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Community Dialogue Results Report

May 21, 2016


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Community Dialogue Results Report

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5/21/2016 1

Community Dialogue Results Report


On Wednesday, May 11 2016, a Community Dialogue was held to obtain input and feedback on longterm

facility options.

A questionnaire was distributed to obtain input from the community regarding four different facility

options. There were a total of 7 group respondents and 268 individual respondents [22 paper and 246

web]. The pages that follow outline the responses to the questionnaire as well as all applicable


On behalf of DeJONG-RICHTER, we would like to extend our appreciation to the Shenandoah County

Public Schools for the opportunity to work with the community in the Long-Term Facilities Master Plan


Shenandoah County Public Schools


Dr. Jeremy J. Raley

Board of Education

Karen S. Whetzel, Chairman, District 1

Richard L. Koontz, Jr., Vice Chairman, District 2

Cynthia D. Walsh, District 3

Katheryn A. Freakley, District 4

Irving L. Getz, District 5

Sonya Williams-Giersch, District 6



Tracy Richter, REFP, CEO

Matt Sachs, GIS Analyst

5/21/2016 2

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Given that funds, time, and resources will likely not allow all projects to be completed at the same time,

please rank the order that projects should occur. Choose each ranking only once.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Elementary School projects 179 20 9 18 6 6

Middle School projects 5 82 55 52 28 9

High School projects 18 48 102 33 18 12

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 14 45 33 96 31 14

Aquatics Center(s) 8 11 15 10 67 117

Performing Arts Center(s) 14 24 18 22 82 72

Individual (paper only)

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Elementary School projects 21 0 0 0 0 0

Middle School projects 0 4 3 4 4 6

High School projects 0 2 7 4 5 2

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 0 13 3 4 0 0

Aquatics Center(s) 0 1 5 1 6 7

Performing Arts Center(s) 0 1 3 7 5 4

Web + Individual

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Elementary School projects 200 20 9 18 6 6

Middle School projects 5 86 58 56 32 15

High School projects 18 50 109 37 23 14

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 14 58 36 100 31 14

Aquatics Center(s) 8 12 20 11 73 124

Performing Arts Center(s) 14 25 21 29 87 76

How should performing arts and/or aquatic centers be incorporated into the Division?




Web +


At each high school 62 2 64 1

At a Division-wide center on a current

facility site



24 3 27 0

At a Division-wide center on a new site 39 3 42 1

At a Division-wide center with a partner

TBD which may include Shenandoah

County or public-private partnership.

115 13 128 5

5/21/2016 3

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please rate your level of support for Option A. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.


Individual Web +

(paper only) Individual

1 77 8 85 2

2 10 3 13 1

3 9 4 13 2

4 9 1 10 1

5 34 4 38 1

6 22 1 23 0

7 16 1 17 0

8 17 0 17 0

9 9 0 9 0

10 34 0 34 0



Average Score:

Web: 4.8

Individual (paper only): 2.9

Web + Individual: 4.6

Please rate your level of support for Option B. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.

Individual Web +

Web (all)


(paper only) Individual

1 101 4 105 0

2 24 0 24 1

3 17 0 17 0

4 9 1 10 1

5 23 1 24 0

6 10 2 12 1

7 14 2 16 0

8 10 1 11 2

9 7 7 14 1

10 21 4 25 1

Average Score:

Web: 3.7

Individual (paper only): 6.8

Web + Individual: 3.9

5/21/2016 4

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please rate your level of support for Option C. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.

Web (all)

Individual Web +

(paper only) Individual

1 24 0 24 1

2 6 2 8 0

3 6 4 10 1

4 2 1 3 1

5 15 3 18 1

6 16 4 20 1

7 11 2 13 0

8 29 2 31 2

9 12 0 12 0

10 116 4 120 0



Average Score:

Web: 7.6

Individual (paper only): 5.9

Web + Individual: 7.5

Please rate your level of support for Option D. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.

Individual Web +

Web (all)


(paper only) Individual

1 88 4 92 1

2 23 0 23 0

3 12 1 13 0

4 15 7 22 2

5 33 1 34 1

6 25 3 28 2

7 8 2 10 0

8 12 3 15 0

9 9 1 10 1

10 12 0 12 0

Average Score:

Web: 3.8

Individual (paper only): 4.8

Web + Individual: 3.9

5/21/2016 5

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please choose your preferred option as they are compared to one another.

