The Sandbag Times Issue No: 19


The Veterans Magazine

MCVC Breakfast Club

A steady 20 on parade for the 1st

anniversary of the MCVC breakfast

club lunch. Also a big thank you to the

staff of the Bluecoats who laid on an

excellent meal and for their service.

Here is a photo of the day.

Deeside Veterans

Breakfast Club

Fantastic Deeside BC Naafi & Curry

night in Banchory Legion. Debate

going on if it’s the weinberg or snake

pit when the bar closes.

Southampton Veterans

Breakfast Club

19 in at Southampton today, I need

to apply for an entertainments

license as for some reason

unbeknown to me they all started

singing ( in the loosest sense of the

word and no alcohol ) everything

from ‘Stingray’ to ‘which way you

going Billy’. Madness pure

madness I tell you. Great times

lead to great memories.

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