Caribbean Times 29th Issue - Tuesday June 14th 2016


Caribbean Times 29th Issue - Tuesday June 14th 2016

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Tuesday 14th June 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

Not guilty! That’s the verdict of the

jury in the case where two young men

were charged with kidnapping among

other charges. They were also found

not guilty of the charge of indecent assault.

However, the jury brought back

a guilty verdict against one of the accused

on the charge of demanding with

menaces. He is to re-appear in court on

June 30 when he will be sentenced. The

charge carries a maximum prison term

of 5 years. The convicted man has been

remanded in custody.

The case opened before Justice Albert

Redhead on June 1st and it was

Monday morning when the judge summoned

up the case for the jury. The jury

was asked to retire in order to consider

its verdict at 1:10 pm and by 3:33 pm it

gave word that it had reached a verdict.

The defense had always contended

that the alleged kidnapping was always

a plot by the ‘victim’, who was 17 at the

time of the alleged crime, to get money

from her mother to help her boyfriend.

One of the accused in the case made an


unsworn statement in the court where

he described in detail the attempt to extort

money from the mother.

He reported that when it became

clear that the mother had contacted the

police and was unwilling to pay a ransom,

the alleged plot fell apart.

The jury appears not to be convinced

that the prosecution had made

its case on the kidnapping charge, nor

the charge of indecent assault, which

was related to the fact that when the

young lady was ‘found’ she was not

wearing any blouse or shirt to cover her

upper body.

The incident happened in June 2011.

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

MP Massiah advocates for

more assistance for businesses

Joanna Paris

Opposition Member and

Parliamentary representative

for the All Saints East

and St. Luke Constituency,

the Hon. Joanne Massiah

gave sound advice to the

government with regards

to the implementation of

the Unincorporated Income

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Tax, which was debated and

passed in the Lower House

on Monday.

Massiah did not take the

traditional route expected

and opposed the bill, but

rather gave a number of

suggestions to enhance the

legislation and increase the

efficiency of unincorporated

businesses on a whole.

She suggested that as the

government seeks to place

more focus on developing

a cadre of entrepreneurs, a

system is also put in place

to monitor the emergence of

these businesses as well as

to track their success.

“Is there any plan to establish

some mechanism for

mentoring these perspective

entrepreneurs and has anything

been put in place to

track their progress?

“Because you will have

people with very good ideas

but without the monitoring

and advice, they are bound

to fail”, MP Massiah suggested.

Meanwhile, with reference

to the provisions in the

bill, she voiced her agree-

Parliamentary representative

for the All Saints East and St.

Luke Constituency, the Hon.

Joanne Massiah

ment with the suggested

quarterly contributions instead

of the monthly payments.

This, she indicated

will lessen the administrative

burdens on the businesses.

She also emphasized that

with the abolition of Personal

Income Tax (PIT) and

the soon to be implemented

Unincorporated Business

Tax that it must be ensured

that persons whose business

activities are of such that

their net and gross are at a

particular income, they pay

their fair share.

The learned parliamentarian

also advocated for

various stakeholders to get

together and discuss the

way forward as the tax is


She said this will further

assist persons in understanding

he true nature of

the bill.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

PM Browne rejects ‘veiled threat’

By Everton Barnes

Prime Minister Gaston

Browne has condemned

what he described as a

‘veiled threat’ of public unrest

over suggestions that the

government intends to introduce

new taxes.

The threat was reported

in a front page story in

Monday’s Daily Observer

newspaper. The publication

quoted Antigua and Barbuda

Workers Union Assistant

General Secretary, Chester

Hughes, who indicated

that if the government went

through with the ‘new taxes’

the union would mobilise

its members to stage public

protest actions.

Speaking in parliament

Monday, PM Browne rejected

the article stating that in

his view it was ‘deliberately

misleading’ and therefore

the premise and logic for

Prime Minister, the Hon., Gaston


civil unrest would have been


“I stated last Friday that

the government was looking

at one of two options to

make up the shortfall from

the abolition of personal

income tax; one was a two

percent increase in the Revenue

Recovery Charge or a

one percent increase in the


“At no time did I indicate

that the government planned

on introducing the two measures.

