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Restrictive voting laws

Restrictive voting laws threaten to block millions of Latino voters Continued from page 8 proving citizenship either to register to vote or to vote. Multiple studies have found that Latinos and other minorities are less likely to possess the necessary documents. All of these restrictions have passed despite any hard evidence that voter fraud is a problem. NALEO estimates that more than 875,000 Latinos in these 19 states could be seriously impeded from participating in the 2016 Presidential election. According to NALEO Executive Director Arturo Vargas, “More than 13.1 million Latino voters are expected to cast ballots in 2016. While historic, we know millions more will stay at home on Election Day.” While Latinos and other citizens feel compelled by the current immigration debate to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the upcoming elections, many may be deterred from having their voices heard and votes counted. The barriers to full civic participation in the U.S. are extremely troublesome and must be addressed. Gallagher releases Command v7.50 update to company’s security management platform Continued from page 9 complete visibility over a site. Developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers is core to what we do here at Gallagher and our latest releases again deliver on this promise.” says, Evan Morgans, Senior Product Manager – Security. Further details about Gallagher’s latest products: Command Centre v7.50 boasts new features designed to enhance the user experience. The ability to allocate and manage specific Command Centre workstation licenses improves operator efficiency, particularly for multi-tenanted sites. Another enhancement includes an integration between Command Centre and Microsoft’s Active Directory authentication and authorization tool, enabling instantaneous updates of cardholder records, eliminating duplication of data entry, and minimizing errors. Gallagher’s improved Mobile App extends security across the site and beyond the door by enabling guards to make an informed access decision without requiring control room verification. The Gallagher App is designed to work with Apple devices iOS 8 and newer. About Gallagher A technology leader in integrated access control, intruder alarms management and perimeter protection, Gallagher’s security solutions are in use with national and local government, military, commercial, industrial, healthcare, transportation and academic organizations in more than 100 countries. A truly global operation, Gallagher provides proven protection to customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australasia and South East Asia. Gallagher’s comprehensive security and business risk management solutions provide protection for large and small organizations throughout the world, addressing the key issues of security and risk management, personnel workflow and business continuity. Visit for more information. 42

Genetec AutoVu Managed Services offers end-user independence from on-premises storage Continued from page 10 Genetec took over to manage all parking services and storage needs remotely, resulting almost immediately in a 99% uptime, and working flawlessly ever since. We regularly email our permit and scofflaw lists to Genetec, and within five minutes, everything is up to date. AutoVu Managed Services allows us to focus on parking, while Genetec experts handle the technology,” added Barner. “We created AutoVu Managed Services specifically for customers who are challenged by cost, server space limitations and management of on premises hardware and IT support issues,” said Chris Yigit, Business Development Manager at Genetec. “AutoVu Managed Services offers our customers the most flexible way to focus on what they do best; manage on-site parking enforcement. With the AutoVu ALPR system hosted in the cloud, configuration and maintenance are entrusted to Genetec technicians, for easy deployment, management and support,” continued Yigit. About AutoVu Managed Services AutoVu Managed Services is offered on a term-basis, removing up-front, capital expenditure costs, avail- able in two-options: AutoVu Managed Services Basic and Premium. AutoVu Managed Services Basic includes the Genetec-hosted backend ALPR system, parking permit management, assisted Security Center configuration and automated software upgrades. AutoVu Managed Services Premium includes access to a ‘hotline’ contact with Genetec AutoVu experts for ‘white glove’ support and consulting hours to address training, feature updates or counsel on expanding the client’s current AutoVu parking configuration requirements. For more information about AutoVu Managed Services, visit: http:// About Genetec Genetec develops open-platform software, hardware and cloud-based services for the physical security 43 and public safety industry. Its flagship product, Security Center, unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) into one platform. A global innovator since 1997, Genetec is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and serves enterprise and government organizations via an integrated network of resellers, integrators and consultants in over 80 countries. Genetec was founded on the principle of innovation and remains at the forefront of emerging technologies that unify physical security systems. For more information about Genetec, visit: Sign-up for Free GSN Print/Digital Editions & Email Newsletters CLICK HERE