Mangere's 275 Times. June 2016.

Mangere Community News. June 2016. Edition #20.

Mangere Community News. June 2016. Edition #20.


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Edition #20<br />

june 2016<br />

Free!<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

times<br />

Our stories, our people, our Māngere<br />

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou<br />


Rising above life’s<br />

challenges starts with<br />

stepping up and being<br />

heard, according to Candy<br />

Tusini - and she is living<br />

proof of that message.<br />

The Strive youth worker says<br />

she responded to a talk at high<br />

school from well-known Otara<br />

legend Alan Va’a to use her life to<br />

make a difference and she’s now<br />

paying forward what he taught<br />

her.<br />

She says Alan’s message was<br />

simply that we’re all “chosen and<br />

selected – that our life is not a<br />

mistake – so we need to live life<br />

abundantly with a purpose and<br />

never give up.” And that’s the<br />

motto of Candy’s life now and<br />

as part of that purpose Candy<br />

is hoping to inspire the young<br />

people of Mangere to step up and be<br />

heard at the up-coming Next Factor<br />

Performing Arts event on <strong>June</strong> 18.<br />

Next Factor has been running since<br />

2011 and has been a breeding ground<br />

for future music stars such as TV3’s<br />

X-Factor winner Beau Monga and<br />

X-Factor contestants Nyssa Collins,<br />

Irene Folu and the Mondulation Sistas.<br />

Candy will be the MC for the event<br />

and she encourages Mangere youth<br />

RISE UP: Candy Tusini and her colleague Shaina Dunshea (left) are organising this great event.<br />

with a passion for the arts and music<br />

to audition.<br />

"we need to live<br />

life abundantly<br />

with a purpose and<br />

never give up. "<br />

“No one will hear you unless you speak<br />

up,” she says. “You might feel shy, but<br />

we all have to face giants in our life –<br />

and so we have to become giant killers<br />

if we want to succeed.<br />

“If you don’t stand for something – you<br />

will fall for anything – and so that’s<br />

why you need to rise above.”<br />

Heat 1: 4th <strong>June</strong><br />

Heat 2: 11th <strong>June</strong><br />

Finale: 18 <strong>June</strong> 9.30am-12pm<br />

Mangere Town Centre.<br />

1st prize $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250.<br />

www.strive.org.nz www.facebook.com/Strive-Community-Trust Ph 09 255 0144<br />

WHAT'S INSIDE: P3: Upcoming Matariki events P6: Get Legal P7: Your feedback P8: Notices

2<br />

ME<br />

ME<br />

Early Early<br />

Childhood<br />

Creating a brighter future<br />

for our children.<br />

30 hours FREE for children aged 0-5 years<br />

8.30am - 3.30pm Monday - Friday<br />

09 2803499 ece@mefsc.org.nz<br />

Mangere East Family Service Centre<br />

16-18 Ferguson Street, Mangere East<br />

Korowai of aroha<br />

for the tamariki<br />

Staff and Nanas are spending<br />

countless hours hand-crocheting<br />

blankets for the babies and toddlers<br />

at ME Early Childhood Centre.<br />

Early childhood teacher Elaine<br />

Derbyshire who has been teaching ECE<br />

for 30 years has added an extra level of<br />

care for the children when they are<br />

sleeping. She says that one blanket<br />

may take one or two weeks to crochet<br />

and each child has their blanket<br />

individually designed to suit<br />

their personality. Elaine says<br />

that when children are<br />

asleep they are at their<br />

most vulnerable and the<br />

blankets are a way of<br />

nurturing and caring for<br />

those children when<br />

they are asleep.<br />

Fellow early childhood<br />

teacher Amy Taunga<br />

referred to the blankets<br />

as a 'korowai of aroha'<br />

(cloak of love).<br />

Children get to keep<br />

the blankets when<br />

they leave.<br />

Whiti Halatanu (right) and grand-daughter<br />

Nevaeh Siulangapo with one of the blankets<br />

she has made for the children.<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