Web (all)


(paper only)

Web +



Option A vs Option B

Option A 139 2 141

Option B 84 16 100

Option A vs. Option C

Option A vs. Option D

Option A 47 3 50

Option C 181 17 198

Option A 128 5 133

Option D 89 12 101

Option B vs. Option C

Option B 47 12 59

Option C 173 8 181

Option B vs. Option D

Option B 104 12 116

Option D 102 5 107

Option C vs. Option D

Option C 184 9 193

Option D 33 10 43

If your group could come to consensus on a preferred ranking of options, what would be the preferred

order of options?

Group ONLY 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Option A 0 1 1 5


Option B 4 2 1 0

Option C 2 1 3 0

Option D 1 2 1 2

5/21/2016 6

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


Don't like all year round calendar on Option A - could we add 4th elementary instead? I like the 3 campuses as I think it relates

to our community culture. Also think it allows for more students to be involved in extra curricular activities such as FFA,

sports, drama, etc.

I don't like the one middle school in Option D, but love the idea of primary and intermediate schools. Could we do Option C

with one high school and use stonewall and strasburg as middle schools like in Option B?

I would be ok with combining options B and C with 5 elementary, 3 middle, 1 high.

Most important thing is to change the mindset of the 3 campus system. Option B ultimately reduces the maintenance costs

the most by consolidating.

Option A is completely unfair that only elementary as all year. Adding just 2 elementary schools is the best idea socially for


Option C should start with the building of a fourth elementary school and than remote existing facilities. Eventually consider a

5th building for pre-k. All of the other options will hinder the future growth of our county.

Prefer the 5 elementary options - like PK-2, 3-5 model


- Abolish 3 campus system; it divides the ShenCo community unnecessarily which affects economy and social cohesion. -

Having more buildings utilizing various parts of the county will encourage the growth of businesses in different parts of the

county (e

- Option C could be 4 ES instead of 5 - 1 HS would eliminate students that play sport. As currently we have 3 HS that 3 have

teams and 2-3 have JV teams as well. With one HS school we would only have 2 teams (regular and JV) therefore, some students

will be

I love the idea of a middle school campus. One high school takes to many opportunities away from students. . One high

school makes traveling to sporting events and other competitions too long. There is not the need for a 5th primary school on

any of the options. It should at 4 primary schools in all options.

1. Option A is not favorable; however, I would like our county and school division to learn more about a year-around schedule.

I think that we can incorporate that year-around schedule with a more favorable option to maximize efficiency and

capacity within our division. I am certainly not suggesting that we are prepared to implement such schedule, but I do feel

like there has been enough interest and conversation concerning a year-around schedule that we need to investigate more

in order to make an informed decision. We do not want to sell this concept/idea short or dismiss its potential value towards

our long-term goals. 2. I favor a new career/technical/Triplett Tech center as part of our long-term facility plan. When completed,

I would argue that our county would be best served if that new facility was constructed in close proximity to the central

portion of our county. 3. This research clearly establishes that it is in our best interest to maintain less square footage division-

wide. I support this concept and hope that it is accomplished as part of the long-term facility plan. Perhaps a yeararound

calendar will help with this accomplishment also.


4. My most-favorable option is the 4 elementary-2 middle-1 high

model. However, I fully support the Pre-K/early intervention programs and hope to see them grow within our school division.

This said, I would like to see the 4 elementary schools have the capacity to handle a full, county-wide Pre-K program. In order

to accomplish this and maintain desired, smaller elementary schools, perhaps a 5th elementary school should be considered

- maybe a Hybrid Option B / Option D plan.

Any option that includes a single location for every county child in the same grade (one high school, one middle school, etc.)

would mean too much travel time for the children at either end of the county- both on a bus on a regular school day, and for

them and their families to travel to/from the school for special events, conferences, athletics, etc. Kids need more time to

sleep and more time in class- not more time traveling to/from school. An option with two high schools and two middle schools

seems like it would be more reasonable for providing more opportunities to all county students while limiting their travel time

and not having to maintain three of each building like we do now. An aquatics center and a performing arts center would

be great if there are ways to partner with other agencies/groups to ensure they are able to be properly funded and maintained

over the long run.

Build the new Triplet Tech first. Train many students in building Educational Facilities. Create a Shenandoah County Department

of Commercial Construction. Have that department build the rest of the structures providing county jobs, lower cost

buildings for the county, and prosperity for our citizens.

5/21/2016 7

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

Can't choose between b or d. I don't believe only 1 school for the entire county would work.

Children in Shenandoah County deserve to have new schools and smaller class sizes. We need to be competitive with neighboring

school systems.

Destroying the fabric of the three unique communities would be nothing short of disastrous. The centralizing--the Central High

Schooling--of Shenandoah County would simply further the angry rift between the three communities. Allow Shenandoah

County to maintain its unique identity from north to south. We have a right to be ourselves.

