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Our Company

Established in early 2016 by three inspired partners with

decades of experience in the travel industry, Trip Connoisseurs

represents one of the most dynamic, individually

owned travel companies in Canada. Situated in Richmond

Hill, Ontario, our travel experts deliver on the infinite possibilities

open to today’s traveller.

Our Products & Services

Trip Connoisseurs is dedicated to the delivery of interactive,

enriched, and imaginative itineraries - with each

traveller’s particular interests and preferences in mind.

Our genuine interest in understanding the needs of our

clients enables us to deliver solutions that result in optimal

enjoyment and satisfaction! Central to our philosophy regarding

products and services is a relentless commitment

to service and quality.

Our Differences

Trip Connoisseurs distinguishes itself as a specialist in the

field of upscale travel that is recognized for offering exceptional

service, anticipating the needs and desires of its

clients, and getting its clients the best bang for their buck.

This has resulted in a high level of client satisfaction, evidenced

by repeat bookings as well as favourable testimonials

and word-of-mouth comments.

To be honest, all businesses encounter customers who are

difficult to please. Nonetheless, we remain committed to

deliver an extraordinary travel experience to every corner

of the Globe. If you are looking to travel with a company

who cares about its customers and will do everything reasonable

to provide the best service, then Trip Connoisseurs

is the right choice.

Our Vision

Trip Connoisseur’s ultimate vision is to become the top

provider for high quality travel solutions to the world’s

exotic destinations, while achieving the highest levels of

client satisfaction in the industry.

Our Strengths

Internally, our team’s common goal, company culture,

expertise and personal experiences enable our clients to

make informed purchase decisions.

Externally, our decades-long business relationships built on

mutual respect and unwavering dedication, have enabled

us to work together as professionals with the travel trade

and ground operators of host countries. Oftentimes we

are perceived as the best choice on account of the utmost

degree of reliability. It is this same dependability that is

appreciated day after day by the people who deal with

us, whereas they can count on the constant and dedicated

assistance of our connoisseurs who are always mindful of

the needs of our clients.

Our Added Value

Having extensive product knowledge and providing exceptional

professional service is our added value and power.

We are all veterans of the travel industry, “Veni, Vidi,

Vici.” The best added value we can offer to those who

choose to book with us is in-depth, first-hand knowledge

of the destinations, properties and tours we recommend.

Trip Connoisseurs uses its own unique booking system

which handles the countless details involved in each booking.

It was designed from the ground up to provide a clear

and comprehensive outline for each and every travel itinerary.

Our booking system can also capture the unique

preferences of each traveler in order to understand their

needs and thus deliver a more personalized experience.

The goal of everyone at Trip Connoisseurs is not only to

meet the travel needs of our clients, but to also anticipate


Our Mission

Provide superior quality services, high quality products

and competitive pricing that will exceed the expectations

of each traveller. Trip Connoisseurs commits to building

long lasting relationships with all our partners, as well as

developing opportunities for mutual growth and success.

Contact Trip Connoisseurs: 1-888-887-1688 | 647-483-9088

Our Team & Your Connoisseurs

Trip Connoisseurs is composed of a team of multicultural people who enjoy connecting travellers with the inside scoop

on our world. Three founders combined over 70 years of working experience in the travel industry; ranked with the

most experienced ones you can find that are still in the business.

All of us have lived partial of our lives in Asia or Europe. We worked at the forefront, not only planned trips for clients

but also personally blazed exotic places of all seven continents, stayed in many hotels featured in our itineraries.

Product knowledge and professional service are our power and we’re driven by our fascination and by our love

of travel, with the endlessly compelling places we’re privileged to visit, and our delight in sharing them with you.

We’re proud to say that we know our stuff like the back of our hand, we’ve been there.

Chris Wang

Managing Director

Chris’s educational background happened

to be associated with Earth Science. Following

a scientific field trip to the distant

region of Tibet Plateau, Chris changed

his career path in the mid of 1980th and

became a travel professional ever since.

He started with CITS, and worked for

travel companies in China and lived and

worked in several cities in China and

overseas before finally settled in Canada.

