Who does what

and when?

We will maintain our homes to a good state of

repair and meet our legal obligations, as well

as our customers’ expectations.

The terms of each tenant’s tenancy is set out

in your tenancy agreement. This booklet is not

part of that tenancy agreement and does not

change the terms of the tenancy.

If there is any discrepancy between the terms

of this booklet and the tenancy, the terms of

the tenancy shall prevail.

Jane Keegan

Asset Director - South & Greater Manchester


The Repair Service aims to:

Resolve the fault at the first visit, wherever possible

Deliver high quality work in a courteous manner

Be cost effective and provide value for money

Be responsive to customer needs and expectations


DEFINITION (Housemark)

YHG defines a repair or responsive repair as minor / unplanned work that is

reported by tenants, or which arise from damage* / wear and tear to communal

areas and common parts. It does not include repairs undertaken as part of a

planned maintenance programme, or those undertaken to empty properties.

* Tenants will be charged for damage caused by them, their family, pets or

visitors to their home.

Typical examples of a responsive repair are:

• Flooding, burst pipes and other general plumbing faults

• Loss of electrical supply, unsafe electrical fittings or other minor electrical faults

(excluding light bulb changes and tenant’s own appliances)

• Joinery repairs

• Roof leaks

• A more comprehensive list of eligible repairs can be seen in

Table 1, along with the quick reference guide, starting at page 13.

Responsive repairs are not part of:

• Regular maintenance programmes - e.g. lifts, electrical testing or painting

• Programmed maintenance - e.g. packaged works such as fencing programmes,

kitchen/bathroom/window/door replacement programmes or

paving programmes

• Aids and adaptations work



YHG offers a range of ways for customers to report repairs:

Via the YHG website -

Via email to -

By telephone to Your Response - 24 hours a day on 0345 345 0272

Local office or to a member of staff


Table 1 provides an overview of how YHG prioritises responsive repairs.

In addition, YHG will try and provide flexibility for customers in terms of:

• Customer’s vulnerability e.g. does the customer’s situation increase the urgency

• Seriousness of fault

• Personal choice e.g. school run, working hours, caring responsibilities

• Appointments

Table 1

Category Response time Description Example of repair

Emergency Within 3 hours Fault with a serious risk to

tenant or property

Electrics and

water mixing

Priority Within 24 hours Where a 7 day wait is too long No heating with no

alternative available

Urgent Within 7

calendar days

Routine and minor Within 21

calendar days

You will receive an appointment for

when the repair will be looked at

You will receive an appointment for

when the repair will be looked at

Plumbing or roof leaks

Minor gutter leaks,

door adjustments

Improvements Certain types of work will be grouped together New kitchens or


All timescales in Table 1 are subject to access being provided by you to YHG

employees and contractors.

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair will be undertaken when the fault carries the risk of

immediate injury to people or major damage to property. We will visit the

property on the same day of the report to make the situation safe.

Further work may be required to complete the repair satisfactorily.

Examples of emergency repairs are:

• Electrical fittings in contact with water

• Live or bare electric wiring

• Sewage overflowing into the home

• Burst storage tanks, cylinders or pipes

• Failure of all lights or all power

• Failure of all communal lighting

• Gas escape or fumes – tenant must call the NATIONAL GRID on 0800 111 999

and then report to Your Response, if safe to do so.

What if an emergency repair occurs outside working hours?

We will attend the property as described above.

What is a priority repair?

A priority repair will be attended to within 24 hours. Such repairs like the ones

described above, but by careful management, do not pose a serious threat to

you, your visitors or the property.


Examples of priority repairs are:

• A fitting that sparks when turned on or off

• A blocked toilet*

• Failure of some lights or power to certain parts

• Failure of heating systems in severe weather and where no alternative is


• Failure of some communal lighting e.g. stairwells

* If the blocked toilet has been caused by you, you will be charged for this repair

What is an urgent repair?

An urgent repair will be attended to within 7 calendar days.

Examples of urgent repairs are:

• Fault with an electrical fitting

• Fault with water heating circuits

• Fault with electrical heating systems

• Ball valve faults at storage tanks or WC cisterns

• Small leaks in WC flush pipes, waste pipes, traps, valves or radiators

• Blockages in sewers or drains*

• Major water penetration at external doors or windows

• Failure of some lights or power to certain parts

• Failure of heating systems

* If the blockage is found to be caused by you, you will be charged for this repair


What is a routine or minor repair?

