />

next highest whole dollar.<br />

Friends of the Rappahannock is the Fredericksburg-based<br />

nonprofit working “to be the voice and active force for a<br />

healthy and scenic Rappahannock River.”<br />

Thrasher Group hires new senior regional<br />

manager<br />

Randy Comer, formerly<br />

of Alion Science &<br />

Technology, has joined<br />

the Thrasher Group, a Mid-Atlantic architecture-engineering &<br />

design, construction inspection and land surveying company,<br />

as the Senior Regional Manager for Fredericksburg and the<br />

surrounding area. He will be managing operations from the<br />

Thrasher Group’s office in Falmouth.<br />

22<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Sands Anderson named among “Virginia’s<br />

Best Economic Development Law Firms”<br />

Sands Anderson PC, a Mid-<br />

Atlantic law firm, has earned<br />

recognition by Southern<br />

Business & Development<br />

magazine to be named<br />

among “Virginia’s Best Economic Development Law Firms.”<br />

“We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition and to be<br />

selected as a top Virginia law firm for economic development.<br />

It’s a privilege to work with local governments throughout<br />

the Commonwealth, as well as businesses and developers<br />

on important projects that enhance the economic vitality of<br />

Virginia’s communities,” said Daniel M. Siegel, shareholder<br />

and chair of the firm’s Government Group<br />

MWH designated as Blue Distinction Center+<br />

Anthem Blue Cross Blue<br />

Shield designated Mary<br />

Washington Hospital as a<br />

Blue Distinction Center+<br />

in the areas of cardiac care and knee and hip replacements.<br />

Blue Distinction Centers are nationally designated healthcare<br />

facilities shown to deliver improved patient safety and better<br />

health outcomes, based on objective measures that were<br />

developed with input from the medical community. A Blue<br />

Distinction Center+ denotes that Mary Washington also<br />

delivers care more efficiently and cost-effectively than other<br />

similar healthcare facilities.<br />

RPI Group sponsors inNOVAtion Hack-a-thon<br />

Fredericksburg-based RPI<br />

Group Inc. and Team RPI<br />

Training were a sponsor of<br />

the first annual inNOVAtion Hackathon at Northern Virginia<br />

Community College.<br />

Fredericksburg’s Director of Economic<br />

Development and Tourism is retiring<br />

Karen Hedelt, director of Economic<br />

Development and Tourism for the City<br />

of Fredericksburg, is retiring August 1,<br />

<strong>2016</strong>.<br />

Hedelt joined the department in 1981 as<br />

a media liaison, and was promoted from<br />

interim to permanent director in 2009.<br />

“My titles and duties have changed Karen Hedelt<br />

through the years, but I have found<br />

public service to be most interesting and very rewarding,”<br />

Hedelt said. “I plan to take some time for myself, and then I<br />

likely will look for a new role that is significantly different than<br />

what I am doing now.”<br />

Lachniet named publisher of<br />

The Free Lance-Star<br />

BH Media executive Dale Lachniet has<br />

been named publisher of The Free<br />

Lance-Starand vice president of BH<br />

Media’s Eastern Community Group.<br />

Lachniet, 52, has been the vice<br />

president of operations for BH Media,<br />

Dale Lachniet<br />

overseeing the company’s Publishing<br />

Solutions Group, including the customer<br />

information systems team, and The Press of Atlantic City (New<br />

Jersey).<br />

Four Fredericksburg-area companies make<br />

Fantastic 50 list<br />

Several Fredericksburgarea<br />

companies are among<br />

the 50 fastest-growing in<br />

the state.<br />

The Virginia <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce announced the names<br />