It was always one

or the other. Yet, the paper

reported that we intended

to introduce the two tax increases.”

Browne revealed.

He said Hughes was

therefore responding to an

assertion by the paper that

the government planned on

increasing both the RRC and

the ABST.

The PM called out the

paper and he admonished

the publication to be more

responsible in its reporting

as misleading reporting has

serious consequences.

The prime minister did

not however spare Hughes

from criticism.

Noting that the trade

unionist, and politician was

quick to threaten civil unrest

even when he was not in

command of the facts.

He recalled that Hughes

Antigua and Barbuda Workers

Union Assistant General Secretary,

Chester Hughes

was instrumental in encouraging

bank workers to

mount industrial action last

year when the government

when to parliament to debate

the Banking Act.

He said despite assurances

from government that

the severance payment issue

will be dealt with by the

government bank workers

proceeded with the industrial

action that severely affected

the operations of many

banks for several days.

PM Browne said this

‘threat’ from Hughes is cannot

be taken lightly based on

what he has done in the past.

He accused the trade

unionist of being more interested

in scoring political

points that serving the best

interest of Antigua and Barbuda.

Social Transformation

Minister, Samantha Marshall,

also voiced strong criticism

over the threat of civil

unrest noting that it was an

irresponsible statement from

the union official.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Parliamentarians debate and pass

Unincorporated Business Tax Bill

Joanna Paris

The Unincorporated Business Tax

Bill was debated and passed in the Lower

House of Parliament on Monday.

Mover of the Bill, Prime Minister and

Minister of Finance and Corporate Business,

the Hon. Gaston Browne, indicated

that the bill was drafted with the objective

to ensure that it is revenue neutral

and also to make it simple.

Instead of filing on a monthly basis,

businesses will now be required to so on

a quarterly basis.

“The same banding system that existed

within the Personal Income Tax,

is what we lifted and would have now

placed in the Unincorporated Business

Tax Bill. They are exactly identical, even

the $42,000 exemption, which was honoured

in this business tax bill Mr. Speaker,

so again there will be no increase”,

Prime Minister Browne emphasized.

He further indicated that from the $37

million dollars that was collected from

PIT last year, $10 million of it could have

been attributed to businesses and not to

personal incomes.

“The tax is a true business tax, payable

on the net income of all unincorporated

businesses that is income after the

deduction of sales and operating expenses,

so in efforts they are paying on profits.

We are not taxing salaries and wages”.

He added that the bill seeks “to plug

any potential loop hole that will exist

with the abolition of Personal Income

Tax (PIT) and will not create any additional

burden on any class or classes of

individuals”, he stated country to what

is being purported by some sections of

the opposition United Progressive Party


The bill also makes provisions to ensure

that all unincorporated businesses

are registered. Prime Minister Browne is

confident that the legislation will result

in a seamless transition from PIT to the

Unincorporated Business Tax.

He further assured that at the end of

the day, less taxes will be collected.

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Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Three taken to MSJMC after collision

Alecia Mc Pherson

Three were taken to the MSJMC after

a two vehicular collision which occurred

yesterday about 2:40 am on Valley Road

at the stop light in the vicinity of King

Obstinate Drive.

Police reports from the scene stated

that the owner and driver of the white

SUV Nissan Murano A24882 Maurice

Percival of Clark›s Hill, and Jordan

Williams of Jennings the driver and

owner of the blue SUV Suzuki Vitara

A41226 along with a female

passenger Sophia Barran of Grays Farm

were all transported by EMS to the hospital.

Both Williams and his passanger Barren

complained of of pains to the neck

and head.

It is reported that the motor vehicle

Joanna Paris

On Monday, the Organization

of Eastern Caribbean

States officially launched its

week of activities to mark its

35 th anniversary, which will

be commemorated in Saturday.

June 18 will mark thirty-five

years since the Treaty

of Basseterre formalized the

establishment of the regional


The launch was an occasion

for member states to hear

from the incoming chairman

of the body, Prime Minister

of St Kitts Nevis, Dr Timothy

Harris. During his presentation

he highlighted the accomplishments

of the OECS

to date and advocated for

more solidarity among member

states as the region seeks

to reach common goals.

