Catholic Outlook June 2016

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<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong><br />

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VOLUME 19, JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />

Our new<br />

Bishop<br />

Pope Francis appoints<br />

+Vincent Long OFM Conv<br />

Fourth Bishop of Parramatta<br />

‘God has his<br />

own ways of<br />

intervening in<br />

our lives and I am<br />

grateful to God<br />

for leading me to<br />

the Diocese of<br />

Parramatta.’<br />






HEARD<br />

page 4 page 5<br />







Very Rev Peter G Williams<br />




3<br />

4, 12, 13, 19,<br />

21, 23<br />

DEAR BROTHERS and sisters,<br />

By now all of you will have heard that<br />

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop<br />

Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv as<br />

the fourth Bishop of Parramatta. He will be<br />

installed following a liturgical reception in<br />

St Patrick’s Cathedral on Thursday 16 <strong>June</strong> at<br />

7.30pm.<br />

Happily, the 30th birthday of the<br />

establishment of the Diocese of Parramatta<br />

almost coincides with the beginning of<br />

Bishop Vincent’s episcopal ministry in this<br />

Diocese. So it seems a good time to look back<br />

and also to look forward with faith and hope<br />

as we commence the next chapter of the story<br />

of this Local Church.<br />

When Bishop Bede Heather was appointed<br />

the first Bishop of Parramatta in 1986, the<br />

Chancery operated out of a converted house<br />

in Blacktown.<br />

Initially, the staff comprised the Bishop,<br />

the Diocesan Financial Administrator, the<br />

Diocesan Secretary, and a receptionist. The<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Education Office was located in<br />

what is now the Diocesan Assembly Centre<br />

on Flushcombe Road in Blacktown.<br />

When McGovern House was purchased on<br />

Victoria Road in Parramatta, the Chancery<br />

occupied a small suite of offices on Level 1 of<br />

10 Victoria Road.<br />

In the current Chancery there is a photo of<br />

the clergy of the Diocese who attended the<br />

first clergy conference. Some of those faces<br />

are still serving in the Diocese, though they<br />

now look slightly older!<br />

The foundations laid in those early years<br />

were critical as the Diocese got a sense of itself<br />

with an amalgam of very old and established<br />

parishes that dated back to the 19th Century,<br />

while more recent parishes were building<br />

their infrastructure, and new parishes were<br />

being planned to cope with the growing<br />

population in Western Sydney.<br />

At the same time, the <strong>Catholic</strong> school<br />

system was expanding with increasing<br />

demand from parents to place their children<br />

in <strong>Catholic</strong> schools. There were many<br />

initiatives in the areas of social outreach and<br />

care for the disadvantaged, often spearheaded<br />

by religious congregations.<br />

When Bishop Kevin Manning was<br />

appointed the second Bishop of Parramatta<br />

in 1997 the Diocese began to consolidate that<br />

which had been achieved in the first 10 years.<br />

As the Diocese grew, there was an<br />

increasing need for extra support services,<br />

both administratively and also in terms<br />

of specialised ministry, and these were<br />

established and flourished.<br />

The Parramatta Pastoral Institute was<br />

renamed the Institute for Mission and a<br />

myriad of courses was developed to meet the<br />

desire of many lay men and women to receive<br />

spiritual and theological formation.<br />

The destruction of St Patrick’s Cathedral<br />

by fire in 1996 was not only a catalyst for the<br />

building of a contemporary new Cathedral,<br />

but also happily assisted the clergy and the<br />

people to “own” the Diocese of Parramatta<br />

rather than see themselves as an extension of<br />

the Archdiocese of Sydney.<br />

For Bishop Manning the re-opening and<br />

dedication of the Cathedral in 2003 was a<br />

milestone in history.<br />

When Bishop Anthony Fisher OP came to<br />

the Diocese as the third Bishop in 2010, we<br />

continued to see prodigious growth in both<br />

the north-west and western parts of the<br />

Diocese.<br />

Of particular note during Bishop Anthony’s<br />

time was the substantial increase in the<br />

number of young men offering to join the<br />

priesthood and becoming seminarians.<br />

This necessitated the relocation of Holy<br />

Spirit Seminary from St Marys to Harris Park,<br />

the refurbishment of Kenilworth House and<br />

the construction of an accommodation wing<br />

for 20 seminarians.<br />

Allied to this was an emphasis on ministry<br />

to youth, which has seen the burgeoning of<br />

youth groups throughout the Diocese. Bishop<br />

Anthony was very dedicated to the support of<br />

young people and their faith development.<br />

During the time of the third Bishop we also<br />

an increase in the number of clergy coming<br />

to the Diocese as either diocesan or religious<br />

order priests to meet the growing pastoral<br />

need.<br />

Perhaps the hallmark of Bishop Anthony’s<br />

time was the consultation and development<br />

of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, Faith in Our<br />

Future. Here the people, religious and clergy<br />

in their parishes and agencies reflected on<br />

what direction and goals should be identified<br />

to expand the mission of the <strong>Catholic</strong> Church<br />

in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.<br />

What now of the future?<br />

Bishop Vincent arrives at a pivotal moment<br />

in our 30-year history. Borrowing from<br />

another current leader and slightly altering<br />

the remark: “It is an exciting time to be a<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> in Western Sydney!”<br />

We give thanks to God for all the blessings<br />

we have received, for the dedicated leadership<br />

of Bishops Bede Heather, Kevin Manning<br />

and Anthony Fisher, for the priests, deacons,<br />

religious women and men, and all the lay<br />

faithful both young and old who have made<br />

the parishes their spiritual homes and have<br />

given witness to the truth of Jesus Christ<br />

by lives lived based on Gospel values and<br />

in communion with one another and the<br />

Church.<br />

We are also thankful for those who have<br />

laboured in the work of <strong>Catholic</strong> school<br />

education, those in the social welfare sector,<br />

and all who have contributed to building up<br />

the life of the Diocese.<br />

But there is still much to do. We pray as a<br />

Diocese that Bishop Vincent will now lead us<br />

confidently into our future and that we have<br />

the capacity to respond to the aspirations and<br />

needs of all who reside in Western Sydney<br />

and the Blue Mountains.<br />

Finally, I would like to express my thanks<br />

to the clergy, religious and lay people of the<br />

Diocese for the support you have given me<br />

as Diocesan Administrator over these past 18<br />

months.<br />

I have always been conscious of your<br />

prayers and goodwill, and I look forward to<br />

sharing the future with you as we embark on<br />

the next decade of our journey.<br />

With prayerful remembrance as we prepare<br />

to receive Bishop Vincent,<br />

Very Rev Peter G Williams<br />

Diocesan Administrator<br />






PLAN<br />








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Liturgical Reception and Mass of Installation of<br />

Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv<br />

as the Fourth Bishop of Parramatta<br />

to be held at<br />

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Marist Place, Parramatta<br />

Thursday 16 <strong>June</strong> <strong>2016</strong> at 7.30pm<br />

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Please keep Bishop Vincent and his future ministry among us in your prayers.<br />

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Parramatta's clergy meet their new shepherd<br />

Last month’s Clergy Conference at Magenta<br />

Shores was an opportunity for Bishop Vincent<br />

Long OFM Conv to meet his clergy over three<br />

days of worship, fellowship and professional development.<br />

A report will be published in the July<br />

issue of <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>Outlook</strong>.<br />

Above: Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv receives a warm<br />


Bishop<br />

Vincent<br />

Long<br />

DEAR CLERGY and people of Parramatta,<br />

And so finally, the LONG wait is over<br />

(pardon the pun!). After 18 months<br />

without a bishop, you have been given one in the<br />

person of a Franciscan, an Asian Australian and<br />

a former refugee.<br />

You can blame Pope Francis for appointing<br />

me as a rather unlikely bishop to one of the<br />

youngest, most ethnically diverse and dynamic<br />

dioceses in the country.<br />

Indeed, I am very humbled by this<br />

appointment and grateful for the opportunity<br />

to serve the Church in Parramatta during this<br />

time.<br />

For many, it has never been so tough to be a<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong>. But then, we need to remember that<br />

the tough times can be the blessed times.<br />

The Church was not at its best when it reached<br />

the heights of imperial power in what was<br />

known as Christendom. Instead, the Church<br />

was at its best when it was poor, persecuted,<br />

without power and wealth.<br />

Consistently, we true believers are challenged<br />

to be the beacons of hope in the midst of pain,<br />

suffering and despair. This tough time can be the<br />

catalyst for rebirth and transformation.<br />

My motto is “Duc in altum” or “Go further<br />

into the deep”. I have taken many leaps of faith<br />

before, including the one that plunged me,<br />

literally, into the deep blue sea.<br />

Now I am about to be cast into the deep<br />

interior of Western Sydney and the Blue<br />

Mountains, and I cannot help but feel daunted<br />

by what lies ahead.<br />

Nevertheless, I make bold to move forward,<br />

trusting in the sustaining power of God and the<br />

support of the clergy and people of this great<br />

Diocese.<br />

There is a saying that, “you sit on the old<br />

mat to weave the new one”. I am indebted to<br />

my predecessors who have all contributed<br />

significantly to the growth of God’s people in<br />

Parramatta.<br />

I am particularly indebted to the diocesan<br />

Administrator, Fr Peter Williams, and his team<br />

for the way in which they have cared for the<br />

people and led the Diocese during the interim. I<br />

treasure this past and want to build on it.<br />

Although I can only walk in my own shoes, I<br />

would like to take their vision and carry things<br />

forward. It is together as clergy and people that<br />

we will listen to what the Spirit is saying to us<br />

in our context and with the help of the Word of<br />

God, discern how to live as brothers and sisters<br />

of Jesus Christ.<br />

Duc in altum! A bishop must not be afraid to<br />

walk with his people in the new exodus to the<br />

fullness of life and love. It’s the place we can only<br />

reach with unwavering conviction and undying<br />

Priests celebrate the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians.<br />

Above: Clergy take part in group discussions. Right: The conference<br />

was a time to build fellowship: Mons John Boyle and<br />

Fr John Rizzo (right).<br />

love for Christ and His people. I humbly ask you<br />

to pray for me your new bishop to walk this path<br />

with fidelity, humility and perseverance.<br />

+Vincent Long OFM Conv<br />

Bishop of Parramatta<br />

A university as<br />

unique as you.<br />

Notre Dame.<br />

“I aspire to be a teacher who facilitates meaningful and<br />

fun learning experiences that are relevant to all students.<br />

Notre Dame has inspired me to make a difference.”<br />

Students<br />

Notre Dame<br />

One of the<br />

highest graduate<br />

employment rates.<br />

qilt.edu.au<br />

ND1892 | CRICOS PROVIDER CODE: 01032F<br />

Notre Dame Graduate<br />

Bachelor of Education (Birth to Twelve Years)<br />

Tutor<br />

Apply now for mid-year entry<br />

notredame.edu.au<br />

www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 3


Federal Election: A Vote for the Voiceless<br />

AUSTRALIA’S <strong>Catholic</strong> bishops have<br />

called for the voices of the thrown-away<br />

people to be heard during the Federal<br />

Election campaign. On 16 May, the bishops<br />

issued A Vote for the Voiceless, a statement on the<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Federal Election, addressed to <strong>Catholic</strong>s<br />

and all people of goodwill.<br />

“During the long election campaign there will<br />

be much talk about the economy and the need<br />

for good economic management at a time of<br />

some uncertainty,” the bishops said. “Both sides<br />

of politics will state their economic credentials<br />

in a bid to win power.<br />

“The economy, of course, is important and<br />

there does need to be sound management. But,<br />

as Pope Francis has pointed out, there is also a<br />

danger that the economy can become a kind of<br />

false god to which even human beings have to<br />

be sacrificed.<br />

“This leads to what the Pope has called<br />

the throwaway culture – a culture of overconsumption<br />

where all kinds of things are<br />

thrown away, wasted, even human beings.<br />

“That is why we bishops want to speak a<br />

word as part of this campaign – not in order<br />

to push an ideological line or simply to defend<br />

the Church’s interests but to give a voice to the<br />

voiceless and make their faces seen, however<br />

briefly, in a statement such as this.<br />

“Among the people discarded in this<br />

throwaway culture are:<br />

* Refugees and asylum seekers who are often<br />

seen as a problem to be solved rather than as<br />

human beings in need of our help;<br />

* Indigenous peoples whose cry for recognition<br />

has barely been heard and who suffer injustice at<br />

the hands of our justice system;<br />

* The survivors of sexual abuse who have<br />

emerged from the shadows and whose voice<br />

is now being heard, crying out for redress and<br />

healing;<br />

* Those who suffer family violence who are<br />

often unseen and unheard, behind closed doors<br />

with nowhere to go and no one to turn to;<br />

* Those in the womb who are among the most<br />

defenceless, at risk of being deprived of the most<br />

basic of all human rights, the right to live;<br />

* The elderly who are seen at times as an<br />

economic burden now that they are unable to<br />

“produce” or consume in the way the economy<br />

demands;<br />

* Those suffering mental illness who seem<br />

not to fit in with accepted patterns of social<br />

behaviour and are often presumed to contribute<br />

Refugees and asylum seekers are often seen as a problem to be solved rather than as human beings in need of our help.<br />


nothing to society, thus ending up in the toohard<br />

basket;<br />

* Those suffering addiction who can see no<br />

way out of the destructive grasp of alcohol or<br />

other drugs, gambling or pornography;<br />

* Those entrapped in new forms of slavery<br />

who are the victims of sexual or workplace<br />

enslavement; and<br />

* The desperately poor beyond our shores who<br />

look to wealthy Australia for the help they need<br />

– often simply to survive – but find our nation<br />

less and less generous.<br />

“There are others in our community, near and<br />

far, whose voices are unheard, whose faces are<br />

unseen. They are seen as politically irrelevant.<br />

They will not decide any marginal seats or<br />

determine the result of the election. Yet any<br />

society is ultimately judged not on how well it<br />

manages the economy but on how well it treats<br />

the thrown-away people.<br />

“Who then are the people unheard and<br />

unseen? What does it mean for Australia to care<br />

for them? If we fail to ask these questions and<br />

to try to answer them, then much that goes on<br />

in this or any other election campaign will be<br />

political theatre that does not address the real<br />

issues.<br />

“But it is not just individual people who are<br />

thrown away. The same can happen to the<br />

environment, both social and natural. At the<br />

heart of a healthy social environment there is<br />

marriage and the family.<br />

“The fact is that economic decisions have been<br />

less and less favourable to families in recent<br />

years; and it may be that political decisions in<br />

the future will undermine further the dignity<br />

and uniqueness of marriage as a lifelong union<br />

of man and woman.<br />

“Support for marriage and the family does<br />

not look like a big vote-winner, so that even the<br />

most basic human institution, upon which the<br />

health of a society depends, can become part<br />

NEW<br />


On 5 May <strong>2016</strong>, Pope Francis<br />

announced the appointment of the<br />

Fourth Bishop of Parramatta:<br />

Most Rev<br />

Vincent Long Van Nguyen<br />

OFM Conv<br />

The Diocesan Administrator,<br />

Very Rev Peter G Williams,<br />

has confirmed the following<br />

appointments:<br />

Rev Chukwunoyerem<br />

Chibuike Akamadu<br />

Assistant Priest,<br />

Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish,<br />

Greystanes, and Chaplain to the<br />

Nigerian <strong>Catholic</strong> community.<br />

of the throwaway culture or at best an optional<br />

extra.<br />

“Pope Francis has said that the earth too<br />

cries out for justice at this time. The natural<br />

environment – the land we live on, the air we<br />

breathe, the water we drink – even this can<br />

become voiceless, so that the earth’s cry for<br />

justice can go unheard. Now is the time to act,<br />

so that the natural environment is able to meet<br />

human needs rather than be sacrificed to the<br />

god of the economy.”<br />

To read the full statement, including the<br />

bishops’ list of some of the people discarded<br />

in our throwaway culture, visit the ACBC’s<br />

website: www.catholic.org.au<br />

4 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />



Africa Day Mass helps to bridge gap<br />

The African <strong>Catholic</strong> community gathered for the annual Africa Day<br />

