Mangere's 275 Times. June 2016.

Mangere Community News. June 2016. Edition #20.

Mangere Community News. June 2016. Edition #20.


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Edition #20

june 2016


275 times



Our stories, our people, our Māngere

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou


Rising above life’s

challenges starts with

stepping up and being

heard, according to Candy

Tusini - and she is living

proof of that message.

The Strive youth worker says

she responded to a talk at high

school from well-known Otara

legend Alan Va’a to use her life to

make a difference and she’s now

paying forward what he taught


She says Alan’s message was

simply that we’re all “chosen and

selected – that our life is not a

mistake – so we need to live life

abundantly with a purpose and

never give up.” And that’s the

motto of Candy’s life now and

as part of that purpose Candy

is hoping to inspire the young

people of Mangere to step up and be

heard at the up-coming Next Factor

Performing Arts event on June 18.

Next Factor has been running since

2011 and has been a breeding ground

for future music stars such as TV3’s

X-Factor winner Beau Monga and

X-Factor contestants Nyssa Collins,

Irene Folu and the Mondulation Sistas.

Candy will be the MC for the event

and she encourages Mangere youth

RISE UP: Candy Tusini and her colleague Shaina Dunshea (left) are organising this great event.

with a passion for the arts and music

to audition.

"we need to live

life abundantly

with a purpose and

never give up. "

“No one will hear you unless you speak

up,” she says. “You might feel shy, but

we all have to face giants in our life –

and so we have to become giant killers

if we want to succeed.

“If you don’t stand for something – you

will fall for anything – and so that’s

why you need to rise above.”

Heat 1: 4th June

Heat 2: 11th June

Finale: 18 June 9.30am-12pm

Mangere Town Centre.

1st prize $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250.

www.strive.org.nz www.facebook.com/Strive-Community-Trust Ph 09 255 0144

WHAT'S INSIDE: P3: Upcoming Matariki events P6: Get Legal P7: Your feedback P8: Notices




Early Early


Creating a brighter future

for our children.

30 hours FREE for children aged 0-5 years

8.30am - 3.30pm Monday - Friday

09 2803499 ece@mefsc.org.nz

Mangere East Family Service Centre

16-18 Ferguson Street, Mangere East

Korowai of aroha

for the tamariki

Staff and Nanas are spending

countless hours hand-crocheting

blankets for the babies and toddlers

at ME Early Childhood Centre.

Early childhood teacher Elaine

Derbyshire who has been teaching ECE

for 30 years has added an extra level of

care for the children when they are

sleeping. She says that one blanket

may take one or two weeks to crochet

and each child has their blanket

individually designed to suit

their personality. Elaine says

that when children are

asleep they are at their

most vulnerable and the

blankets are a way of

nurturing and caring for

those children when

they are asleep.

Fellow early childhood

teacher Amy Taunga

referred to the blankets

as a 'korowai of aroha'

(cloak of love).

Children get to keep

the blankets when

they leave.

Whiti Halatanu (right) and grand-daughter

Nevaeh Siulangapo with one of the blankets

she has made for the children.

275 times




Design: Jo Latif Words: Justin Latif

Publisher: ME Family Services

We are currently reaching around 15,000

people via Facebook, Twitter and our hard

copies magazines which are distributed to

over 100 pick up sites around Māngere, Māngere

East, Māngere Bridge and the Airport District. If

you would like to promote your business AND

support this community initiative please email

us and we'll send you more info.





If you would like to donate - please go to:


what we're about

There are so many great things going on in Māngere

but unfortunately we don’t hear about them or these

positive events get overlooked.

Therefore, with the help of ME Family Services, we

have set up this local media initiative to provide a

platform for sharing the positive stories of Māngere,

celebrating successes and also bringing to light things

that matter in the community.

This is a social enterprise aimed at enriching this

community through informing and entertaining

anyone who works, lives or plays in Māngere.

If you're unsure why the '275' - it refers to the 275

telephone prefix that many used to have and it

also has become the unofficial nickname of this


Please don't hesitate to send us any feedback or

ideas for stories.



