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innovative heights

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5 Lakeshore acquires C&D Facility in Northbrook

10 Celebration grand opening event of new

Heartland single-stream facility

11 Prestigious environmental award presented

for best available technology




A message from CEO Alan Handley

Lakeshore expands both internally

and within our loyal community

To say that Lakeshore as a company

did well in 2015 is an enormous

understatement. This past year was one

of sizeable development, both in our

communities and internally among our team.

Lakeshore expanded its family to include

additional employees at all locations. Our

Morton Grove corporate headquarters has

also developed new spaces and grown to

accommodate recent additions and updates

to hold more departments.

It is amazing to see how much growth

we have achieved in the three years since

our merger in January 2013 of the two

industry leaders: Recycling Systems, Inc.

and Lakeshore Waste Service. In the time

since, we have not only pushed ourself to

achieve a unified front to the community, but

we have blazed a trail in being cutting-edge

in our business practices. We have rapidly

expanded our service area and challenged

ourselves to attain goals that to any other

hauler would be next to impossible.

This growth has shaped Lakeshore’s

evolution in the Chicagoland market. From

the time of the merger in 2013, we had 275

employees under the Lakeshore name. This

number has doubled to over 600 employees

that we currently call our family.

The Lakeshore banner has spread to new

facilities, now including our sixth facility in

Northbrook, which is addressed further

on page 5 of this issue. In addition, the

Heartland facility has been completely

updated to house our first single-stream

facility, a feat that was made possible with

the help of Closed Loop Fund.

This incredible single-stream facility is

expanded upon later in the issue on page

10, as well as on the spread found on 6-7.

The information in this issue also features a

step-by-step process of the facility and what

happens to commodities along the way.

We at Lakeshore are innovators. We are

builders. We are dreamers and creators.

We have worked together to form an

amazing company. This is largely in part of

the workforce collaboration that includes

ideas and knowledge our team brings to the

table. We continue to grow because new

customers are continually amazed by our

technology and customer service.

This growth and pull to the future would

not be possible without our loyal team

members and customer base. They are

the reason we continue to strive towards

what may not always be the easiest path

forward, but is the most rewarding and

beneficial to our community. By continually

challenging ourselves, Lakeshore is able to

move ahead of the competition and identify

services that have not been tried, and ideas

that have been seen as too difficult or even

unachievable to work in Chicagoland.

We at Lakeshore thrive on knowing there

are challenges to overcome and obstacles

to face. These values are the foundation of

our business. Whether in daily interactions

or working with our valued customers, it

is our goal to exemplify these values every

day. We understand that though waste and

recycling may be a basic utility for most,

it is truly a necessity. We strive to remain

Chicagoland’s industry standard bearer for

all the various areas that surround reuse,

recycling and waste diversion.

We look forward to continuing to work

with you in 2016. Wishing you a wonderful

and exciting spring as we continue to gain

momentum in the area!


2 REgenerate • SPRING 2016

Recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste

Solidifying the Lakeshore corporate

mission through all six facilities




Lakeshore Recycling Systems is

the industry leader in providing

innovative and environmentally

responsible waste and recycling


Lakeshore employees at the Heartland facility look down from the catwalk during the

March 2016 single-stream grand opening event.

There is no doubt that Lakeshore is

experiencing a tremendous period of growth.

Within the last year, Lakeshore built a stateof-the-art

single-stream recycling system

and acquired C&D Recycling in Northbrook.

As an industry leader in waste and recycling,

Lakeshore takes pride in our commitment

to paving the way to a more sustainable

community in Chicagoland, which in turn has

a positive impact on a larger global scale.

The undertaking to renovate the Heartland

recycling center and build Chicagoland’s

most innovative single-stream recycling

system was a colossal achievement. At our

Heartland facility alone, we now harvest over

110,000 tons of high-grade residential and

commercial single-stream recyclables, and

sort, separate and allocate over 20 tons of

waste per hour, which has increased our

diversion rates to as high as 60%.

In addition to implementing an advanced

single-stream system at Heartland, we

also added C&D Recycling to our growing

number of facilities. With this acquisition,

Lakeshore now controls and processes over

2.2 million tons of waste materially annually,

which is more than any other privately held

company in Illinois.