Mass in St Patrick’s Church, Blacktown. Above: Rev Christopher<br />

Antwi-Boasiako.<br />


By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

THERE was a kaleidoscope of colour and<br />

the sound of thundering drums and<br />

joyful clapping as the African <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

community in the Diocese of Parramatta<br />

gathered for the annual Africa Day Mass in St<br />

Patrick’s Church, Blacktown, on 22 May.<br />

The harmonious display of rich culture, music<br />

and dress from across the continent introduced<br />

the thematic celebration of faith lived out and<br />

celebrated in union with African culture and<br />

identity within the Australian Church and<br />

context.<br />

The 53rd anniversary of the formation of the<br />

Organisation of African Unity, now known as<br />

the African Union (AU), is celebrated on 25 May<br />

each year. Africa Day provides an opportunity<br />

to acknowledge the achievements of the peoples<br />

and governments of Africa.<br />

The day commemorates the hard-fought<br />

liberation and freedom of African communities,<br />

and looks onward to the collaboration and<br />

empowerment of the people of Africa in<br />

communion with one another, curtailing<br />

disadvantages entrenched by diaspora.<br />

Fr Christopher Antwi-Boasiako, the Chaplain<br />

of the African <strong>Catholic</strong> community, said the day<br />

was a day to celebrate unity.<br />

“In 1958, African leaders came together to<br />

discuss emancipation and freedom for Africa<br />

politically, socially and economically. They also<br />

discussed solidarity and cooperation among<br />

African states. It was a liberation movement,” Fr<br />

Chris said.<br />

“On 25 May 1963, 32 African states convened<br />

a summit in Ethiopia where they signed a<br />

founding charter for Africa Day.<br />

“We are celebrating our unity. As <strong>Catholic</strong>s,<br />

we celebrate Africa Day so as to celebrate our<br />

culture as one people, and it also helps us shape<br />

our life in the context of living in Australia.<br />

“We believe that unity is for everyone and we<br />

are so united because we belong to the same<br />

African continent."<br />

The power of being in communion is tied<br />

to <strong>Catholic</strong> theology, further detailed by the<br />

Principal Celebrant for the Mass, the Diocesan<br />

Administrator, Very Rev Peter G Williams.<br />

“You cannot be a Christian in isolation,” Fr<br />

Peter said.<br />

Referencing the mystery of the Triune God, Fr<br />

Peter went on to remark on the nature of God in<br />

relationship, and the importance of Christians<br />

being connected by the faith, relating this faith<br />

connection to the many African countries<br />

represented on the day being in communion<br />

both in culture and faith.<br />

Fr Chris said the day also showcases the<br />

history and traditions of Africa, passing on the<br />

customs to the youth.<br />

"As we live in Australia, it is important that<br />

we do not lose our connection with our culture,”<br />

he said. “Africa Day also has the aim to help the<br />

young ones learn about our culture and get to<br />

know each other.<br />

“We want the young ones to learn the moral<br />

aspects of our culture. Respect and obedience<br />

to our parents and the elderly is very important<br />

to us. As we celebrate, we understand that this<br />

is something that connects all the different<br />

African states.”<br />

One of six children, Fr Christopher’s parents<br />

raised him and his siblings strong in the faith.<br />

“My brother also became a priest and he is<br />

now based in Italy. When the bishop asked me<br />

to come to Australia, it took me some time to<br />

respond,” Fr Chris said.<br />

“I sat my Mum down and I told her what the<br />

Bishop had asked of me. Knowing my Dad had<br />

passed away and that my only other brother was<br />

serving as a priest in Italy, it was very hard to<br />

leave her.<br />

“I remember she bent her head down for a<br />

minute and then, as she raised her head, she<br />

said, ‘I offered you to God through Mother<br />

Mary. If that is what God needs you to do, I give<br />

you my blessing.’”<br />

Fr Chris believes the African <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

community bridges the gap between his home<br />

in Ghana and his home in Australia.<br />

“We are not trying to be a Church within a<br />

Church. I am very thankful to the Diocese of<br />

Parramatta for the chaplaincy, as it continues to<br />

be a source of encouragement for us as Africans,”<br />

he said.<br />

“It gives us the opportunity to celebrate in our<br />

own tradition while continuing to serve in our<br />

local parishes.”<br />

For more images from the Africa Day<br />

celebrations go to: https://www.flickr.com/<br />

photos/parracatholic/albums<br />

Proud photography partner of <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>Outlook</strong><br />

catholicinsurance.org.au<br />

1300 655 003<br />

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<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE 16/04/2015 <strong>2016</strong> 8:16:47 AM 5

FAMILY & LIFE www.parrafamlife.org.au @parrafamlife parrafamlife<br />


‘From Gay-Activist<br />

to Husband and<br />

Father’<br />

By Ben Smith, Director of the Family & Life Office<br />

LAST MONTH, the Diocese of Parramatta<br />

played host to a speaking tour by James<br />

Parker entitled, ‘From Gay-Activist<br />

to Husband and Father: A tour through the<br />

confusing world of modern sexuality’.<br />

Hundreds of people heard James speak at St<br />

Patrick’s Cathedral Hall in Parramatta, St Aidan’s<br />

Parish at Rooty Hill, and Montgrove College at<br />

Orchard Hills.<br />

James Parker has a special life story that he<br />

shared with his audience. His life can be viewed<br />

in four key stages.<br />

Firstly, his challenging childhood and teenage<br />

years spent in the north of England that involved<br />

m<br />

being adopted, sexual abuse by multiple teachers<br />

and an older boy, an addiction to pornography<br />

and alcohol that led to the troubled teenager<br />

'coming out' to his parents at the age of 17.<br />

A second phase of his life involved living a<br />

gay lifestyle for several years in London while<br />

he attended university. He had about 200 sexual<br />

partners and at one stage James considered<br />

whether he was really a woman living in a man’s<br />

body.<br />

This confusion was clarified when he met<br />

a man who became his steady boyfriend. He<br />

thought that he had reached a stable point in<br />

his life. One night he attended a <strong>Catholic</strong> prayer<br />

meeting and his life began to change forever.<br />

In his third life phase, James experienced a<br />

profound spiritual awakening as a result of daily<br />

prayer and the encouragement of a group of<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> friends.<br />

Eventually, he made the decision to break<br />

up with his boyfriend and journey into the<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Church to discover in a deep way the<br />

forgiveness, love and mercy of Jesus.<br />

This painful but patient journey led to a<br />

spiritual transformation. James discovered a<br />

strong sense of masculinity and acceptance<br />

among men. His voice became deeper, and his<br />

gait and posture changed.<br />

Furthermore, with a deepening devotion<br />

to Our Lady he also discovered another first,<br />

an attraction to the opposite sex. These two<br />

discoveries sowed the thought that maybe one<br />

day he could get married and become a father.<br />

James emphasised in his talks that he<br />

does not believe in ‘gay conversion therapy.’<br />

For him the prize of his journey was Jesus,<br />

not heterosexuality. He knows a number of<br />

people who are living lives of deep prayer and<br />

frequenting the sacraments who have grown<br />

into a life of chastity but still experience levels of<br />

same-sex attraction.<br />

James emphasised that for these people the<br />

importance of being accompanied by a group of<br />

understanding Christian friends is paramount<br />

to helping them continue their challenging<br />

journey.<br />

In the fourth phase, James met and married<br />

an Australian woman. That was 10 years ago and<br />

they have a child aged seven.<br />

The crowds that attended James’s talks<br />

were inspired by his story and gained a new<br />

appreciation of the challenges faced by people<br />

who are confused about their sexual orientation<br />

and gender identity. They heard a compassionate<br />

approach to the issue of ‘same-sex marriage’ and<br />

transgender rights from someone who had lived<br />

through these issues.<br />

With the benefit of hindsight, James was able<br />

to share that there is a profound difference in<br />

the marriage between a man and a woman and<br />

‘same-sex marriage’. He highlighted the serious<br />

consequences of a change in the marriage laws.<br />

James Parker will return to Sydney later this<br />

year. For tour dates and venues, check future<br />

issues of <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>Outlook</strong> and our website:<br />

www.parrafamlife.org.au<br />

6 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />


www.parrafamlife.org.au @parrafamlife parrafamlife<br />


A quick tour of Amoris Laetitia: The Joy of Love<br />

By Ben Smith,<br />

Director of the Family & Life Office<br />

WHEN I heard the title of the Pope’s<br />

latest apostolic exhortation, Amoris<br />

Laetitia, I automatically thought of<br />

Dean Martin’s famous song, That’s Amore. This<br />

song from the 1953 movie The Caddy became<br />

one of his major hits and signature songs.<br />

In this movie, Dean sings That’s Amore at<br />

the request of his mother and father during<br />

a large Italian family dinner celebration. The<br />

upbeat lyrics and catchy tune encourage family<br />

members, young and old, to get up and dance<br />

together.<br />

For me, this scene captures the joyful family<br />

love that Pope Francis, in Amoris Laetitia, is<br />

calling members of the Church to rediscover<br />

and radiate.<br />

A lot has changed in our society and our<br />

families since 1953. Some of these changes have<br />

been positive. However, over the past 50 years<br />

the secular understanding of marriage and<br />

the role of the family has been diverging from<br />

the Church’s understanding and the degree of<br />

this divergence is accelerating at our present<br />

moment in history.<br />

Amoris Laetitia is the fruit of a three-year<br />

global discernment process on the challenges<br />

facing the family. This process has involved<br />

two worldwide consultations of the faithful,<br />

two meetings of groups of bishops in Rome,<br />

hours of discussion and debate and, finally, the<br />

publication of Amoris Laetitia.<br />

Pope Francis’ approach in this document<br />

as indicated in paragraph 38, mirrors “the<br />

preaching and attitudes of Jesus, who set forth a<br />

demanding ideal [on marriage] yet never failed<br />

Pope Francis challenges people to rediscover marriage and family life as a vocation in which the love that flows in the family is an image of<br />

the Holy Trinity. <br />


to show compassion and closeness to the frailty<br />

of individuals like the Samaritan woman [at the<br />

well] or the woman caught in adultery.”<br />

Amoris Laetitia is full of practical wisdom<br />

on marriage and family life. A number of<br />

commentators have noted that the writing style<br />

makes the reader feel that the Pope is sitting<br />

at the family dinner table, sharing his wisdom<br />

and pastoral experience in a language that<br />

is accessible to people who aren’t trained in<br />

theology.<br />

In Chapter 3, Pope Francis challenges people<br />

to rediscover marriage and family life as a<br />

vocation in which the love that flows in the<br />

family is an image of the Holy Trinity.<br />

The longest chapter, Chapter 4, is a reflection<br />

on the nature of love as taught by St Paul<br />

in 1 Corinthians 13, applied to the practical<br />

circumstance of married couples called to live<br />

conjugal love.<br />

The fruitfulness of conjugal love that flows into<br />

the gift of children and the broader connections<br />

with the extended family is covered in Chapter<br />

5. Chapter 7 looks at the role of parents as<br />

primary educators of their children.<br />

The place of prayer and spirituality in family<br />

life is discussed in Chapter 9. Chapter 6<br />

examines approaches to marriage preparation<br />

and support needed by couples in their early<br />

years of marriage.<br />

Pastoral approaches for people in challenging<br />

life circumstances, such as the divorced and<br />

remarried, are the focus of Chapter 8.<br />

These pastoral issues are not just a concern<br />

for priests. The way we as a whole Christian<br />

community respond to the challenges of our<br />

own members is critical.<br />

Pope Francis reaffirms the importance of<br />

accompanying people who are struggling. He<br />

highlights in paragraph 299 that “the baptised<br />

who are divorced and civilly remarried need<br />

to be more fully integrated into Christian<br />

communities in the variety of ways possible,<br />

while avoiding any occasion of scandal.”<br />

Amoris Laetitia is worth reading patiently<br />

over a few weeks. It is a beacon of hope for all of<br />

us on our journey towards the wedding banquet<br />

of heaven.<br />

To contact the Diocese of Parramatta’s<br />

Family & Life Office, send an email to<br />

famlife@parra.catholic.org.au<br />

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<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 7

CATHOLIC YOUTH <strong>Catholic</strong>YouthParra @cyp_parramatta @<strong>Catholic</strong>YouthParra<br />