Māngere’s<br />

times<br />

Design: Jo Latif Words: Justin Latif<br />

Publisher: ME Family Services<br />

We are currently reaching around 15,000<br />

people via Facebook, Twitter and our hard<br />

copies magazines which are distributed to<br />

over 100 pick up sites around Māngere, Māngere<br />

East, Māngere Bridge and the Airport District. If<br />

you would like to promote your business AND<br />

support this community initiative please email<br />

us and we'll send you more info.<br />

<strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

www<br />

www.<strong>275</strong>times.com<br />

If you would like to donate - please go to:<br />

https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/<strong>275</strong>timesnews<br />

what we're about<br />

There are so many great things going on in Māngere<br />

but unfortunately we don’t hear about them or these<br />

positive events get overlooked.<br />

Therefore, with the help of ME Family Services, we<br />

have set up this local media initiative to provide a<br />

platform for sharing the positive stories of Māngere,<br />

celebrating successes and also bringing to light things<br />

that matter in the community.<br />

This is a social enterprise aimed at enriching this<br />

community through informing and entertaining<br />

anyone who works, lives or plays in Māngere.<br />

If you're unsure why the '<strong>275</strong>' - it refers to the <strong>275</strong><br />

telephone prefix that many used to have and it<br />

also has become the unofficial nickname of this<br />

community.<br />

Please don't hesitate to send us any feedback or<br />

ideas for stories.<br />

future<br />

print<br />

Contact: Tuhin Choudhury<br />

Unit 7/17 Airpark Drive

Matariki holds meaning for Maia<br />

3<br />

Mangere East is once again the place to<br />

celebrate Matariki. And for the event organiser,<br />

Maia Fowler, it holds special meaning as the<br />

origins of her name are tied up with this special<br />

time of year.<br />

“My whole first name is Maia Te Ra,” she says. “It’s a name<br />

that was given to me and it's about a time of the year and<br />

the warmth of the sun shining during a particular time of the<br />

day during Matariki. It’s actually the name of an aunty from<br />

where I’m from on the east coast and it was around the time<br />

of Matariki that I was born.”<br />

This will be second year that the Mangere East Community<br />

Centre and Ohomairangi Trust have run this and it’s all set to<br />

go down on July 9 at the Metro Theatre on Massey Road.<br />

Maia says last year’s event was a huge success with over<br />

150 people coming but this year she’s expecting even more<br />

people.<br />

“It’s all about bringing the community together and growing<br />

their knowledge on Matariki and have some food together."<br />

Maia says this event will be a good way for non-Maori to<br />

learn about the traditions of New Zealand’s indigenous<br />

people.<br />

“It’s the start of the Maori new year. It’s acknowledging our<br />

ancestors and how they lived.”<br />

Maia says her Maori New Year resolution is to “concentrate on<br />

the positives”.<br />

What’s your #MatarikiResolution?<br />

If you’d like to share your Maori new year’s<br />

resolutions let us know at facebook or twitter<br />

and add the #matarikiresolutions hashtag<br />


Celebrate Matariki with Te Pane O Mataoho<br />

When: From July 2 – July 8 at 10am – 2pm.<br />

Where: Mangere Mountain Education Centre, 100 Coronation<br />

Road,Mangere Bridge.<br />

Guided tours of the Mountain, hands-on activities including;<br />

weaving, kite making, poi dancing, story telling and stick<br />

games. Call 6347305 for more info and bookings.<br />

Matariki in Māngere East<br />

When: July 9, 4pm-8pm<br />

Where: Mangere East Hall (Metro Theatre). It will be an<br />

evening acknowledging another year gone by and looking<br />

forward to new beginnings. This community event will<br />

involve kai (including hangi), an educational presentation on<br />

matariki, music and entertainment, arts and crafts (including<br />

korowai), and spoken word.<br />

Contact Fiona on <strong>275</strong> 6161 or fiona@mangereeast.org for<br />

more info.<br />


Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars<br />

also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter –<br />

late May or early <strong>June</strong>.<br />

For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year.<br />

Matariki literally means the 'eyes of god' (mata<br />

ariki) or 'little eyes' (mata riki).<br />

The formation of stars on page 1 are an example<br />

of the Matariki cluster.<br />

Maia Fowler: Mangere East OSCAR Coordinator and event<br />

organiser of Matariki in Mangere East.