of 50 of the fastest-growing Virginia companies at its 21st<br />

annual “Virginia’s Fantastic 50 Awards Banquet” on Thursday<br />

evening in Chantilly.<br />

Patriot Group International Inc. of Warrenton came in second<br />

in the rankings. Patriot was also named one of five “Virginia<br />

Vanguard” winners as the top producer in the service industry.<br />

Government contractor Marathon TS Inc. of Kilmarnock came<br />

in 11th place.<br />

Stafford County’s Corps Solutions, also a government<br />

contractor, was the 13th fastest-growing company listed.<br />

Government contractor SimVentions Inc. of Fredericksburg<br />

came in at No. 26.<br />

Sugar Shack named best among Donut shops<br />

According to an online travel<br />

website, Fredericksburg residents<br />

are eating some of the best<br />

donuts in America.<br />

Time Out, which posts travel articles and guides, named Sugar<br />

Shack to its “16 best donut shops in America” list.<br />

Sugar Shack came in 14th on the list. Sugar Shack is located<br />

at 618 William Street, Fredericksburg.<br />

HCA Virginia Names New CEO of Spotsylvania<br />

Regional Medical Center<br />

HCA Virginia recently announced<br />

the appointment of Michael<br />

Clark, as chief executive officer of<br />

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, effective <strong>June</strong> 1, <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

Clark comes to Spotsylvania Regional with more than 30 years<br />

of hospital and healthcare leadership experience. “It is easy to<br />

be attracted to such a beautiful, well designed facility,” said<br />

Clark. “However, it is the energy and commitment of the<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 23

staff and physicians to do the very best for our patients and<br />

their families that truly excites me. “<br />

Clark is a recipient of LifePoint Health’s prestigious<br />

Fleetwood Award for outstanding contributions by a hospital<br />

administrator, a recognition he was awarded in 2003. He<br />

earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Troy State<br />

University in Alabama and his master’s degree in health from<br />

the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He also is a Fellow<br />

of the Advisory Board Company.<br />

He enjoys golf and hunting. He and his wife Stacye have<br />

been married 25 years, and have two children. They have a<br />

grandson and a granddaughter.<br />

Cushman & Wakefield<br />

| Thalhimer Welcomes<br />

Brokerage Professional to<br />

their Fredericksburg Office<br />

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer is<br />

pleased to announce Brian Barasha has<br />

joined the firm as an associate in their<br />

Fredericksburg office, specializing in<br />

office sales and leasing.<br />

Cushman & Wakefield |<br />

Thalhimer hires portfolio<br />

manager<br />

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer’s<br />

Property Services Group has hired<br />

Crystal R. Morris, as a portfolio manager<br />

in their Fredericksburg office. Crystal<br />

most recently managed the Fox Rest<br />

Apartments in Richmond.<br />

Brian Barasha<br />

Crystal R. Morris<br />

Real Estate contracts<br />

up, highest first quarter<br />

sales in nine years<br />

Buyers returned to the Fredericksburg area market<br />

during the first quarter striking a 4.6% increase in<br />

new contracts over last year. The 1,543 contracts<br />

ratified during the first quarter were the highest since<br />

2005. The number of sellers entering the market<br />

picked up in the first quarter, in line with the seasonal<br />

pattern adding 2,039 new listings, a 3.6% increase<br />

over the same period last year.<br />

At $260,000, the median sale price in the first quarter<br />

increased 4.0% from its year ago level and also<br />

increased 0.3% from the previous quarter’s level of<br />

$259,200. The 963 total units sold in the first quarter<br />

increased 1.5% from their year ago levels of 949 sales.<br />

At $266,250,862, the total sold dollar volume was<br />

the highest first quarter level since the first quarter of<br />

2007 and represented a 1.5% increase over the first<br />

quarter 2015 level of $262,273,419.<br />

The median Days on Market (DOM), the number<br />

of days from when a listing enters the market until<br />

it obtains a ratified purchase contract, decreased<br />

from 65 days in the first quarter of 2015 to 64 days<br />

in first quarter of <strong>2016</strong>. This level is lower than the<br />

ten-year average of 69 days but was higher than the<br />

five-year average of 55 days. In the second quarter,<br />

days on market will likely decline in accordance with<br />

established seasonal patterns and increased market<br />

activity associated with the spring selling season,<br />

increased inventory levels, and traditionally higher<br />

sales volumes.<br />

SimVentions named to Virginia Fantastic 50<br />

list for third consecutive year<br />

The Virginia <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce announced the names of 50 of the fastest growing Virginia<br />

companies at the 21st annual “Virginia’s Fantastic 50 Awards Banquet” on April 28 at the<br />