Twofold effect of faith<br />

By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

TWINS Julia and Lisa Hoban were both<br />

awarded the inaugural Diocesan Citation<br />

of Merit for Youth Award from the<br />

Diocese of Parramatta in 2015.<br />

Nominated for their dedication to the<br />

youth and music ministries in Christ the King<br />

Parish, North Rocks, the sisters have taken on<br />

significant roles to further the faith formation<br />

of the members of the CTK Alive high school<br />

youth group and the ROCKS young adult group<br />

for those aged 18 and older.<br />

Both groups endeavour to engage young<br />

people in ways that cater to the different interests<br />

and gifts of members.<br />

“I don’t think there is one size that fits all.<br />

Not all youth will come to the Church in the<br />

same way,” Lisa said. “Parishes need to provide<br />

different formats to engage with different<br />

people.”<br />

“We can’t be boring to young people,” Julia<br />

said. “We need to get the youth excited about<br />

their faith. That’s what keeps me coming back<br />

because I had mentors in high school who<br />

formed me in the faith and I want to give that<br />

back.”<br />

Lisa said she and Julia were lucky enough to<br />

come back to the faith. “Your high school years<br />

are when you discover yourself and we were able<br />

to find our faith then as well,” she added.<br />

The sisters had what they deemed a<br />

‘reconversion’, following in the footsteps of their<br />

parents.<br />

“Mum and Dad have never pushed us to<br />

do anything,” Lisa said. “But just seeing their<br />

involvement, witnessing their reconversion<br />

and what comes out of that, they’ve just really<br />

motivated us in our faith.”<br />

“If they hadn’t come back to the church, I’m<br />

not sure we would have,” Julia said. “They were<br />

the ones who brought us to church as a family.<br />

Who knows where we would be now without<br />

them?”<br />

“We credit a lot of our faith formation and<br />

leadership capabilities also to the other youth<br />

leaders in the team, Gerard Sadaya, Gerianne<br />

Sadaya and Jamie Hoban, our older brother,”<br />

Julia continued. “We call them our three older<br />

siblings, even though Jamie is our only blood<br />

brother.”<br />

Their father, Deacon Tony Hoban, has also<br />

been a great inspiration, providing great spiritual<br />

insight and showing how to balance increasingly<br />

busy schedules with parish commitments.<br />

“I’m working full time in the city, with 12 hour<br />

days,” Julia said.<br />

“And I’m teaching at a rural school in Taree,<br />

a town on the mid-north coast of NSW,” Lisa<br />

said. “That’s something we learnt from Dad. He<br />

was studying theology, working full time and<br />

studying for the diaconate. Needless to say, we<br />

had very chaotic weekends.<br />

“I find it amusing when we sit down and<br />

discuss which Mass we’re attending. It’s very rare<br />

that we’ll all get to sit down and celebrate Mass<br />

together as a family.<br />

“We’re very busy people but we’re also very<br />

passionate.”<br />

Lisa’s work in Taree means she is commuting<br />

back and forth from month to month.<br />

Julia and Lisa Hoban are dedicated to the youth and music ministries in North Rocks Parish. PHOTO: ELIZABETH MCFARLANE<br />

“Every two or three weeks I come back. I try<br />

to come back as much as I can for the youth<br />

group because it’s been really hard being away,”<br />

she explained.<br />

“Occasionally, they’ll call me or Skype me but<br />

it’s been hard being away from the ministry.”<br />

Julia and Lisa will be attending World Youth<br />

Day in Krakow, Poland, next month.<br />

“This will be my first WYD. I wasn’t able to<br />

go with Julia and Jamie to WYD13 because I<br />

was on practicum for my teaching degree,” Lisa<br />

explained.<br />

“I remember lying in bed and listening to the<br />

recordings. Just knowing that there were about<br />

three million people on that beach in Rio de<br />

Janeiro is remarkable.”<br />

Julia’s experience of WYD13 was uplifting<br />

and she is looking forward to experiencing the<br />

international <strong>Catholic</strong> youth event with her<br />

sister.<br />

“When you see the millions of faces of young<br />

people surrounding you, you realise you’re<br />

not alone,” she said. “I’m so excited about the<br />

initiatives we’ll also be inspired to undertake<br />

when we come back to North Rocks. It’s<br />

definitely going to give our youth group that<br />

extra push.”<br />

Youth Mass at North Rocks is celebrated the<br />

last Saturday of each month at 6pm. For further<br />

details about the two youth groups, please call<br />

Julia on 0452 560 101.<br />

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Our Way<br />

of Mercy<br />



FROM 22-24 JULY<br />

Rachel mourns her children;<br />

she refuses to be consoled<br />

because her children are no more.<br />

Thus says the Lord:<br />

Cease your cries of mourning.<br />

Wipe the tears from your eyes.<br />

The sorrow you have shown<br />

shall have its reward.<br />

There is hope for your future.<br />

(Jer 31:15-17)<br />

THIS WEEKEND retreat in Sydney is<br />

designed to bring psychological and spiritual<br />

healing to anyone who has been affected by an<br />

abortion experience including women, men,<br />

couples and grandparents.<br />

Rachel's Vineyard Ministries Australia is<br />

supported by the Australian <strong>Catholic</strong> Bishops<br />

Conference.<br />

Confidential inquiries:<br />

Tel or SMS 0400 092 555<br />

info@rachelsvineyard.org.au<br />

For more information visit:<br />

www.rachelsvineyard.org.au<br />

By Richard McMahon, Director of<br />

Pastoral Planning & Implementation<br />

THE CROSS continues to attract people<br />

of all ages and backgrounds, focusing us<br />

on the heart of our faith: the life, death<br />

and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this<br />

Year of Mercy, what better symbol to celebrate<br />

within our diocesan<br />

communities?<br />

In August, a large<br />

cross will commence<br />

its journey through our<br />

Diocese accompanied<br />

by a relic of our diocesan<br />

patron, St Mary of the<br />

Cross MacKillop, and a<br />

letter penned by Blessed<br />

Teresa of Calcutta.<br />

The Way of Mercy will<br />

begin on 8 August and conclude with the closing<br />

of the Holy Door at St Patrick’s Cathedral on 13<br />

November.<br />

The cross will be hosted by local communities<br />

across the Diocese, with celebrations including<br />

processions, prayer, veneration, music,<br />

testimonials and a sending forth of participants<br />

to be agents of mercy.<br />

Parishes, ethnic groups, schools, religious<br />

institutes and <strong>Catholic</strong> movements in each<br />

region will be invited to attend the local visit of<br />

the cross.<br />

Our diocesan patron is St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.<br />

Parishes, ethnic communities and schools<br />

are being encouraged to nominate Mercy<br />

Representatives, who will help animate and link<br />

people to the upcoming journey.<br />

It is hoped that the journey of the cross will<br />

illuminate existing works of mercy throughout<br />

our Diocese.<br />

Communities will be inspired to both<br />

strengthen and create new pastoral initiatives as<br />

a lasting legacy of mercy, long after the Year of<br />

Mercy concludes.<br />

The Way of Mercy is a diocesan-wide initiative<br />

of the Pastoral Planning Office in cooperation<br />

with the Year of Mercy Committee. Please join<br />

with me in praying that the Way of Mercy will<br />

be a grace-filled opportunity for the people of<br />

our Diocese and those we seek to call into the<br />

fullness of the life Jesus offers.<br />

If you wish to offer your support to the Way of<br />

Mercy, through your time and giftedness, please<br />

contact the Pastoral Planning Office tel (02) 9831<br />

4911 or send an email to pastoralplanning@<br />

parra.catholic.org.au<br />


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www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 9


Castle Hill<br />

Parish is<br />

young at<br />

heart<br />

By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

IF THE FUTURE of the Church is determined<br />

by the commitment and service of its youth,<br />

then St Bernadette’s Parish in Castle Hill is a<br />

custodian of that future.<br />

The youthful vibrancy of the parish shines<br />

through and connects borders.<br />

Assistant Priest Fr Michael Gigau Gathuku is<br />

overjoyed by the considerable number of young<br />

people making up the parish youth groups as<br />

they remind him of his home in Kenya.<br />

“Being in Castle Hill is where I should be.<br />

The church is very vibrant and so much so that<br />

it feels as if God has planned my service to this<br />

parish because the people make me feel like I<br />

belong,” Fr Michael said.<br />

“I do not get homesick because I feel myself<br />

fitting in here and the number of groups and<br />

young people connect me to my home in Kenya.<br />

“It is wonderful to know that I am fully here.<br />

I do not feel like I am half in Kenya and half in<br />

Australia because Castle Hill is so inclusive and<br />

feels like home. I don’t miss out on the vibrancy<br />

of young people in Kenya because they are here<br />

in Castle Hill."<br />

Fr Alfons Nahak SVD has been an Assistant<br />

Priest in the parish for just three months but he<br />

is already a witness to the strength of the youth<br />

at St Bernadette’s.<br />

“I was born in Indonesia and when I was there<br />

I thought that maybe in Australia the youth<br />

would be not as active as in Indonesia. But when<br />

I came here, I was really impressed,” Fr Alfons<br />

said.<br />

“The youth are not only active but they<br />

are multicultural. In Indonesia it isn’t as<br />

multicultural or international."<br />

James Hay has been the parish Youth Minister<br />

for just over two years, working with an active<br />

youth ministry movement, adapted from<br />

Life Teen, a comprehensive youth ministry<br />

movement with the central focus on the<br />

Eucharist.<br />

There are two different groups: Into Life for<br />

those in Years 7 & 8 and Life Nights for those in<br />

Years 9-12.<br />

“It’s about building community. I like to know<br />

that people can feel a part of somewhere and feel<br />

welcomed,” James said.<br />

“They’re a fun and inclusive bunch. There<br />

In parish ministry at St Bernadette’s are (from left): Fr Michael Gigau Gathuku, Youth Minister James Hay and Fr Alfons Nahak SVD. <br />

Fr Alfons Nahak SVD with parishioners who served up an array of<br />

tasty Indonesian dishes at last month’s Parish Food Fiesta. <br />

<br />


are a lot of youth groups I go to where there<br />

are still cliques but that’s not so much the case<br />

here. They’re really open to having new people<br />

coming."<br />

Working towards the Fugitive Winter Camp<br />

held from 11-13 July, James hopes the camp will<br />

equip people to run ministries and welcome<br />

new people into the community.<br />

“It’s about showing Church as a family and<br />

working on relationships,” he said.<br />

St Bernadette's Parish Priest, Monsignor John<br />

Boyle, believes it is the number of people who<br />

gather on Sunday for Mass that makes Castle<br />

Hill Parish unique. “It’s just an ordinary parish<br />

but more than 2000 people attend Mass on a<br />

Sunday," he said.<br />

"People are very involved. We have more<br />

than 40 groups that are assisting the needy and<br />

running outreach programs.<br />

"We have five choirs and we had about 25<br />

attend our altar servers' picnic earlier this year."<br />

The parish is a welcoming community<br />

supported by a welcoming Parish Priest and Fr<br />

Michael, Fr Alfons and James are all appreciative<br />

of the support Fr John provides the parish and<br />

its ministries.<br />


“Fr John is my mentor. You can feel that he<br />

cares and that you are in his prayers,” Fr Michael<br />

said.<br />

“He is incredibly generous in how he supports<br />

the youth and he’s always on board to help,<br />

despite his busy schedule,” James said.<br />

“Fr John has a lot of experience in how to run<br />

the parish and how to serve people. He helps<br />

me understand how to run a parish in Australia<br />

and I am very grateful to him for receiving me<br />

here,” Fr Alfons said. “The love and guidance of<br />

Fr John and the support of the parishioners help<br />

me to be a better priest."<br />

Celebrate the Holy Year of Mercy by supporting priests, religious sisters and brothers wherever the Church is poor, persecuted or threatened<br />

A priest visiting the sick in Peru<br />

*<br />

10 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />


<strong>Catholic</strong> Super – providing superannuation<br />

services for more than 40 years<br />


Mons John Boyle: A legacy of service in Parramatta<br />

By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

WHILE THE Diocese of Parramatta<br />

celebrates its 30th anniversary<br />

this year, Monsignor John Boyle is<br />

celebrating 45 years since his ordination to the<br />

priesthood.<br />

A life lived in Parramatta, schooled and<br />

raised, Fr John attended St Patrick’s Primary and<br />

Parramatta Marist Brothers.<br />

“I completed schooling in 1962 and I was<br />

challenged through my education, my family<br />

and through my religious experiences to serve<br />

others,” Fr John said.<br />

“I saw life wasn’t meant just for me but that it<br />

was meant to be lived in service to others.”<br />

Fr John’s priestly vocation was strongly<br />

influenced by his family’s legacy of community<br />

service in Parramatta.<br />

His family would perform musical concerts<br />

for pregnant teenagers, mental health patients<br />

and murderers.<br />

They would perform at the old Girl’s Industrial<br />

School (the former St Patrick’s Orphanage) and<br />

at the nearby psychiatric hospital. They would<br />

then head next door to the local jail.<br />

Ushered into the assembly hall of Parramatta<br />

Correctional Centre, inmates would watch the<br />

family ensemble play musical items and recite<br />

poetry.<br />

“We were brought up with that musical<br />

tradition, which was very Irish,” Fr John said.<br />

“My mother and uncle could play the violin and<br />

my grandmother was employed as a pianist for a<br />

cinema after leaving school.”<br />

In the local cinema, the films were silent<br />

and as the cowboys raced across the plains, his<br />

grandmother would play to the scene, evoking<br />

vital emotional cues for the audience.<br />

“We’d have parties where the whole<br />

Mons John Boyle: "I saw life wasn’t meant just for me but that it was meant to be lived in service to others." PHOTO: ELIZABETH MCFARLANE<br />

family would perform and the children and<br />

grandchildren would dance and sing,” he said.<br />

Fr John was introduced from a young age to<br />

major community developments, witnessing his<br />

father negotiate the purchase of the land for the<br />

Parramatta Leagues Club.<br />

“My father was on the Ambulance Service<br />

Board for the Parramatta/Auburn District and<br />

the board for the development of the local<br />

swimming pool, as was my grandmother,” he<br />

explained.<br />

But the family’s community service wasn’t<br />

limited to development negotiations and musical<br />

concerts for those on the fringe of society.<br />

Nine doors down from his grandmother’s<br />

house was an old man who would sleep on a<br />

veranda at the back of a house.<br />

“My grandmother would cook and hand me a<br />

tray of food. I would have to take the tray down<br />

to the old man. I hated going there. I suppose<br />

I was spooked that he would grab me,” Fr John<br />

said.<br />

“But my grandmother then became conscious<br />

of a greater community need when she realised<br />

there were many going without hot meals, so she<br />

worked with the mayoress at the time, Eileen<br />

Mahoney, to establish Meals on Wheels.<br />

“With her musical background, my<br />

grandmother also worked to set up the<br />

Parramatta Eisteddfod.<br />

“With the long history of community service<br />

in my family, it was only natural for me to ask,<br />

‘How can I best serve others in the community?’”<br />

Fr John was one of a number of altar servers<br />

at St Patrick’s Church, later Cathedral, when<br />

Monsignor McGovern was the Parish Priest.<br />

‘We were brought<br />

up with that<br />

musical tradition,<br />

which was very<br />

Irish.’ - MONS BOYLE<br />

Before Mass, Mons McGovern would talk to the<br />

boys about what they had learned at school.<br />

“He would teach us about the history of the<br />

early Church and he exemplified service, making<br />

sure we had breakfast after we had been to early<br />

morning Mass. He had a very big influence on<br />

my life and vocation,” Fr John said.<br />

There were 63 other students with Fr John<br />

when he joined the seminary, creating a<br />

community of companionship and camaraderie.<br />

Ordained in 1971, Fr John went on to serve<br />

in many parishes, and in 1991, he returned<br />

to Parramatta, appointed as the Dean of the<br />

Cathedral.<br />

“I was taught by nuns in primary school and<br />

when I returned as Parish Priest, some of my<br />

teachers were living in the convent and were my<br />

parishioners,” Fr John said.<br />

Currently the parish priest at St Bernadette’s,<br />

Castle Hill, Fr John said the young people are<br />

taking up the challenge to serve.<br />

“They look after each other and they’re<br />

committed. Ask them to do anything and they<br />

will do it well and with finesse,” he said.<br />

“It’s terrific to see the next generation being<br />

challenged to serve in the same way that I was.”<br />

Offices in BrisBane, canBerra, Darwin,<br />

GeelOnG, HOBart, MelBOurne, PertH & syDney<br />

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ư Superior long term investment performance<br />