4<br />

<strong>June</strong> 2016<br />

Local Board update - Māngere<br />

The Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board has been elected to<br />

advocate for your needs and make decisions on local<br />

transport, parks, halls, libraries, as well as community<br />

funding, safety and events.<br />

Māngere sees big transport wins<br />

Māngere Town Centre will finally have a new bigger<br />

and safer bus station following many years of<br />

advocacy by residents and the local board. It will<br />

include seven bus stops, new shelters to extend the<br />

covered passenger area, a covered connection to the<br />

town centre, a toilet, cycle racks, an additional<br />

westbound lane for traffic, and paving and landscaping.<br />

A new bus services provider contract means more bus<br />

services for South Auckland. There will be a 21 per<br />

cent increase in hours of operation and a 15 per cent<br />

increase in kilometres covered by the services. There<br />

will also be a new state-of-the-art, low-emission fleet.<br />

The new Ōtāhuhu Bus and Train Interchange are set<br />

to open soon. All of these projects will feed into the bus<br />

network changes in October. The new public transport<br />

network will include new bus numbers and some route<br />

changes but more frequent and timely buses. Look out<br />

for more information coming soon.<br />

Council is looking at options for a rail service through<br />

Māngere to the Airport. It’s great news for residents in<br />

need of faster and timelier public transport. The local<br />

board however continues to push for the heavy rail<br />

option rather than light rail to make sure it can keep up<br />

with our future population and freight growth.<br />

Thanks! We couldn’t do it without you<br />

The Māngere-<br />

Ōtāhuhu Local<br />

Board would like to<br />

thank all the local<br />

people and<br />

community groups<br />

who have worked in<br />

many ways to make Mangere a great place to live.<br />

A special thanks this time to the Mangere Community<br />

House and Papatuanuku Marae who helped us with a<br />

fantastic community BBQ in April. Look out for the details<br />

of the next BBQ coming up!<br />

Libraries and pools<br />

The local board continues to deliver its policy allowing<br />

free entry to swimming pools in Māngere and<br />

Ōtāhuhu, through a targeted rate. This has proven<br />

successful with<br />

our pools proving<br />

far more popular<br />

than other<br />

council pools<br />

across Auckland.<br />

With that we<br />

have the benefit<br />

of healthier, more engaged and happier communities.<br />

Parents are also taking the opportunity to enrol their<br />

kids in water safety programmes which is fantastic!<br />

The board is also funding extra opening hours in local<br />

libraries, beyond<br />

council’s<br />

recommendation.<br />

It’s important locals<br />

can make the most<br />

of libraries,<br />

gathering and<br />

learning places for<br />

all ages.

Better neighbourhood connections<br />

Local events and community grants<br />

5<br />

Work on the Māngere Future Streets project around<br />

the Town Centre and Mascot to Massey road area<br />

continues to improve connections for local communities.<br />

This includes better connections, safer walkways,<br />

shared paths, cycleways, a fitness trail and way finding<br />

signage.<br />

Looking after our environment<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board has the second largest<br />

investment for local environmental initiates in the<br />

Auckland region, second only to Waitakere. The current<br />

budget year includes $ 146,000 in total on<br />

environmental<br />

initiatives. But<br />

with the<br />

Manukau<br />

Harbour, Pukaki<br />

Crater,<br />

Otuataua<br />

Stonefields and<br />

its surrounds leading up to the airport, it’s not surprising.<br />

It matches aspirations for tourism and the ongoing<br />

management of the area’s built character, heritage,<br />

culture and natural environment into the future. The<br />

board also undertook a large-scale mangrove removal<br />

programme in response to community demand. Its<br />

support of education and awareness of waste reduction<br />

also continues.<br />

Book community halls and sportsfields<br />

The local board fund and upgrade a fantastic mix of<br />

community halls and sports fields you can book in<br />

Māngere and Ōtāhuhu. Over the last few years, many of<br />

the sportsfields have been upgraded to improve the turf<br />

quality for our local sports enthusiasts. Make sure you<br />

book local sportsfields to avoid any inconvenience by<br />

phoning 301 0101.<br />

Community halls can now be booked online for a range of<br />

events and provide good value for money. Check out the<br />

halls available and their prices on the Auckland Council<br />

website or phone 301 0101.<br />

The first Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Arts Jam at Ōtāhuhu’s Toia<br />

