Caribbean Times 20th Issue - Wednesday 1st June 2016


Caribbean Times 20th Issue - Wednesday 1st June 2016

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Wednesday 1st June 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Alicia Barnette

Two Jamaican women

were sentenced to Four

months each at Her Majesty’s

Prison on Tuesday for Shoplifting.

Alicia Barnette, 29

and Sonia Smith, 27 both of

Cooks New Extension were

sentenced to four months each

at Her Majesty’s Prison, when

they both appeared before

Chief Magistrate Walsh in

the John’s Magistrate’s Court

charged with two counts of


It was reported that the

duo on two separate occasions

on Monday, went into two

separate stores in St. Johns

and stole a quantity of items.

In one incident, they entered

the Lucky Cosmetics

store located on Redcliffe

Street, and stole two bars of

Roldan Soap, one Timeless

Ponytail, and one nail brush

all valued EC$72.90.

They were caught on

camera placing the items inside

their handbags and then

walked out of the store without

paying. This incident occurred

around 2:30 pm.

In a similar incident, both

females entered the Hon Xing

Chinese Store located on Market

Street and stole a pack of

plastic cups and two pairs of


Sonia Smith

baby socks.

The items were valued at

EC$14.95. Camera footage

again showed both females

placing the items inside their

bags and then walked out

without paying.

This incident occurred

around 3:50 pm. Both incidents

were reported to the

Criminal Investigations Department

and they were arrested

and taken into custody and


2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Another postponement granted

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By Everton Barnes

The one of the several

cases against former House

Speaker, D Gizelle Isaac,

and radio personality, Algernon

‘Serpent’ Watt, has

been postponed in the Magistrate’s


The case where the two

are charged with corruption,

fraudulent conversion

and larceny arising out of a

Board of Education investigation,

came before Chief

Magistrate Joanne Walsh

on Monday.

Watt has added another

lawyer to his team with the

addition of Kendrickson

Kentish Jnr. joining Silvia

O’Marde and Ralph Francis.

Kentish told the court

that as a new member of

the team he wanted an opportunity

to peruse the files

in order to prepare properly

for the case.

One of the two police

prosecutors presenting the

case asked the court to note

The Police and the family

of 14 year old Aiesha Edwards

of Clare Hall are seeking

the public’s assistance in

ascertaining her whereabouts.

According to a family

member, Aiesha was last seen

on Redcliffe Street in the vicinity

of State Insurance Corporation

amongst her friends,

on 30 th April, 2016 about


At the time, she was wearing

in a short fitted black dress

and pink sandals.

She is described to be fair

in complexion and was wearing

a straightened weave hairstyle

when last seen by relatives.

Aiesha is approximately

5 feet 5 inches in height and

weighs between 130-135


She is currently a 2 nd Form

student of the Clare Hall Secondary


Aiesha Edwards

Meanwhile, the police

administration uses this opportunity

to remind the general

public that it is a serious

offence to harbour minors in

your custody without lawful

authority so to do.

that it was the defense that

was requesting an adjournment

and that the prosecution

was fully prepared

to proceed. He noted that

when the case was postponed

at an earlier sitting,

the defense complained vociferously

about delays in

the case.

The magistrate granted

the defense’s request for

more time and set June 30

as the new date for the defendants

to reappear before

the court.

After hearing the submissions

from the defense,

Chief Magistrate Walsh

will determine whether

or not there is enough evidence

to have the matter

submitted to the High

Court for trial.

Francis said the defense

is likely to make a ‘nocase’

submission as the

team does not believe that

the evidence presented by

the police indicate that a

crime had been committed.

In this case, the former

Speaker is defended by

Justin Simon, QC.


The Police are also appealing

to anyone who has information

as to her whereabouts,

to contact the Criminal Investigations

Department at 462-

3913/14 or the nearest Police


Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Ambassador Wang Xianmin, right, with Governor General Sir

Rodney Williams

Antigua and Barbuda

first established diplomatic

ties with the People’s Republic

of China on January

1st 1983 and today it is often

been described as one of the

strongest bonds that the twin

island state has with an overseas


On Tuesday, the country

opened its arms to welcome

the newest Chinese diplomat

who is appointed to serve for

the next three years, Ambassador

Wang Xianmin.

Ambassador Wang replaces

the highly accomplished

Ambassador Ren

Gongping, who was recognized

with one of the country’s

highest National Honours,

Grand Cross of the

Most Illustrious Order of

Merit, at the end of his tenure

for outstanding contributions

to the development of the

twin island state.

The new diplomat was

first recieved by the Minister

of Foreign Affairs and

International Trade, the Hon.

Charles “Max” Fernandez at

the Office of the Prime Minister.

Minister Fernandez mentioned

the excellent relations

that exists between Antigua

and Barbuda and China

and expressed the hope that

the bond will be continually

fruitful through the efforts of

the new Ambassador.

Ambassador Wang’s next

stop was at Government

House, where he met with

and presented his credentials

to Governor General, His

Excellency Sir Rodney Williams.

Lady Sandra Williams

Ambassador Wang Xianmin, right, with Prime Minister, the Hon.,

Gaston Browne

Antigua welcomes new Chinese Ambassador

was also present to greet the

new diplomat.

Prime Minister, the Hon.

Gaston Browne, also extended

warm greetings on behalf

of the people and government

of Antigua and Barbuda.

He too outlined the long

and fruitful diplomatic relationship

that both countries

have enjoyed over the years.

The nation’s leader noted

that the country recieves the

strongest support from China.

He hopes that the new

Ambassador has a successful

tenure and wishes him

success in his respective negotiations.

In response, Ambassador

Wang indicated that

it was his intention to follow

through on the work

left by his predecessor as

well as to make his own

contributions to the development

of the twin island


4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Phase 1 of new complex nears completion

National festivals and Sports Minister, the

Hon., E Paul Chet Greene

By Everton Barnes

Work on transforming the former

Barrymore Hotel to a sports, cultural

and entertainment centre for Antigua

and Barbuda is progressing smoothly

with phase one expected to be completed

in another two weeks.