These two recent changes to the Lakeshore

facilities have been a reflection on our

consistent dedication to provide innovative

and environmentally responsible waste and

recycling solutions to our customers.

From the acquisitions of Heartland Recycling

and C&D Recycling, the Lakeshore family

has dramatically grown to encompass

over 600 employees. Each of these valued

employees plays an important and distinct

role to ensure that Lakeshore is providing

exceptional customer service.

Though Lakeshore is thrilled with this

rapid growth, we still remain dedicated to

ensure that our team is provided the proper

training needed for a safe workplace. To that

end, Lakeshore implemented an internal

campaign to keep safety regulations top of

mind during working hours. Lakeshore has

printed posters that are placed throughout

our facilities for all employees to see.

These posters, located in highly visible

areas, show how many days it has been

since an incident occurred. This campaign

motivates our employees to raise awareness

for the number of injury-free days, ultimately

keeping safety a priority in the workforce.

Lakeshore looks to the future as we continue

to expand our Chicagoland footprint, and

how best to ensure that employees are

trained to the highest degree possible in

order to continue the promise in delivering a

high level of customer service and value.

Our team delivers exceptional

service and value through a

relentless commitment to customer

satisfaction and the preservation

of our environment.

773.685.8811 •




6132 Oakton Street

Morton Grove, IL 60053

Lakeshore’s Spotlight on Achievement

Award Recipient Robert Skala

The Morton Grove location serves

as Lakeshore’s corporate office and

houses the majority of our fleet.

Morton Grove departments:

Executive Management

Accounting | Accounts Payable

Customer Service | Fleet Mechanics

Dispatch | Drivers | Operations

Maintenance | Human Resources

Information Technology

Marketing | Sales

Pete Petrou presents the award to our newest Spotlight recipient, Robert Skala.

Note: This facility does not

accept any materials.


Lakeshore is proud to present Heartland’s

Maintenance Supervisor Robert Skala as the

first quarter 2016 recipient of the REgenerate

Spotlight on Achievement Award.

Having joined the Lakeshore team in

January 2016, Robert initially began to

manage the lines of operation on our

single-stream recycling system. Robert

immediately displayed exemplary leadership

and took on his own initiative to ensure that

all facets of Heartland were being properly

cared for, including supervising Heartland’s

construction and demolition side as well as

the transport station.

The most important aspect of Robert’s

role is coordinating and managing the

single-stream start-up and making internal

team training modifications, which he has

orchestrated flawlessly.

“In my eyes, Robert’s greatest contribution

to the company is his leadership,

enthusiasm and array of knowledge of the

recycling industry that he has brought to

us and is generously passing on to others,”

said Heartland’s Maintenance Manager Pete

Petrou. “I wish I could clone him!”

4 REgenerate • SPRING 2016

From day one, Robert has set enormous

standards to his fellow colleagues by

displaying a can-do attitude and tackling

every challenge that comes his way, which

is the stand-out reason why Lakeshore is

honored to recognize his contributions.

Robert has a unique trait about him that

commands respect and empowers his

employees to constantly improve.

“Since the very first moment Robert came

onboard, we could not have been happier.

Robert’s motivation and drive is infectious

to his fellow employees,” said Managing

Partner Jerry Golf. “We look forward to

seeing him find innovative solutions to

operational tasks down the road.”

Lakeshore has taken a great deal of pride in

building this state-of-the-art single-stream

recycling system that is contributing to a

more sustainable Chicagoland.

To that end, Robert knows all of the ins

and outs of the recycling industry and

understands and upholds Lakeshore’s

mission to provide innovative and

environmentally responsible solutions to our

growing Chicagoland community.

Recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste

Welcoming C&D Recycling employees

and customers to our family


2300 Carlson Drive

Northbrook, IL 60062

Hours of operation:

Mon-Fri: 6a-4p

Sat: 6a-12p

Sun: closed

Lakeshore acquired C&D Recycling

in March 2016. C&D is the newest

addition to the six MRFs that

Lakeshore operates.

Lakeshore has expanded into the northern suburbs with C&D Recycling, the newly acquired

construction and demolition Material Recovery Facility, located in Northbrook.

