Things You Need to Know About VI Peel Treatment


VI Peel improves tone, texture and clarity of the skin by softening lines and wrinkles; and reducing age spots, acne, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. For more details, visit

VI Peel - Enjoy Younger Looking, M ore Beautiful Skin In About One Week!

What is VI Peel?

VI Peel, a medical grade

chemical peel is a safe and

effective way to achieve

younger looking skin for all skin

types, colors and ages.

The treatments are virtually

painless with no need for skin

pre-conditioning, and they also

have minimal downtown.

How It Works?

VI Peel works by removing the

superficial layers of the skin and

allowing new, rejuvenated skin

tissue to grow. The chemical

peel causes older skin cells to

peel off and be removed and

while simultaneously

stimulating collagen production

of new, healthy skin cells.

Types of VI Peel and Their


Purify: The Purify Peel is

beneficial and specifically

designed to treat acne prone


Purify Plus: This has all the

benefits of the Purify with a

booster to bring better results.

Precision: Precision VI Peel is

your peel for the more advanced

aging skin rejuvenation.

Precision Plus: This peel is used

for the treatment of sun spots

and pigmented skin.

Purify Precision Plus: Used to

help treat and minimize acne

scars and skin damage.

How Many Treatments Are

Required To Show An

Improved Look?

VI Peel will achieve significant

repair and add a healthy glow to

the skin. Some conditions like

acne scars, pore enlargement

and hyper pigmentation might

require multiple applications.

It is a restorative and painless

repair of damaged skin,

including sun damage and acne.

Best of all, it is a true aging

preventative for younger skin

with no visible damage.

Will Results Be Long


VI Peel's results will last as

long as skin is maintained

with the Vi Derm® Skincare

line. The VI Peel should be

performed about three to

four times per year.

What Other Areas Can The

VI Peel Be Performed On?

The neck, arms, hands and chest

all respond well to VI Peel. The

VI Peel is incredibly effective in

removing sunspots from the

hands, arms and chest and

eliminating the wrinkles

associated with sun damage, age

spots and melisma.

Bio-identical Hormone

Therapy Review – Find

More about This Non-

Invasive Procedure!

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Review offers VI Peel’s unique blend

of ingredients produces powerful

results with no pain, no skin

preparation, and hardly any


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