Director General of the

OECS, Dr Didacus Jules,

cont’d from pg 4

Member of Parliament for the St. Mary’s South Constituency

and Minister of Social Transformation and Human Resource

Development, the Hon. Samantha Marshall indicated that the

ABLP administration is true to its word and has the best interest

of everyone at heart.

“It is not employees that you are taxing, that is what the personal

income tax did. We are removing that. I have to commend

our government we are to our word. This tax deals with you

whether you are a sole trader or in partnership and so it allows

you to capture a wider group of persons to pay and make their

contributions. We must stop looking at taxes as a penalty”, she


The St. Mary’s North representative and Minister of Health

and Environment, the Hon. Molwyn Joseph also voiced his

strong support for the legislation, which he noted will assist in

building a modern economy, where businesses have solid systems

of operations in place.

He added that discipline, professionalism, proper accounting

and other qualities will be developed thus making enterprises

even more globally competitive.

stated that over the course of

the week, the OECS will be

celebrating accomplishments,

looking at challenges and

seeking ways to accelerate the

process of further regional integration.

Activities to recognize

the milestone will include

A41226 was traveling from South to

North on Valley Road while the other

was travelling in the opposite direction

from North to South and attempted

to turn across the line of traffic onto King

Obstinate Drive leading West when the

accident occurred.

Investigatons were still being conducted

at the time of the report, both vehicles

sustained immence damages.

OECS launches 35 th anniversary activities

a virtual lecture forum involving

students and the Director

General on Thursday, OECS

T-shirt day at the OECS Commission

in St Lucia, and the

premiere of a six-part video

series about the grouping’s

founding Fathers.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Francis fined $60,000 for drug charges

Alecia Mc Pherson

Vancato Kelton Francis

32, Narissa Nadean Horsford-Debarrad

29, and Casroy

Elraldo Andrew 28 all of

Grays Farm appeared at the

St. John’s Magistrates Court

yesterday jointly charged with

Cultivation of Cannabis, Unlawful

Possession of Cannabis

and Unlawful Possession

with Intent to Supply.

On June 11, 2016 officers

from the Narcotics Department

executed a search

on the defendants premeis at

Federation Road Grays Farm

in search of control drugs,

firearms and ammunition.

A large quantity of cannabis

plants were found growing

in the backyard, continued

search of the house revealed

26 transparent bags each containing


There were also dried cannabis

plants hanging from the

roof of a shack which is erected

in the yard. Officers uprooted

931 matured cannabis

plants weighing 86 pounds.

The dried substance

weighed 2 pounds and 2

ounces, all to a reported estimated

wholesale value of

EC$20,400. All defendants

were present during the search

and were arrested.

In court, Francis pleaded

guilty to all charges, for Possession

with Intent to Supply

he was convicted and fined


He was ordered to pay

$5,000 forthwith, $5,000 by

June 17, 2016, and the balance

is be paid $10,000 at the

end of every month thereafter.

He was convicted, repremanded

and discharged of all

other charges.

All charges were dismissed

against the other defendants.

In default of payment

Francis will face two

years prison sentence.

Man fined for eye injury

Deborah A Parker

An All Saints village man was found guilty of a wounding

charge, and ordered to pay a fine. Oren Francis, reportedly

wounded Garth Henry in his left eye during an altercation in

Mock Pond, towards the end of last year.

The offender denied committing the offence, which resulted

in a the matter being tried in District B, before Magistrate Ngaio

Emanuel. After all the testimonies were heard, the court found

Francis guilty.

For the offence, he was fined $2,000. He was ordered to pay

the sum forthwith. In default he will spend six weeks in prison.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, Devon Joseph was fined

$150 for being in possession of 2.7 grammes of marijuana.

He was advised that he would spend 72 hours in jail if he

failed to pay the sum.

The substance was found at the home of the English Harbour

resident during the execution of a search warrant by officers

attached to the Dockyard Police Station.

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Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Lewis found guilty of drug charges, fined $6,000

Alecia Mc Pherson

Yesterday at the

St. John’s Magistrates

Court trial concluded in

a matter in which Jeffery

Bernard Auguiste Lewis

aged 46 of Villa was

charged with Unlawful

Possession of Cannabis

and Possession with Intent

to Sell. Lewis pleaded not

guilty to the charge at his

first court appearance on

February 2, 2015.

