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Highlights CHALLENGING AUSTERITY AND THE TORIES Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party • Charlie Kimber considers the role of Revolutionaries in the era of Corbynism Sat, 11.45am •FBU general secretary Matt Wrack joins CWU general secretary Dave Ward and others to discuss Trade unions in the era of Corbynism Fri, 7pm • John Molyneux outlines Reform or revolution: the debate today Sun, 10am • Karen Reissmann looks at Labour from the 1970s to the 1990s: from Benn to Blair Sat, 10am Resistance and left alternatives across Europe Marxism 2016 takes place just a week after the EU referendum. •Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, debates Where next after the referendum? with Joseph Choonara of the SWP Sun, 4.15pm •Recently elected Irish TDs Brid Smith and Richard Boyd Barrett discuss Ireland after the election Sat, 4.15pm and join others on a panel to discuss The fight against austerity across Europe Sun, 2.30pm Hillsborough and the fight for justice The Hillsborough inquests officially revealed what many knew – that the cops, Tories and press were to blame for the deaths and the cover up. Sheila Coleman, a tireless campaigner for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, will be speaking at a special meeting at Marxism to discuss the campaign for justice and what we can learn from it. Sat, 4.15pm Understanding the crisis •Marxist economist Michael Roberts joins John Bellamy Foster to assess Are we heading for another slump? Sun, 2.30pm •Alex Callinicos examines China and the global crisis Sun, 11.45am •Jane Hardy discusses Corbynomics, Keynesianism and Marxism Fri, 4.15pm Socialism and revolution •Stathis Kouvelakis and Panos Garganos debate Syriza and Greece today Sat, 2.30pm •Hassan Mahamdallie on 500 years since Thomas More’s Utopia: socialism and visions of another world Sun, 11.45am •Lewis Nielsen discusses What would a revolution look like? Fri, 4.15pm •Maxine Bowler asks What could socialism be like? Mon, 11.45am •Michael Bradley considers Do we need violence to get real social change? Thu, 4.15pm Are we too late to stop climate change? •John Bellamy Foster speaks about The Anthropocene and the global ecological crisis Sat, 2.30pm •Asad Rehman joins Suzanne Jeffery to discuss The climate movement after COP21 Sat, 4.15pm •Shahrar Ali asks How left is Green politics? Sun, 11.45am •Amy Leather asks Why is capitalism addicted to fossil fuels? Fri, 2.30pm •Martin Empson, author of Land and Labour, discusses Agriculture, food and climate change Sun, 2.30pm Striking junior doctors Photo: Lewis Nielsen Getting organised: How can we beat the Tories? •Author Alan Gibbons joins Anne Lemon and others to discuss The fight for education Sun, 4.15pm •Junior doctors and NHS workers join others to discuss How can we save our NHS? Sat, 4.15pm •Disability and resistance Sun, 2.30pm •What can we do about the housing crisis? Sat, 2.30pm •Speakers from the Fast Food Rights Campaign and BFAWU discuss Organising the unorganised Sat, 7pm •Ralph Darlington looks at How the anti-union laws were broken in the 1970s Sun, 10am •SWP industrial organiser Mark L Thomas asks Trade union struggle today – new opportunities? Sun, 11.45am •Paul McGarr assesses Strikes and politics in Britain today Sat, 2.30pm

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