Does Triplett tech need to be a separate facility? Couldn't these classes be incorporated into the three existing high schools

since they do not have space issues. Please partner with Valley Health for the aquatic center, very important for our seniors.

Perhaps another county could host the GovSchool (they may be able to provide a better facility).

From our experiences, we know that having such a large school (WWR or SHES) is a detriment to our students. Why are we

proposing doing this our middle and high school students as well? Year round school sounds good, but seems a logistical

nightmare. Parents would need to arrange daycare, siblings would need to be on the same rotation, block teachers would

need to work year-round or we would have to pay additional staff, and how would teachers move from classroom to classroom

when schools provide very little of the materials they use?

Having a child in different buildings option A for year around school for elementary kids only is really a dumb idea since older

siblings will have summers off. Just build new high schools and renovate other buildings or build new elementary schools

across the board. Grew up in Rockingham County and moving or renovating middle schools to elementary schools was a

great plan and then building new high schools that could house students 8-12th grades

Having one high school for such a large geographical county is ludicrous. You will take three sports teams for every sport and

combine to one, allowing else opportunity for kids to participate on a team. You will be busing kids from 20-30 minutes from

the central location, increasing yearly transportation costs. Each campus needs it's own school. And one middle school for

the entire county is also a terrible idea. Middle schoolers are some of the hardest kids with hormonal changes and such. You

do not want every middle schooler in the county together in one school. It's creating a chaotic environment for learning. We

do have a need for additional elementary schools so I would support renovating all three and potentially adding two more to

meet the needs of the students. We shouldn't be denying places to pre-k kids due to space limitations but the funding for

education materials will need to be equally disbursed. The southern campus has been denied equal funding for years. The

setting is better for learning because the classrooms are smaller but the materials for learning come up lacking. I hope the

county intends to also rectify this issues whichever option is chosen.

Having one high school would pose a significant challenge. I would like to see at least two high schools for the county. I

think this would create many more opportunities for students. It would be very nice to have a performing arts center in Shenandoah

county. Maybe, a public/private partnership would bring some opportunities for the community.

Having only 1 high school in the county will greatly hinder students who play sports, as well as students in the arts, because

there will be fewer available spots for them on teams and in programs. Also, Central Campus is already overcrowded in the

mornings due to traffic, and to put one high school in that location would make it almost impossible, not to mention the increase

in the number of students that drive to school would lead to the need for more parking.

I appreciate that the board has formed a committee that is offering several options that can accommodate our country

going forward. I cannot imagine though the community support of a single consolidated high school or the setup of two


I believe that A is the best. I believe that all around the year school would be the best.

I believe the time frame is too long. In twenty five years the campuses can change drastically and the need is ever present.

I believe utilizing a year-round schedule only at the elementary level creates a hardship for families whose children might be

attending different schools. The juggling of multiple schedules often times creates stress at home and difficulty in planning

family time. A single high school will create more opportunities for our children, from expanded academic and athletic options

to more club and special interest opportunities. A centralized technical school with expanded offerings is a major need

given the demographics of our county. I wish someone had been looking out for the education of my children, as you are

looking ahead for future students. They are now suffering because of past spending and a narrow-minded Board of Supervisors.


I can't imagine how the transportation issue can be overcome if there were to be only one middle or one high school. As it

stands now, the length of some of the bus routes and the time it takes to get to/from school is absurd, and that's WITH having

each of the schools "nearby" (the inappropriateness of having kindergarteners on a bus with seniors aside). I do hope that

5/21/2016 8

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

the woefully inadequate transportation system in the county will be addressed at some point as well.

I choose none of these options due to the fact that they are all too expensive and make absolutely NO SENSE!!!! This county's

school system has gone from bad to worse!!! I think my best option is to move my children to another county or home school


I do not like the idea of having one consolidated high school because I think it will make it harder for kids to participate in

athletics and other extra curricular activities due to the number of participants. While this may create a competitive atmosphere,

for students who would normally make the team or the program under current situations and who may not under a

consolidated situation, they may not have much success otherwise.

I do not see why there always has to be a smaller school at the southern end of the county. Why not build 3 equal size campuses?

I do not support any of these options. Save money and add on to the elementary schools that are filled to max. Which is what

should have been done to start with.

I don't see a need to rebuild Triplett. It seems like an extra cost that the county doesn't have to take on. I think it would be

easier/cheaper to renovate it (because it needs it) and bus students there.