Westfields Marriott in Chantilly. More than 400 attendees participated in the banquet to celebrate<br />

the success of these Virginia entrepreneurs. Virginia’s Fantastic 50 award program is a signature<br />

event of the Virginia <strong>Chamber</strong> of Commerce and is the only annual statewide award recognizing<br />

Virginia’s fastest growing businesses.<br />

“We are honored to be named to this amazing list of Virginia companies for the third straight year!” said Larry Root, SimVentions<br />

CEO. “This achievement truly puts us in rarefied company…and reflects the hard work, dedication, entrepreneurial spirit,<br />

creative and innovative atmosphere, positive and caring culture, and amazing employees and staff we have at SimVentions.<br />

When you mix all of that with God, Country, and an incredible love and commitment for what we do on behalf of our<br />

country’s warfighters, armed services, and research and development labs – amazing things happen!”<br />

SimVentions’ corporate headquarters is located just outside of Fredericksburg, (in Stafford County). Also offices in Dahlgren<br />

and Quantico. Since 2000, they have been delivering engineering (to include systems engineering, software engineering,<br />

cybersecurity engineering, and modeling and simulation), program management, and training solutions to our armed services.<br />

Their passion is ensuring their employees’ gifts and talents are put to use in delivering meaningful capability to our nation’s<br />

research and development labs and our military’s men and women on the front lines.<br />

24<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

Leadership Fredericksburg Continued from page 5<br />

The Leadership Fredericksburg experience for Fallon goes far<br />

beyond the relationship with his fellows. As chairman of the<br />

Mentor Program, he has opportunity to interact with program<br />

facilitators and mentors. “There is an incredible cadre of the<br />

mentors, executive speakers, and <strong>Chamber</strong> staff,” Fallon said.<br />

“Passion seems to be a common denominator among the<br />

various stakeholders of the program.”<br />

Teaching leadership to other leaders is to lead by<br />

example.<br />

Ronald Reagan once said, “The greatest leader is not<br />

necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the<br />

one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” This year’s<br />

program facilitators, J.R. Flatter and Dave Corderman have<br />

achieved this. Both are <strong>Chamber</strong> volunteers and community<br />

business leaders; J.R. Flatter, President and CEO of Flatter &<br />

Associates and Dave Corderman, Senior Partner of Academy<br />

Leadership Associates.<br />

Gratitude flows for the two lecturers from the fellows; and<br />

from the lecturers to the fellows. “It’s extremely satisfying, we<br />

both volunteer for the <strong>Chamber</strong>, and we give our time for this<br />

program and have enjoyed it very much,” said Corderman.<br />

Their seamless leadership transition for the program was<br />

recognized last month by the <strong>Chamber</strong> when both received<br />

the prestigious Joseph L. Argenzio Award. This is given<br />

annually in recognition of the volunteer leader who goes<br />

above and beyond the call of duty in service to the <strong>Chamber</strong>.<br />

“Working with J.R. and Dave has been an honor,” said<br />

Susan Spears. “They are among the most humble people I’ve<br />

met. I learn from them in every meeting we have together.<br />

Their commitment to the program and the community<br />

is extraordinary.” Spears serves as executive director of<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg and is co-facilitator.<br />

Applications will be accepted <strong>May</strong> 1 - July 1 for the 2017<br />

class. For more information, visit the <strong>Chamber</strong> website:<br />

www.fredericksburgchamber.org/ Leadership-Home or call<br />

the <strong>Chamber</strong> office at 540-373-9400.<br />

Facilitators Dave Corderman, Susan Spears and J.R. Flatter stand<br />

with Eric Fletcher, LF’12 (right) who spoke to the class during the<br />

October 2015 session.<br />

Leadership fellows congratulate Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

facilitators J.R. Flatter and Dave Corderman at the State of the<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> where they were awarded the <strong>2016</strong> Joseph L. Argenzio<br />

