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Two air display aircraft crash on the

same day: one pilot dead

Two US display aircraft have crashed in seperate incidents on the same day leaving one pilot dead. A

US Navy Blue Angels F/A 18 fighter crashed in Tennessee while practicing for a forthcoming airshow.

Awitness said "I looked up and saw it coming down, and I thought maybe they were doing dips, Then I

saw a huge ball of orange fire, and I'm like, 'Oh my God, he's crashed. I cried. I mean, the first thought

was fear for the pilot." A Navy statement said the service was in the process of notifying the pilot's

family and the pilot's name was being withheld. The crash occurred at the beginning of practice, just

after the pilot took off, the Navy said. The plane went down about 2 miles from the Smyrna airport.

None of the five other Blue Angels jets was involved in the incident. On the same day an F16 falcon

from the USAF Thunderbirds display team crashed after a flay-past for a graduation ceremony while the

pilot was trying to land. It is said that Maj Alex Turner was experiencing difficulties while landing but

managed to eject safely. The jet came to a stop in a field after impacting the ground and skidding for a

short distance. To read the full story on both incidents click here.

HMCS Windsor returns home

after engine trouble

Canada's only fully operational submarine is

heading back to Canada after engine trouble,

just months after another voyage was cut short

by a different issue. Halifax-based HMCS

Windsor had a component in one of its two

diesel engines malfunction Friday while off the

Eastern Seaboard, the Department of National

Defence said in a statement late Saturday

afternoon. HMCS Windsor has been plagued

by problems in recent years. In March, the

submarine was forced to return to Halifax after

crew saw "a little bit of smoke" coming from a

battery cell, Marine Forces Atlantic said at the

time. Click here for more.

Remains of

Autralian Heroes

brought home

The remains of 33 Australians,

who were buried in military

cemeteries in Malaysia and

Singapore, have been returned

to Australia. Hundreds of

people gathered at RAAF

Richmond airbase north-west of

Sydney on Thursday to see one

of the largest military

repatriations in Australia's

history. The remains include

those of service personnel and

dependents interred at Terendak

Military Cemetery in Malaysia,

and the Australian who died

during the Vietnam War and

was interred in the Kranji War

Cemetery in Singapore. Those

gathered for the repatriation

ceremony include several

hundred Vietnam War veterans,

servicemen and families of

those who died. Vietnam

veteran Lieutenant Colonel Ian

Henderson said it was

"wonderful" to see the remains

returned to Australia. Veterans

Affairs Minister Dan Tehan said

bringing the remains home was

the right thing to do. Follow

this link to read the full story.

Houston Shooter was

PTSD Army Vet

A 25-year-old Army veteran

allegedly suffering from PTSD

has been identified as the

suspect in Sunday's mass

shooting in Houston. Dionisio

Garza III from San Bernardino

County, California, has been

named as the man behind the

gun attack that left two people

dead and six wounded. He

served four tours of duty in

Afghanistan and was discharged

from active duty in 2014, and

doesn't appear to have a

criminal history. Reports

suggest he went on a rampage

with a high-powered AR15 rifle

and shot at bystanders before

police gunned him down. Read

more on this story here. 5 |

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