The charges stemmed

from a search carried out at

Lewis’ home on January

28, 2015. Officers from the

Narcotics Department had

reasons to execute a search

warrant for controlled substances,

illegal firearms and

ammunition. 187 grams of

cannabis was found which

was reported to carry an

estimated street value of


Although the defendant

pleaded not guilty at his

first court appearance he

did admit ownership while

in police custody reportedly

saying “wah you find

here belongs to me, my

wife and daughter have

nothing to do with it».

As a result he was arrested

and charged.

A portion of the drug

was found in defendant’s

daughter’s room and the

other was found outside

concealed in a drum

amongst animal feeds.


Registration Section: Jennings

Block: 53 1488A

Parcel: 254

Registered Owner: NATALIE CHAMBERS

Instructed by Megan Samuel-Fields, Receiver of the

ABI Bank Ltd., I shall sell by PUBLIC AUCTION on

Wednesday 22nd June, 2016 at 2:00pm ON SITE, the

above Property, located at Jennings, St. Mary’s Parish,


The property is a vacant piece of land measuring approximately

0.16 acre.

Details of the Auction may be obtained from Trevor

Santos, Licensed Auctioneer at 464-7653, 720-7653 or


Dated the 1st day of June, 2016



The defendant’s lawyer

argued that the substance

belonged to the

daughter but that his client

only pleaded guilty to protect

his family.

He made a no case submission

stating that it is the

daughter who should’ve

been rightfully charged,

since the substance was not

found in the defendant’s


Prosecutor Archibald

who led the trial argued

that the substance was

found on the defendant’s

premesis furthermore, the

defendant initially accepted

responsibility, therefore

by his statement the issue

of knowledge, possession

and control was brought

out by the defendant’s own


The Magistrate ruled

that the defendant is guilty

of the offence.

For the first charge he

was convicted reprimanded

and discharged and for

Possession with Intent to

Sell he was convicted and

ordered to pay a fine of

$6,000 of which $3,000 is

to be paid forthwith and the

balance by July 13, 2016.

Lewis will be sentenced

to two years in prison if he

default on payments.

$9,000 fine for

marijuana, ammo

Deborah A Parker

A Bendals Village man was fined $9,000 for ammunition

and cannabis related charges when he appeared before

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel in District B recently.

During a raid in the community lawmen reportedly

found 30 cannabis plants and 210 grammes of the said

substance, along with one round of .380 ammunition.

Three members of the same family were taken into

custody following the fine.

However, one took the rap resulting in all charges

against two being dismissed.

For ammunition possession the offender was fined

$2,000. He was ordered to pay the sum forthwith. In default

he will spend six weeks in prison.

On the count of cannabis cultivation he was fined

$3,000. That amount must be paid be the end of September

to avoid a three-month prison sentence.

For Cannabis possession the young man was fined

$4,000 and ordered to settle the total in full by the end

of July. If he fails to do so he will spend four months in


8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Formal process to CCJ begins

The National Coordinating

Committee (NCC)

is pleased to record the introduction

in the House of

Representatives of the two

bills that will set in motion a

chain of events that will lead

to the national referendum on

whether or not Antigua and

Barbuda should migrate from

the Judicial Committee of the

Privy Council (JCPC) to the

Caribbean Court of Justice


The bills - the Constitution

(Antigua and Barbuda)

Referendum Bill and the

Constitution of Antigua and

Barbuda (Caribbean Court of

Justice) (Amendment) Act –

had their first readings in the

House of Representatives on


The Constitution provides

that after the bills have

had their first reading in the

House, a ninety-day period

must elapse before they are

fully debated and passed by

the House of Representatives.

The Constitution also

stipulates that they need the

approval of two-thirds majority

of the sitting members

of the House in order to pass.

Similarly, at the referendum

the question of whether

the government should

go ahead with amending the

Constitution to remove the

JCPC and replace it with the

Appellate Jurisdiction of the

CCJ must also get two-thirds

majority of the votes cast in

order for it to succeed.