Contact: Tuhin Choudhury

Unit 7/17 Airpark Drive

Matariki holds meaning for Maia


Mangere East is once again the place to

celebrate Matariki. And for the event organiser,

Maia Fowler, it holds special meaning as the

origins of her name are tied up with this special

time of year.

“My whole first name is Maia Te Ra,” she says. “It’s a name

that was given to me and it's about a time of the year and

the warmth of the sun shining during a particular time of the

day during Matariki. It’s actually the name of an aunty from

where I’m from on the east coast and it was around the time

of Matariki that I was born.”

This will be second year that the Mangere East Community

Centre and Ohomairangi Trust have run this and it’s all set to

go down on July 9 at the Metro Theatre on Massey Road.

Maia says last year’s event was a huge success with over

150 people coming but this year she’s expecting even more


“It’s all about bringing the community together and growing

their knowledge on Matariki and have some food together."

Maia says this event will be a good way for non-Maori to

learn about the traditions of New Zealand’s indigenous


“It’s the start of the Maori new year. It’s acknowledging our

ancestors and how they lived.”

Maia says her Maori New Year resolution is to “concentrate on

the positives”.

What’s your #MatarikiResolution?

If you’d like to share your Maori new year’s

resolutions let us know at facebook or twitter

and add the #matarikiresolutions hashtag


Celebrate Matariki with Te Pane O Mataoho

When: From July 2 – July 8 at 10am – 2pm.

Where: Mangere Mountain Education Centre, 100 Coronation

Road,Mangere Bridge.

Guided tours of the Mountain, hands-on activities including;

weaving, kite making, poi dancing, story telling and stick

games. Call 6347305 for more info and bookings.

Matariki in Māngere East

When: July 9, 4pm-8pm

Where: Mangere East Hall (Metro Theatre). It will be an

evening acknowledging another year gone by and looking

forward to new beginnings. This community event will

involve kai (including hangi), an educational presentation on

matariki, music and entertainment, arts and crafts (including

korowai), and spoken word.

Contact Fiona on 275 6161 or fiona@mangereeast.org for

more info.


Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars

also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter –

late May or early June.

For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year.

Matariki literally means the 'eyes of god' (mata

ariki) or 'little eyes' (mata riki).

The formation of stars on page 1 are an example

of the Matariki cluster.

Maia Fowler: Mangere East OSCAR Coordinator and event

organiser of Matariki in Mangere East.


June 2016

Local Board update - Māngere

The Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board has been elected to

advocate for your needs and make decisions on local

transport, parks, halls, libraries, as well as community

funding, safety and events.

Māngere sees big transport wins

Māngere Town Centre will finally have a new bigger

and safer bus station following many years of

advocacy by residents and the local board. It will

include seven bus stops, new shelters to extend the

covered passenger area, a covered connection to the

town centre, a toilet, cycle racks, an additional

westbound lane for traffic, and paving and landscaping.

A new bus services provider contract means more bus

services for South Auckland. There will be a 21 per

cent increase in hours of operation and a 15 per cent

increase in kilometres covered by the services. There

will also be a new state-of-the-art, low-emission fleet.

The new Ōtāhuhu Bus and Train Interchange are set

to open soon. All of these projects will feed into the bus

network changes in October. The new public transport

network will include new bus numbers and some route

changes but more frequent and timely buses. Look out

for more information coming soon.

Council is looking at options for a rail service through

Māngere to the Airport. It’s great news for residents in

need of faster and timelier public transport. The local

board however continues to push for the heavy rail

option rather than light rail to make sure it can keep up

with our future population and freight growth.

Thanks! We couldn’t do it without you

The Māngere-

Ōtāhuhu Local

Board would like to

thank all the local

people and

community groups

who have worked in

many ways to make Mangere a great place to live.

A special thanks this time to the Mangere Community

House and Papatuanuku Marae who helped us with a

fantastic community BBQ in April. Look out for the details

of the next BBQ coming up!