recreation centre this year was a hit. The board funded<br />

the event promoting arts and culture with activities for the<br />

whole family. Next year the festival will be held in<br />

Mangere. Do you have an initiative or event that will<br />

benefit the community? The Local Board provides<br />

grants towards projects that contribute to its local board<br />

priorities. Visit the Auckland Council website or phone<br />

301 0101.<br />

Reducing alcohol harm<br />

The local board would like to<br />

thank the community and police<br />

for their help in ensuring 38<br />

alcohol ban areas in Māngere<br />

and Ōtāhuhu. Thanks to the<br />

evidence provided, greater<br />

spaces around town centres<br />

are now covered by alcohol<br />

bans, including adjoining car<br />

parks. Other ban areas have<br />

also been extended to cover<br />

Local Board Contacts<br />

whole parks rather than just a playground or car park.<br />

The board can still create new ban areas so it’s important<br />

people report alcohol-related issues in public places.<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board Office<br />

Shop 17, 93 Bader Drive, Māngere Town Centre<br />

Next to the Library. Phone 09 256 5133.<br />

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/mangereotahuhu<br />

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mangereotahuhu<br />

Neighbourly:<br />

www.neighbourly.co.nz/organisation/mangere-otahuhulocal-board<br />

Sign up to receive our monthly email newsletters:<br />


6<br />

Tom's new venture<br />

Whoever said you<br />

can’t teach an old<br />

dog new tricks,<br />

obviously hadn’t<br />

met Tom Wichman.<br />

The sprightly Māngere<br />

resident is a ball of<br />

energy, living proof of<br />

the benefits of keeping fit<br />

and healthy eating.<br />

But it wasn’t that long<br />

ago that the former<br />

United Nations worker<br />

for the Cook Islands<br />

was facing an uncertain<br />

future due to ill health.<br />

“After too many years of<br />

eating too much and not<br />

doing enough exercise<br />

I was overweight, I had<br />

diabetes and then I got<br />

cancer.<br />

“It was then that I decided that I could either just continue<br />

to be sick or do something about it and so I started eating<br />

a lot more fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds and lucky for<br />

me I am still here.”<br />

But for Papa Tom, as he is affectionately called, it was more<br />

than just eating healthier, he also became interested how<br />

foods reacted in the body, how they were grown and what<br />

foods to eat or avoid to for certain conditions.<br />

In fact he could talk for hours about the Glycaemic Index<br />

(GI) levels of food, the benefits of fenugreek turmeric and<br />

taro leaf and why you shouldn’t drink water with a meal!<br />

He’s also a passionate advocate for gardening and growing<br />

your own food, a skill he is passing on to others.<br />

“So many of our Pacific people have gone away from<br />

the traditional diets their ancestors ate in favour of<br />

convenience foods, high fat, high sugar – and our people<br />

are getting sick,” he laments.<br />

Previously at the Māngere Community Gardens, Papa<br />

Tom has recently been working alongside the Cook Island<br />

Development Agency of NZ (CIDANZ) in Māngere to<br />

develop a tyre garden on the side of its building in Kirkbride<br />

Road.<br />

Hardly revolutionary some may say, but Papa Tom says<br />

many families don’t have the space, time or the knowledge<br />

to create a garden of their own.<br />

“We are educating families from the little kids through to<br />

mum and dad about the different kinds of things they can<br />

grow, how to grow from seedlings and changing crops and<br />

we are even showing them how to cook them.”<br />

Now in his late 70s, he is loving passing on his knowledge<br />

to a new generation and has plenty of praise for the work<br />

CIDANZ is doing to advance the future of its people.<br />

“They’re doing a great job, bringing the community<br />

together.”<br />

Tom Wichman: A health scare changed his life.<br />

Supporting<br />

community<br />

enterprises and<br />

entrepreneurs<br />

to thrive<br />

Experience<br />

Ihumātao<br />

Photo credit: Jacqui Geux<br />

On Saturday <strong>June</strong> 11 from 8.30am-3pm a guided field<br />

trip will be exploring the shifting boundaries between<br />

geology, archaeology, and cultural landscapes on the<br />

Ihumātao Peninsula, Mangere.<br />

Hosted by Bruce Hayward (geologist, author), and Dave<br />

Veart (archaeologist, author, and historian).<br />

Assemble and park at end of Renton Road, Ihumatao at<br />

8.30am <strong>June</strong> 11. Email flathead23@xnet.co.nz for more info.<br />