I don't think it makes sense resource-wise to just have one school at a level (i.e., one middle school, or one high school). The

geographic regions of the county are so different. That said, I do think it makes sense to share some resources. For instance, a

CTE center that draws from all high schools makes sense to me. Additionally, that would make an intake center for immigrant

students more feasible, and I think that long-term, that's a need we'll have to account for.

I feel like it would be incredibly challenging to have the elementary schools on a year round calendar, (as presented in option

A), if the other schools are not.

I feel the Elementary schools need to be priority now ! The overcrowding in the next year or 2 is only going to become worse

with 2 large facilities being built outside of Shenandoah county possibly each employing anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people

not everyone is going to live inside Frederick county, they want to live where real estate and land is cheaper which

makes Shenandoah Co. a perfect location . The other situation that needs to be addressed is the parking issues for not only

the parents but the faculty as well ! Please consider doing something NOW for the Elem. Schools . Thank you for all of your

hard work ! I know that you don't get near the Thank you's that you deserve .

I feel there is only the need for 4 elementary schools in all the options. That would bring the cost down in all options except for

Option B.

I like option D but the 1 large middle school gives me pause. That is an awful lot of middle schoolers in one place. I realize it

may be a campus style setting but with 6-8 graders is a campus style best? I truly believe a performance arts center is needed.

I only put Elem schools ahead of that as a priority because space is at such a premium there division wide. I think with

the low turnout on Wed night that if this gets narrowed down to 2 options and cost figures and staging and timelines are developed

for those 2 options another public mtg might be needed to make sure ample opportunity has been given for participation

before one option is selected and set in stone.

I like the K-2, 3-5 structure for the elementary schools.

I support Option C, but believe the fifth elementary school should become a Pre-K center. I would also support an addition

to each middle school to include a 5th-6th grade middle school and 7th-8th junior high. To fully utilize the space at each high

school, the county could establish community centers at each school that would be run by the parks and recreation department.

For example, the old gyms at Strasburg and Stonewall could be turned over to the parks and recreation department

and still utilized by the schools when necessary.

I support the addition of a 4th elementary school, but not a fifth. Eventually, a Pre-K facility could be build instead of a fifth

elementary school. I am strongly against year-round elementary schools or one high school.

I think having smaller elementary schools would do so much for our students. It is difficult for a student to be well known in a

school where the numbers are so large. Also, I would be hopeful that with smaller numbers our students would be able to

experience more of the arts.

I think that the focus is always on the schools leaving TT out. There are children that fit better into learning there then just book

work and I think that would lower the failure rate for alot of kids.


I think that they are all ridiculous! Why are you wasting more money on these "Consultants"? You should have put the money

into trailers for the elementary schools instead. All of these options that the school board is presenting are not even worth

5/21/2016 9

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

considering. I hope that my child is out of your schools before this circus starts. Just where will all of these millions of dollars

come from? Apparently the consultants have found some suckers to support them.

I think the advantages of a centralized high school campus far outweigh the drawbacks. In particular, if we want scientific

technology and course offerings, aquatics, and performing arts a central campus that incorporates facilities for these programs

will be key.

I think the consolidation of some of the initial options led to some options feeling a little inadequate or less resourceful. I personally

think that a grave mistake was made in the 1990s with the full embrace of the campus system and that it will take

quite an effort--if possible--to divorce the public of this idea. We saw this already with redistricting, though it might be easier if

they know they are getting new facilities. I personally believe that a centralized high school would greatly enhance opportunities

for all students, although I believe that this may be politically the riskiest option of all, particularly for Strasburg and

Woodstock who are so used to the high schools as a pillar of the community. If this facility were built, I think it would almost

have to be in the unincorporated part of the county to mitigate these feelings. Also, I acknowledge transportation is a potential

issue. Finally, I'm a little curious about the projected continued decline in enrollment, given that the Weldon Cooper Center

at UVA recently projected that our population will be in the 50-99k range in the next twenty years (and may already be

getting there before the next census in 2020).

I think we should have 1 high school so its less money total because we would all be together!!!!

I truly feel that option A is probably the worse option because of the year round calendar for elementary students! I can't

even imagine sending my children to school year round. Some days they are exhausted getting home & my children go to

bed by 8 & get up between 6:30-7. This is way to much to expect out of such little people. THEY NEED A BREAK & I do not understand

how this will help with school functions?? While the other schools still attend with current schedule. Also with that

being said, I truly feel that the schools should be left as is in the county. 3-3-3!! This has worked for this long, it should just stay

the same. Also with that being said all the schools might need renovation to accommodate future students. I understand

having future plans, but why does it have to be so drastic? One high school is an awful idea as well. You were worried whilst

making these boundary adjustments of travel times for students switching schools & you dare to think about having no one

localized school. This is not going to work for our area. The county is to spread out for this!