ư Fees well below Industry average<br />

ư Flexible investment options<br />

ư Superannuation and pension products<br />

ư Low cost personal insurance<br />

ư Financial planning advice<br />

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Authorised by CSF Pty Limited (ABN 30 006 169 286; AFSL 246664), the Trustee of the MyLifeMyMoney Superannuation Fund (ABN 50 237 896 957).This information is about the Fund and is general information only.<br />

It has been prepared without taking into account your personal investment objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed in any way as, investment, legal or financial advice. CS106 150915<br />

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www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE<br />

16/09/2015<br />

<strong>2016</strong>12:48 pm11


It’s a long<br />

way to the<br />

top if you<br />

want a<br />

priest for all<br />

Story and Photo by Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

ON 5 MAY this year, Pope Francis<br />

announced Bishop Vincent Long Van<br />

Nguyen, 54, as the fourth Bishop of<br />

Parramatta.<br />

Having ministered as a Conventual Franciscan<br />

priest in Australia since 1989 and as Auxiliary<br />

Bishop of the Archdiocese of Melbourne since<br />

2011, Bishop Vincent said he was humbled and<br />

excited about the prospect of serving the people<br />

of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.<br />

After his ordination to the priesthood on<br />

30 December 1989, Bishop Vincent went to<br />

Rome for further studies and was awarded a<br />

licentiate in Christology and Spirituality from<br />

the Pontifical Faculty of St Bonaventure.<br />

“I spent about seven years in the Diocese of<br />

Parramatta as an assistant priest and then as<br />

Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.<br />

I left Kellyville in 2002, which is now in the<br />

burgeoning part of the Diocese,” Bishop Vincent<br />

said.<br />

“Even though it has been 15 years, I have fond<br />

memories of my first parish in Kellyville and I<br />

hope with that knowledge and that familiarity,<br />

I can start to work to minister as Bishop in the<br />

Diocese.”<br />

The Provincial Delegate of the Franciscan<br />

Friars at Kellyville, Br Joseph Wood OFM<br />

Conv, said they were “very happy” about the<br />

appointment of their brother, Bishop Vincent.<br />

“Bishop Vincent’s Franciscan brothers wish<br />

him and the Diocese of Parramatta every<br />

happiness and fraternal support in this new<br />

beginning together,” Br Joseph said.<br />

“Naturally, we are also very grateful to the<br />

Diocesan Administrator, Fr Peter Williams,<br />

for holding everything together after the<br />

appointment of our previous Bishop, Anthony<br />

Fisher OP, as Archbishop of Sydney.”<br />

The appointment of a Vietnamese migrant and<br />

refugee as Bishop of Parramatta was welcomed<br />

by Fr Henry Huu Duc Tran, priest in charge of<br />

the Vietnamese Chaplaincy of the Diocese of<br />

Parramatta, and Parish Priest of Our Lady of<br />

Lourdes Parish at Seven Hills.<br />

“I consider myself as privileged to know<br />

Bishop Vincent from way back in his student<br />

days to his more senior positions both in the<br />

Diocese and elsewhere,” Fr Henry said.<br />

"I am very grateful<br />

to God for leading<br />

me to the Diocese<br />

of Parramatta."<br />

“From a cultural perspective, I am proud of<br />

him, and the Vietnamese <strong>Catholic</strong> communities<br />

both here and beyond are proud of him too for<br />

such an Apostolic role being entrusted to him.<br />

“But at the same time, we know fully well<br />

that he, as a bishop, must belong to every<br />

group, every community, every culture and<br />

background in the Diocese.<br />

“We have to make sure that Bishop Vincent<br />

enjoys the total support from the whole<br />

Vietnamese <strong>Catholic</strong> community to fulfil a<br />

bigger role as Bishop of all people across this<br />

beloved Diocese.”<br />


Many from the Archdiocese of Melbourne<br />

have also voiced their best wishes for the new<br />

Bishop.<br />

Collin Nunis and his wife, Agnieszka Kosidio-<br />

Nunis, first met Bishop Vincent (and each other)<br />

at a youth event in Melbourne in early 2012.<br />

“From the first time we encountered Bishop<br />

Vincent, we found him to be approachable,<br />

accommodating, and helpful,” they said.<br />

“However, behind his Franciscan simplicity was<br />

a giant of a man, and behind his being a bishop<br />

was a father looking out for his children.<br />

“His demeanour and especially his<br />

determination to look out for ‘the least of my<br />

brethren’ (asylum seekers and refugees) will be<br />

sorely missed. Melbourne’s loss is Parramatta’s<br />

gain.”<br />

Bishop Vincent’s motto is: “Duc in Altum” or<br />

“Go further into the deep”.<br />

“I have been cast into the deep interior of<br />

Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains and<br />

it’s a new challenge for me, but I know that the<br />

challenge will train me to hopefully be a better<br />

pastor for you,” he said.<br />

“God has his own ways of intervening in<br />

our lives, and certainly this appointment is<br />

something that I did not expect but I am very<br />

grateful to God for leading me to the Diocese<br />

of Parramatta.<br />

“Do pray for me as I endeavour to carry out<br />

the mission that has been entrusted to me and I<br />

hope to do so in collaboration with you and the<br />

clergy of Parramatta.”<br />

To watch a video message from Bishop<br />

Vincent go to: https://www.youtube.com/<br />

ParramattaDiocese<br />

Now<br />

enrolling<br />

for 2018<br />

Prayer for our<br />

Bishop Vincent<br />

and our Diocese<br />

Gracious Holy Spirit,<br />

may the fire of your<br />

love and wisdom guide<br />

Vincent, your servant,<br />

called to be the fourth<br />

bishop of our Diocese of<br />

Parramatta.<br />

Prepare us to welcome and<br />

embrace Bishop Vincent<br />

as a brother and shepherd.<br />

Grant that his witness<br />

may encourage for each<br />

of us, and as a Diocese,<br />

our discerning of your<br />

presence, your mission and<br />

your call.<br />

Bless our Bishop to be a<br />

shepherd after the heart<br />

of Christ and bless our<br />

Diocese as an embrace of<br />

your mercy and joy for the<br />

world.<br />

Amen<br />

FROM*<br />

$4190<br />

*PLUS<br />



A 15 day pilgrimage departs<br />

2nd September <strong>2016</strong> with<br />

Fr Robert Melnick OFM<br />

A true Spanish fiesta as we set out to explore<br />

the great cities, shrines, saints and ancient<br />

pilgrim roads of this most spectacular country.<br />

Featuring: Madrid • Burgos • Astorga<br />

• Santiago de Compostela • Fatima<br />

College Open<br />

Morning Tours<br />

Monday <strong>June</strong> 6 & Monday July 25<br />

Year 11, 2017<br />

Information Evening<br />

Wednesday July 27<br />

*Costs have been based on prices as at February <strong>2016</strong> and must remain subject to possible change in the unlikely event of significant<br />

exchange rate variations, airfare increases and minimum group size contingencies. Lic. 2TA 003632<br />

CALL: 1800 819 156<br />

VISIT: harvestjourneys.com<br />

A Mercy Education is treasured for life<br />

Visit www.olmc.nsw.edu for more<br />

information and to book<br />

12 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />



At the ACBC plenary meeting in May <strong>2016</strong>, Bishop Vincent was elected to the Permanent Committee (from left): Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop Denis Hart, Bishop Eugene Hurley, Archbishop<br />

Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop Philip Wilson, Archbishop Christopher Prowse, Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv and Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB. <br />

PHOTO: ACBC.<br />

Journey from Vietnam to Parramatta<br />

BISHOP VINCENT Long Van Nguyen<br />

OFM Conv was born on 3 December<br />

1961 in Gia-Kiem, Vietnam, the fourth in<br />

a family of five sons and two daughters.<br />

In 1972, he joined the diocesan minor<br />

seminary, Long-Khanh, which was later<br />

disbanded by the communist government.<br />

In 1980, he left Vietnam on a boat and<br />

eventually began his new life in Australia,<br />

arriving in December 1981.<br />

In 1983 he became a Conventual Franciscan<br />

friar and studied for the priesthood in<br />

Melbourne.<br />

After his priestly ordination on 30 December<br />

1989 he was sent to Rome for further studies and<br />

in 1994 was awarded a licentiate in Christology<br />

and Spirituality from the Pontifical Faculty of St<br />

Bonaventure.<br />

Returning to Australia, he was assigned as a<br />

formator in his Order and as an assistant priest<br />

at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kellyville,<br />

from 1995-98. He was appointed parish priest<br />

of Kellyville for four years and then Springvale,<br />

Victoria, for seven years from 2002-08.<br />

He was elected superior of his order in<br />

Australia in 2005 and president of the Federation<br />

of Conventuals in Asia-Oceania in 2006. In<br />

2008 he was called to Rome to serve as Assistant<br />

General of the Order responsible for the Asia-<br />

Oceania section of the worldwide order.<br />

On 20 May 2011, Pope Benedict XVI<br />

appointed Bishop Vincent as Auxiliary Bishop<br />

for the Archdiocese of Melbourne, assigning<br />

him the Episcopal see of Tala.<br />

Bishop Vincent’s Episcopal ordination took<br />

place at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, on<br />

23 <strong>June</strong> 2011 after which he was assigned the<br />

Current Australian <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

Bishops Conference<br />

• Member of the Permanent<br />

Committee<br />

• Member of the Bishops<br />

Commission for Pastoral<br />

Life<br />

• Member of the Bishops<br />

Commission for Justice,<br />

Ecology & Development<br />

• Bishops Delegate for<br />

Migrants<br />

• Chairman of the Australian<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Social Justice<br />

Council<br />

Background/Education<br />

• Born on 3 December 1961<br />

in Gia-Kiem, South<br />

Vietnam;<br />

• Joined minor seminary<br />

in 1972 at Long-Khanh,<br />

Diocese of Xuan-Loc;<br />

• Escaped from communism<br />

as a boat-person on 11<br />

August 1980;<br />

• Arrived in Australia on 2<br />

December 1981;<br />

• Joined the Order of Friars<br />

Minor Conventual in 1983;<br />

• Studied for the priesthood<br />

Western Region of the Archdiocese.<br />

Bishop Vincent was appointed the Chair of the<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Education Commission of Victoria on<br />

16 March 2012. He was appointed the Episcopal<br />

Vicar for Social Services in the Archdiocese of<br />

Melbourne on 28 January 2015.<br />

Bishop Vincent has his mother, a brother and<br />

a sister in Melbourne, three brothers in Holland<br />

and one sister in Vietnam.<br />

in Melbourne 1984;<br />

• Made solemn profession as<br />

a Conventual Franciscan on<br />

14 January 1989;<br />

• Conferred with Bachelor<br />

of Theology at Yarra<br />

Theological College, Box<br />

Hill in 1988;<br />

• Studied for two years in<br />

Rome, 1992-1994; and<br />

• Awarded a licentiate in<br />

Christology and Spirituality<br />

from Pontifical Faculty<br />

of St Bonaventure, Rome<br />

(‘Seraphicum’), in 1994.<br />

Vincent Long OFM Conv with Most Rev Marco Tasca<br />

OFM Conv, Minister General in 2011.<br />

Conventual<br />

Franciscans<br />

IN 1209, St Francis of Assisi received<br />

formal approval from<br />

Pope Innocent III for his new<br />

way of life. He called his community<br />

the Friars Minor (Lesser Brothers).<br />

St Francis wanted his followers to<br />

imitate the humility of Christ and<br />

to minister to the least in society.<br />

After St Francis’ death, his movement<br />

possessed such vitality, with<br />

so many opinions on how to live<br />

his form of Gospel life that, over<br />

time, his charism could not be contained<br />

in one community. In 1517,<br />

the Order divided into autonomous<br />

branches, each professing a valid<br />

perspective of their observance of<br />

his rule.<br />

The Conventual followers of St<br />

Francis chose to minister in the<br />

heart of the cities rather than in<br />

more remote hermitages. They<br />

chose to band together in large<br />

houses (conventus, in Latin), living<br />

a life steeped in prayer, study, and<br />

work.<br />

From these friaries, the Conventual<br />

friars charted the stars with Galileo,<br />

developed math theorems with<br />

Da Vinci, composed with Mozart,<br />

invented eyeglasses, and offered<br />

charity and consolation toward all.<br />

When the care you seek is<br />

unconditional - talk to us.<br />

wnbull@wnbull.com (02) 9519 5344<br />

www.wnbull.com.au<br />

Parra_<strong>Outlook</strong>.indd 1<br />

www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

17/05/<strong>2016</strong> 4:51 pm<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 13

CATHOLIC EDUCATION www.parra.catholic.edu.au @<strong>Catholic</strong>EdParra <strong>Catholic</strong>EdParra<br />

