Las Vegas Chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Mortensen D. C., Offers Disc Decompression Therapy

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Lake Mead Chiropractic provides methods for alleviating disc damage leading to compression. The methods are natural and non-invasive.

Las Vegas Chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Mortensen D. C., Offers Disc Decompression Therapy

Las Vegas NV, 27-MAY-2016 - Dr. Matthew Mortensen DC of Lake Mead Chiropractic is pleased to

announce that the procedure known as disc decompression is available at the office. Disc

decompression therapy is a procedure which uses a specially designed table and a computerized

program to gently reduce pressure on the vertebral pairs. Relieving pressure on the spinal discs allows

them to rehydrate over time. The relief of pressure from bulging discs allows for nerve roots to be

restored to full utility. The Las Vegas Chiropractor has the tools and expertise to implement

decompression therapy.

When the spinal column contains subluxations, it can cause the intervertebral discs to be compressed.

The result is a bulge of the discs into surrounding tissue. The bulging or herniated discs can negatively

affect the flow of nerve signals to and from the brain. The brain may register in the brain as pain. The

nerve compression can also cause other symptoms such as weakness or a headache.

The program which is set up for each patient is customized, after a thorough examination. The

chiropractor identifies the areas of the spine where subluxations occur. With this data. Dr. Mortensen

designs a full care plan which restores alignment to the spine. When the pressure is relieved, and he

discs are rehydrated, the chiropractor makes additional suggestions to improved health.

Full healing of damaged tissues can be hastened by providing the body with necessary nutrients for

rebuilding. The doctor may utilize techniques such as massage, electrotherapy or other methods to

improve the rate of healing.

Further details about decompression therapy can be seen at the web pages at today. Press corps members and individuals with questions about

this press notice should contact the doctor at the location provided below.

Contact Information:

Dr. Matthew Mortensen, DC

Lake Mead Chiropractic

8576 West Lake Mead, Las Vegas, NV

(702) 255-3003(702) 255-8133 (fax)



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