That’s the update from National festivals

and Sports Minister, E Paul Chet

Greene who took CT on a tour of the

facilities on Tuesday. The minister said

he expects the complex to be ready for

the start of the Calypso Tent Season in

another week or two.

He said Phase 1 involves the reconstruction

of the stage and the renovation

of the kitchen. “This is a concept

and a project we have been thinking

about for over a year now as we set

about to preserve the Antiguan Food,

as we know it; the tacha dumpling, the

fungi, the ducana, the roast dumpling

etc. Those things that are uniquely Antiguan

and which we are finding more

difficult to acquire in a quality presentation,”

Greene explained.

He added that while the kitchen will

not exclusively be these food preparation

styles unique to Antigua and Barbuda,

this is form the essence of the


According to the minister the stage

will not only be for Calypso tents, but

it will allow the ministry of culture, for

the first time, to have a physical space

where it can put on theatrical performances

as well as other cultural displays

on an on-going basis.

For many patrons, Greene wants

the new restaurant facility to be reminiscent

of an earlier time when local

restaurants such as Brother B’s and

Golden Peanut thrived.

As it relates to the stage, the minister

explained that proper dressing

rooms form part of the amenities as

they are being constructed underneath

the stage.

cont’d on pg 5

Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

cont’d from pg 4

“The other phase will see

the refurbishing of two buildings

which will be converted

to the offices of the festivals

Commission. Already on

site, are offices for the Reparation

Support Commission

and another office for a project

that will twin Antigua

with Haiti and Senegal, Africa.

So we are fleshing it out.

It will take some time, but

we know what we are aiming

to achieve,” he further


Man allegedly fractures

employer’s nose

Deborah A Parker

A 60-year-old man has

been forced to seek medical

attention overseas, after his

nose was allegedly fractured

by his employee.

Devon Merchant suffered

the facial blow recently,

allegedly at the hands of

Klayne Burton.

The accused reportedly

works on Merchant’s farm.

The case was mentioned

in District B before Magistrate

Ngaio Emanuel, however,

facts of what led to the

assault were not revealed,

Police prosecutor Cpl

Allan Honore however informed

the the court, Merchant

first sought medical

assistance at the Mount St

John’s Medical Center (MS-

JMC), before he left the jurisdiction

for further attention.

The accused, has been

charged with grievous bodily


Burton was also allegedly

caught with 76 grammes

of marijuana, which has a

street value of $960.

Since he indicated that he

wishes to have the services

of a legal representative the

matter was adjourned. Burton’s

matter will again be

called on August 17.

Bail in the sum of $5,000

was extended to the accused.

Of that amount Burton

was asked to deposit $2,000.

He must report to the t

John’s Police station daily

between the hours of 6am

and 6pm and present two local

sureties to the court.

Burton has also been

warned not to interfere with

the victim.

Greene did not deny that

the project will be costly

when it is fully completed,

but he said that he believes

firmly that it will be money

‘well spent’.

“The preservation of a

people’s culture is worth

every dime spent on it,” the

culture minister declared.

He disclosed that the work

is being done by the National

Housing and Urban Development

Company which

reduces the overall costs immensely.

Other plans include renovation

some of the rooms

that will house visiting artists

as well as sports men

and women in training camp

ahead of national duties.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Murder accused committed to stand trial

Alecia Mc Pherson

Terrence Weatherhead aged 29

of Belmont charged with the Murder

of Monique Rudder appeared before

Chief Magistrate Jo-Ann Walsh at the

St. John’s Magistrates Court on Monday

where the charge was read to him

that he committed the act on July 8,

2015 at New Street.

The prosecution submitted for evidence

one accused statement, one

Police interview conducted on the accused

on July 9, 2015, and one Police

interview conducted on the accused on

July 16, 2015.

All submissions were tendered and

Alecia Mc Pherson

Police conducted investigations

into a hit and run

collision where it was reported

that the driver of a

black Suzuki Vitara A28536

left the scene after colliding

with vehicle A29000 driven

by Kevinia Frederick of

Paynters Paradise.

The accident occurred

in the Epicurean Supermarket’s

parking lot on November

3, 2016 and caused damage

to the complainant’s rear

bumper and trunk.

Deborah A Parker

A man charged with the indictable offence

of incest has been remanded to Her

Majesty’s prison.

The accused appeared before Magistrate

Ngaio Emanuel yesterday.

Reports indicate that the crime was committed

between January 1 and May 9.The

victim is said to be an 11-year-old girl.

marked Kz1, kz2, and kz3 respectively.

Weatherhead was not required to

plea to the charge and was committed

to stand trial at September’s assizes at

the High Court.

On July 9, 2015 at about 09:00pm

the lifeless body of Monique Rudder

aged 45 was reportedly found at her

home located on New Street where

she resided with the accused and her

two young children.

Rudder and the accused lived together

for several years in a common

law relationship; there are reports that

Rudder endured mental and physical

Rim Wahba of Cedar

Valley was later taken into

Police custody where she

admitted to the offence, she

was charged with Driving

Without Due Care and appeared

before Magistrate

Wason on May 28 at the

St. Johns Magistrates Court

where she pleaded guilty to

the charge.

Wahba was convicted

and ordered to pay a fine of

$500 to the court, in default

thirty days at HMP, she was

further ordered to pay compensation

to the complainant

in the amount of $5,000 by

June 30 th , 2016.

In default he would be

sentenced to thirty days in


In another matter Stevenmore

Jacobs aged 52

of Pears Village pleaded

guilty to four traffic offence

charges when he appeared in

court on Monday May 30;

Driving an Unlicensed Vehicle,

Driving Without Due

Care, Driving Without Vehicle

Insurance and Driving

The accused will return to court on August

24 for committal.

Meanwhile, based on information provided

by the police crimes of this nature have

been on the rise in Antigua in recent time.

Persons convicted of incest, according to the

Sexual Offences Act of 1995, may face up

to life imprisonment, if the act is committed

against a minor.

abuse at the hands of the accused for

many years.

It is believed that Rudder died as a

result of such physical abuse, allegations

are that the cause of death was

due to an injury she sustained to the

head caused by severe blow perhaps

with a blunt object.