Libraries and pools

The local board continues to deliver its policy allowing

free entry to swimming pools in Māngere and

Ōtāhuhu, through a targeted rate. This has proven

successful with

our pools proving

far more popular

than other

council pools

across Auckland.

With that we

have the benefit

of healthier, more engaged and happier communities.

Parents are also taking the opportunity to enrol their

kids in water safety programmes which is fantastic!

The board is also funding extra opening hours in local

libraries, beyond



It’s important locals

can make the most

of libraries,

gathering and

learning places for

all ages.

Better neighbourhood connections

Local events and community grants


Work on the Māngere Future Streets project around

the Town Centre and Mascot to Massey road area

continues to improve connections for local communities.

This includes better connections, safer walkways,

shared paths, cycleways, a fitness trail and way finding


Looking after our environment

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board has the second largest

investment for local environmental initiates in the

Auckland region, second only to Waitakere. The current

budget year includes $ 146,000 in total on


initiatives. But

with the


Harbour, Pukaki



Stonefields and

its surrounds leading up to the airport, it’s not surprising.

It matches aspirations for tourism and the ongoing

management of the area’s built character, heritage,

culture and natural environment into the future. The

board also undertook a large-scale mangrove removal

programme in response to community demand. Its

support of education and awareness of waste reduction

also continues.

Book community halls and sportsfields

The local board fund and upgrade a fantastic mix of

community halls and sports fields you can book in

Māngere and Ōtāhuhu. Over the last few years, many of

the sportsfields have been upgraded to improve the turf

quality for our local sports enthusiasts. Make sure you

book local sportsfields to avoid any inconvenience by

phoning 301 0101.

Community halls can now be booked online for a range of

events and provide good value for money. Check out the

halls available and their prices on the Auckland Council

website or phone 301 0101.

The first Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Arts Jam at Ōtāhuhu’s Toia

recreation centre this year was a hit. The board funded

the event promoting arts and culture with activities for the

whole family. Next year the festival will be held in

Mangere. Do you have an initiative or event that will

benefit the community? The Local Board provides

grants towards projects that contribute to its local board

priorities. Visit the Auckland Council website or phone

301 0101.

Reducing alcohol harm

The local board would like to

thank the community and police

for their help in ensuring 38

alcohol ban areas in Māngere

and Ōtāhuhu. Thanks to the

evidence provided, greater

spaces around town centres

are now covered by alcohol

bans, including adjoining car

parks. Other ban areas have

also been extended to cover

Local Board Contacts

whole parks rather than just a playground or car park.

The board can still create new ban areas so it’s important

people report alcohol-related issues in public places.

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board Office

Shop 17, 93 Bader Drive, Māngere Town Centre

Next to the Library. Phone 09 256 5133.

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/mangereotahuhu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mangereotahuhu



Sign up to receive our monthly email newsletters:



Tom's new venture

Whoever said you

can’t teach an old

dog new tricks,

obviously hadn’t

met Tom Wichman.

The sprightly Māngere

resident is a ball of

energy, living proof of

the benefits of keeping fit

and healthy eating.

But it wasn’t that long

ago that the former

United Nations worker

for the Cook Islands

was facing an uncertain

future due to ill health.

“After too many years of

eating too much and not

doing enough exercise

I was overweight, I had

diabetes and then I got


“It was then that I decided that I could either just continue

to be sick or do something about it and so I started eating

a lot more fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds and lucky for

me I am still here.”

But for Papa Tom, as he is affectionately called, it was more

than just eating healthier, he also became interested how

foods reacted in the body, how they were grown and what

foods to eat or avoid to for certain conditions.

In fact he could talk for hours about the Glycaemic Index

(GI) levels of food, the benefits of fenugreek turmeric and

taro leaf and why you shouldn’t drink water with a meal!

He’s also a passionate advocate for gardening and growing

your own food, a skill he is passing on to others.

“So many of our Pacific people have gone away from

the traditional diets their ancestors ate in favour of

convenience foods, high fat, high sugar – and our people

are getting sick,” he laments.

