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POWERFUL QUESTIONS Asking the right question helps us and the other to better understand reality from both points of view to have an open communication at BS Group THE 4 POWERS 1 Questions as a positive provocation : Open questions provoke emotions, images, thoughts – What do you think of ? What is your opinion of ? Closed questions provoke a decision to take position – Do you want to do it? Do you agree that… ? 2 Direction of a question : Up - ward questions reveal desire, feelings, thoughts and motives – What is important to you ? Why is it important? What do you think about… ? What is your favorite…? Down-ward questions address details, facts, figures – What exactly happened ? Who was involved ? What did you do? When did it occur ? 3 Motivation of a question : Supports the other to see the context and positive intention of the one asking the question : a) In order to... / To allow you... / To allow us... b) The reason why we ask as a benefit for the other to answer c) The open question 4 Preparation of a good question : Asking ourselves : ‘ What information do I need ?’ The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. Thomas Berger OUR LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES – I ensure and expect open and honest communication © BS Group / Living Vision · · documentation ( MA LS 150010 EN )

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