However upon his arrest the accused

reportedly denied any involvement

in causing the woman’s death

stating that ‘she collapsed and died as

a result of cocaine overdose’.

Accurate and full details of this

matter would be heard during trial at

the High Court.

Drivers pay for traffic offences

Incest accused remanded

Without a Driver’s License.

The charges stemmed

from a collision which occurred

on May 26, 2016 on

Factory road in the vicinity

of the pond, the defendant

was the driver of a Maxima

A15433 and Vitara A17434

driven by Jizelle Dore.

Investigating officers

found that a number of Jacobs’

documents had been

expired and as a result was

arrested and given the mentioned


In Court, he was convicted

and fined $2,000 for

driving without vehicle insurance

and $500 for driving

without a driver’s license.

The monies are to be paid

by June 30 and July 15 respectively,

to default would

mean a thirty days prison

sentence on each charge.

He was convicted reprimanded

and discharged of

the other charges.

Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Ministry of Works

and Housing moves

to ensure safer roads

The Minister of Works and Housing the

Hon. Eustace “Teco” Lake

Work is now

ongoing to construct


on the road surface

near the Lightfoot

Pond and efforts

to complete the infrastructure

are advancing

on schedule.

The National

Housing Development

and Urban

Renewal Company

Ltd. is the agency

responsible for

completing the

concrete structure

along both sides of

the surface of the

main road.

The Minister of Works

and Housing the Hon.

Eustace “Teco” Lake said:

“The guardrail system

now under construction at

the Lightfoot Pond is designed

towards road casualty

reduction. The ongoing work

is part of my government’s

commitment to reduce road

fatalities locally.

However, I am particularly

concerned with the fact

the motorists seem not to be

observing the traffic laws

and are speeding through the

area while our workers are

on site.

Therefore; I use the opportunity

to urge drivers to

be mindful of the fact that

the area in now a construction

site and as a result, men

are at work during the day


Meantime; The Works

and Housing Minister is giving

the assurance that his

Ministry will be working to

repair a disintegrated bridge

at St. Johnson’s Village and

a portion of road in Clare

Hall in short order.

Minister Lake said:

“I have noted the recent

posting on social media.

Road Engineers within the

Ministry will complete a

full assessment of the situation

at both locations today

and road repairs work will

commence in short order.

Situations like these cannot

be allowed. All efforts will

be put in place to begin the

work that is required”

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Graduates certified after completing

anti-money laundering course

Joanna Paris

Eight participants have

successfully completed a 15

week certification program

offered by the Money Laundering

and Financial Crime

Institute LLC (MLFC Institute)

in Florida in collaboration

with the Antigua and

Barbuda International Institute

of Technology (ABIIT).

Three students and five

teachers took part in the program,

with Antiguan Heather

Bradshaw emerging on

top with a mark of 93%, the

highest in the OECS region.

During the graduation

ceremony held on Monday,

the Acting Head of ABIIT’s

Campus, Danelle Martin,

Joanna Paris

Meteorologists anticipate a normal to

moderate Hurricane season as the period officially

begins today June 1 st .

The Atlantic coast will likely see a 70

percent chance of 10 to 16 named storms, according

to the center. Of those, between four

and eight will develop in to hurricanes, and

at least one is expected to develop in to a major

hurricane. When asked what Antigua and

Barbuda can expect, Director of Meteorological

Services, Keithley Meade, said that everyone

“just has to wait and see what transpires.

“We may be affected by one or more of

the systems but it all depends”, he noted.

He further explained that El Nino conditions

have affected the country significantly

for the last three years. He added that these

types of environments are not conducive for

storms to thrive in.

However this year La Nina, which is a

congratulated all of the graduates

on their accomplishments

and gave special kudos

to Bradshaw for setting the

benchmark high, with her exceptional


Martin also indicated that

ABIIT is committed to assist

with the development of the

twin island state where technical

knowledge and skill

sets are concerned.

Also present to congratulate

the graduates was Minister

of Education, Science and

Technology, the Hon. Michael

Browne. He commended

the work being done by

the MLFC Institute in assisting

individuals in increasing

their knowledge about anti-money

laundering, countering

Financing and Terrorism

and financial crimes


He too showered words

of praises on Bradshaw who

was absent from the proceedings.

Hurricane season 2016 begins

cooler phase is more favourable for storms.

“This year towards the end of the Summer,

which is August or so, we are expecting

to have moderate La Nina and if that plays out

then any storm we are to have will see greater

development than we have seen in previous

years, like last year and the year before”, Meade


Two storms, Alex, in mid-January and

Bonnie in May, have already formed, before

the official beginning of the season.

Meanwhile, Director of the National Office

of Disaster Services (NODS), Philmore

Mullin, encourages residents and businesses

to begin the necessary precautionary measures

in the event that the country is affected

by a storm or a hurricane.

He also urged persons to become familiar

with the designated shelters in their area so

that in the event of an emergency, they will

have a close place of rescue.

President of the MLFC

Institute, Michelle Martin,

stated that the institute’s

curriculum delivers to

the marketplace, individuals

with practical knowledge

of the field, who are able

to work for the private sector,

regulators, enforcement

agencies and governments.

The students who complete

the professional certificate

and actively maintain

their membership to the institute,

will also be authorized

to use the designation- Certificate

in Money Laundering

and Financial Crimes (CM-


She wished the first cohort

of graduates ass the best

in their future endeavors.

In November 2015, the

Minister of Education, Science

and Technology, the

Hon. Micheal Browne, finalized

a Memorandum of Understanding

(MOU) with the

MLFC institute, which established

ABIIT as their university

partner for the OECS


Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Wah Do Some Of Them Parents Today?

By Jacqueline Wetherill

I cannot understand what is going on with some of these parents today;

Just so, they allow their children to roam and go any and everywhere.

Late at night they are roaming the streets,

you can meet them in some dark corner with Nick plus cock- up feet.

They are so brazen to be kissing in public view; try talking to them,

the expletives you will hear and “ Ah old you old; you jealous me. Move.”

Wah Do Some Of Them Parents Today?

Some very short clothing you allow them to wear,

they don’t even have to bend to see their underwear.