I would not be in favor of any option that has only one level school, be it middle or high. That is too much travel and one very

large school.

If students would be attending the proper school to start with we wouldn't be having a lot of these over crowding issues. We

need to correct the problem inside the school that is causing the parents to not want their children attending their correct



If this is anything like the boundary decision that was made at a meeting long ago and locked us into boundary line adjustment

as the only option to deal with overcrowding then voting on any option is drastically premature. The county need to

know all the information but first needs to be willing to fund any changes, ie you are putting the cart in front of the horse. No

sense in picking an option and focusing in on only that option if the county isn't willing to fund it. Kinda like you did with

boundary lines, approving the change then the county gave no extra money to fund it. As well as when the boundary adjustment

progressed and come to find out it only moved 12 students from Signal Knob it was too late to change direction to

effectively address overcrowding we were locked in by a vote taken months earlier by a small number of people. The

Board of Supervisors need to call for a public hearing saying they are going to increase the tax rate to fund this new school

project. Then the people will come out and you will get a feeling about how much they are willing to commit to financially

and develop a plan from there. There were probably four people at that meeting not on the long term plan committee or

employed by the school system and most of the plans were so outrageous that it really pushed you towards the only sensible

plan or two which is exactly what the school board wanted all along. Think it over

It is embarrassing to be one of the school system without an auditorium. Even tiny Rappahannock County has an auditorium.

If we are serious about granting our children equal access to other communities, we have to make this a priority.

It's about time the school system did something showing that they actually support the Arts

Keep Triplett Tech (CTE) where it is and expand it AT it's CURRENT LOCATION. Do NOT move CTE from it's current location.

Larger high schools will equate to longer travel times and increased transportation costs as many 5A and 6A schools are a

great distance away. Increased travel times will preclude parents from seeing their children perform. Increased travel times

will bring students back to school later, which will cause them to either not attend school the next day or be drowsy. Increased

travel times could cause more teams to be dismissed early which causes students to miss instruction. I worked in a

5/21/2016 10

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

school division in another state that had some elementary schools on a year round schedule and other schools on a different

schedule. This caused issues for parent scheduling vacations and appointments. Within three years, the division stopped the

year round experiment. Year round schooling will preclude students from attending many academically-oriented summer

camps such as those for STEM fields. I send my children to STEM camps in various states, with schedules being based on the

collective good, not year round school division calendars. Year round schooling could preclude teachers from summer training

opportunities. Many government organizations and colleges offer summer training which may not align with a year round


Leave the schools as is. Nothing is wrong with the current situation as enrollment has not changed. Put more funding in curriculum.

Like 3 campus setup. More kids able to participate in activities, they don't have to be bused as far, parents that pick up/drop

off don't have to drive to multiple sites. Certainly each campus has room to add additions to the schools or even build a

new building such as the aquatic/ performing arts center at Central campus. Education is important and I think option a is

the most realistic at this time. Perhaps at a later date another would be better but first we need more jobs to support the expenses

involved with an endeavor of this magnitude. Also would like the aquatic/performing arts center available for all

county residents.

Many good teachers will quit if year-round schooling occurs...

Modify option C by building just a 4th elem. school

Modify Plan C to include the following; 1) Year 1-3 Build 3 new ES on North/South Central locations 1) Year 3-5-Renovate the

3 ES original wing core areas and 2000 wings with selective demolition of the 90's wings to reduce current footprint to 70K-75K

Sf each. Utilize 90's wings as flex space during renovation. Utilize WWR 2000 wing as central pre school /SPED screening offices

3) Year 6-10- Renovate/Modify MS to meet educational adequacy 4) Years 15-20-Let 3 HS die slow painful death, build 2 new

HS on North/South central locations with performing arts centers. Renovation cost estimates are over inflated as no specific

scope of work has been developed nor should the same renovation cost per Sf be applied to the 2000 wings of the exisiting

buildings. This plan reduces overall Sf by around 200K Sf.

Most school systems nationwide have several elementary schools that feed larger schools at the secondary levels. Options C

and B reflect that proven structure.

My family will not support any plan that puts all HS students in one school in the Woodstock area. You will cut 2/3 from every

sports program. Meaning one football team instead of three and the same with all the other sports. You cant have a basketball

team with 36 players. This option would cause 24 kids to not be able to play.That means a lot less things for kids to do with

their spare time and we all know what happens when kids don't have anything constructive to do. Not to mention that the

schools sports programs will be moved at least to division four. We have some good kids in Shenandoah County but very few

that could hang with a division four team. It also seems a little ironic, the school board and superintendent seem hell bent

on tearing any program apart that's not Central.