The acquisition of C&D Recycling in

March 2016 was a monumental event

for Lakeshore. With this newest addition

under the Lakeshore banner, the company

welcomes all C&D employees and

customers to the growing Lakeshore family.

C&D Recycling, located in Northbrook, has

excelled in the collection, processing and

recycling of construction and demolition

materials since its inception in 2007.

“The acquisition of C&D Recycling advances

our rapid growth by adding a strategic

asset and location in the northern Chicago

suburbs. C&D Recycling, with their solid

reputation for outstanding customer service

and capabilities, is uniquely positioned

to propel our growth in Northern Illinois

markets,” said CEO Alan Handley. “We

remain committed to realizing aggressive

and profitable growth through both organic

and strategic acquisition.”

This acquisition not only increases

Lakeshore’s footprint in Chicagoland,

but also allows Lakeshore to control and

process over 2.2 million tons of waste

material annually, which is more than any

other privately held company in Illinois.

Moreover, Lakeshore now operates

six Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

throughout Chicagoland. Since March

2016, Lakeshore has worked to ensure

this facility integrated into the Lakeshore

system seamlessly and that customers and

employees experience as few interruptions

to their day as possible.

Lakeshore has a dedicated operations

team that is fully focused on building C&D

to ensure the facility is running at the same

caliber as all other Lakeshore MRFs.

“It’s been a huge achievement to get C&D

Recycling fully operational,” said Managing

Partner Rich Golf. “It allows Lakeshore to

service new and existing cutomers outside

of our original footprint.”

“Operating C&D fits with the overall growth

of the company,” said MRF Manager Joe

Zepeda. “This enables us to be more

efficient as we look to expand.”

Lakeshore takes tremendous care to ensure

that every customer and employee receives

the quality and attention needed to uphold

our mission in delivering exceptional service,

as well as looks to find environmentally

responsible waste and recycling solutions.

773.685.8811 •

Cash and credit cards are accepted

including: Visa, Master Card,

Discover and American Express.

Accepted material:

Brick | Cardboard | Concrete

Dirt | Drywall | E-Waste | Glass

Metals | Stone | Wood

Wire/Copper | Roofing





Two Ram Baler

This Ram Baler is able to bundle

and package everything except

for the cardboard coming off of

the Tip Floor and clear film going

to the Closed Door Baler. This

packaging step allows for these

commodities to be crushed down

into dense cubes of one specific

material at a time and tied to bale

with a thick wire and pushed out of

the machine for easy transport.

Eddy Current Separator

The Eddy Current Separator pulls out all

of the aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

Electromagnetic fields are created by a series

of magnets that spin fast and eject all nonferrous

materials. Aluminum is not magnetic,

so it will not be pulled by the Ferrous

Magnet—instead it is important to see that

these items will be effectively pulled to be

bundled with similar items.

Ballistic Separator

Everything that rolled back on the

newspaper screen goes to the Ballistic

Separator, separating by 2D and 3D

materials. 2D materials, such as paper, plastic

film, cardboard and fibers, travel up the slope

in a forward direction with the paddles. 3D

materials, such as bottles and cans, bounce

or roll downward.

Optical Sorter

The Optical Sorter is

designed to sort the PET

by optically scanning the

materials and generating a

puff of air on any materials

it deems to be PET plastic

to eject out of material

stream. PET is the plastic

that is labeled with a #1,

which usually includes

items such as plastic soda

and drink bottles.

Ferrous Magnet

The Ferrous Magnet,

which has a heavy emphasis

on tin, is located over the top

of the belt and pulls out all

of the ferrous metal, which

includes steel and tinned

items. This magnet is so

powerful that it is able to pull

these materials even if they

have labels still attached to

the metal items.

Motion Floors

Motion Floors are

walking floor bunkers used

for storing Lakeshore’s

corrugated and mixed

paper on the post-sort side

of the sort system to easily

identify their next steps.