Funding a worldclass<br />

education<br />

system<br />

EDUCATION funding is<br />

shaping up to be one of<br />

the key playgrounds for the<br />

major parties in the leadup<br />

to the <strong>2016</strong> Federal<br />

Election. Both the Coalition<br />

and Labor parties have<br />

committed to increasing<br />

federal funding for schools.<br />

Labor has committed to an<br />

increase of $4.5 billion from<br />

2018-19; the Coalition has<br />

committed to an additional<br />

$1.2 billion from 2018-20.<br />

Adequate funding based<br />

on the needs of students<br />

should be a given. Funding<br />

shouldn’t be the political<br />

football it has become. It<br />

is time for a bipartisan and<br />

long-term approach to<br />

education. Schools require<br />

certainty of funding not just<br />

for the next two or three<br />

years, but well into the next<br />

decade.<br />

We need to stop arguing about how much funding and<br />

start talking about where the money should be best<br />

spent to improve student learning outcomes in this<br />

country.<br />

Federal policy should see education as a continual<br />

journey. Every child in Australia deserves access to an<br />

affordable quality education that shouldn’t begin in<br />

Kindergarten and end in Year 12. When we talk about<br />

education it has to include preschool as well as postschool<br />

education.<br />

At the moment, we divide education into four separate<br />

parts: early learning, primary, high school and higher<br />

education rather than seeing it as a whole educational<br />

journey.<br />

It is time we have a coordinated approach linking early<br />

learning to school and beyond. We need a commitment<br />

from both sides of government to an education system<br />

that includes affordable and universal access to early<br />

education for all children, particularly for the most<br />

vulnerable children in our communities.<br />

We need to resource partnerships between schooling,<br />

industry and community to provide students with the<br />

support and skills to transition to work and further<br />

study.<br />

When we live in a nation as prosperous as ours, we<br />

cannot continue to view early learning and post-school<br />

opportunities as an optional extra in education. If we<br />

want Australia to be the ‘smart’ country, we have to fund<br />

a world-class education system.<br />

Greg Whitby<br />

Executive Director of Schools<br />

'It is time<br />

we have a<br />

coordinated<br />

approach linking<br />

early learning<br />

to school and<br />

beyond.'<br />

ELECTION <strong>2016</strong>:<br />

know the funding facts<br />

Coalition<br />

• Committed to an additional $1.2 billion in<br />

school funding from 2018-20;<br />

• Funding distribution will be needs based<br />

(more funding for students with higher<br />

needs);<br />

• Funding will be linked to specific reforms,<br />

including:<br />

Literacy and numeracy assessment for<br />

Year 1 students and annual literacy and<br />

numeracy reports for parents;<br />

A minimum literacy and numeracy<br />

standard for Year 12 school leavers and<br />

within a decade all students to complete<br />

an English/Humanities subject and<br />

Maths or Science subject before getting<br />

an ATAR;<br />

Recruitment targets for STEM<br />

teachers; and<br />

Linking teacher remuneration<br />

to progression against the Australian<br />

Professional Standards for Teachers.<br />

• $118.2 million in funding for students<br />

with disability.<br />

Labor<br />

• Committed to an additional $4.5 billion<br />

over 2018-20 for schools;<br />

• Funding distribution will be needs based;<br />

• Labor policy will focus on:<br />

More individual attention for students,<br />

including more one-on-one teacher<br />

time and targeted literacy and<br />

numeracy programs;<br />

Better-trained teachers, including<br />

lifting teacher education entry<br />

standards and increasing the number of<br />

teachers with STEM qualifications; and<br />

More targeted resources and better<br />

equipped classrooms.<br />

• An additional $320 million for students<br />

with disability.<br />

@gregwhitby<br />

blog: bluyonder.wordpress.com<br />

14 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />


www.parra.catholic.edu.au @<strong>Catholic</strong>EdParra <strong>Catholic</strong>EdParra<br />

Preschool students design new outdoor<br />

learning space<br />

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Schools, Greg<br />

Whitby, has announced the appointment<br />

of Greg Miller as the founding Principal of<br />

the Diocese of Parramatta’s next generation<br />

school, St Luke’s <strong>Catholic</strong> College, which<br />

will open in 2017 at Elara, Marsden Park.<br />


Principal appointed for next generation school<br />

Above: The kids love climbing up the hill to slide back down.<br />

Right: Incorporating nature into play at Blacktown CELC.<br />

A NEW outdoor learning space was unveiled<br />

recently at the <strong>Catholic</strong> Early Learning Centre<br />

(CELC) at Blacktown South designed by some<br />

of their former preschoolers and with help<br />

from local community grants.<br />

The preschoolers who attended the CELC in<br />

2012 designed the space based on what they<br />

wanted to see and do in the space.<br />

CELC Director Donna Harding said the<br />

design concentrates heavily on exploration and<br />

discovery.<br />

“We wanted children to explore outdoor<br />

experiences from imaginative play,<br />

construction, art and other learning<br />

experiences, especially in a natural<br />

environment,” Donna said.<br />

“Their designs transformed a flat, grassed area<br />

with a shade sail into an outdoor learning space<br />

that sparks creativity and lets the imagination<br />

run wild.”<br />

The new area includes a dry rockbed that<br />

can turn into a river that flows into the new<br />

sandpit, a rock-climbing wall, a slide, a balance<br />

bike path with different surfaces, bridges<br />

that lead to hidden gardens and many other<br />

elements that incorporate learning in play,<br />

which is an integral feature of early learning.<br />



• There are four <strong>Catholic</strong> Early Learning<br />

Centres in the Diocese of Parramatta<br />

located in Blacktown, Emerton,<br />

Greystanes and Stanhope Gardens.<br />

• CELCs provide quality early learning<br />

for children aged three to five years.<br />

• With a higher staff-to-child ratio and<br />

a higher level of staff qualifications than<br />

the standard staffing requirements, each<br />

child is taught by qualified educators<br />

who tailor learning to meet a child’s<br />

specific skills, interests, abilities and<br />

learning needs.<br />

• CELCs value partnerships with<br />

families and seek active involvement<br />

in the learning journey, through<br />

shared decision-making and open<br />

communication.<br />

To find your nearest CELC, visit<br />

http://www.celc.catholic.edu.au/home<br />

“Greg is an innovative educator with a<br />

depth of experience and the ability to think<br />

outside the box,” Greg said. “St Luke’s brings<br />

together the best we know about how young<br />

people learn and how to teach them and<br />

we need a great leader who will build this<br />

learning community collaboratively as part<br />

of the mission of the Church in Marsden<br />

Park.”<br />

Greg said he was tremendously excited to<br />

be taking up the opportunity to be Principal<br />

of St Luke’s. “I am impressed with the<br />

Diocese of Parramatta’s vision to establish a<br />

next generation learning community that is<br />

innovative and ahead of its time,” Greg said.<br />

“I am looking forward to this opportunity<br />

and to working with a team dedicated to<br />

NEXT MONTH, nearly 300 pilgrims will<br />

represent the Diocese of Parramatta at<br />

WYD16 Krakow, Poland.<br />

Pilgrims will participate in one of two<br />

pilgrimages which will include a mission<br />

encounter in the Philippines or a pilgrimage<br />

in the steps of St John Paul II prior to<br />

attending World Youth Day.<br />

WYD Project Officer, Mark Tuffy, said there<br />

was much excitement and anticipation<br />

among the pilgrims. “The mission<br />

encounter program in the Philippines will<br />

be a rewarding experience for our pilgrims,<br />

allowing them an opportunity to put their<br />

faith into action,” Mark said.<br />

Fundraising activities to support the<br />

pilgrims and mission projects have been<br />

underway for many months. The Diocesan<br />

Car Raffle raised more than $450,000 and<br />

schools of the Diocese raised $50,000 on<br />

Greg Miller, the new Principal of St Luke's <strong>Catholic</strong> College,<br />

Marsden Park.<br />

take on new challenges and look to the<br />

future.”<br />

Greg was the Secondary Schools Consultant<br />

in the Diocese of Broken Bay and past<br />

Principal of Mater Dei <strong>Catholic</strong> College,<br />

Wagga Wagga. He has extensive teaching<br />

and school leadership experience.<br />

Ready, set … World Youth Day fast approaching<br />

Third stage of the building of the Sacred Heart Academy<br />

Learning Centre in Our Lady of Light Parish.<br />

Mission Day (gold & fold) activities to<br />

support the projects in the parishes of the<br />

Philippines.<br />

In addition, a WYD16 Gala Dinner was<br />

held in February with almost $100,000<br />

raised to build a learning centre in Our<br />

Lady of Light Parish, Loon, Bohol, which<br />

will be opened and blessed when the<br />

Parramatta pilgrims arrive next month.<br />

Today's learners: tomorrow's leaders<br />



Sibling discounts available. School based fees may apply. The Byallawa co-contribution scheme for<br />

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and the Bishop Manning Scholarship Fund have<br />

been established for families in need of financial assistance.<br />

No child will be refused enrolment because of a family’s inability to afford school fees.<br />

@catholicedparra catholicedparra<br />

www.parra.catholic.edu.au<br />

www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 15

CATHOLIC EDUCATION www.parra.catholic.edu.au @<strong>Catholic</strong>EdParra <strong>Catholic</strong>EdParra<br />

Engaging Mathematics learning through Lesson Study<br />

Army tent mystery at<br />

Our Lady of the Lourdes<br />

Primary, Seven Hills<br />

The army tent was part of a whole school writing task at OLOL.<br />

The aim of the Lesson Study is to provide the best possible maths<br />

experience for students and staff.<br />

AS PART of the EM4 (English Mathematics Stage 4) program,<br />

secondary Mathematics teachers from across the Diocese are<br />

engaging in a version of the Japanese Lesson Study process.<br />

This is an opportunity for teachers to see how their colleagues<br />

are teaching Maths, evaluate the effectiveness of teaching<br />

strategies and gain some valuable tools for their own lesson<br />

planning.<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Education’s EM4 academic partner, Emeritus Prof Peter<br />

Sullivan, said teachers must find other ways to engage students<br />

in Maths and this required a change in practice.<br />

“The best way for teachers to become familiar with new practice<br />

is to see it in action and to understand the approaches,” Peter<br />

said.<br />

By the end of <strong>2016</strong>, every Stage 4 Mathematics teacher will<br />

have had an experience of at least three to four observations of<br />

colleagues both in another school and in their own school.<br />

Students complete an open-ended Maths task.<br />

STUDENTS from Our Lady of Lourdes Primary, Seven Hills,<br />

arrived at school on 26 April to find something unusual. In the<br />

centre of their school oval was a large army tent containing a<br />

trunk, hat, blanket, lantern and biscuit tin.<br />

Throughout the week, classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 took<br />

turns to examine the scene and its many artefacts as part of a<br />

whole school writing exercise.<br />

English Literacy Coordinator Julianne Regan said the live<br />

stimulus helped to motivate and improve student writing<br />

outcomes with stories ranging from WWII recollections, to<br />

space exploration and even mythical creatures.<br />

“There have been some great oral discussions among the<br />

students inside the tent and throughout the week,” Julianne<br />

said. “We have also seen some breakthroughs with students,<br />

particularly boys, who have previously been reluctant writers.<br />

“Although setting up the tent might have required a little extra<br />

work, the outcomes for our students by encouraging their<br />

writing and fuelling their creativity and collaboration has made<br />

it more than worthwhile.”<br />

Blind newsreader inspires<br />

Our Lady of the Way students<br />

Moya McGuiness retires<br />

after 48 years with <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

Education<br />

Rotary Club’s annual Mother’s<br />

Day awards<br />

Nastasia Campanella speaking with students Asha and Edward.<br />

ON 24 February this year, Triple J newsreader and former<br />

student of the Diocese of Parramatta Nastasia Campanella<br />

visited Our Lady of the Way (OLOW) Primary, Emu Plains, to<br />

share her experiences of being blind with the school community.<br />

Nas lost her eyesight when she was six months old when a rare<br />

abnormality caused the retinas to detach.<br />

Nas said it was with the help of her teachers that she developed a<br />

love of learning, in particular reading, and encouraged students<br />

to be just as determined in pursuing their goals.<br />

OLOW parent Patricia Smythe said Nas was a courageous and<br />

intelligent role model.<br />

“She took the time from her busy life to inspire the OLOW<br />

students and also to explain to everyone that ‘disability’ is just a<br />

word,” Patricia said. “Her story is truly inspirational and her visit<br />

has left a mark on many of us.”<br />

Principal Sue Veling said it was wonderful to see former students<br />

of the Diocese giving back to the school community.<br />

“We have been very fortunate that Nas has offered to become a<br />

lifelong mentor to the students at our school,” Sue said.<br />

Moya McGuiness with her husband, Richard, their grandchildren and<br />

daughters Suzette Lewis-Driver and Rebecca Borg.<br />

AFTER 48 years in <strong>Catholic</strong> Education, Principal of Sacred<br />

Heart Primary, Mt Druitt, Moya McGuiness has retired.<br />

Throughout her career, Moya has worked in a number of school<br />

communities throughout the Diocese including St Matthew’s<br />

Primary, Windsor; St John’s Primary, Riverstone; St John<br />

Vianney’s Primary, Doonside; St Monica’s Primary, Richmond,<br />

St Michael’s Primary, Baulkham Hills; and St Joseph’s Primary,<br />

Kingswood.<br />

Moya said she would particularly miss the school community at<br />

Sacred Heart, which she has led since 2003.<br />

“I feel very fortunate to have worked at Sacred Heart and will<br />

greatly miss the students, parents and teachers,” Moya said. “It<br />

was a hard decision to make but I look forward to watching the<br />

school to continue grow.”<br />

Member for Chifley, Ed Husic MP, also made special mention of<br />

Moya’s years of service in his address to Federal Parliament on<br />

16 March.<br />

The McGuiness family has made a significant contribution<br />

to <strong>Catholic</strong> Education, with more than 150 years combined<br />

teaching experience between Moya, her husband, Richard, and<br />

their two daughters.<br />

From left to right: Principal Tony Hughes; student Rebecca Kasemsri and<br />

her father; student Raphaella Perigo and her mother; Rotary Club of North<br />

Rocks President, Merv Tilden; student Lucas Sassen and his mother.<br />

ON 2 MAY, the Rotary Club at North Rocks held its annual<br />

Mother’s Day awards to celebrate local mums in the community.<br />

As part of the celebration, Year 5 students from Christ the King<br />

Primary, North Rocks, and North Rocks Public School were<br />

invited to participate in a writing competition entitled, My<br />

Mother, My Friend.<br />

A panel narrowed the submissions down to six students who<br />

were then invited, along with their families, to attend a special<br />

Rotary Club celebration at the Baulkham Hills Sports Club.<br />

Students Raphaella Perigo, Lucas Sassen and Rebecca Kasemsri<br />

were the winners from Christ the King Primary.<br />

Event organiser Monika Tracey said the annual Mother’s Day<br />

awards offered students an opportunity to engage in their<br />

writing skills while celebrating their mums.<br />

“Each child read their story or poem to their mum, who<br />

was then presented with flowers, chocolates and a bottle of<br />

champagne, while the child was presented with a certificate,”<br />

Monika said. “Dads and siblings joined us to make this an<br />

excellent night.”<br />

16 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />


www.ccss.org.au<br />

CCSSParramatta<br />


Celebrating NAIDOC Week <strong>2016</strong><br />


NAIDOC WEEK is a time to<br />

celebrate Aboriginal and Torres<br />

Strait Islander history, culture<br />

and achievements. To be held during<br />

the week of 3 - 10 July, NAIDOC Week<br />

provides an opportunity to recognise the<br />

contribution of Indigenous Australians to<br />

our country and our society. This year’s<br />

theme is, ‘Songlines: The living narrative<br />

of our nation’.<br />

The week is celebrated not only in<br />

Indigenous communities but also in<br />

increasing numbers of government<br />

agencies, community organisations,<br />

local councils, workplaces, schools and<br />

sporting groups.<br />

Aboriginal <strong>Catholic</strong> Services will<br />

celebrate NAIDOC Day by holding an<br />

event on Monday 4 July at Holy Family<br />

Parish, Emerton, from 10am-3pm.<br />

This free day out is a great way to start<br />

the school holidays with many activities<br />

for children, including a jumping castle,<br />

cup and saucer ride and a giant slide.<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong>Care<br />