Shopping trucks and door-to-door sales people<br />

are among the real scourges of this community.<br />

And there are still many people out there looking<br />

to make a quick buck at the expense of Mangere’s<br />

more trusting consumers.<br />

So here’s some tips to stop yourself getting ripped off:<br />

1. Under new laws, the salesperson has to check<br />

your family have the ability to make payments and<br />

understand all the terms and conditions. So often this<br />

process can be rushed so make sure you ask them to<br />

slow down or come back so you’ve got more time to<br />

make a decision.<br />

2. Make sure whatever you sign matches what the<br />

salesman promises. If there are discounts or extra<br />

products in his sales pitch make sure it’s confirmed<br />

in writing. The contract should clearly spell out<br />

fees, charges and the full cost of your purchase plus<br />

conditions of how you can complain or terminate the<br />

contract.<br />

3. The last thing you can do which might seem obvious<br />

but is really hard - is just say no. Even if you feel<br />

impolite, don’t feel bad telling the smiling chap on your<br />

porch to leave and not come back. You can usually get<br />

better deals from Trade Me or go one stage on the bus<br />

to a shopping centre like Dressmart in Onehunga.<br />

For more information visit us or check out<br />

www.justice.govt.nz. The Māngere Community<br />

Law Centre has been serving the unmet legal<br />

needs of the community since 1986. If you’d<br />

like to make an appointment to see a lawyer<br />

call <strong>275</strong>-4310.

Letters from the community<br />

Last month Paul Lesoa's letter to <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> went viral on Facebook with almost 100,000<br />

people viewing it. Here are two readers responses to Paul's letter...<br />

Standing from the left to right: Catherine Whitelaw, April, Mary Whitelaw, Maureen<br />

Green, David Whitelaw and Michael Sadler. Kneeling left to right: James, Rhiannon and<br />

Mike. (Photo supplied)<br />

Letter and pic from Maureen Green<br />

We grew up on Calthorp Close off Robertson Rd in the early<br />

1970's. It was the coolest and sometimes the craziest place<br />

on earth. We were given a master key to the houses in the street. Our future<br />

was chosen by Mum, she loved green. To this day our one and only Norfolk Pine<br />

is still there standing proud. My dad got to know the Ministry of Works guys and<br />

they let him have the pine tree.<br />

In our backyard before Koru Primary School was built, we had an old farm<br />

and orchard. Fruit trees galore. Three of us went to Arahanga Intermediate<br />

(now gone) and then onto Mangere College. Our younger sisters went to Nga<br />

Tapuwae. Definitely caused a few issues but we got over it. We would walk up<br />

Robertson Road and across a field where the motorway is now. Good times had<br />

by all. Loved it but you would because it was so cool. I had European friends<br />

who lived in Otara and loved their time there. It's what you make of it, it's not the<br />

stereotypical view of other people who haven't lived or even been in the area. I<br />

loved the people we knew and it was heaven on earth for us kids.<br />

Find out about our<br />

childcare options now.<br />

WINZ subsidies & 20 hours<br />

free care available<br />

Work from home.<br />

Become an educator today.<br />

My name is Angel Faalogo,<br />

I am 14 years old and<br />

currently attending<br />

Auckland Girls' Grammar<br />

School.<br />

I was inspired by Paul Lesoa's letter<br />

and have been living in Mangere for 8<br />

years, long enough to recognise the<br />

negative labels people put on us.<br />

A lot of opportunities come from<br />

Mangere and it is home to many<br />

amazing people from different<br />

countries. Outsiders need to view the<br />

positive side of Mangere as they tend<br />

to only look at the negative side of<br />

things.<br />

We are almost always looked down<br />

on because of our skin colour. Wasn't<br />

Martin Luther King's speech or Nelson<br />

Mandela's protests enough to change<br />

your perspective on us brown people?<br />

Yes, a lot of our youth these days<br />

cause disastrous events on our streets<br />

but the actions of one do not define<br />

another.<br />

"You are beautiful,<br />

you are handsome<br />

and you are smart.<br />

Don't let anyone<br />

tell you otherwise."<br />

Encourage our youth to do good in<br />

school and help them throughout their<br />

education. Like Paul Lesoa said, we<br />

can be the next SBW, Beyoncé or even<br />

the next John Key. We could even be<br />

a whole lot better than they are. We<br />

all need to respect one another and<br />

give each other that positive mindset,<br />

not only to change but to be the<br />

change, not only in our community<br />

and schools but also in the whole<br />

of Mangere. I don't mean to offend<br />

anyone or gain publicity with this<br />

letter, but to bring about the changes<br />

we need in our community.<br />

Remember God loves you. You are<br />

beautiful, you are handsome and you<br />

are smart. Don't let anyone tell you<br />

otherwise. I am a brown kid added to<br />

the brown statistic and I am a proud<br />

Mangere resident.<br />

Isaiah 40:26 Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars, The One who<br />

leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name. (sponsored by Bill and Bridie Keenan)<br />