Door Baler

This Closed

Door Baler

bales all of

the clear film

plastic that

is sorted on

the pre-sort

area. By baling


these items

are densely


into cubes

for easier


Read about the various steps to properly sort and recycle commodities at our Heartland Recycling Center. We

are proud to offer this cutting-edge technology at this facility and using it as one more way to set ourselves

apart while making a difference in the Chicagoland community.

of Recycling

News Screen

The News Screen

separates the newspaper

fiber from the bottles

and cans. These fibers

go over the top of the

screen in this step and

the bottles and cans fall

through or roll backwards

to continue forward in the

sorting process.

Glass CleanUp


The Glass CleanUp System

cleans the glass coming off

of the fine screen by pulling

off all the light fractions,

such as shredded paper.

This allows Lakeshore to

sell the glass to the market

for reuse.

OCC Screen

The OCC Screen removes

all of the larger cardboard pieces

directly from the sorting process.

Once removed, these pieces of

OCC (Old Corrugated Containers,

another name for cardboard)

are sent to the American Baler

where these pieces are bundled

together and easily identified.

Fines Screen

The purpose of the

Fines Screen is to remove

all glass and fine material

out of the stream that is

less than two inches. These

small items are collected

for further sorting.



The American

Baler bales all of

the corrugated


coming off of

the Cardboard

Screen as well as

directly dumping

clean cardboard

loads. By baling


these items

are densely

compacted into

cubes for easier


By combining this technology with our highly-trained

workforce, Lakeshore showcases perseverance in continuing

to set industry standards and move #BEYONDWASTE.

Back Scraping Drum

After materials, or what are called

commodities, are brought to the

Lakeshore single-stream recycling

facility, they need to be sorted for

future reuse. In the beginning of the

sorting process, the materials travel

under the Back Scraping Drum. The

purpose of the Back Scraping Drum

is to knock down the material so you

have a steady, even flow of material

traveling to the pre-sort line, where

the process of dividing commodities

will take place.



3152 South California Avenue

Chicago, IL 60608

Stand-out employee highlight:

Sergio Arias Site Supervisor

Hours of operation:

Mon: 4a-12a

Tue- Fri: open 24 hours

Sat: 12a- 3p

Sun: closed

Cash and credit cards are accepted

including: Visa, Master Card,

Discover and American Express.

Accepted material:

Brick | Cardboard | Concrete | Dirt

Drywall | E-Waste | Glass | Lumber

Metal | Paper | Railroad Ties

Stone | Tires | Wire | Wood

Note: Lakeshore’s California

MRF does not accept hazardous

waste. Additionally, California

MRF does not accept Asbestos

nor Asbestos Contaminated

Material; however, we are

licensed to haul it with

company-operated trucks.


The C&D transformation

The task to transform Lakeshore’s newest

acquisition (C&D Recycling) into a stand-out

Lakeshore Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

may seem daunting, but all it needed was

the right leaders to take charge. This has

been a successful undertaking for two of

Lakeshore’s fully dedicated employees. Joe

Zepeda, currently heading the C&D initiative,

recruited Sergio Arias to help him transform

C&D to be a top of the line MRF. Since

then, the two have been working diligently

to get the facility fully operational and up to

Lakeshore’s high standards.

Industry expertise and training

We are proud to recognize Sergio Arias as

this quarter’s stand-out employee due to

his excellence in leadership and vast array

of industry knowledge. Initially joined the

Lakeshore family 10 years ago as a Machine

Operator, Sergio is trained to run any piece

of equipment. Some of the machinery Sergio

operates includes an excavator, grinder,

loaders, bobcats and spotter trucks.

Sergio’s expertise and enthusiasm in the

waste and recycling industry has led him to

be an enormous contributor to operating

C&D Recycling. Sergio works with the

employees at C&D Recycling as they

transition to Lakeshore.

8 REgenerate • SPRING 2016

First, Sergio goes through an extensive

employee training process to ensure that

each employee is following Lakeshore’s allencompassing

safety guidelines. Secondly,

Sergio works with each employee to ensure

that they are completing their tasks and

working at an efficient pace.

Motivation in the workforce

The interaction and mutual respect Sergio

draws from the former C&D employees has

been the main ingredient for Lakeshore’s

success in restructuring C&D and growing it

into a successful facility.

Keeping that in mind, Sergio is a leader who

motivates his teammates to be productive

and enjoy coming to work.