The belly ring, the pierced tongue, nose,

mouth, and eyes, the tattoos you have to wonder why.

Under- age children, my gosh, doing this.

When problems come knocking you want someone to fix them.

I once saw an owner of a shop take a stand;

when a boy of 14 tried to buy a condom, she took it out of his hand.

Wah Do Some Of Them Parents Today?

They will tell you they’re not doing any chores, and they’re not going anywhere,

and you allow them to have their own way.

Some of you parents talk nasty conversation in front of these kids; where are the

barriers and respect of good parenting?

You live down with a man or woman, and they hear what is going on in your

bedroom; what do you expect the kids to do?

Parents, please get a plan; take a stand to turn your kids around.

The way some are heading you will pay the price some how.

Wah Do Some Of Them Parents Today?

Parents and guardians, your children would not like the change,

but they will thank you in the end.

Don’t allow these children to be roaming the streets

late at night without a guardian.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Major appointment at

the state owned ABS

Antigua and Barbuda’s Broadcasting

Services has announced a major

appointment as part of its continued

drive toward institutional strengthening

and broadcast excellence.

The State-owned Entity has engaged

the services of renowned Jamaican

Broadcaster Garfield Burford

as News and Current Affairs Consultant

on a one year contract, effective

June 1, 2016.

Mr Burford comes to the position

on the back of an illustrious media career

primarily at CVM Television in

Jamaica where he was News and current

affairs Manager.

He spent close to 13 years at CVM

during which he received two awards

of Journalist of the year from the

Press Association of Jamaica (2005

and 2007) for critically-acclaimed exploits

in covering national and regional


One of these awards was the corollary

of an extensive examination of

the threat posed by Islamic extremism

in the Caribbean for the documentary

Caribbean terror alert’.

Garfield was also recognized regionally

for his sterling coverage of

the aftermath of the earthquake in

Haiti in 2010.

Garfield Burford

He also received an award for excellence

for his pioneering work in

covering the issue of HIV/AIDS in the

Caribbean by Co-hosting Live up: The

Show with Antiguan Journalist Mitzi


His regional accolades also include

an award from the Caribbean Broadcasting

Union, CBU.

cont’d on pg 11

Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

cont’d from pg 10

Garfield will provide

critical services to ABS

during a period of significant

change and exciting

opportunities at the media


He will also assist the

management of ABS in developing

and improving

the standards for gathering,

preparing and delivering the

respective News and Current

Affairs Programmes.

Mr. Burford will also

assist the management in

identifying and recruiting

a suitable candidate for the

post of Director of News

and Current Affairs which

has been vacant since the

end of 2015.

The Hon Melford Nicholas,

Minister with responsibility

for Broadcasting,

in commenting on the development

said, “The appointment

of Mr. Burfod

represents a significant

milestone in the Ministry’s

pursuit, to transform ABS,

until it becomes the new

standard for Broadcast Media

Services in Antigua and


Minister Nicholas anticipates

that Mr. Burford’s

efforts, conjoined with the

fforts of the other management

and engaged employees

at ABS will bring

us closer to this realization

during the course of his tenure.

Renewal of

firearm licenses

The Police are reminding

ALL holders of Firearm

Licenses, that their Firearm

Licenses become due and

payable on or before May

31 st this year.

This is in accordance

with Section 40, Subsection

(4) of the Firearms Act,

Chapter 171 of the Laws of

Antigua and Barbuda.

However, the Police Administration

has taken into

consideration a number concerns

and has extended the

period up to the end of June,

2016. Anyone who fails to

meet the stipulated deadline

will, thereafter, be charged a

late fee of $50.00ECD.

All firearm holders

MUST present their firearms

to the Firearms Licensing

Officer at Police Headquarters

for examination. The

hours of operation are from

08:30am to 1:00pm; Monday

to Friday.

Anyone who fails to

comply with this notice will

be dealt with to the full extent

of the law. The Police

Administration is therefore

anticipating the full cooperation

of all concerned in this


12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Caribbean tourism officials to meet

with key decision makers in New York

NEW YORK, United

States – Caribbean tourism

leaders and some of New

York’s key decision makers

and influencers are to meet

tonight for exploratory talks

on how the two sides can

work more closely together.

The event will bring

heads of delegation to Caribbean

Week New York

and other regional dignitaries

face to face with city,

state and federal officials. It

is being hosted by the West

Indian American Day Carnival

Association (WIADCA),

in collaboration with Congresswoman

Yvette Clarke,

who represents the 9th congressional

district of New

York in the United States

House of Representatives,

and Congressman Hakeem

Jeffries, who represents New

York’s 8th congressional

district in the US Congress.

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Reach us now with that breaking news!

The visiting delegation

will be led by chairman of

the Caribbean Tourism Organization

(CTO) Richard

Sealy, who is also Barbados’

minister of tourism and

international transport, and

will include ministers and

directors of tourism, members

of the diplomatic corps

and regional tourism executives.

In addition to the two

members of congress, senior

executive Kelly Craighead

will represent the national

trade and tourism office of

the US Department of Commerce

at the talks, which

will also include William

Howard, president of WI-


The 43rd Caribbean

Week New York was

launched on Sunday with a

spirit-filled and lively service

at the St. Gabriel Epis-

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

copal Church in Brooklyn at

which the presiding minister

Fr. Eddie Alleyne called for

the tearing down of walls.

In his sermon the Anglican

priest hailed the decision

by Guyana’s president David

Granger to bestow his country’s

second highest honour

on Barbados’ Prime Minister

Freundel Stuart during

the observation of Guyana’s

50th anniversary of independence.

“President Granger

and Prime Minister Stuart

reached across the water

and embraced each other,”

he told the packed church,

which included Caribbean

diplomats and tourism executives,

stressing the importance

of the region working


In a message to the congregation,

CTO secretary

general Hugh Riley said the

regional organization “cherish

this opportunity to stay

engaged” with the Caribbean

Diaspora in New York and to

“immerse our youth and future

leaders” into all aspects

of the tourism economy.

