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Arthropoda (Phylum) > Crustacea (Subphylum)

> Cirripedia (Infraclass)

Barnacles on a sponge stalk. The large barnacles

are from the family Scalpellidae while

the small one are Poecilasmatidae.

Alcockianum sp. attached to a dead glass

sponge on the seabed at 2400 m depth

Barnacles are sessile, suspension feeding crustaceans.

They are more recognizable as crustaceans

during their larval stage, before they settle on

hard substratum. Owing to their requirement for

hard substratum on which to attach, barnacles

were rarely encountered at the study sites off Tanzania.

However, when they were found they could

be locally abundant (upper image, this page). The

very small barnacles in this image are most likely

from the family Poecilasmatidae.

The hard substratum that barnacles were found

attached to varied and included natural and anthropogenic

structures. In the image on the left,

like in several cases, Alcockianum sp. (Family

Scalpellidae) was found attached to the stalk of

a dead glass sponge (hexactinellid). The image at

the bottom of the page shows two Arcoscalpellum

sp. (also Family Scalpellidae) barnacles, as well as

tubeworms and hydroids, attached to a piece of

litter (champagne bottle) encountered during a

video survey at 1300 m depth.


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