“Sergio has gained a great deal of respect

with his fellow employees,” said MRF

Manager Joe Zepeda. “This is somebody I

can trust to get necessary items done when

I’m not around.”

The new C&D facility would not have

experienced such a smooth transition and

see such rapid growth without the help of

our team.

We are fortunate to have dedicated leaders

striving to ensure our valued customers,

both new and old alike, continue to receive

exceptional customer service.

Recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste

Congratulations to Lakeshore team

members celebrating anniversaries

January–March 2016


Jaramillo Armando

Daniel Peterson


Joseph Kohler

Robert Stark


Krzystof Bafia

Arquimedes Chavez

Javier Ochoa

Robert Wyse


Randy Edwards

Oscar Siguencia


Jacobo Barrientos

John Bouquet

Mark Sredin


Rene Flores

Abundio Garcia

Ruben Jaime

Francisco Maldonado

Kenneth Schumacher


Arnulfo Bailon

Darwin Molina

William Reynolds

Jose Sanchez

Craig Sherman

Ralph Thomas

Cleavon Warren


Timothy Bouma

Juan Callejas

Juan Favela

Adelaido Galvan

Jorge Lara

Rene Medina, Jr.

Jesus Roman


Hugh Conner

Juan Espinoza

Brandon Garcia

Nick Grigutis

James Peterson

Angel Ramirez

Raul Toledo

Casimiro Verdin

Charles Zimmerman


Dorota Bielnicka

Rolando De Arcos

Adam Fidermak

David Orrico

Jose Sanchez

Paul Steurer

Cesar Villanueva


Jerry Arreola

Thomas Canzoneri

Rafael Jaca

Larry Milby

Joel Nieves

Antonio Ochoa

Ausencio Reyes


Jennifer Boza

Jamie Queroz, Jr.

Nir Torres

Randy Vantholen

Richard Young


Scott Jansen

Allen Lomax

Francisco Magana

Daniel Medina

Patrick Rodkey

Robert Siegers


Veronica Floriano

Ignacio Gabriel

Edison Huilcarema

Adam Jager

Edward Lassiter

Librado Mota

Jamil Salman

Jason Valero

Antonio Vazquez

Carmen Williams



1420 West 41 st Street

Chicago, IL 60609

Packers is our roll-off operations

office and state-of-the-art

maintenance facility.

Note: Lakeshore’s Packers MRF

is not open to the public and

does not accept item drop-offs.


773.685.8811 •





6201 West Canal Bank Road

Forest View, IL 60608

Heartland grand opening celebration

Hours of operation:

Mon-Fri: 5a-10p

Sat: 5a-5p

Sun: closed

Cash only customers:

Mon-Fri: 7a-4p

Jobs created: over 100

Facility size: 40,000 square feet

Separated tons: 20 tons per hour

Projected tonnage: over 110,000

tons annually

Accepted material:

Brick | Cardboard | Concrete | Dirt

Drywall | E-Waste | Glass | Lumber

Metal | Paper | Railroad Ties | Stone

Tires | Vactor Waste | Wire | Wood


CEO Alan Handley, standing alongside the three Managing Partners (left to right: Jerry

Golf, Rich Golf and Joshua Connell), proudly marks the official grand opening of the

Heartland facility’s single-stream recycling facility.

As Chicagoland’s leading independent

recycling and waste diversion services

provider, Lakeshore chooses to not own any

landfills and instead, focuses on innovative

solutions to avoid them.

In August 2014, Lakeshore acquired

Heartland Recycling, after which Lakeshore

worked relentlessly to create a facility that

would provide maximum environmental

benefits to the Chicagoland community.

The new 40,000 square-foot single-stream

recycling system harvests over 110,000 tons

of high-grade residential and commercial

single-stream recyclables. In addition,

this facility sorts, separates and allocates

over 20 tons of waste per hour. With this

innovative system, Lakeshore was excited

to add over 100 new employees to the

expanded Heartland facility.

This past March, Lakeshore hosted a ribbon

cutting ceremony to commemorate this

achievement along with a public facility tour

to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of

the new machinery.