“We must let them share

their vision and unleash

their creativity. Creating the

mechanisms to place this

industry into the hands of

the next generation of competent

Caribbeans is both a

duty and a sensible strategy,”

the secretary general said.

Caribbean Week New

York continues with a series

of business meetings and

trade and consumer events

in celebration of the sights,

sounds, colours, culture and

unique holiday experiences

of the Caribbean.

“We are thrilled to share

with potential visitors the

many attributes that make

us proud to be Caribbean.

As the world’s most tourism

dependent region, it is our

intention to use events such

as this to enhance the quantum

and the quality of our

tourism arrivals,” Riley said.


Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Grenada ready to bring home

students from crisis-torn Venezuela

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada

– The Grenada government

says it’s ready and willing to

bring home Grenadian students

from Venezuela as that

South American nation continues

to face financial and

other challenges.

In a statement issued yesterday,

the Keith Mitchell administration

said it has communicated

to the students, its

readiness to facilitate their

return home.

However, it noted, “the

majority of students, for

now…have indicated a willingness

to complete their

studies, in spite of those challenges”.

The government said the

Ministries of Education and


– Barbados’ Minister

of the Environment and

Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe,

is the new Vice President

for the Latin America and

Caribbean region on the

Bureau of the Second United

Nations Environment

Assembly (UNEA).

He was elected during

the just-concluded global

environment policy-making

forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Lowe will hold office

for two years, and join his

colleague, Minister of the

Environment of the Gov-

Foreign Affairs are in constant

contact with the students

and Grenada’s Ambassador to

Venezuela, Ambassador Hassan

Hadeed, continues to visit

them and provide the needed

material and other support.

The parents of the students

have also been fully engaged

and kept abreast of the


Last Monday, a meeting

was convened by the Ministers

for Foreign Affairs and

Education to brief the parents

and guardians of the students

and to assure them that the

Government of Grenada is

prepared to take necessary

action, at any given time, to

ensure the well-being of the

students, the government

ernment of Costa Rica, Dr.

Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta, as

the new representatives for

the Latin America and Caribbean

region group (GRU-

Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.


litical challenges,” the statement


“The Government of the

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

remains a friend and the midst of a crisis that has

Oil-rich Venezuela is in

ally of the Government of stemmed from the fall in

Grenada and its people. In global oil prices. There have

this regard, we are hopeful been reported shortages of

that there will be a peaceful food and other basic supplies.

resolution to the current po-


Barbados minister is new Vice

President of UN Environment Assembly

Barbados’ Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis


LAC). Espeleta has been

nominated as President to

the UNEA.

The Forum of Ministers

of Environment of Latin

America and the Caribbean

was established in 1982

by the United Nations Environment

Programme as

the political forum for Environment

Ministers of the


It analyzes and reviews

critical issues on the international

environment agenda

and seeks to develop regional

strategies to address

them. It acts as the region’s

environment policy-making

body. Barbados served

as President of the Forum

from 2000 to 2002.(Caribbean360)

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Polish Justice Minister moves to

extradite Roman Polanski to U.S.

Far-right extremists armed

with sausages, grilled meat

and fish attacked a vegan café

in the former Soviet republic

of Georgia over the weekend,

the café alleges.

Kiwi Café in Tbilisi, the

capital, canceled a scheduled

showing of U.S. TV shows

after the assault Sunday night,

it said, blaming the attack on

the “Bergmann movement,”

which it called a neo-Nazi

skinhead group.

The national newspaper

Georgia Today quoted witnesses

as saying members of

POLAND- The decades-long Roman

Polanski extradition saga took yet another

sharp turn Tuesday.

Poland’s top lawman announced on

Polish radio he was reviving the effort

to send the Oscar-winning “Chinatown”

director to the U.S. to face justice for a a

nearly 40-year-old rape case.

French-Polish film director Roman

Polanski at a press conference on Oct.

30, 2015 in Krakow, Poland Adam Nurkiewicz

/ Getty Images

“He is accused of a terrible crime

against a child, the rape of a child,” Justice

Minister Zbigniew Ziobro told PolskieRadio.

“Were he a teacher, a doctor, a plumber

or a painter, I’m sure any country

would have extradited him to the United

States long ago.”

Ziobro said he has asked the Polish

Supreme Court to overturn a lower court

ruling in October that rejected the last

American attempt to bring the 82-yearold

Polanski back to Los Angeles. The

ruling could come as early as August.

There was no immediate comment

from Polanski, who divides his time between

his native Paris, France and Krakow,

the Polish city where he grew up

and where he survived the Holocaust.

But his lawyer Jerzy Stachowicz said it’s

not unexpected.

U.S. authorities have been trying to

get their hands on Polanski ever since he

fled the country in February 1978, just

hours before he was to be sentenced for

plying then 13-year-old Samantha Gailey

with champagne and a Quaalude at

an L.A. photo shoot and having sex with


Motion picture director Roman Polanski

walks past two Los Angeles County

sheriffs’ deputies as he leaves court

proceedings in Santa Monica, Calif., on

Oct. 24, 1977. Nick Ut / AP file

Under a plea deal, Polanski agreed to

plead guilty to unlawful sex with a minor

the anti-communist Georgian

Power movement were also

part of the melée.

Far-right extremists visited

the neighborhood about

a month ago asking nearby

shopkeepers about the presence

of foreigners or members

of the LGBT community

at Kiwi Café, the café said in

a long statement posted Monday

in English and various dialects

of Russian.

The alleged attack came

three days after Georgia’s Independence

Day celebrations

marking the republic’s separation

from the former Soviet

Union 25 years ago, for which

the government put on a display

of military might in parades

and public gatherings.

Some of the celebrations

drew large groups of nationalist

extremists marching with

banners reading “Georgians

for Georgia,” according to

the Georgian service of Radio

Free Europe/Radio Liberty,

a U.S.-government-funded

news service. The slogan is

a twist on “Georgia for Georgians,”

which the Georgian

government denounced in

Roman Polanski

and served 42 days in prison. But fearful

that the judge would overrule the deal

and give him more time, Polanski took

off for France.

Polanski has been a wanted man ever

since. He avoided coming to Hollywood

in 2003 to receive his Oscar for “The Pianist.”