Previously at the Māngere Community Gardens, Papa

Tom has recently been working alongside the Cook Island

Development Agency of NZ (CIDANZ) in Māngere to

develop a tyre garden on the side of its building in Kirkbride


Hardly revolutionary some may say, but Papa Tom says

many families don’t have the space, time or the knowledge

to create a garden of their own.

“We are educating families from the little kids through to

mum and dad about the different kinds of things they can

grow, how to grow from seedlings and changing crops and

we are even showing them how to cook them.”

Now in his late 70s, he is loving passing on his knowledge

to a new generation and has plenty of praise for the work

CIDANZ is doing to advance the future of its people.

“They’re doing a great job, bringing the community


Tom Wichman: A health scare changed his life.



enterprises and


to thrive



Photo credit: Jacqui Geux

On Saturday June 11 from 8.30am-3pm a guided field

trip will be exploring the shifting boundaries between

geology, archaeology, and cultural landscapes on the

Ihumātao Peninsula, Mangere.

Hosted by Bruce Hayward (geologist, author), and Dave

Veart (archaeologist, author, and historian).

Assemble and park at end of Renton Road, Ihumatao at

8.30am June 11. Email flathead23@xnet.co.nz for more info.


Shopping trucks and door-to-door sales people

are among the real scourges of this community.

And there are still many people out there looking

to make a quick buck at the expense of Mangere’s

more trusting consumers.

So here’s some tips to stop yourself getting ripped off:

1. Under new laws, the salesperson has to check

your family have the ability to make payments and

understand all the terms and conditions. So often this

process can be rushed so make sure you ask them to

slow down or come back so you’ve got more time to

make a decision.

2. Make sure whatever you sign matches what the

salesman promises. If there are discounts or extra

products in his sales pitch make sure it’s confirmed

in writing. The contract should clearly spell out

fees, charges and the full cost of your purchase plus

conditions of how you can complain or terminate the


3. The last thing you can do which might seem obvious

but is really hard - is just say no. Even if you feel

impolite, don’t feel bad telling the smiling chap on your

porch to leave and not come back. You can usually get

better deals from Trade Me or go one stage on the bus

to a shopping centre like Dressmart in Onehunga.

For more information visit us or check out

www.justice.govt.nz. The Māngere Community

Law Centre has been serving the unmet legal

needs of the community since 1986. If you’d

like to make an appointment to see a lawyer

call 275-4310.

Letters from the community

Last month Paul Lesoa's letter to 275 Times went viral on Facebook with almost 100,000

people viewing it. Here are two readers responses to Paul's letter...

Standing from the left to right: Catherine Whitelaw, April, Mary Whitelaw, Maureen

Green, David Whitelaw and Michael Sadler. Kneeling left to right: James, Rhiannon and

Mike. (Photo supplied)

Letter and pic from Maureen Green

We grew up on Calthorp Close off Robertson Rd in the early

1970's. It was the coolest and sometimes the craziest place

on earth. We were given a master key to the houses in the street. Our future

was chosen by Mum, she loved green. To this day our one and only Norfolk Pine

is still there standing proud. My dad got to know the Ministry of Works guys and

they let him have the pine tree.

In our backyard before Koru Primary School was built, we had an old farm

and orchard. Fruit trees galore. Three of us went to Arahanga Intermediate

(now gone) and then onto Mangere College. Our younger sisters went to Nga

Tapuwae. Definitely caused a few issues but we got over it. We would walk up

Robertson Road and across a field where the motorway is now. Good times had

by all. Loved it but you would because it was so cool. I had European friends

who lived in Otara and loved their time there. It's what you make of it, it's not the

stereotypical view of other people who haven't lived or even been in the area. I

loved the people we knew and it was heaven on earth for us kids.

Find out about our

childcare options now.

WINZ subsidies & 20 hours

free care available

Work from home.

Become an educator today.

My name is Angel Faalogo,

I am 14 years old and

currently attending

Auckland Girls' Grammar


I was inspired by Paul Lesoa's letter

and have been living in Mangere for 8

years, long enough to recognise the

negative labels people put on us.

