Freight Factoring 101



Freight Factoring 101

Driving Toward Your Financial Success

What are the advantages of

freight factoring?

Freight factoring provides trucking

companies with predictable cash flow and

eliminates the uncertainty of waiting to get

paid by your customers. PCG will purchase

your open bills of lading and advance you

cash against them, and give them the

opportunity to

increase cash flow.

Without factoring, truck driver sometimes wait

30, 60, or 90 days to receive payment. PCG

provides cash on trucker’s accounts receivable

within 24 hours of applying.

This is highly beneficial to transportation

companies because it can solve short-term

cash flow issues and help fuel the growth of


Other benefits include:

Freight factoring is easier to get than other forms

of financing:

Just apply online free of charge and be approved

within 24 hours. PCG is hassle free, unlike bank

loans and long credit checks.

Fast, flexible, and convenient:

Trucking companies and truckers have time

constraints; this is why PCG lets you apply online

via desktop or mobile phone and provides quick,

same-day funding.

Take on more loads:

Factoring improves your cash flow and allows

you to take on more loads sooner.

Reduces your credit risk:

Freight factoring is the solution to avoid bad

credit. It is not a bank loan and does not require

a credit check or bankruptcy check.

Accessibility to more offers:

Whether you are an individual trucker or manage

an entire transportation company, once you start

factoring with PCG you are eligible for our fuel

card program and equipment financing.

What is the

invoice factoring process?

Freight factoring

in 4 easy steps:

Complete a freight delivery.

E-mail or upload online a

copy of your invoice to PCG.

PCG verifies the freight bill.

Client receives instant cash advance

within the same day.

When is a good time to start

freight factoring?

A good indicator is when your business is picking up,

but you see a gap in your cash flow and your

company cannot fund expenses.

Freight bill factoring quickly builds your cash flow so

you can add employees, buy equipment and cover

other expenses that help you meet demand.

When the payment process is too slow.

It is common to be forced to wait 30, 60 or 90 days

for a customer’s payment. PCG provides you with

same-day funding, and we handle the waiting.

Startup companies need to grow their working capital.

Freight factoring gives you the flexibility to grow as a

small business. Instead of shopping for a traditional

bank loan, you can begin factoring immediately. This

gives you more time to focus on more important

aspects of your growing business. Small businesses

use factoring because it is not a loan and your new

transportation company assumes no debt.

Start factoring your

invoices today!

Three ways to begin

factoring your invoices today:

Fill out a contact form

Fill out an application online

Call us at 623-298-3460

Complete one of the options above and

a PCG representative will contact you.

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