Award.<br />

<strong>2016</strong> fellows ride the Fredericksburg Trolley to the Chancellor<br />

Battlefield tour during the November session.<br />

LF Alumni Give Back Continued from page 7<br />

professional benefit being affiliated with the program; as a<br />

candidate, alumni or mentor. ‘Sharpening the axe,’ as they<br />

say, is important to my continued leadership experience.”<br />

Leadership Skills Include Taking the Good with<br />

the Bad<br />

Great leaders learn from their mistakes and accept<br />

responsibility. Analyzing individual skill set unlocks personal<br />

character flaws, which is the purpose of the Leadership<br />

Multi-rater Assessment of Personality (LMAP) 360 Leadership<br />

assessment. Leadership Fredericksburg uses the assessment to<br />

anchor the feedback and coaching. 360 assessments use selfratings<br />

and ratings from co-workers. It focuses on how others<br />

experience the leader’s behavior. Leaders get a deep sense of<br />

how it feels to have you as a boss or team member.<br />

Tom Schoedel, LF ’14, president of Atlantic Builders, said the<br />

LMAP assessment opened his eyes to how others perceive<br />

him. “The LMAP made me realize it’s not always how I<br />

perceive myself,” said Tom. “I’ve taken personality profiles<br />

before, but this was my first experience having others profile<br />

me. It helped me understand better how to communicate and<br />

relate to others.”<br />

The class alumni agree, the <strong>Chamber</strong> and Leadership<br />

Fredericksburg offer opportunities to develop new relationships<br />

and to stay in touch with the business community. These<br />

relationships are invaluable to a business. Staying involved<br />

by helping to mentor young entrepreneurs, watching them<br />

develop and succeed, is absolutely rewarding.<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 25

Upcoming classes and seminars<br />

UMW Small Business Development Center<br />

To register for these seminars: call 540-654-1383<br />

or online www.economicdevelopment.umw.edu/<br />

Germanna Center for Workforce<br />

and Community Education<br />

For more information call 540-891-3012<br />

<strong>May</strong> 10: from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.<br />

QuickBooks Training: The QuickBooks<br />

workshop is designed to teach the<br />

basics of QuickBooks; the things that<br />

you need to know to perform typical<br />

bookkeeping tasks. This workshop will<br />

be instructed by Connie Whittingham,<br />

Y-OPA Consulting Group.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 23: from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.<br />

First Steps to Starting a Business:<br />

This Seminar will provide the basic of<br />

self-evaluation, the idea, defining the<br />

need, determining the feasibility, and<br />

what actions are necessary.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 24: from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.<br />

Human Resource Law 101: Basics<br />

every employer should know Presented<br />

by Randy C. Sparks, Jr., a member of<br />

the Labor and Employment Law Practice<br />

Group at Kaufman & Canoles.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 6: from 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.<br />

First Steps to Starting a Business:<br />

This Seminar will provide the basic of<br />

self-evaluation, the idea, defining the<br />

need, determining the feasibility, and<br />

what actions are necessary.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 7: from 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.<br />

Blue Print Business Plan Workshop:<br />

This one day four-hour workshop is<br />

presented by the UMWSBDC Eagle<br />

Village office. It covers the development<br />

of the narrative and financial<br />

forecasting portions of the business<br />

plan.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 14 from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.<br />

Develop Your Basic Social Media<br />

Marketing: This workshop is designed<br />

for small business owners who are<br />

not social media currently using social<br />

media to market their businesses and<br />

those who are not using social media<br />

effectively.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 4 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.<br />

Marketing and Promotions for<br />

Small Business: This course will<br />

provide an introduction of marketing<br />

and promotional “tricks of the trade”<br />

to help your small business increase its<br />

presence in this challenging economic<br />

environment.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 14-28 from 6 – 9 p.m.<br />