In October, a lower court in Krakow

dismissed the the latest U.S. attempt to

extradite Polanski — a decision that was

supported at the time by Polish prosecutors

— and Polanski’s victim.

Vegan Café allegedly attacked by rightwing

extremists with sausage and fish

2005 as “poisonous” nationalist


Radio Free Europe described

Kiwi Café as a “counterculture-style


place that opened in Tbilisi

about a year ago,” saying it

employs an English-speaking

staff and is popular with foreigners.

The café alleged that local

residents and even police

joined the nationalists “just

because in their view we are

‘different.’” The assertion

couldn’t be confirmed Tuesday.

Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

NY Attorney General: I won’t

back off Trump ‘fraud’ case

New York Attorney General Eric

Schneiderman said he will not be deterred

in pursuing the state’s case

against Donald Trump and Trump

University, just because the defendant

is campaigning to be President of the

United States.

“We’re ready to go,” Schneiderman,

a Democrat, told ABC News today.

“We sued him long before anyone

thought he might run for President.

This is not a political case, it’s just a

straight-up fraud case.”

The New York state case against

Trump University, brought in 2013, is

proceeding at the same time as a federal

lawsuit unfolds in California, both

with essentially the same set of allegations

-- that the real estate seminars

marketed by the famous real estate mogul

cheated the people who paid thousands

of dollars to attend.

As became clear today, the cases are

unfolding in a highly unusual climate

for a civil cases.

Earlier in the year, during the Republican

primary debates, the Trump

A JetBlue passenger

is accusing the airline

of “body-shaming and

slut-shaming” after she says

she was told her shorts were

too skimpy for the skies.

The passenger, a burlesque

dancer who goes by the stage

name Maggie McMuffin, says

she was about to board a Seattle-bound

JetBlue flight in

Boston on May 18 when a

crew member told her she

Donald Trump

University controversy became an

attack line against Trump. The case

surged back into public view on Friday,

when United States District Judge Gonzalo

P. Curiel in California ruled that

confidential documents about the operation

of Trump University should be

made public, in part because Trump’s

presidential candidacy means “the public

interest is heightened in this case.”

Republican presidential candidate

Donald Trump reads from a list of

donations to veteran’s groups, during

a news conference, May 31, 2016, in

New York City.

Trump interrupted his own remarks

would have to change her

clothes because her black and

white shorts “may offend other


McMuffin says she tried

to reason with the crew member,

suggesting some possible

ways to cover up. “[I said], ‘I

could tie a sweater around my

waist,’” she told ABC’s Seattle

affiliate, KOMO-TV.

“’I could get a blanket

from you guys.’ And they

said, ‘If you don’t change your

clothes, you’re not going to be

able to board this flight.’”

She says she was eventually

allowed to board the flight

after buying new clothing at a


Two weeks after the incident,

JetBlue is standing

by its decision, saying that

after “the gate and onboard

crew discussed the customer’s

clothing,” its employees

at a San Diego campaign rally to blast

Curiel for ruling against him.

The court released the documents,

some of which laid bare internal tactics,

strategy and actual sales scripts

used by Trump University staff to persuade

prospective students to spend

thousands of dollars on the seminars.

The newly public documents dominated

much of the campaign news cycle.

Trump held another press conference to

address questions about the case, along

with other issues swirling around his


He repeated his view that he “will

win the Trump University case.”

“I already am, as far as I’m concerned,”

he said.

Schneiderman told ABC News he

is not worrying about the confluence of

the campaign and his case.

The documents, he said only served

to offer further proof that the operation

was aimed less at teaching students the

skills needed to buy and sell real state,

and more about making money for

Trump. (ABC News)

Burlesque dancer says JetBlue forced her

to change her shorts before boarding flight

determined “other families”

might have been offended by

the outfit.

“We support our crew

members’ discretion to make

these difficult decisions, and

we decided to reimburse the

customer for the cost of the

new shorts and offered a credit

for future flight as a goodwill

gesture,” the airline said in a

statement released to ABC

News today. (ABC News)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Tuesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Radiate

5. Fairy tale monster

9. All kidding ____

14. Paddy product

15. The hunted

16. Less common

17. Stable morsels

18. Roof projection

19. Suspect’s story

20. Made believe

22. Moisten while cooking

23. Baltimore time zone (abbr.)

24. Poetic contraction

25. Intention

26. Rowing implement

27. Colander

32. Storage spot

35. Abound

36. Have bills

37. Housing agent

39. Manors

42. Snaky fish

43. Flask sips

45. Observant

46. Forefather

49. Real estate abbr.

50. Zodiac sign

51. Memo letters

53. Hosiery shade

56. Plane’s captain

59. Tiny

61. Modify

62. Greek mythology figure

63. Large quantity

64. Fictional book

65. Male parent

66. Cone-bearing tree

67. Blinding light

68. Witnesses

69. Mast


1. Search blindly

2. Fibbers

3. Group of eight

4. Sunset direction

5. First game

6. School division

7. Opposite

8. Ogled

9. “Lawrence of ____”

10. Deli sausage

11. Spring bloom

12. Liability

13. Toledo’s lake

21. Legislate

25. Munitions

26. Lubricant

28. Golfers’ pegs

29. Short message

30. Water pitcher

31. Intermission

32. District

33. Juvenile

34. Body powder

35. Three musicians

38. Upon

40. Florida seaport

41. Capone and Gore

44. “A ____ Home Companion”

47. Las Vegas bride, often

48. Decide

49. Elevates

52. Sleep noise

53. Holland export

54. Coliseum

55. More recent

56. Twinge

57. Object of adoration

58. Volcanic outpouring

59. Disorder

60. Chef’s units (abbr.)

Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Cloudy with showers.

High - 85ºF/29ºC

Low - 77ºF/25ºC

Wind: East 17 mph

Sunrise 5.32 am; Sunset 6.37 pm

Tuesday’s Crossword Solution


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re the power in your life.

No one is going to charge

your battery; you have to do

it yourself. One thing, though:

Avoid the charging station that

worked last time. Diversify.