We were happy to welcome guests to this

facility to explore its innovative features and

what Lakeshore had been working tirelessly

to create. This event also featured speeches

made by CEO Alan Handley, Managing

Partner Rich Golf, and speakers from the

Closed Loop Fund, PepsiCo and CocaCola.

10 REgenerate • SPRING 2016

During these speeches, Lakeshore spoke

to the impact of single-stream recycling.

After speeches concluded, the community

gathered on the sorting floor as Lakeshore

executives officially cut the ceremonial

ribbon, which marked the start of a new

journey; a journey to a more sustainable

Chicagoland. After the machine churned

to life, Lakeshore employees began sorting

and separating materials.

After the official ribbon-cutting ceremony,

Lakeshore held facility tours. These in-depth

looks focused on the machinery and the

extensive process certain commodities

undergo before being baled and sold.

Guests present for the ceremony and tour

included companies such as SC Johnson,

RJ Reynolds, NorthShore University Health

Systems and The Art Institute of Chicago.

In addition, various key members of local

communities were also present.

This publicized ceremony was impactful

to Lakeshore, but the following Heartland

event made the grand opening complete.

Lakeshore set up accommodations for all

Lakeshore employees at our facilities to

receive a personalized tour of the recycling

system during working hours. With a

round-trip transportation followed by lunch,

employees were able to come together and

see what their hard work had created.

Recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste

Lakeshore awarded Best Available

Environmental Technology by National

Association of Environmental Professionals

The NAEP award proudly stands on

display at the corporate headquarters.

Lakeshore is honored to announce our

NAEP (National Association of Environmental

Professionals) 2016 Environmental

Excellence Award for Best Available

Environmental Technology.

This prestigious academic award recognizes

our investment in building an innovative,

state-of-the-art single-stream recycling

system in Chicagoland. NAEP awards

are granted to companies and agencies

with projects or programs that achieve

outstanding environmental contributions.

“Our investment in the single-stream

recycling system and decision to not own

nor operate a landfill, landmarks our efforts

in continuing to create a more sustainable

place to live,” said CEO Alan Handley.

Lakeshore’s decision to invest in building

a dedicated single-stream facility was

simple: we knew we needed to continually

elevate our services. With the build-out of

Heartland, which officially opened in March

2016, we now produce a more consistent

recyclable material.

By being able to provide a steady stream

of diverted and recycled materials for

other companies to further process, we

encourage the growth of existing outlets.

This also serves to assist new outlets to

engage in our local market. No other waste

hauler, independent or otherwise, will be

able to benefit Chicagoland so close to

home quite like the new Heartland singlestream

recycling system.

There are various environmental challenges

our company embraces day-to-day. One

obstacle we choose to acknowledge and

overcome is reducing the vast amount of

recyclable materials that are sent to landfills.

With the addition of Lakeshore’s singlestream

recycling system, our diversion rates

have increased to over 2.2 million tons-peryear,

exclusively benefiting Chicago and the

immediate surrounding area.

With 8.3 pounds of waste generated

daily per each Chicagoan alone, our new

recycling system is currently achieving

diversion rates in excess of 85%.

Through community outreach, an active

social media presence, a responsive

Customer Service Center, local community

events and continuous classroom

education, Lakeshore diligently works to

spread awareness regarding the importance

of proper recycling practices.

Lakeshore believes that our innovative

single-stream system will be another

effective way for the community to be more

mindful on recycling practices.

Acting in an environmentally responsible

manner and consistently working to improve

operations is how Lakeshore chooses to

provide exceptional waste and recycling

services to Chicagoland.

NAEP 2016 Environmental Excellence Award

for Best Available Environmental Technology

is a title we hold high as we look to the future

and continue to find solutions that will make

our community a better place.



1300 South Exchange Avenue

Chicago, IL 60609

Hours of operation:

Mon-Fri: 6a-4p

Sat: 6a-12p

Sun: closed

Cash Only Customers:

Mon-Fri: 6a-4p

Sat: 6a-12p

Accepted material:

Brick | Concrete | Dirt | Glass

Wood | Metals | Roofing


773.685.8811 •


6132 Oakton Street

Morton Grove, IL 60053-2718

Going the distance, one success at a time.

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