Continued his profession immediately in

Toronto with Conference World Tours,

Tour East and Vision 2000, Chris later

worked as Tour Manager of Jade Tour,

Asia Manager of Goway and prior to

founding Trip Connoisseurs, he has established

Compass Holidays and positioned

as Deputy General Manager.

Apart from his countless trips to China

and many countries in Asia, Chris also

explored some exotic destinations such as

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,

Morocco, Tunisia, Columbia, Argentina

and Antarctica; journeyed through entire

west Europe, Cuba, Costa Rica and other

Caribbean Islands, US including Hawaii.

Chris speaks English, Chinese (Mandarin,

Cantonese) and understands some European


Kerry Ke

Executive Director

Kerry’s passion for travel and food led

him into the hospitality industry. As

an independent traveler, He has been

planning his own travel itineraries since

he was 16. Planning a customized tour for

individual clients and small groups comes

so naturally to him with his interpersonal

skills and attention to detail.

Kerry has very high standards and

designs itineraries for his clients with

as much care as he would for his own

travel. When working at Compass Holidays,

many clients appreciated his hard

work and effort and called him a great

representation of the company.

Kerry enjoys incorporating his other

interests into his travels. Food plays a

major role in Kerry’s trips as he searches

for local delicacies and ethnic foods in

each destination. He also loves driving

and has explored almost every corner of

North America. During his many driving

excursions, he explores wonderful scenery

not on the usual tourist route and enjoys

beautiful moments between destinations.

Kerry is proficient in English, Chinese

(Mandarin and Shanghainese), and

understands Cantonese.

Mary Surbek

Sales & Marketing Director

Mary started her career in the travel

industry 35 years ago, where she began

with Conference Travel and Tours.

They pioneered travel to countries

that were not accessible in the travel

industry, like China, India, Africa and

Russia. Mary’s extensive knowledge and

experience with sincere gratitude goes to

Conference World Tours who brought

educational exchange and professional

conferences, for The Royal College of

Physicians, the Bar Associations, Dental

Surgeons, ROM, Art Gallery and many

more to every corner of the world.

Vision 2000 World Tours is where she

continued to service the travel industry

in selling and customizing travel to all

the countries she has travelled to. She is

especially passionate about China, India,

East Africa, South America, Middle East,

Eastern and Central Europe including

Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia

and Macedonia. She also has a passion

for people, music art and culture.

Mary has been praised by agents and

clients for her attention to detail in their

travel arrangements and has been quoted

as “The Author Of Their Good Times”.

Chris in Antarctica Kerry in Hawaii Mary in Ireland

Contact Trip Connoisseurs: 1-888-887-1688 | 647-483-9088

Trip Connoisseurs - Moving your dreams forward...

Private Travel

We love creating private custom trips and

we know there are thousands of extraordinary

places around the world that can only

be unlocked with the freedom of private

travel. Our private custom trips virtually

encompass the entire Globe.

All of our trips are fully customizable. Our

years of on-the-ground experience enables

us to go the extra mile to create one-of-akind

trip completely from scratch for our clients.

from-the-ground-up, authentic, compelling

experiences that never compromise

on comfort - a trip of a lifetime!

Small Group Travel

Trip Connoisseurs arranges small groups to

many destinations in the world. Our average

group size is about 10 and is almost

always composed of like-minded travellers

and sometimes exclusively for friends and

family members.

Small Group Travel is another popular

way to explore destinations and connect

with people. Not only does it provide you

with the perfect balance between escorted

activities and free time, it also offers you

the best possible pricing. The experiences

are memorably delightful!

Air • Rail • Cruise

We have spent over decades in grinding

air arrangements and have access to private

airfares worldwide with world’s major


We are also experts of rail journeys and

cruises as some of the earth’s wonders are

best seen by train or ship in a stylish, relaxed

way—not having to pack and repack.

We hand-selected a number of extraordinary

rail journeys and voyages around the

world to be discovered by our travellers.

Trip Connoisseurs is a one-stop solution for

your travel needs.



South America


Middle East

South Pacific

Suite 201, 70 East Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3B2 |

Trip Connoisseurs is licensed by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO).

We are a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) & the

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

Wholesale #: 50022715

Retail #: 50022714

Registration #:


Contact Trip Connoisseurs: 1-888-887-1688 | 647-483-9088

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