Spread out. Find one in a different

part of town.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

Partnerships will need to be

hashed out verbally. Stay on

track, especially if you have a

less-than-pleasant history with

someone. Don’t let the issue

switch from the original subject

to one of personal rivalry.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). One

study suggests that a typical

college student will pull two

all-nighters per school year,

resulting in better academic

performance for only a meager

fraction of students. As for

you, early-to-bed will bring no


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

In the past you developed this

whole style of coping that

worked so well you’re still using

a lot of it today. The question

is: Is this still necessary, or

does it unreasonably limit you?

honest vulnerability.


21). As you get older you care

less and less about being liked.

However, there’s nothing to

gain from behaving in an unlikeable

fashion. Today, the

more they like you, the better

your position will be.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). There’s a tall order with

your name on it. With the right

attitude you’ll finish the job

before Friday. Avoid negative

thinkers, and rewire your own

thought processes. Relentless

optimism is called for.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). What you’re trying to do is

no small feat. This is going to

take time and persistence. Today

will be majorly productive

if you put your critical mind


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

The difference between dishing

the dirt and mudslinging

is only a few drops of water.

This is an excellent time to stay

away from gossip altogether.

The thrills are cheap, and the

damage is costly.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Sometimes you give compliments

because you’re nice

and you like to make people

feel good. Today you’re a little

more calculating, though, and

your compliments are aimed at

getting someone to lower his or

her defenses.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

If you have to talk about your

problem, do it in personal

terms, describing how it affects

your life and expressing

all of the feelings that come up

around it. There’s strength in

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Push on with the herculean effort.

You’ll go faster and you’ll

finish stronger if you allow

things to be stupendously imperfect,

at least for now. You

can always go back later and

clean it up.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Stand behind your decisions.

There is no room for doubt, no

reason to change things up, no

need to quickly come up with

something new. Hold your

head up high, and deliver what

you created.

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Bennaboys squad named to contest CFU Cup qualifiers

By Carlena Knight

The Antigua Barbuda Football

Association have named their squad

which will contest the 2016 Scotia

Bank Caribbean Football Union Caribbean

Cup qualifiers against Puerto

Rico on June 4 th in Puerto Rico and

right here on June 7 th versus Grenada

at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.

In the lineup for the Bennaboys we

witnessed the return of forward, Stefan

Smith from Old Road FC, Bennabrit

forward, Dexter Blackstock of

Nothingsham Forest and a debut to a

number of young players, mainly Bennabrit

defender, Courtney James-Wildin

of Sheffield Wednesday, defender,

By Vanroy Burnes

Antigua & Barbuda

football Technical Director

and Head Coach, Rolston

“Debu” Williams said commitment

to the national football

team is of paramount


Williams was speaking

publicly on the airways after

the selection of the national

Benna Boys team to play

against Puerto Rico and Grenada,

addressing the omission

of senior members of

the team.

According to Technical

Director/ Head Coach

Williams, the best available

players have been selected

based on their commitment

this time around, he noted

that it cannot be business as

Chevaughn Phillip of Villa Lions FC

and Mervyn Hazelwood also of Villa

Lions FC.

Goalkeeper, Prince Walter of Old

Road FC and forward, Jevaughn Stevens

of Greenbay Hoppers will also

make their debut.

The other members include:

Goalkeepers- Brentton Muhammad

(Tindastoll in Iceland)

usual with some players believing

that they can attend

practice irregularly and be

selected for active play.

Williams said the national

team takes precedence,

and you must be attending

practice sessions at all times

so that we can work out

game plans and to ascertain

what we want to achieve.

Amongst the omission are

Tamarley “Ziggy’ Thomas,

Goalkeeper Molvin James,

Eugene Kirwan and Novel

Francis Jr. alias Boy Boy.

The team consists of a

number of overseas based

players and some new young

faces residing locally including

Goalkeeper Prince

Walter of Flow Old Road

and defender Chevaughn

Phillip of Villa Lions. The

other members of the team

are Quinton Griffith Antiguan

and Charleston Battery

defender, Mahlon Romeo

of Millwall, Akeem “Leppy”

Thomas of Parham FC,

Aaron Tumwa of Bromley,

Zaine Francis-Angol of

Kedderminister and debutant

Courtney James-Wildin

of Sheffield Wednesday and

Connor Peters of Strotford.

The Midfielders include

Calaum Martin of Hull City,

Duran Martin of Banbury

United, Mervyn Hazelwood

of Villa Lions, Kieran

Murtagh of Woking, Trevaughn

Harriett of Parham

FC and Joshua Parker of Red

Star Belgrave.

The Strikers selected include

Dexter Blackstock of

Nottingham Forest, Peter

Defenders- Quinton Griffith (Charleston


Mahlon Romeo (Millwall FC)

Akeem Thomas (Parham FC)

Aaron Tumwa (Bromley FC)

Zaine Francis Angol (Kidderminster


Connor Peters (Bishop Strotford FC)

Midfielders- Caluam Martin (Hull FC)

Duran Martin (Banbury United)

Kieran Murtagh (Woking FC)

Trevaughn Harriette (Parham FC)

Joshua Parker (Red Star Belgrade)-


Forwards- Peter Byers ( SAP FC)

Games will kick off at 7:30pm and a

livestream of both games will be available


National commitment is paramount

says Football Technical Director

“Big Pete” Byers of Sap, Jevaughn

Stevens of Greenbay

Hoppers and the returning

Stephan Smith of Flow Old


The Benna Boys will

take on Puerto Rico on June

4 th in the Caribbean Football

Union (CFU) Caribbean

Cup third round, before take

on Grenada here at the Sir

Vivian Richards Stadium on

June 7 TH .

According to Technical

Director Williams the composition

of the team is a

mixture of senior and young

players and he is looking for

experience leadership and a

whole professional attitude,

the senior players will have

to mould the younger players

as we put our best foot


Wednesday 1st June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

Bethesda too much for

St. Paul’s in Cool & Smooth T-20

By Vanroy Burnes

Caribbean Union Bank Bethesda

Golden Eagles were simply too much for

a disorganized National Parks St. Paul’s

in the Cool & Smooth T-20 explosion on


Playing in the 13 th match of the competition,

St. Paul’s struggled to field a full

team in the first of two matches and actually

started with 9 players after some 30

minute delay.