My rankings (from most preferred to least preferred) are C, A, D, B. I chose to live in Shenandoah County because it had

three campuses.... I feel the smaller schools provide a better overall education compared to large mega campuses. I feel

smaller campuses are better for the community. I believe that part of overall societal problems with drugs, violence, crime

etc. come from mega-schools. In the long run, if the population grows, I think we would be better off having four campuses

with four high schools, but I know this may be financially difficult. I think triplett tech should be expanded greatly.... we

should be offering plumbing/HVAC. In the future the technical school should likely offer English and math so children can go

to Classes at Triplett and still get these required courses. The Health Sciences classes are very strong at triplett but need to be

better funded. The health sciences program needs to be strengthened and eliminate the Bio-tech program.

One option not listed would be to have 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools...the 2 middle schools

would feed directly into the 2 corresponding high schools. Just thought about this while filling out the survey, and don't have

time to figure out logistics as far as what building would become what, but I noticed that was not a current option. Also, I

feel very strongly about adding Performing Arts Centers and Aquatics Centers to our county schools. Whatever plan is adopted,

I feel strongly that these facilities should be at EACH high school. Not giving each high school their own space is like making

2 high schools, and only 1 has a gymnasium, football field, etc - people would think that ridiculous, and it is the same with

the arts. Also, the middle schools should have at minimum what they have now - a cafeteria stage area for concert performances.

I believe that both a Performing Arts Center and Aquatics Center would be rented out by other community organizations

which would also help with the funding/maintenance.


Option A offers the most hardship to students throughout the district. Families will not be able to plan for vacation or family

5/21/2016 11

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

time with students who are in various schools having different schedules. Elementary teachers will look elsewhere for a nine

month working calendar. Elementary schools are the ones that are the oldest and in the most need of replacement.

Option B seems to be the best of all four options. I'd automatically rule out Option D, because putting all the middle school

students together will be asking for a lot of trouble. They're at the age where they want to impress their friends, which means

they want to fight. Also, there would be an increase in drug and tobacco use.

Option C needs 4 ES not 5. One HS is not ideal and neither is one MS

Option C will fit future growth and not just be a patch while also keeping the three high school format and keeping student

commute times low. It also greatly increases CTE opportunities for our County and make us leader in the State in this area. IT

will also make the citizens proud of the schools and happy (except the tightwads who don't really care about children's education

only about a retirees below average tax rate).

Our county needs schools in each town, driving kids to the center of the county is ridiculous. I live on the very northern part of

the county why make it harder and move kids to the center of the county. Also how is 1 high school safe? 1800 plus students

in one building just doesn't sound safe. To make life easier on the kids and less confusing leave it to 3 schools in each part of

the county.

Our middle schools are the right (i.e., best) size.

Please keep in mind, if elementary schools go full year, you will need to increase the salary of all of those involved.

Providing a performing arts center and updating career and technical services allows students a broader education and

preparation for their adults lives. These should be priorities within the community. Smaller classroom in smaller schools give

children more direct support and instruction, so the options that support those goals are optimal.

Regarding Option A - The school calendar is already scheduled to change over the next 3 years. Additional alterations are

going to cause a lot of unrest and upset among staff and parents. Imagine a family with students in elementary and middle

school. One student would get a "typical" summer break and the other would not. It doesn't seem fair to the students or the

elementary teachers. Regarding Option D - It does not make a lot of sense from a social/emotional perspective to group

students from all of the elementary schools into the same middle school only to split them apart again in high school. I would

anticipate a lot of issues with cliques, competition, and distribution of wealth. I would think it better to either go from many

elementary schools and narrow to one or two high schools or from one or two elementary schools and widen into several

high schools. (Think triangle/inverted triangle vs. hourglass flow patterns.)

Should have choice for 4 ES, 2MS, 2 HS Going from 3 HS to 1HS is too Extreme!!! We are a small county!!!

Technology has advance to the point that all lessons could be done from a remote location including separate facilities/

schools, or even from home, so I think spending tens of millions of dollars to build huge new schools is foolish and is a misuse of

taxpayers money. My daughter is a senior this year and has several classes where teachers don't even get up in front of class


and teach.....the lessons are all recorded ahead of time and the students don't really even need to be there. So if the county

already allows teachers to do these lessons this way, it wouldn't take much to allow upperclassmen to stay off campus and

take courses electronically which in turn would reduce over crowding at least at the HS. Central HS enrollment has always

been up and down from single A to double AA classification for many years and will probably continue, so just wait a couple

years and the overcrowding issue will be a non-issue until the next peak of enrollment.