A lot of opportunities come from

Mangere and it is home to many

amazing people from different

countries. Outsiders need to view the

positive side of Mangere as they tend

to only look at the negative side of


We are almost always looked down

on because of our skin colour. Wasn't

Martin Luther King's speech or Nelson

Mandela's protests enough to change

your perspective on us brown people?

Yes, a lot of our youth these days

cause disastrous events on our streets

but the actions of one do not define


"You are beautiful,

you are handsome

and you are smart.

Don't let anyone

tell you otherwise."

Encourage our youth to do good in

school and help them throughout their

education. Like Paul Lesoa said, we

can be the next SBW, Beyoncé or even

the next John Key. We could even be

a whole lot better than they are. We

all need to respect one another and

give each other that positive mindset,

not only to change but to be the

change, not only in our community

and schools but also in the whole

of Mangere. I don't mean to offend

anyone or gain publicity with this

letter, but to bring about the changes

we need in our community.

Remember God loves you. You are

beautiful, you are handsome and you

are smart. Don't let anyone tell you

otherwise. I am a brown kid added to

the brown statistic and I am a proud

Mangere resident.

Isaiah 40:26 Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars, The One who

leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name. (sponsored by Bill and Bridie Keenan)


Community Notices


A Cycle Safe Awareness event will be taking place on Monday, June

6 Queens Birthday weekend at the Māngere Town Centre. 10am -

2pm. FREE Bike Check, Bike Maintenance, and sausage sizzle and

prizes and giveaways.


Communicare Māngere run a Friendship Centre in Māngere.

Weekly group meeting in the Netball Centre in Court Town

Close opposite the Town Centre. Guests enjoy morning tea, light

exercise, craft activities then some bingo and a cooked lunch from

9.30-12.30 for $6. Call 631-5968 for further information.


- The Island at the Mangere Arts Centre, June 28 – July 1, 7pm.

Massive Nui Ensemble brings you the Island. Six young performers

explore the idea of isolation and growing up in New Zealand.

- The Pacific Dance Festival 2016 runs at Arts centre from June 13-

18, 7pm - 8pm, every night. Featured artists include Justin Haiu.


Do you enjoy using your skills to help others? We are looking

for volunteer electrical workers to offer repair work of small

household electrical appliances at a free community repair café!

The Repair Café is a collaboration between Auckland Regional

Migrant Services and MakerHood: we aim to foster creativity and a

“fix-it” attitude within South Auckland's diverse communities. The

event will be held on July 23. For more information please email



A community network meeting for anyone working or living in

Māngere, 10am, July 28 at Māngere Community Law Centre.


Grace Removals have set up a grant funding scheme. There are

a number of community grants available from Grace Gives New

Zealand. For more info go to: https://www.graceremovals.co.nz/


Property Insight Evenings

You are invited to attend our Property Insight Evenings to gain

more knowledge around property. All welcome.

Thursday’s 6-7pm St James, Church Street.

See our Facebook page for details on speakers.

June 2: Information around the Proposed Unitary Plan Changes.

June 9: Fred Ofa from Rental One discussing Issues around

managing a rental. Signs of P use, how much does it cost to have

someone manage your rental? etc.

June 16: Ian Wallace talking about Building

Inspections and consents and non-compliant


Mangere Bridge Realty Ltd REAA 2008 is a time

proven, local real estate company who will look after

you and guide you through the sale of your home.

Ring Karen anytime to talk about your property

021 540 560.

Leaving a lasting impression in this world?

Welding +

Panel beating





& Sport



& Cabinet







just dream it.



FOR 16-19YRS





Learners or

Restricted Licence

(conditions apply)

NCEA Level 2


& Forklift



Conditions apply.




(09) 257-5732 | 59 TIDAL RD


Open from 7.30am-6.00pm / Meals all provided by our onsite chef

Enrolling children 6 months - 6 years / 20 hours free for 3-6 year olds

09 257 4788 info@lifechildcare.co.nz www.lifechildcare.co.nz


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