However after winning the toss, they

decided to bat first and after 20 overs

could only muster 124 for 6 with Frederick

“Fish’ Floyd 36 and Kim George 31

not out.

Caribbean Union Bank Bethesda

Golden Eagles best bowler was Anthony

By Vanroy Burnes

PIC Insurance Liberta

Black Hawks are highly favored

to capture the Antigua

& Barbuda Cricket Association

(ABCA) two day title

which is scheduled for next

weekend after the completion

of the Cool & smooth

T-20 Explosion finals this


Liberta Black Hawks,

the most successful team

in the ABCA program over

the years have capture the

two day title back to back in

2013 and 2014, but was disqualified

last year while Caribbean

Union Bank Bethesda

went on to take the title.

Over the past 9 years,

Liberta has capture the day

two title five times, while in

“Butters” Lake with 2 for 16.

Anxiously waiting their turn, Bethesda

wasted no time as Tonito Willett went

to work in a hurry hitting 73 not out in

just 40 deliveries as Bethesda races to

125 for 2 in only 10.1. Austin Richards Jr.

24 and Devon Thomas 21 not out. Tonito

Willet was named man of the match.

In the other match on Monday in a

Round South derby, Bolans beat neighbors

Jennings Tigers by 60 runs. Batting

first, Bolans in spite of struggling with

the excellent bowling delivered by Jennings

tigers bowlers managed to reach

153 for 8 with Shaquan Hewlett 73 not

out, Gavin Williams 21 and Jacques Taylor

14. Bowling for Jennings, Morton

Browne made 1 for 32, Kenroy Browne

the ABCA, State Insurance

40 overs, they have been in

the finals for the past nine

years and capturing title for

eight consecutive years apart

from last year when Empire


In the two day finals, the

two teams will have something

to prove, since the

relationship between both

teams over the years is nothing

to write home about.

It has been a while since

Empire has not held the title,

and they will be hoping that

this time around will be their

time to silent the critics.

The stakes will be high

and the anticipating is

mounting and baring the

elements of the weather it

should be a very good final.

Liberta advance to the

finals over Bethesda by virtue

of head to head after rain

stop play without Liberta

made 2 for 32 and Xavier Freeland 1 for


Jennings Tigers were all out for 93

runs with Morton Browne making 30,

Damion Valentine 25 and Xavier Freeland

11. Bowling for Bolans, Rodney

Williams made 2 for 7, Chad Hampson 3

for 17 and Shaquan 1 for 16 as Jennings

lost by 60 runs.

Shaquan Hewlett was named man of

the match.

The Competition continues tomorrow

Wednesday June 01 st with Empire versus

Jennings Tigers at 4.00pm to be followed

by Bolans versus St. Paul’s at 7.00pm.

The competition climaxes on Sunday

with the third place teams play-off to be

followed by the finals.

Liberta are favorites to capture ABCA two day title


For Sale

completed their first innings,

while Empire advance over

All Saints by gaining first

innings points.

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20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Antigua to invest more in the Windies

By Carlena Knight

Enforcers have been

named the Male volleyball

league champions over the

weekend. The newly crowned

league champions clenched

the title at the YMCA Sports

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda,

Hon Gaston Browne who is also

Chairman of CARICOM’s sub-committee

on Cricket, has said that “West Indies

Cricket can become the most exciting

and most valuable cricket product in the


In an address today (May 31), to mark

the WICB’s 90th year of recognition by

the International Cricket Council (ICC),

the Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister

also stated, “I categorically reject the

call for the dissolution of the West Indies

Cricket Board, and I do so in my capacity

as Chairman of the Committee governing

West Indies Cricket. I believe firmly that

to dissolve the board, would be to plunge

West Indies Cricket into further chaos

and confusion.”

Asserting that governance could be

an issue, the PM also asked that the board

and other stakeholders take the necessary

and appropriate actions to ensure that the

governance framework is strengthened;

that there is greater transparency and accountability;

and the disputes/differences

that will arise from time to time be managed

much better than they are now.

He believes when the disputes end up

in the public domain, it damages the image

of the cricket product.

He therefore urged the board to “create

a more suitable dispute resolution

mechanism in resolving the issues between

the board and players going forward.

The Prime Minister in acknowledging

and congratulating the various teams

on the wins in the under 19, men’s and

women’s categories so far this year, said

these victories “should serve as a platform

for greater unity for the board and

players and for all stakeholders.”

Additionally, the Prime Minster announced

that his government is in negotiation

with the Stanford liquidator

receiver to acquire the Stanford Cricket

Ground, Sticky Wicket and other amenities

in partnership with the WICB.

“The value of the investment is estimated

at US$6million and the government

will underwrite up to 50 per cent of that

amount,” noted the PM.

The milestone was also recognized

by the Governor General, His Excellency,

Sir Rodney Williams, who stated that

cricket has created an evolution and revolution

for the people of the region.

He noted the radical changes in the

Complex Indoor Volleyball

Court ending the season with

a record of four wins and one

loss in five matches and a total

of 17 points at the top of the

standings. Although the first

place trophy was a clear win,

the battle for second place

went under way between

Sharks and Stoneville who

both had identical records.

Sharks however defeated

Stoneville in straight sets this

guaranteeing them the second

game which took place and highlighted

that the format changes were imminent

and “there was more to come.”

The President, Dave Cameron was

brief in his comments and provided a

scorecard of the last month, hailing the

renewal of the Digicel deal for another

four years as an indication of the value

of West Indies cricket to its sponsor partners.

The event culminated in a symbolic

flag-raising with the flags of the region

representing the six regions, the WICB

and the national flag of Antigua and Barbuda.

The WICB is now in full swing for

the start of the 2016 Tri-Nation one-day

international which bowls off in Guyana

on Friday, June 3.

The teams along with the West Indies

are Australia and South Africa and all ten

matches are day/night. (WICB)

Enforcers clench league title

place spot. The top four teams

in both the male and female

divisions will compete in the

upcoming President’s cup.

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