A routine repair will usually be completed within 21 calendar days.

The exception to this is where we already have a planned programme

of maintenance that will include your repair.

Examples of routine repairs are:

• Cleaning or repairing gutters or downpipes

• Easing or re-fitting doors or window-sashes

• Plasterwork repairs

• Repairs to floors or floor tiling

• Repairs to internal or external doors or frames

• Chimney pots, stacks, cowls or caps

• Roof tiles or lead flashings

• Working kitchen fittings and work tops


As your landlord, we are responsible for the structure, services and common

parts of the property including:

• Drains, gutters and outside pipes

• Roof

• External walls, doors and windows (excluding the glass)

• Communal aerials

• The installations for supplying water, gas and electricity and for the removal

of sanitation

• The installations and appliances for heating the property and for hot water

• Fixtures and fittings that YHG has installed


• Pathways and steps providing access to the front and back door of the property

• Garages and outside storage

• Lifts and other communal facilities

• External painting of woodwork/metalwork


Individually agreed appointments will be made with customers for all nonemergency,

non-communal responsive repairs. We will try and meet all the

appointments we make and if we have your telephone number, we will text you

to remind you of the appointment.

If we need to change your appointment, we will give you at least 2 hours notice

and you should tell us if you need to change the appointment given.

Appointments are

available as follows

08:00 to 13:00 12:00 to 17:00





Appointments available

until 20:00




Out of hours service

Out of hours service, includes all Bank Holidays


Out of hours appointments are available every day in cases of emergency


It is our aim to resolve the majority of faults/repairs within one visit. However,

this is not always possible if the repair turns out to be more complex than

first thought.

Examples of where a responsive repair may require more than one visit are:

• When an emergency repair has been undertaken to make the situation safe but

further work is required to fix it e.g. mend a ceiling after a leak

• Follow on work may be required if specialist parts are needed or the initial

repair uncovers further work e.g. a blocked drain uncovers a drain collapse

You will be kept informed and additional appointments made to inspect and

carry out work to resolve the fault. Our aim is to ensure that the cause of

the initial repair is resolved and that you are made aware of any further work

required or whether further work will be undertaken in a future programme of

work. It is our intention to resolve all repairs of this nature within 30 days of the

initial repair diagnosis. In a minority of cases this may take longer if specialist

items are needed, for example, a new external door or specialist equipment.




Under the terms of your tenancy

agreement, you have a number of

obligations relating to your home

once you accept the keys.

These include, but are

not limited to:

• Keeping the property to a good

standard of cleanliness, repair

and decoration

• Decorating the inside of your


• Reporting a repair as soon as you

notice that it is needed and to avoid

the situation from getting worse

• Allowing access to your home to

allow repairs to be carried out,

annual safety checks to be done

(for example gas safety checks),

any other services and for any

inspections that may be required

• Ensuring external air bricks and

internal vents are free from any

obstructions to ensure suitable

ventilation for gas appliances, solid

fuel appliances and condensation


• Keeping any shared areas e.g.

communal hallways, stairways,

landings, lifts, balconies etc. in a tidy

condition and unblocked

• Seeking YHG’s permission prior to

making any improvements to your

home, or any additions or alterations

to YHG’s installations, fixtures and

fittings. Reasonable requests will

not be refused but you must ensure

that appropriately qualified people

install your new fixtures and fittings.

For example, you might want to

replace or install a new gas cooker.

A gas safe registered engineer

must undertake this work and the

appropriate paperwork must be

supplied to YHG. Failure to do so

will mean that YHG will charge you

for checking your new installation.

• Clearing away rubbish

• Taking action that will prevent and

control condensation.

For example, opening windows to

allow fresh air to circulate

• Taking action to prevent pipes from

freezing or bursting

You will also be responsible for minor repairs to your home

These include but are not limited to:

• Replacement of electrical fuses

and light bulbs

• Care of electricity, gas and

water meters

• Keeping the general appearance

of the property and gardens in

good condition

• Internal decoration

• Draining of the water supply when

away for any extended period,

particularly in the winter months

from October to April

• Clearing outside surface drains e.g.

leaves from grids

• Replacing plugs and chains to wash

hand basins, baths and sinks

• Replacement of toilet seats

• Repair and replacement of internal

door furniture, locks, latches and

coat hooks

• Replacement of any items damaged

by you, your family or any visitors

• Replacement of keys/fobs if you

lose them

• Replacement and repair of

window glass

• Replacing clothes lines and posts

(except in communal areas)

• Infestation clearance

e.g. mice/rats etc

• Internal and external clearing of

domestic pet foul from cats, dogs or

other pets

• Items gifted to you at the start of

the tenancy

If you leave your property, it

should be returned to YHG in the

condition you received it, so that

someone else can move straight

in. Any repairs we find that are your

responsibility or which have been

carried out in an unsatisfactory

manner, will be charged to you.