Community Notices<br />


A Cycle Safe Awareness event will be taking place on Monday, <strong>June</strong><br />

6 Queens Birthday weekend at the Māngere Town Centre. 10am -<br />

2pm. FREE Bike Check, Bike Maintenance, and sausage sizzle and<br />

prizes and giveaways.<br />


Communicare Māngere run a Friendship Centre in Māngere.<br />

Weekly group meeting in the Netball Centre in Court Town<br />

Close opposite the Town Centre. Guests enjoy morning tea, light<br />

exercise, craft activities then some bingo and a cooked lunch from<br />

9.30-12.30 for $6. Call 631-5968 for further information.<br />


- The Island at the Mangere Arts Centre, <strong>June</strong> 28 – July 1, 7pm.<br />

Massive Nui Ensemble brings you the Island. Six young performers<br />

explore the idea of isolation and growing up in New Zealand.<br />

- The Pacific Dance Festival 2016 runs at Arts centre from <strong>June</strong> 13-<br />

18, 7pm - 8pm, every night. Featured artists include Justin Haiu.<br />


Do you enjoy using your skills to help others? We are looking<br />

for volunteer electrical workers to offer repair work of small<br />

household electrical appliances at a free community repair café!<br />

The Repair Café is a collaboration between Auckland Regional<br />

Migrant Services and MakerHood: we aim to foster creativity and a<br />

“fix-it” attitude within South Auckland's diverse communities. The<br />

event will be held on July 23. For more information please email<br />

bexr@arms-mrc.org.nz.<br />


A community network meeting for anyone working or living in<br />

Māngere, 10am, July 28 at Māngere Community Law Centre.<br />


Grace Removals have set up a grant funding scheme. There are<br />

a number of community grants available from Grace Gives New<br />

Zealand. For more info go to: https://www.graceremovals.co.nz/<br />

grace-gives/<br />

Property Insight Evenings<br />

You are invited to attend our Property Insight Evenings to gain<br />

more knowledge around property. All welcome.<br />

Thursday’s 6-7pm St James, Church Street.<br />

See our Facebook page for details on speakers.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 2: Information around the Proposed Unitary Plan Changes.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 9: Fred Ofa from Rental One discussing Issues around<br />

managing a rental. Signs of P use, how much does it cost to have<br />

someone manage your rental? etc.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 16: Ian Wallace talking about Building<br />

Inspections and consents and non-compliant<br />

work.<br />

Mangere Bridge Realty Ltd REAA 2008 is a time<br />

proven, local real estate company who will look after<br />

you and guide you through the sale of your home.<br />

Ring Karen anytime to talk about your property<br />

021 540 560.<br />

Leaving a lasting impression in this world?<br />

Welding +<br />

Panel beating<br />


AND<br />


Recreation<br />

& Sport<br />

Automotive<br />

Joinery<br />

& Cabinet<br />

making<br />

Forces<br />

Pre-Entry<br />

Employment<br />

Skills<br />

Don’t<br />

just dream it.<br />

ZERO FEES &<br />


FOR 16-19YRS<br />



20+ YEAR OLDS<br />

FREE<br />

Learners or<br />

Restricted Licence<br />

(conditions apply)<br />

NCEA Level 2<br />

Warehousing<br />

& Forklift<br />

Operations<br />

BECOME IT!<br />

Conditions apply.<br />

HANDS ON<br />



(09) 257-5732 | 59 TIDAL RD<br />

8<br />

Open from 7.30am-6.00pm / Meals all provided by our onsite chef<br />

Enrolling children 6 months - 6 years / 20 hours free for 3-6 year olds<br />

09 257 4788 info@lifechildcare.co.nz www.lifechildcare.co.nz<br />

facebook.com/LifeChildcareCentreMangere<br />

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