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Frail veteran loses

parking badge

Stolen SA80 Army rifle used to kill

Kenyan Police Chief

The rifle used to murder a

Kenyan police chief was

stolen from British soldiers

on exercise. Martin Githinji,

43, was shot repeatedly at

his home in Nyeri county in

April. The SA80 was

reported missing on 1st

Man boasts of cowardly attack on Royal Marine

A BUILDER who set upon a

Royal Marine in an

unprovoked and cowardly

attack taunted his victim on

Facebook after being spared

jail. Corporal Marc Jolly

said he felt safer on the front

line in Afghanistan than

returning to his hometown of

Camborne following the

assault. The 27-year-old, a

Marine for eight years,

was attacked in a car

park by convicted drugdealer

Ben Scott on

Christmas Eve last year,

three months after Illogan

soldier Dave Curnow was

murdered in a nearby street.

Hours after Scott, of Town

Farm, Redruth, was handed a

suspended sentence, he

posted a gloating status on

Facebook saying: "Real

decent people prevail in the

end and that scum Marc

Jolly can stay at the bottom

of my shoe where he

belongs. This accompanied a

March, more than a month

before the murder. “The

Kenya Police Service

conducted a full

investigation with the

British Army and recovered

the weapon on May 3,” For

more click here.

picture of a bottle of

champagne. Cpl Jolly said

Scott had "got away with it"

by being spared jail.

Referring to the FB post, he

said: "I didn't stoop down to

his level and didn't retaliate.

I felt it just wasn't worth it."

S. African Soldier refused Passport twice

A South African soldier who served with the British Army has

had his passport refused twice by the Home Office. Cayle

Royce, 30, who lost his legs in Afghanistan was awarded an

MBE for his service and charity work. Thankfully, Mr

Royce’s application was approved on the third attempt. The

Home Office coldly refused Cayle’s application twice

despite him having British grandparents. Now Cayle is

preparing for his next astonishing mission, rowing an 8,500-

mile route across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to the

Australian city of Cairns. When he reaches shore, it will be his

revenge on the fate that led to injuries so severe he was

convinced death would be the only outcome. Read more

Despite being granted a blue

badge in 2012, Essex County

Council have now told Eric

Godier he is too agile for the

privilege, despite struggling

to walk. Mr Godier, who

lives alone after his wife

Phyllis died ten years ago,

was told he failed the

assessment and now has to

rely on family and friends to

ferry him around. Mr

Godier, a Second World War

hero from Brentwood, said:

"My legs are useless and I

can't walk very far, even

indoors. "I haven't fallen

over as of yet but moving

around in my own house is

uncomfortable. "I have to

think twice about going out.

If I do go out where do I

park? I can't go to the High

Street any more unless I park

illegally. "I have lost my

independence and I need

help to get around.“The

grandfather-of-three said he

couldn’t understand the

council’s thinking. He said:

They said I didn't qualify

but here I am four years after

I was first given one and my

health hasn't improved so I

don't understand. "I can

walk across the road to get a

paper but other than that I

feel housebound.

A letter from Essex County

Council to Mr Godier read:

"All health conditions

reported are considered as

part of the application to

establish if the applicant 'has

a permanent and substantial

disability that cause inability

to walk or very considerable

difficulty. At the time of the

assessment you were

observed to walk 90m

unaided at a slow pace with

a tendency to shuffle but did

not appear to be at increased

risk of falling.“

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