What is included under repair and

maintenance contracts?

• Repairs to the structure and fabric

of the property, including any

communal areas and including

windows, roofs, doors, pipes and


• Structural fixtures and fittings of the

building, including internal doors,

kitchen units, sanitary ware, internal

joinery, cupboards and fireplaces

• All water, gas, electric, sanitation,

space and water heating systems

installed by YHG

• Communal lighting

• All fire fighting and detection

equipment supplied by us

Which repairs are NOT included?

• To replace one window would

be covered under the repair and

maintenance contract but what if

12 are requested at the same time?

They would not be acceptable to our

partners and should be put into a

planned programme of work

• Any work that could be deemed

not to be a responsive repair e.g.

fitting new curtain poles, fitting of

a new door entry system, replacing

a garage door and frame, the

replacement of items that are

deemed to be beyond economic


• Work that should be put into a

planned programme e.g. multiple

window replacement, multiple

storage heater replacement, fencing

programmes, roofs etc.

What is a rechargeable repair?

• Rechargeable repairs are those

which the tenant has responsibility

for, whether they live in general

needs, supported or sheltered

accommodation. The list shown

under Customer Responsibilities

gives a clear indication of what

should be charged to a tenant, their

family or visitors to their home who

have caused wilful or accidental




YHG is responsible for maintaining:

• The structure and outside of

your home

• The fixtures and fittings we

have provided

• Any communal areas

You are responsible for the repair if:

• You, your family or visitors cause

the damage

Bathroom / Kitchen / Plumbing

Type of repair

Who is responsible



Basin or sink replacement

Bath panel replacement

Blocked bath, basin, sink and shower

Broken toilet seat

Plug or chain replacement

Plumbing/fitting your own appliances. Must be undertaken to Gas

Safe or NICEIC Regulations and certification provided to YHG

Sealant replacement for kitchen units and sanitary fittings

Shower curtain replacement

Tap washer replacement (to stop dripping)

Unblocking of external waste pipes

Water supply and water pipes




Type of repair

Who is




Type of repair

Who is




Bleeding radiators and

relighting a pilot light

Communal areas (unless

damage has been

caused by you)


Fireplaces, fitted fires and

central heating systems

Fires fitted by you

Cracks (minor in walls

or ceilings. Generally

smaller than the edge of

£1 coin)

Cracks (major in

walls or ceilings)

Gas pipes and appliances

provided by us

Water heaters


Curtain pole, rail or

track replacement

Damage caused by you to the

property, fixtures or fittings

Door changes to

accommodate carpets,

including re-fixing of any

draught excluders

Electrical wiring including

sockets and switches

Door bell replacement or

fitting (including batteries)

Fluorescent tubes and

starter motors

Fuse box - resetting of a

trip switch

Doors and frames

Door hinges and skirting

Draught proofing

Fuses and light bulbs

Fixtures and fittings

provided by us



Type of repair

Who is




Type of repair

Who is




Fitting additional locks,

catches, safety devices

(spy hole, safety chain,

burglar alarm etc)

Boundary walls and fencing


Fixtures you have fitted

(flooring, shelves etc)

Handles and latches on

inside doors and cupboards

Door steps

Drains, gutters

and external pipes

Keys or fobs

Dustbin replacement

Painting and decorating

including papering,

woodwork and coving

Garages and stores

(excluding sheds)

Overall structure of your home

Pests – general infestation

of a neighbourhood


Pests – individual property

Smoke alarm (battery

powered) testing or


Paths and walkways

where shared or main

access to property


TV aerial or satellite dish

you have had fitted


TV aerial or satellite dish we

have fit for communal use

Walls, floors and ceilings

Washing lines or rotary dryers

Window sills, catches, sash

cords and window frames 15

0345 345 0272





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