Clothing Bins<br />

CATHOLICCARE Clothing Bins have<br />

been installed at locations across Western<br />

Sydney.<br />

Depositing your clean, wearable,<br />

unwanted clothes and linen helps to raise<br />

money to support our social services<br />

and programs including: Houses2Homes<br />

(homeless teenage mothers), RECOVER<br />

Wellbeing (mental health support),<br />

counselling and much more.<br />

Here are some of the locations where you<br />

will find our bins:<br />

Face painting, a BBQ lunch and<br />

entertainment by the Vintage 4 band will<br />

also be on offer. Community stalls and<br />

support from local emergency services<br />

and some surprise guests will make for a<br />

great day.<br />

Lisa Foster from Aboriginal <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

Services said NAIDOC Week was a<br />

great way to bring the local community<br />

together. “This event, like others<br />

organised during NAIDOC Week, helps<br />

to foster a greater understanding and<br />

appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres<br />

Strait Islander cultures,” Lisa said.<br />

“We welcome everyone and encourage<br />

all Australians to participate in the<br />

• Mamre House and Farm, Mamre Rd,<br />

Orchard Hills<br />

• St Patrick’s Marist College, Kirby St,<br />

Dundas<br />

• St Anthony’s Primary, Targo Rd,<br />

Girraween<br />

• Holy Cross Primary, Meurants Ln,<br />

Glenwood<br />

• Delany College and Holy Trinity<br />

Primary, Grimwood St, Granville<br />

• Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary,<br />

Braeside St, Greystanes<br />

• St Oliver’s Primary, Wigram St, Harris<br />

Park<br />

• Our Lady of the Angels Primary,<br />

Wellgate Ave, Kellyville<br />

• Emmaus <strong>Catholic</strong> College, Bakers Ln,<br />

Kemps Creek<br />

• St Joseph’s Primary, Joseph St,<br />

Kingswood<br />

• Xavier College, Ninth Ave, Llandilo<br />

celebrations and activities that take place<br />

during this week.”<br />

Aboriginal <strong>Catholic</strong> Services is<br />

located at 252-254 Luxford Road (enter<br />

via Emert Parade), Emerton. The<br />

centre offers a range of free services,<br />

including counselling for children and<br />

adults, financial and problem gambling<br />

counselling, free tea, coffee and computer<br />

access. There are groups for arts, sewing,<br />

cooking, playgroup and tutoring.<br />

The centre also runs the HIPPY Home<br />

Interaction Program for parents with<br />

children aged four and five. Inquiries tel<br />

(02) 9628 0084, drop in to see us or find<br />

us on at facebook/ACSEmerton.<br />

• Holy Family Primary, Willowdene Ave,<br />

Luddenham<br />

• St Joseph’s Primary, Alex Ave,<br />

Schofields<br />

• Mary MacKillop Primary, Fragar Rd,<br />

Sth Penrith<br />

• Bede Polding College, Rifle Range Rd,<br />

Sth Windsor<br />

• Chisholm <strong>Catholic</strong> Primary, Colith<br />

Ave, Sth Windsor<br />

• Our Lady of the Rosary Primary,<br />

Saddington St, St Marys<br />

• St Mark’s <strong>Catholic</strong> College, Perfection<br />

Ave, Stanhope Gardens<br />

• Catherine McAuley and Parramatta<br />

Marist, Darcy Rd, Westmead<br />

• Sacred Heart Primary, Ralph St,<br />

Westmead<br />

• St Monica’s Primary, Daking St,<br />

North Parramatta<br />

Responsible Gambling Support Group ̶ is free and on<br />

every Saturday, 9.30am-11am at CCSS Centre, 38 Prince St,<br />

Blacktown. Tel (02) 8822 2222.<br />

Young Parent Network Event ̶ Youth Rez invites young<br />

parents and organisations working with young parents in the<br />

Blacktown and Hills LGAs to this event on 22 <strong>June</strong>, 9.30am-<br />

1.30pm, Boomerang Room, Rooty Hills RSL, 33 Railway St,<br />

Rooty Hill. Tel 0488 711 909 or Kerry.Calgiore@ccss.org.au<br />

All Saints of Africa Playgroup/Mums' Group – for mums<br />

with children who have not started primary school.<br />

Activities for children include craft, story time and singing.<br />

Social interaction, support and friendship for Mums.<br />

Thursdays (term time), 10am-noon, All Saints of Africa<br />

Centre, 63 Allawah St, Blacktown. Tel (02) 8822 2250.<br />

Younger Widowed Support Group ̶ Third Tuesday of<br />

each month, 7pm-9pm, Institute for Mission, 1-5 Marion<br />

St, Blacktown. Fee $5 per meeting. Tel (02) 8822 2222 or<br />

soloparentservices@ccss.org.au<br />

Post Separation Recovery Program ̶ open to anyone<br />

wanting to move forward from their marriage breakdown in<br />

a positive way. Seven sessions held over seven consecutive<br />

Wednesdays, 11 May to 22 <strong>June</strong>, 7.30pm-9.45pm, CCSS<br />

Centre, 38 Prince St, Blacktown. Fee $80. Bookings<br />

essential, tel (02) 8822 2222 or soloparentservices@ccss.<br />

org.au<br />

Seminar: Dealing with the Legal System ̶ Gain a greater<br />

understanding of how to deal effectively with the legal<br />

system. Speaker Richard Brading (Principal Solicitor, Wesley<br />

Legal Service ). Tuesday 7 <strong>June</strong>, 7.30pm-9.30pm, CCSS<br />

Centre, 38 Prince St, Blacktown. Cost $7. To register tel (02)<br />

8822 2222 or soloparentservices@ccss.org.au<br />

Understanding Family Law – two-part seminar ̶ Session<br />

1 – Wed 22 July (Overview of Family Law Act with focus<br />

on Separation, Divorce and Children). Session 2 – Wed<br />

27 July (Overview of the Family Law Act with Focus on<br />

Property) presented by Beth Jarman (Accredited Family Law<br />

Specialist). From 7.30pm-9.30pm, Institute for Mission, 1-5<br />

Marion St, Blacktown. Cost $7/session. Bookings tel (02)<br />

8822 2222 or soloparentservices@ccss.org.au<br />

Aboriginal <strong>Catholic</strong> Services ̶ Groups commencing<br />

in <strong>June</strong> include Problem Gambling Support Group,<br />

Tutoring Time – free Literacy Tutoring for K-6, Playgroup,<br />

RECOVER Wellbeing Groups including Sew4Wellbeing,<br />

Create4Wellbeing, Dance4Wellbeing, Habit<br />

Breaking4Wellbeing. 254 Luxford Rd, Emerton (in Holy<br />

Family Parish). Tel (02) 9628 0084.<br />

Keeping Kids in Mind ̶ supports parents and families after<br />

separation. Five sessions weekly, 6pm-8.30pm, CCSS<br />

Parramatta, 2A Villiers St, Parramatta. Fee $100 (includes<br />

handbook). Bookings essential, tel (02) 8822 2222.<br />

Rollercoasters for Kids ̶ support for children whose parents<br />

are or have separated. Mondays, 4pm-5.15pm, CCSS Centre,<br />

38 Prince St, Blacktown. Bookings essential, tel (02) 8822<br />

2222.<br />

Cool Kids ̶ support for families of children in Years 2-6<br />

who are experiencing high levels of anxiety. Thursdays,<br />

3.30pm-5.30pm, St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, 168<br />

Hawkesbury Rd, Springwood. Bookings essential, tel (02)<br />

4751 4956.<br />

Cool Little Kids ̶ support for families of preschool-aged<br />

children who are experiencing high levels of anxiety.<br />

Information session Tuesday 14 <strong>June</strong>, 7pm-9pm,<br />

Winmalee Community Preschool, 56 White Cross Rd,<br />

Winmalee. Bookings essential, tel (02) 4751 4956 or<br />

springwood@ccss.org.au<br />

Offices at Blacktown, Emerton, Parramatta, Penrith, Springwood, call (02) 8822 2222<br />

www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 17

CATHOLIC YOUTH <strong>Catholic</strong>YouthParra @cyp_parramatta @<strong>Catholic</strong>YouthParra<br />

LIFTED Live launches!<br />

By James Camden, Director of <strong>Catholic</strong> Youth Parramatta<br />

THIS YEAR has seen the unveiling<br />

of LIFTED Live, a new brand of<br />

evangelisation events for <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

Youth Parramatta. The nights are designed to<br />

provide young people with an opportunity to<br />

invite friends and family to a safe, welcoming,<br />

inspirational and spiritually charged event<br />

that brings hope, meaning and trust into their<br />

relationship with the Church and its mission.<br />

These nights have a big budget, a live<br />

diocesan band, usually a world-class speaker or<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> performer, and aim to showcase the<br />

local church in our Diocese.<br />

Our first LIFTED Live Night brought Fr Rob<br />

Galea and his band to Parramatta Riverside<br />

Theatre. A packed audience of more than 700<br />

young people were moved by his music and<br />

testimony.<br />

Our second LIFTED Live Night featured<br />

Steve Angrisano, an international <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

singer/songwriter/storyteller, at St Pauls<br />

College, Greystanes, for the Pentecost weekend.<br />

More than 300 young people enjoyed a<br />

night of praise, worship, drama, testimony and<br />

Eucharistic adoration in front of the Blessed<br />

Sacrament led by the Chair of the diocesan<br />

Youth Council, Fr Paul Roberts.<br />

The LIFTED Live House Band was unveiled<br />

and had all the participants on their feet for<br />

much of the night.<br />

Our third LIFTED Live Night took place<br />

on 17 May at Patrician Brothers' College,<br />

Blacktown, and featured Jason Evert from the<br />

US.<br />

Jason is a <strong>Catholic</strong> international speaker who,<br />

with his wife, travels the world inspiring young<br />

people to understand and value their dignity<br />

and worth.<br />

A record 800 young people filled the college<br />

hall to hear more on the five great loves of St<br />

John Paul II.<br />

The next gathering is our <strong>2016</strong> LIFTED<br />

Retreat for young adults aged 18-35. It will<br />

be held at the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre at<br />

Grose Vale from 1-3 July. RSVP to Events at<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Youth Parramatta.<br />

For more images from CYP events go to:<br />

https://www.flickr.com/photos/parracatholic/<br />

albums<br />

Supporting families in<br />

a time of need is what<br />

Allan from Allan Drew<br />

Funeral has done best for<br />

over 25 years.<br />

A night of praise, worship, drama, testimony with Steve<br />

Angrisano.<br />


WYD <strong>2016</strong><br />


We are now into the final 40 days of<br />

our preparation for World Youth Day<br />

<strong>2016</strong> in Krakow.<br />

Our group has almost 300 pilgrims<br />

from the Diocese of Parramatta:<br />

• 96 young adults;<br />

• 88 Year 11 school students;<br />

• 83 young school teachers;<br />

• Nine chaplains; and<br />

• 15 senior leaders and<br />

support staff.<br />

Through the hard work and generosity<br />

of so many pilgrims and their<br />

supporters more than $600,000 has<br />

been raised to assist pilgrimage costs<br />

and the mission projects our pilgrims<br />

will undertake in the Philippines.<br />

On Sunday 3 July, the Diocese is<br />

invited to celebrate the departure<br />

of our group with a Commissioning<br />

Mass at 6pm in St Patrick’s Cathedral,<br />

Parramatta.<br />

Follow our pilgrims’ progress at<br />

www.parrawyd.org<br />

A record 800 young people gathered at Patrician Brothers’ College, Blacktown, to hear Jason Evert. <br />

<br />


Our WYD16 pilgrims prepare for next month’s journey to the Philippines and Poland.<br />

Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy<br />

Penrose Park<br />

Fatima Day: Monday <strong>June</strong> 13<br />

Come and pray for the Salvation of souls!<br />

Exposition 10am, Holy Mass 11am, After Lunch; Procession and Devotions at<br />

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.<br />

Principal Celebrant: Fr Gabriel Taylor OSPPE<br />

Prior of Penrose Park Monastery<br />

Divine Mercy Sunday: <strong>June</strong> 5<br />

11am - Solemn Mass followed by<br />

Devotions<br />

Fatima Family Sunday: <strong>June</strong> 19<br />

11am - Solemn Mass followed by<br />

Devotions<br />

Ph: 9680 1344<br />

allandrewfunerals.com.au<br />

Upcoming celebrations in our shrine<br />

Birthday of St John the Baptist: Friday <strong>June</strong> 24<br />

11am - Holy Mass followed by Devotions<br />

Pauline Fathers’ Monastery<br />

Address: 120 Hanging Rock Road, Berrima, NSW, 2577 Phone: 02 4878 9192<br />

Email: paulinefathers@yahoo.com.au<br />

Website: www.penrosepark.com.au<br />

18 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />




1ST MISSION:<br />

4-10 <strong>June</strong>,<br />

Our Lady of<br />

the Rosary<br />

Parish,<br />

St Marys, at<br />

7.30pm.<br />

2ND MISSION:<br />

11-17 <strong>June</strong>,<br />

St Benedict’s<br />

Parish,<br />

Arcadia, at<br />

7pm.<br />

3RD MISSION:<br />

25 <strong>June</strong> - 1 July,<br />

St Gertrude’s<br />

Parish,<br />

Smithfield, at<br />

7pm.<br />

4TH MISSION:<br />

2-8 July,<br />

St Benedict’s<br />

Parish,<br />

Broadway, at<br />

7pm.<br />

The power of a<br />


By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

JOHN Pridmore was a London gangster,<br />

immersed in the violent criminal underworld<br />

and swept up in his desire for money, women<br />

and drugs.<br />

But the former mobster is now finding power<br />

in a new line of work, preaching the Gospel and<br />

sharing his testimony.<br />

Heading down under, John will be sharing his<br />

story at four different mission talks, and all ages<br />

are welcome.<br />

Six-feet tall with an intimidatingly broad<br />

stature, John is a force to be reckoned with.<br />

It was outside a nightclub in London’s West<br />

End where John’s life took a turn towards God.<br />

“I hit this guy with my knuckleduster, but<br />

when I hit him he fell straight back and smashed<br />

his head on the curb,” John said.<br />

“I could see blood everywhere and people<br />

around me started screaming, so I fled the scene<br />

and I remember being in my car thinking, ‘I<br />

could get 10 years in jail for this.’”<br />

John had almost killed a man.<br />

“I was destroying everything and everyone<br />

in my path. After nearly taking that man’s life,<br />

something incredible happened and my life<br />

began to change,” he said.<br />

“I fell to my knees and prayed for the first<br />

time and it felt incredible. I've taken every drug<br />

there is but the feeling I had that night was the<br />

best I have ever felt.”<br />

But there was still a long road for John to<br />

travel before he could stand in front of a crowd<br />

of people and tell them his transformative story.<br />

Having served time in prison, John was angry<br />

and found himself struggling with forgiveness.<br />

“One of the people who really hurt me when I<br />

was a kid was my step-mum. She was very cruel<br />

to me and even though I didn’t put it too much<br />

in my book, From Gangland to Promised Land,<br />

when I started praying for her, I’d say, ‘Lord bless<br />

her, but make sure she suffers.’<br />

“But after a few months, I stopped saying,<br />

‘Make sure she suffers.’ I just said, ‘Lord bless<br />

her.’”<br />

It was after going to Confession that John was<br />

able to unchain himself from the belief that he<br />

wasn’t good enough for God’s mercy.<br />

“I had experienced the biggest attribute of<br />

God’s heart, His mercy,” John said. “It was one<br />

thing to have God forgive me. It was another to<br />

forgive myself and those who have hurt me.<br />

“As I started praying for other people who<br />

had hurt me, I started being set free. And I think<br />

that’s what led me to be able to see myself as God<br />

sees me, without judgment or condemnation<br />

but with mercy and understanding.”<br />

Michael Axiak has known John since 2008 and<br />

in 2013, he spent 14 months working with him<br />

on his mission team, St Patrick’s Community, in<br />

Ireland, running parish missions.<br />

“When hearing John share his testimony for<br />

the first time people are generally astounded at<br />

the transformation that has taken place in his<br />

life,” Michael said.<br />

“People will be challenged to look at their<br />

own lives and search their own consciences.<br />

“John's story will touch the hearts of his<br />

listeners. Each and every time you hear it, you<br />

get something new out of it and you’re further<br />

drawn back into the loving heart of our Father."<br />

Diocesan Development Fund<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Diocese of Parramatta<br />

Supporting the<br />

growing needs of the<br />

institutions and agencies within<br />

the <strong>Catholic</strong> Diocese of Parramatta<br />

www.parra.catholic.org.au/ddf<br />

Disclosure Statement<br />

The Diocesan Development Fund <strong>Catholic</strong> Diocese of Parramatta (DDF) is not subject to the provisions of the Corporation Act 2001 nor has it been examined or approved<br />

by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.<br />

Deposits with the DDF are guaranteed by CDPF Limited, a company established by the Australian <strong>Catholic</strong> Bishops Conference for this purpose.<br />

We welcome your investment with the DDF rather than with a profit oriented commercial organisation as a conscious commitment by you to support the Charitable,<br />

Religious and Educational works of the <strong>Catholic</strong> Church.<br />

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<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 19


With courage let us all<br />

combine in conversation<br />

By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

Living Laudato Si’ -<br />

one year on<br />

ON 3 MAY, the NSW Association<br />

of Pastors, Pastoral<br />

Associates and Parish<br />

Workers (NAPPA) held the ‘For<br />

Mercy’s Sake!’ conference to continue<br />

the conversation with those who have<br />

come across the seas.<br />

Assisting in the coordination of<br />

the conference and heading the<br />

Asylum Seeker Refugee Network of<br />

the Diocese of Parramatta to respond<br />

to Pope Francis’ call on a local<br />

level, Sr Louise McKeogh FMA, the<br />

diocesan Social Justice Coordinator,<br />

is looking towards local parishes to<br />

take concrete actions to care for those<br />

seeking asylum in Western Sydney.<br />

“We are aiming to build and foster<br />

a coordinated response,” Sr Louise<br />

said. “The Asylum Seeker Refugee<br />

Network was developed to support<br />

and empower parishes and schools in<br />

responding proactively, and to raise<br />

awareness of the global issue of the<br />

displacement of peoples.”<br />

The network comprises Bishop<br />

Emeritus Kevin Manning and<br />

representatives from the diocesan<br />

Social Justice Office, <strong>Catholic</strong>Care<br />

Parramatta, <strong>Catholic</strong> Education<br />

Parramatta, Sisters of Mercy<br />

Parramatta, Jesuit Refugee Services,<br />

House of Welcome, St Vincent de<br />

Paul Society, Blue Mountains Refugee<br />

Support Group, Greystanes Social<br />

Justice Group, Blacktown Parish, and<br />

Kenthurst Parish.<br />

The theme for Refugee Week,<br />

‘With courage let us all combine’,<br />

taken from the second verse of our<br />

National Anthem, Advance Australia<br />

Fair, echoes Pope Francis’ call in this<br />

Jubilee Year of Mercy to unify with<br />

our brothers and sisters.<br />

In the lead-up to Refugee Week<br />

(19-25 <strong>June</strong>), which coincides with<br />

World Refugee Day (20 <strong>June</strong>), the<br />

conference was an opportunity for<br />

representatives from the Diocese of<br />

Parramatta to welcome the stranger<br />

and was a reminder of the power of<br />

conversation.<br />

Conversation sheds light on<br />

human issues. When conversation<br />

is facilitated in an intentional way<br />

and partnered with research into<br />

consequences and causes, with a faith<br />

lens as to the ideal situation for vision<br />

The Asylum Seeker Refugee Network aims to raise awareness of the global issue of the<br />

displacement of peoples. <br />


and direction, it develops smart and<br />

practical actions that remove notions<br />

of misty-eyed compassion.<br />

Conversation brings people<br />

together and aids the formation of<br />

support networks. It gives power back<br />

to those who have had it stripped<br />

away.<br />

But despite this support and<br />

regained power, there are risks in<br />

sharing a testimony, a paramount<br />

truth when a refugee or an asylum<br />

seeker explains the circumstances<br />

that brought them to Australia.<br />

The sharing of a story can expose<br />

a refugee or an asylum seeker to<br />

further vulnerability. But despite the<br />

risks, there were some who spoke at<br />

the conference to highlight the reality<br />

of those who come seeking safety and<br />

refuge, be it by boat or other means.<br />

Sr Margaret Sheppard RSM,<br />

who attended the conference and<br />

represents her congregation, the<br />

Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, on<br />

the diocesan network, said she was<br />

impressed with the translatable<br />

action that could be taken up by<br />

communities across the Diocese.<br />

“The energy, the storytelling, the<br />

activities and actions that could be<br />

taken up easily by every member of<br />

our communities, <strong>Catholic</strong>, interfaith<br />

and ecumenical, engaged so much<br />

that I am really wishing to tell the<br />

world,” she said.<br />

These actions were of primary<br />

concern to Bishop Kevin Manning,<br />

as he detailed the importance of not<br />

forgetting the action after hearing<br />

the stories, statistics and “the postresurrection<br />

statement that Jesus said<br />

after He had risen from the dead, that<br />

these are our brothers and sisters”.<br />

“We need to do much more than<br />

just have meetings and talk about it,”<br />

Bishop Kevin said.<br />

Keynote speaker at the conference,<br />

Fr Aloysious Mowe SJ, Director of<br />

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia,<br />

acknowledged this point and noted<br />

the conference had been structured<br />

for members to reflect on “the kind of<br />

response that we want, and can make,<br />

to the current refugee crisis, to the<br />

crisis of the asylum seekers who have<br />

already come here, and to the call of<br />

Pope Francis for us as Church to live<br />

mercy, to reveal to the world the face<br />

of God whose name is mercy”.<br />

For more information, watch the<br />

Asylum Seeker Refugee Network<br />

video at: https://www.youtube.com/<br />

user/ParramattaDiocese/videos<br />

By Sr Louise McKeogh FMA, Social Justice Coordinator<br />

ON 18 JUNE one year ago,<br />

Pope Francis released the<br />

encyclical Laudato Si':<br />

On Care for our Common Home.<br />

Reflecting on this anniversary we<br />

acknowledge the ways that Laudato<br />

Si' has inspired our families, parish<br />

and school communities over the<br />

past year, engaging minds, hearts<br />

and hands.<br />

Laudato Si' has called us to<br />

wholeness and holiness, calling for<br />

an integration of our actions for<br />

justice; to hear the cry of the earth<br />

and the cry of the poor.<br />

“A true ecological approach<br />

always becomes a social approach;<br />

it must integrate questions of justice<br />

in debates on the environment, so<br />

as to hear both the cry of the earth<br />

and the cry of the poor.” (LS 49)<br />

It is encouraging to reflect on the<br />

ways our Diocese has connected<br />

with Laudato Si'. There have been<br />

a number of parish book clubs and<br />

discussion groups and parishes<br />

have taken action in practical and<br />

concrete ways to care for our common<br />

home.<br />

Installing solar panels on church<br />

roofs helps to reduce our environmental<br />

footprint. Community<br />

gardens in our schools and parishes<br />

help to:<br />

• Increase a sense of community<br />

ownership and stewardship;<br />

• Foster the development of a<br />

community identity and spirit;<br />

• Bring people together from a<br />

wide variety of backgrounds (age,<br />

race, culture);<br />

• Build community leaders;<br />

• Offer produce and become a focal<br />

point for the wider community.<br />

We began our journey with Laudato<br />

Si' shortly after its release with<br />

a forum entitled, ‘Pope Francis has<br />

written you a letter’, held at Loyola<br />

Senior High School at Mt Druitt.<br />

Fr Gregory Jacobs SJ and Prof Neil<br />

Ormerod introduced us to Laudato<br />

Si'.<br />

We ended the day with many new<br />

thoughts and connections on caring<br />

for our common home and sure of<br />

the need to learn and act together.<br />

In the past year a small team<br />

from the Diocese participated in<br />

the <strong>Catholic</strong> Earthcare facilitator’s<br />

course, exploring our faith journey<br />

and empowering potential for<br />

integrating the spirit of Laudato Si’.<br />

A young participant described the<br />

program as transformative.<br />

Living Laudato Si’ has helped us<br />

to grow and share our faith. “We do<br />

not separate beauty, awe, wonder<br />

from God who is present in all<br />

things noble and beautiful. This is<br />

all part of the encounter with God.”<br />

(LS 234)<br />

Director of Property Development<br />

& Asset Management<br />

Full-time role based in Parramatta<br />

The Director of Property Development & Asset Management<br />

is responsible for the development, maintenance and<br />

management of diocesan land & buildings.<br />

You will play a critical role in ensuring that optimal returns and<br />

capital gains on diocesan property acquisition, development<br />

and devolution are achieved, existing property is well<br />

managed and a high maintenance standard is implemented<br />

and maintained for all diocesan and parish assets.<br />

This role is crucial in the provision of capital to support to the<br />

work of the Bishop.<br />

Further information about this role and the application<br />

process are available at: www.parracatholic.org/employment<br />

Applications close Tuesday 14 <strong>June</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

20 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />



Jason Evert asks,<br />

"Why are you<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong>?"<br />

An audience of more than 800 young people<br />

heard Jason Evert speak at Blacktown. <br />

<br />


By Elizabeth McFarlane<br />

"My greatest influence is St John Paul II. He loved<br />

young people and he loved human love.”<br />

“ Why are you <strong>Catholic</strong>?”<br />

His question lingered, calling<br />

on the young people gathered at<br />

Patrician Brothers’ College, Blacktown, on 17<br />

May to reflect on their faith.<br />

“There’s ultimately only one reason,” Jason<br />

Evert explained. “Because it’s true. Because if<br />

it’s not true, then what are we doing? Life is too<br />

short to spend it believing in holy fairy tales.<br />

“It should be everything or it should be<br />

nothing. But it can’t just be something on the<br />

side."<br />

Over the past 15 years, Jason Evert has<br />

travelled to six continents to bring the message<br />

of chastity to more than one million people<br />

through Chastity Project.<br />

Founded by Jason and his wife, Crystalina,<br />

Chastity Project promotes the virtue of chastity<br />

so that individuals can see God, and be free to<br />

love. (Matt 5:8)<br />

Jason is the best-selling author of more than<br />

10 books, including Theology of the Body for<br />

Teens and Saint John Paul the Great.<br />

“My greatest influence is St John Paul II. He<br />

loved young people and he loved human love,”<br />

Jason explained.<br />

“He spent much of his priesthood and his life<br />

with young married couples, engaged couples<br />

and dating couples; their problems were his<br />

problems.<br />

“People who think celibates can’t know<br />

anything about human love need to pick up St<br />

John Paul II’s book, Love and Responsibility,<br />

where he shows what human love is supposed<br />

to look like. It’s the best book that I think I’ve<br />

ever read on love and it’s written by a celibate<br />

50-something-year-old man! It’s pure genius."<br />

Detailing the beauty and treasure of the<br />

faith, in his talk Jason revealed the power of<br />

the sacraments and the remarkable words and<br />

deeds of the saints.<br />

Jason and Crystalina lead an international<br />

alliance of young people that promotes chastity<br />

in more than 40 countries.<br />

“I met Crystalina at a chastity conference for<br />

leaders. She came out to visit me one day, many<br />

months after the conference, and I asked her to<br />

get on stage with me,” Jason said.<br />

“She shared her testimony in front of the high<br />

school students and she just knocked them dead.<br />

The kids came up to her afterwards, hugging her<br />

and crying, and I thought, ‘I think we make a<br />

pretty good team.’<br />

“We continued speaking as a dating couple<br />

and then I proposed to her during a high school<br />

assembly. I figured, ‘She can’t say no to me in<br />

front of 800 people!'"<br />

Together they continue to speak at high<br />

schools, colleges and universities around the<br />

world.<br />

“Please pray for our ministry and all the young<br />

people that we speak to,” Jason said.<br />

“That’s what makes it fruitful, not giving a<br />

motivational talk; it’s the grace that comes from<br />

people interceding for ministry that makes it<br />

fruitful."<br />

For more information about Chastity<br />

Project visit www.chastityproject.com<br />



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Contact the Parish Secretary<br />