The county's facilities challenges can be accomplished without a single more dollar of taxpayer dollars through COMPETI-

TION. Allow for choice, vouchers and ALL alternatives including the support for the growth of non-public, parochial, private

and "home" schools. A mandatory, free public education is not in the US Constitution; it is a Privilege not a Right. The current

problem is a result of the administrators' and teachers' UNION that opposes all competition in supposedly Republican/

Conservative/Libertarian/Evangelical tax-and-spend Shenandoah County.

The MOST IMPORTANT facility that the high schools need is a performing arts center. It frankly is embarrassing to teach at a

school division that has such little support for the arts. Educational research shows that student participation in the arts boosts

academic performance. A theater space would be utilized by the community as well as the school and would help our

fledgling arts programs. In addition, as a high school teacher, I appreciate the small size of the current high schools. A smaller

school allows there to be a stronger community and better student-teacher ratios. I think Option B is undesirable due to

how enormous an all-county high school would be.

The option of one high school in the county would impose excessive time constraints due to students at extreme ends of the

county having to travel great distances. Studies show that high schools should start later in the day. With this option, many

students would begin their day even earlier than they do now. The county proposed a centralized high school many years

5/21/2016 12

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

ago. I don't believe it receive more support than it did at that time. We should have been building additional schools years

ago, rather than waiting until overcrowding is an issue.

There are challenges regarding all options. I prefer preserving the campus concept. It is important to allow our students as

much participation in school-wide sports, music, and school-centered activities. If new schools need to be built, I am in favor

of construction near/at the home campus. I believe transportation to one central location for buses for any school would be

a nightmare as far as student time on buses, bus maintenance, and schedules.

There has been enough turmoil in regards to the redistricting, I do not think we need to continue to disrupt the lives of our

parents and students. Shenandoah County is a large county and it is ridiculous to even consider one high school or even two

high schools to bus kids further than they are traveling now for an education. There is no reason that we should not stay with

the 3 campuses in the county that we have now and just invest in those campuses. Take care of what you already have!!

This is one the most disorganized survey I have ever tried to take. Was willing to participate but when looking at this questions

they do not coincide. You might what to consider another survey monkey....

We do not need one High School or one Middle School!

We have land and we have the need. Build more elementary schools! Let's step forward--not backward by downsizing.

We think there is a viable option E for making the Central campus a large single high school campus modeled after a college

campus model. Each of the three existing buildings could be modified and renovated without deconstruction to accommodate

three separate academies of learning for grades 10-12. One being designated a central location for core curriculum

subjects. One being designated for advanced academics (Biomedical, Adv. Placement and dual enrollment courses for

primarily Sr.s, etc.). One being designated as a career technical and engineering academy. Keep the Governors school at

Triplett for Page and Rockingham proximity. The two middle schools would include grades 6-9 at the existing Sr. high schools

on the N. and S. campuses. Make each existing middle school on both N and S campus an intermediate school (grades

3,4,5) and then use each existing N and S elementary school as early childhood, K, 1, and 2. No new construction to current

buildings, but extensive renovation. Moving grades into three levels on each N and S campus (early, intermediate, and true

Jr. High schools (6,7,8,9) with sports facilities already in place for Jr. High programs. The only new construction would then be

the Aquatics and Performing Arts center located adjacent to central campus on the land already purchased off Hoover

Road. FYI The ideas above represent the collaborative and collective ideas of both teachers and students who watched the

presentation, video, and viewed corresponding numeric data. Students were asked to create a viable option E using the

information presented with teacher guidance. Since the data for student populations on each grade level was not included,

students wondered if creating intermediate grades and true 6-9 Jr. High schools was considered or plausible?

We would like to see more information about the arts center.

While I agree that one centralized high school is a nice thought for a number of reasons, I'm not sure it is logistically possible.

Transportation alone would be a significant cost. Even though it is the most expensive, re-working with what we have and

making elementary schools year-round will alleviate the pressures best within the county. Building an aquatic and performing

arts center would be wonderful, but the immediate needs of the system involve properly educating our kids within a conducive

and supportive space.

While re-building and centralizing Triplett Tech campus is a convenient idea, I do not think it is a necessary part of plan C -

adding to the cost and making it the most expensive.

Year Round Elementary is out of the question!

Year round school at the elementary level will be a hardship for families who also have middle and/or high school students.

Also, won't you have to pay those teachers more if they are working year round? Is that included in the cost projection? Did

you also include projections for added electricity, water usage, and transportation year round? Shenandoah County needs

to step up and invest in new schools for our children.


