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Highlights Refugees,

Highlights Refugees, racism and resistance Challenging Islamophobia Alongside scapegoating refugees, mainstream politicians and the media are trying to whip up Islamophobia • Ifhat Shaheen and Alex Kenny join others on a panel Challenging Islamophobia and the Prevent strategy Sun, 2.30pm • Anti-racist campaigners Maz Saleem and Nahella Ashraf counter the stereotypes on a panel Not traditionally submissive: fighting Islamophobia and sexism Sat, 2.30pm • Talat Ahmed looks at Women and Islam Mon, 10am Racism today • Brian Richardson discusses The police, racism and the state Sun, 7pm • Kate Hurford asks Where does racism come from? and looks at the notion of white supremacy and the creation of “race” Sun, 10am • Yuri Prasad explores How Asians transformed the working class in Britain Sat, 11.45am • Hassan Mahamdallie asks How is racism changing in Britain? Fri, 4.15pm • Rob Ferguson looks at Antisemitism today Sun, 4.15pm • ‘Get up, stand up’ This Rock Against Racism 40th anniversary meeting discusses the role of music and culture in fighting racism Sat, 7pm Followed by a special RAR night of music and dancing in the bar Sat, 9pm A Stand Up to Racism protest in London Photo: WeeklyBull @Flickr Solidarity with refugees From the mass drownings in the Mediterranean to the inhumane conditions of the camps at Calais we are witnessing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War. This is not a natural disaster. The blame lies with the politicians who enforce borders with barbed wire fence and police with tear gas and guns. Yet alongside the suffering we have seen resistance and solidarity. • Weyman Bennett joins a special panel hosted by Marxism 2016 More than charity – solidarity with refugees Sat, 4.15pm • Zak Cochrane challenges The immigration myths used to divide us Fri, 11.45am • Phil Marfleet asks Why do borders exist under capitalism? Sat, 2.30pm The US and the fight for civil rights The fight for civil rights in the US offers valuable lessons for today. • Gary McFarlane asks Who were the Black Panthers? Sat, 7pm • Antony Hamilton launches his new book A Rebel’s Guide to Malcolm X Sun, 11.45am • Desert Island Discs does Soul and the civil rights movement. Radio DJ Liz Wheatley talks to Yuri Prasad about his favourite songs of freedom. This special meeting will be followed by a night of music and dancing. Fri, 7pm Challenging the Nazis and the far right • Weyman Bennett assesses The state of the Nazis and the far right in Britain today Sat, 10am • Hsiao-Hung Pai discusses her new book Angry White People: Coming Face to Face with the British Far Right Thu, 4.15pm • Petros Constantinou and Christina Buchholz join others to discuss Fighting the Nazis and the far right across Europe Sat, 7pm • Dave Sewell looks at The Popular Front and the struggle against fascism in the 1930s and 40s Sat, 11.45am

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