Accounting for Non-accountants:<br />

The instructor will discuss basic<br />

accounting principles and concepts such<br />

as the general ledger, debits, credits,<br />

assets, liabilities, expenses, revenues<br />

and equity using examples from the<br />

business world.<br />

26<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

11 - Ribbon Cutting Residence Inn, 4:00pm, 60 Town Centre Blvd.<br />

12 - Leadership Fredericksburg Project Presentations, 3:00 pm,<br />

J.F. Fick Conference Center<br />

16 - Ribbon Cutting Community Bank of the Chesapeake, 12:00pm,<br />

425 William Street<br />

17 - MAC Base Tour of Fort A.P. Hill, 8:00am<br />

17 - CNEW Luncheon, 11:30am, Fredericksburg Country Club<br />

18 - Next Gen Mid-week Motivation, 12:00pm, Fredericksburg<br />

Country Club, guest speaker, William “Billy” Beale, President & CEO<br />

of Union Bank & Trust.<br />

20 - Leadership Fredericksburg Graduation & Reception, 3:00 pm,<br />

UMW Stafford Campus<br />

25 - Leadership Fredericksburg Information Session, 8:30am,<br />

<strong>Chamber</strong> Office, Learn about Leadership Fredericksburg from those<br />

who know the program best. A panel consisting of program staff,<br />

mentors, fellows, and alumni answer questions and present their<br />

perspectives about this signature program.<br />

26 - Shrimpfest, 4:00pm, Fredericksburg Fair Grounds<br />

31 - Ribbon Cutting for Repo Rocks, 4:00pm, held at D & L Insurance,<br />

4600 Jefferson Davis, Fredericksburg, VA 22408<br />

<strong>June</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

7 - <strong>Chamber</strong> Roundtable (Stafford), 8:00am,<br />

Courtyard by Marriott Quantico<br />

8 - Next Gen Mid-week Motivation, 12:00pm, Renato’s<br />

9 - Business After Hours, Rappahannok Area YMCA, 5:30pm<br />

21 - CNEW Luncheon, 11:30am, Fredericksburg Country Club<br />

23 - Business After Hours, Businets, 5:30pm<br />

View <strong>Chamber</strong> Calendar of Events online:<br />

www.fredericksburgchamber.org<br />




2300 Fall Hill Ave.,<br />

Suite 240<br />

Fredericksburg, VA 22401<br />

(540) 373-9400<br />

Fax: (540) 373-9570<br />

www.fredericksburgchamber.org<br />

Fredericksburg Regional Business<br />

is published by Stafford Printing.<br />

For more information, contact<br />

Howard Owen at (540) 659-4554<br />

or howen@staffordprinting.com.<br />

Contact Stafford Printing<br />

for information on<br />

advertising and inserts<br />

in Fredericksburg Regional<br />

Business<br />

chamber@staffordprinting.com<br />

2707 Jefferson Davis Hwy.<br />

Stafford, VA 22554<br />

540.659.4554<br />

1916 - <strong>2016</strong><br />

100 Years of Service<br />


Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

Project Presentations<br />

<strong>May</strong> 12, <strong>2016</strong> • 3 p.m.<br />

J.F. Fick Conference Center<br />

Congratulations to the<br />


<strong>2016</strong> CLASS<br />


Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

Leadership Fredericksburg<br />

Graduation & Reception<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20, <strong>2016</strong> • 3 p.m.<br />

UMW Stafford Campus<br />

MAY/JUNE <strong>2016</strong> Fredericksburg Regional Business 27

The better choice<br />

for banking.<br />

If you want a more personal banking experience, you’ll find it here.<br />

Our bank was founded by local people with a commitment<br />

to the community and the success of its people and businesses.<br />

Come in and see for yourself.<br />

410 William Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 115 E. Charles Street, La Plata, MD 20646<br />

Bank local, bank better.<br />

(540) 899-2265 • www.VirginiaPartnersBank.com •

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