Year round school should not be an option. This is not a good idea. All levels of the schools should be on the same routine. It is

bad for teachers, students and parents. Option A should not be considered unless there is no year round school. Routines and

schedules are very important to teachers and students. When they get off of that schedule it makes it very difficult to resume.

Also, with that will you be hiring more teachers? Or will you be making the current teachers work year round with less breaks

and more personal days? If so how are you to make the contracts for just one level of school? One central middle school is

ridiculous. High school would be nice to be one, but not in Woodstock. More centrally located in the Edinburg area makes

more sense. The middle school students going that far for school is a little crazy also making a very large school. Middle school

is a tough time, and I think it is very important having that feeling of everyone knowing everyone. High school in a central

5/21/2016 13

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.

location makes more sense, but you would need to start school later in the day. Studies show how students learn better when

they wake up later in the day. There is no easy solution to the problem that has been created in the county after years of

meddling and changing. After 1994 when all middle schools were built that three division of schools was sealed. It is hard to

go back now after so many have gone through that and that generation is having children going to school. The whole division

and whole county needs to put the best interests of the WHOLE student body first. I think years ago we should have remodeled

those outlaying schools in our divisions instead of letting them rot and then allowing others to come in and fix them

up. They were sturdy buildings that were cared for and needed some TLC to improve them. Utilizing them through out the

years would have help us not to have this issue we are faced with today. The division of middle school 5-6 and 7-8 worked

great when I was growing up. The school in the Fort could have been utilized also. Many things have been changed over the

years not always for the best. Also I really think the school division needs to look into the Virtual school Virginia has. Bringing

that to the county would give an option to those students unsatisfied with how schools are being run, yet allow them to have

public option. They would have teacher support also. Even if everyone in the county did not take advantage of that, charge

an out of county fee to those students choosing that option from other counties or locations. Enrollment would go up, funding

would increase, overhead would go down. Buildings would not be needed for those students nor for busing them. Teachers

could work from home for those students. Looking into this option is something the county need to look at. I prefer a calendar

that pushes all the days together with less small breaks for students, and a large summer break. Not one that goes with the

tests. So year round school is a big negative. We also need to look at the future. Building the current schools did not look at

the future and now here we are wanting to demolish school buildings, which really need it from the shoddy workmanship.

Build these new schools versatile. Allow them to have multiple uses. Have components that can be changed out over the

years to help those schools keep up. Change is hard, everyone has a different opinion, but one thing we need to do is listen.

Listen to concerns, listen to plans, and listen to everyone involved in this process. Put students first, don't forget while we are

going through this process, students are still attending school, their life is going on right before our eyes. Put them first also, do

not get lost in all of this argument.

Year round school would not be a favorable option to families with children who also attend middle or high school.


5/21/2016 14

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results


Parental/Guardian/Student status (check all that apply)

Web (all)


(paper only)

Web + Individual


Do not have children in the District 87 7 94

Parent/guardian of a child less than


Parent/guardian of a kindergarten


Parent/guardian of a 1st-3rd grade


Parent/guardian of a 4th-5th grade


Parent/guardian of a 6th-8th grade


Parent/guardian of a 9th-12th

grade student

Parent/guardian of a

private/parochial student

Parent/guardian of a former

student or graduate of the District

Grandparent of a current student

or graduate

36 6 42

19 5 24

43 8 51

31 1 32

45 3 48

53 1 54

0 0 0

31 0 31

13 0 13

Current student 11 0 11


5/21/2016 15

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results


Which school(s)/program(s) are you affiliated with? (check all that apply)

Web (all)


(paper only)

Web + Individual


All 9 3 12

None 6 3 9

Ashby Lee Elementary School 43 3 46

North Fork Middle School 31 0 31

Stonewall Jackson High School 31 0 31

W. W. Robinson Elementary School 70 3 73

Peter Muhlenberg Middle School 36 3 39

Central High School 54 2 56

Sandy Hook Elementary School 45 5 50

Signal Knob Middle School 36 2 38

Strasburg High School 38 2 40

Triplett Tech 22 1 23

Other 3 0 3




School Board

Previously pre-k through WWR.

I work at SHES, and my wife works at ALES (where I worked previously).



5/21/2016 16

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results


Which campus boundary do you currently reside in?

Web (all)


(paper only)

Web + Individual

Northern Campus 52 7 59


Southern Campus 49 4 53

Central Campus 96 9 105

Do not reside in the Division 32 0 32

Other 5 0 5






For the next month, I am in Central Campus. After that, southern.

However grandfathered

own property in Northern


Teacher at Southern Campus

Trick question. I am currently in the central campus, but being moved to the southern campus as part of the boundary



5/21/2016 17

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