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<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 21


FATHER GEOFF Dickinson died<br />

on 22 April at Marian Nursing<br />

home in North Parramatta.<br />

The Mass of Christian Burial was<br />

celebrated on 5 May at St Nicholas of<br />

Myra Church in Penrith.<br />

Geoff Dickinson was born on 9<br />

July 1932 to Francis and Dorothy<br />

Dickinson at Haberfield in Sydney.<br />

He was educated by the Presentation<br />

Sisters at Domremy in Five Dock and<br />

the Christian Brothers at St Patrick’s<br />

in Strathfield.<br />

He studied for the priesthood at St<br />

Columba’s Seminary at Springwood<br />

in 1949 and at St Patrick’s Seminary at<br />

Manly from 1950-55.<br />

He was ordained by Cardinal Gilroy<br />

in St Mary’s Cathedral on 30 July<br />

1955.<br />

Fr Geoff ’s priestly appointments<br />

included parishes at Dulwich Hill,<br />

Lidcombe, Penrith, Parramatta,<br />

Bankstown, Campsie, Malabar,<br />

Blacktown, Mt Druitt, Penrith and<br />

Emu Plains.<br />

He was appointed Assistant Priest<br />

at Greystanes in 2003, and remained<br />

when he retired a few years later. From<br />

there he spent some years in Rosary<br />

Vale Rev Geoffrey<br />

Francis Dickinson<br />

9 July 1931 – 22 April <strong>2016</strong><br />

Village before ill health required his<br />

move to Marian Nursing Home.<br />

The funeral homily was given by<br />

the Diocesan Administrator, Very Rev<br />

Peter G Williams.<br />

Fr Geoff relished parish ministry<br />

and in 1984 was appointed Parish<br />

Priest of Penrith. “It is here in this<br />

"He saw himself<br />

principally as an<br />

enabler of the<br />

people."<br />

parish that Geoff flourished as both a<br />

priest and a man in ways that probably<br />

not even he could have anticipated,”<br />

Fr Peter said.<br />

“He saw himself principally as an<br />

enabler of the people. He desired<br />

that following the model set forth in<br />

the Dogmatic Constitution on the<br />

Church, Lumen Gentium, the lay<br />

men and women needed to assume<br />

responsibility for the Church and its<br />

mission as well as the clergy.<br />

“At his centre he was a man of great<br />

compassion, and was never afraid to<br />

walk with the families of this parish as<br />

they faced the troubles of life, illness,<br />

breakdown and bereavement.<br />

“He always seemed to be in<br />

possession of his ritual and oil stock.<br />

There are many people here today who<br />

can testify to his calming presence at<br />

their lowest point and the reassurance<br />

he could bring.<br />

“But he also enjoyed their good<br />

times, baptising their children,<br />

encouraging the young people and<br />

solemnising their weddings. He loved<br />

this parish and its people and was<br />

Penrith to the core.”<br />

Fr Geoff ’s friendship with Jesus<br />

was paramount. “In giving himself<br />

faithfully to the task of being a<br />

priest, Geoff remarkably fulfilled the<br />

challenge, and the Lord came and<br />

took him home to himself,” Fr Peter<br />

said.<br />

Fr Geoff is buried in Penrith<br />

General Cemetery at Kingswood.<br />


Hogan died on 21 April in<br />

Rosary Village at Yennora.<br />

A Requiem Mass was celebrated<br />

in the Extraordinary Form of the<br />

Roman Rite (1962 Missal) on 30<br />

April at Maternal Heart of Mary<br />

Chapel in Lewisham.<br />

Terry Hogan was born in 1931<br />

to James and Doris Hogan at<br />

Concord in Sydney.<br />

He was received into the<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Church and studied for<br />

the priesthood in New Norcia in<br />

Western Australia. On 18 July<br />

1964, he was ordained by Cardinal<br />

Gilroy in St Mary’s Cathedral for<br />

the Abbey Nullius of New Norcia.<br />

In 1970, he undertook teaching<br />

study at the <strong>Catholic</strong> College<br />

of Education at Castle Hill. He<br />

taught at Oakhill College Castle<br />

Hill, Patrician Brothers’ College<br />

Fairfield and St Patrick’s College<br />

Strathfield.<br />

In the 1990s, he was chaplain to<br />

the traditional Latin Mass group,<br />

celebrating Masses in Glenbrook,<br />

Lawson and Doonside.<br />

Fr Terry was incardinated into<br />

the Diocese of Parramatta on 28<br />

January 2004. He retired from<br />

active ministry in 2011.<br />

At his funeral, the eulogy was<br />

given by Fr Wim Hoekstra, Priest<br />

responsible for Priests in the<br />

Diocese of Parramatta.<br />

He remembered Fr Terry as<br />

a scholar and a very spiritual<br />

man who continually sought to<br />

improve his understanding of his<br />

faith and his God.<br />

Rev Fr Terence<br />

James Hogan<br />

22 <strong>June</strong> 1931 – 21 April <strong>2016</strong><br />

“His possessions showed his<br />

depth of scholarship, study, and<br />

great theological acumen. He was<br />

not afraid of disputing in all areas<br />

of theology, especially in areas<br />

relating to Vatican II,” Fr Wim<br />

said.<br />

He recalled Fr Terry’s devotion<br />

to the Latin Mass, now known<br />

as the Extraordinary Form. “In<br />

the 1980s and 90s, he was in a<br />

sense a ‘roving Chaplain’ to the<br />

traditional Latin Mass society,<br />

celebrating Masses, baptising<br />

and marrying anywhere he was<br />

needed,” Fr Wim said.<br />

Fr Terry’s love for music and<br />

musicals, especially Gilbert and<br />

Sullivan, was well known.<br />

“He was almost an impresario,<br />

writing, preparing and assisting<br />

in the presentation of plays and<br />

musicals,” Fr Wim said.<br />

“His musical abilities came<br />

to the fore when in <strong>June</strong> 2005,<br />

the ‘singing priests’, including Fr<br />

Arthur Cook, Fr John O’Neill, and<br />

Fr Terry, with Stephen Monaghan<br />

and Helen Parnod, performed a<br />

concert which was recorded, with<br />

the proceeds of the sales going to<br />

the Clergy Support Foundation.<br />

“Fr Terry was an exemplary<br />

priest, called to serve the flock<br />

who were in need of a shepherd,<br />

and who gave much of his time<br />

to meet those needs which the<br />

Lord had called him to do on<br />

that day in July 1964 when he was<br />

ordained to serve his God.”<br />

Fr Terry is buried in Castle<br />

Hill Cemetery.<br />

Fr Terry Hogan (centre) with Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, Parish Priest Fr John<br />

O’Neill (left) and parishioners of St John Vianney’s Parish, Doonside.<br />

Fr Geoff Dickinson was a man of great compassion.<br />

theLMent.com<br />

Our retired Priests have always been a part of<br />

your FAMILY,<br />

in your celebrations, unions,<br />

happiness & sadness<br />


In their retirement,<br />

they can still remain a part of your<br />

FAMILY<br />


Please support our sick and<br />

retired Priests through the Clergy<br />

Support Foundation.<br />

Donations are welcome at any<br />

time – amounts of $2 or more are<br />

tax deductible.<br />

If you are preparing or changing<br />

a Will you may consider<br />

bequeathing a donation to the<br />

Foundation.<br />

For more information please call<br />

(02) 9639 0598 or donate online<br />

at www.parra.catholic.org.au<br />

22 <strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong><br />


Silver Jubilee for<br />

Tamil <strong>Catholic</strong>s<br />

The program included a re-enactment of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.<br />


Celebration of the <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

Association of Sydney<br />

Tamils (CAST) commenced with<br />

a Mass of Thanksgiving at Our<br />

Lady Queen of Peace Church<br />

in Greystanes on 5 March. A<br />

special guest at the festivities and<br />

principal celebrant for the Mass<br />

was Rt Rev Dr Joseph Ponniah,<br />

Bishop of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.<br />

The Mass was concelebrated<br />

by Parramatta’s Bishop Emeritus<br />

Kevin Manning, Parish Priest Fr<br />

Paul Marshall, Tamil Chaplain<br />

for the Diocese Fr Robert<br />

William, former chaplain of the<br />

CAST Fr Vincent Savarimuthu,<br />

and Chaplain of the Sri Lankan<br />

community Fr Chaminda<br />

Wanigasena.<br />

The festivities continued in<br />

Camilleri Hall where guests<br />

were greeted with a welcoming<br />

ceremony, ‘aararthi’, in<br />

accordance with Tamil tradition.<br />

They were garlanded and taken<br />

in procession to the stage where<br />

a traditional oil lamp was lit by<br />

Bishop Ponniah and community<br />

elders.<br />

In his address, the CAST<br />

President, Jovan Titus, outlined<br />

the achievements of the<br />

association. “Twenty-five years<br />

ago, the CAST was founded<br />

with the aims of fostering<br />

spiritual growth and friendships,<br />

preserving and fostering our<br />

culture, and supporting our local<br />

community and our brethren in<br />

our homeland,” he said.<br />

“Over the years, we have<br />

realised those ambitions through<br />

our partnership with Caritas<br />

Australia and with the support<br />

of our past patrons, past and<br />

present chaplains, past presidents<br />

and our broader community.”<br />

Bishop Ponniah praised the<br />

CAST on the steadfastness of<br />

their faith, the living out of their<br />

Christian convictions and the<br />

assistance provided through<br />

funds raised for Caritas Australia<br />

programs.<br />

The Chaplain to the Tamil<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> community in the<br />

Diocese of Parramatta, Fr Robert<br />

William, said he was proud to be<br />

part of the association.<br />

The CEO of Caritas Australia,<br />

Paul O’Callaghan, thanked the<br />

CAST for its partnership with<br />

Caritas Australia and support<br />

for the Tamil community in Sri<br />

Lanka.<br />

The evening’s program<br />

included songs, dancing and a<br />

re-enactment of the Parable of<br />

the Good Samaritan.<br />

Bishop Ponniah presented<br />

all the past presidents of the<br />

CAST with trophies as tokens of<br />

appreciation for their years of<br />

service.<br />

11<br />

16<br />

18<br />

24-26<br />

26<br />

21<br />

22<br />

22-24<br />



We're all called to be superheroes for the young people entrusted to our care. Join us for the<br />

updated, new and latest, biennial Keeping our Young People Safe Summit. Protect yourself and<br />

protect our young people – that's real leadership! This is mandatory training for all who work<br />

with young people in our Diocese. From 9.30am-3.30pm at the Novotel Parramatta. No cost to<br />

attend – lunch provided. Details: James Camden, Director of <strong>Catholic</strong> Youth Parramatta, tel (02)<br />

8838 3428, JCamden@parra.catholic.org.au.<br />


The Liturgical Reception and Solemn Mass of Installation of Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen<br />

OFM Conv as the fourth Bishop of Parramatta will take place at 7.30pm in St Patrick’s Cathedral<br />

in Parramatta.<br />


Includes vocation discernment to marriage & family life, single life or consecrated life. Cost $30<br />

includes morning & afternoon tea, lunch and materials. Mount Schoenstatt, 230 Fairlight Rd,<br />

Mulgoa. Registrations: Sr M Julie Brcar ISSM, tel 0408 728 334, juliebrcar@gmail.com.<br />


Relationship enrichment for married couples at Mt Carmel Retreat Centre, Varroville. Book<br />

online at www.wwme.org.au or contact Bill and Ardell Sharpe tel (02) 4283 3435, wsharpe@<br />

bigpond.net.au<br />


From 6.30pm-7.30pm followed by a social gathering. The Shrine doors have been designated<br />

as Holy Doors of Mercy and Confession is available at every Shrine Time. Mount Schoenstatt,<br />

230 Fairlight Rd, Mulgoa.<br />



Everyone is welcome to join the Holy Hour for Vocations from 7pm-8pm for adoration, prayer,<br />

music and quiet time in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St Patrick’s Cathedral. To find out more<br />

about priesthood contact Fr Warren Edwards, Director of Priestly Vocations: vocations@parra.<br />

catholic.org.au.<br />


Join the diocesan Social Justice Office and our network of agencies empowering asylum seekers<br />

and refugees for a change in the conversation around asylum seekers and refugees. Starts<br />

7.30pm at St Madeleine’s Parish, 28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst. For more information contact<br />

Sr Louise McKeogh FMA, Social Justice Coordinator, lmckeogh@parra.catholic.org.au<br />


This weekend retreat in Sydney is designed to bring psychological and spiritual healing to<br />

anyone who has been affected by an abortion experience including women, men, couples and<br />

grandparents. Rachel's Vineyard Ministries Australia is supported by the Australian <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

Bishops Conference. Confidential inquiries: tel or SMS 0400 092 555, info@rachelsvineyard.<br />

org.au Visit: www.rachelsvineyard.org.au<br />

For more events please go to: http://parracatholic.org/events/<br />


“The most beautiful<br />

and visually<br />

compelling film<br />

I have ever seen. I did<br />

not want it to end.”<br />

Kim, Brisbane.<br />

Filmed and Edited by<br />

Michael Luke Davies<br />

A unique inside portrait of<br />

the world of the Tyburn Nuns.<br />

“This film takes you into<br />

another realm…”<br />

What is life in a cloistered Benedictine<br />

community really like? Let the Tyburn<br />

Nuns take you to their 9 monasteries<br />

around the world. Witness the nuns’ holy<br />

life of prayer and work, centred on the<br />

Eucharist, in this remarkable film.<br />


www.tyburnconvent.org.uk<br />

or send cheque/money order for $25<br />

payable to:<br />

Tyburn Priory, 325 Garfield Road East<br />


Name ........................................................<br />

..................................................................<br />

Address .....................................................<br />

..................................................................<br />

..................................................................<br />

..................................................................<br />

www.catholicoutlook.org<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong><strong>Outlook</strong> | JUNE <strong>2016</strong> 23


Most Reverend<br />

Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv<br />


St Patrick’s Cathedral<br />

Marist Place, Parramatta<br />

Thursday 16 <strong>June</strong><br />

Commencing 7.30pm<br />

Due to the large numbers expected, the Mass will be<br />

streamed via an outdoor screen in Prince Alfred Park across<br />

the road from the Cathedral. It is recommended you bring a chair.<br />

Watch the Live stream: parracatholic.org

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