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Shipley College Part-time Prospectus 2016-17

We are a small, friendly college with great facilities, clubs and activities based in the heart of Saltaire. We have a range of courses to help you fulfil your personal goals or develop skills to help enhance your job prospects for the future.


Shipley College | 01274 327327 | | INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT COURSES THROUGH SHIPLEY COLLEGE TEAM LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT QUALIFICATIONS ILM THE INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT (ILM) IS THE PROFESSIONAL AWARDING BODY THAT PROVIDE WELL RESPECTED AND NATIONALLY RECOGNISED, PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS IN LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT. ILM qualifications are for employees who are currently working in, or looking to progress in to a leadership or management role and looking to develop their confidence & leadership skills. These nationally recognised professional qualifications through the ILM can help motivate staff and increase productivity of your workforce. Here at Shipley College we offer Level 2, 3 and 4 on the ILM qualifications for groups by arrangement. LEVEL 2 ILM TEAM LEADER AWARD Aimed at employees who have just become, or who aspire to become, team leaders. This course teaches techniques to motivate others, to develop confidence to tackle challenging issues linked to underperformance and to develop leadership skills. LEVEL 3 ILM LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT For new and aspiring managers who are looking to develop their confidence when organising, managing and motivating teams whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification. This is a popular course for those who are looking to be promoted up the management ladder. LEVEL 4 ILM LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT (SUBJECT TO APPROVAL) For employees already working in or who would like to work in roles within leadership and management. It develops the skills and knowledge needed within a range of managerial roles and builds managerial and wider technical knowledge of management and leadership skills. IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER WHO IS INTERESTED IN THESE COURSES OR ANY OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AT SHIPLEY COLLEGE PLEASE CALL THE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM ON 01274 327307. INDIVIDUALS LOOKING TO DEVELOP THEIR CAREER WITHIN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT THROUGH AN ILM QUALIFICATION PLEASE CONTACT THE ENROLMENTS TEAM ON 01274 327327 OR ENROLMENTS@SHIPLEY.AC.UK 12

HOW TO ENROL CHOOSE A COURSE CHECK YOUR FUNDING FIND THE PERFECT COURSE FOR YOU See pages 14-49 FOR SUPPORT WITH CAREERS ADVICE AND GUIDANCE FOR SELECTING THE BEST COURSE See page 50 FIND OUT IF THERE IS ANY FUNDING OR FINANCIAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR COURSE FEES See information above each individual course or see pages 52-53 Shipley College | 01274 327327 | | ENROL TO ENROL ON ONE OF THE COURSES PLEASE CONTACT US See page 50 PAY YOUR COURSE FEES THERE ARE DIFFERENT WAYS FOR YOU TO PAY YOUR COURSE FEES, FOR MORE INFORMATION See page 51 FIND US FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO FIND THE COLLEGE See page 55 WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR COURSE If you would like to check the availability of a course or if you require more information then please phone our enrolments team on 01274 327327. Alternatively, you could email your enquiry to 13