The NCC is meanwhile

continuing its efforts of providing

information on both

the JCPC and the CCJ so that

when the time comes members

of the public will be able

Mr. Aziz Fares Hadeed, as a Commander

of the British Empire (CBE)

For outstanding contribution to national

development, particularly in the area of

community service.

Mr. Hadeed, a Business Entrepreneur

and Executive Extraordinaire, Community,

Social and Economic Investor, has

also served as an independent Senator for

a decade, Chairman of the LIAT (1974)

Ltd for eight (8) years and a Government

Senator and Minister for two(2) years.

Mr. Hadeed’s contribution to business

was recognized in 1998 when he was

presented with the Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur

of the Year Award.

Aziz Hadeed is a citizen of Antigua

and Barbuda and has resided in the twin

island nation since his youth. He has actively

promoted private-sector-led economic

development on the national and

regional levels. Among Hadeed’s key

initiatives in Antigua and Barbuda is the

empowerment of many grass roots individuals

to own small business in a range

of sectors, including transportation and

agriculture, by providing low-interest

loans. He oversees a Corporate Group of

companies which is among the top five

employers in the country. The Hadeed

Corporate Group of Companies also

sponsors numerous programmes and

projects in sports, education, health, heritage

preservation and culture. Outside

of the umbrella of the family business,

Mr. Hadeed is also a quiet philanthropist

in his personal capacity, providing significant

assistance for educational and

sporting pursuits for many young Antiguans

and Barbudans. In fact, in 1988, he

played a major role in enabling the National

Team to participate in the Olympic

Games held that year. His love and passion

for his country has been and continues

to be clearly demonstrated.

Major business investments in Antigua

and Barbuda include the Hadeed

Motors Ltd, Finance & Development Co.

to make an informed choice.

Chairman of the NCC,

Ambassador Dr. Clarence

Henry, who was at the sitting

of the House of Representatives

says he is pleased to

note that the bills have had

their first reading, which is

an indication of the Government’s

seriousness in the

overall process.

He says the NCC will

continue its public education

campaign but will be significantly

intensified immediately

after the carnival festivities.

Queen’s 90 th Birthday Honours List

2016 – Antigua and Barbuda

Ltd, Marble Villas Co. Ltd, Antigua Power

Company and the Antigua Masonry


Aziz Fares Hadeed lives by his father’s

teachings which focused on the

value of patience, respect, careful analysis

and the provision of exemplary service

to humankind, especially to the

people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Miss Ineta Veronica Wallace as an

Officer of the British Empire (OBE)

For outstanding contribution to national

development, particularly in the areas of

public health and public administration.

Ms. Wallace, an Antiguan and Barbudan

by birth, has given distinguished

services to the public sector for over sixty-two

(62) years as a nurse and health

care administrator and as a member of

the Public Service Commission since

1995. Ms. Wallace retired from active

public service as Chairman of the Public

cont’d on pg 9

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

CARIFORUM-EU Competition Law and Policy

Training Seminar to be held tomorrow

The Ministry of Trade, Commerce

and Industry of Antigua and Barbuda and

the Forum of the Caribbean Group of African,

Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States

(CARIFORUM) are hosting a training

seminar on Competition Law and Policy

funded by the European Union (EU)

10 th European Development Fund (EDF)

at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, on

Wednesday, 15 June, 2016.

This introductory Level I Training

programme is designed to raise knowledge

and awareness of Competition

Law and Policy, and build institutional

capacity within Antigua and Barbuda in

the context of the implementation of the

CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership

Agreement (EPA). The target stakeholders

include public and private sector

organisations (chamber of commerce,

cooperative groups and associations),

professional bodies (medical, legal, etc),

sector regulators, public sector owned

companies, media organisations, consumer

organisations and academia.

This training forms part of a 10 th European

Development Fund (EDF) project

for capacity building within CARIFO-

RUM, in support of the implementation

of commitments given under the CAR-

IFORUM-EU Economic Partnership


The training will be delivered by a

competition expert from the CARICOM

Competition Commission (CCC) selected

by the consulting firm Equinoccio,

which has been contracted to execute the

10 th European Development Fund (EDF)

project for capacity building within

Member States of CARIFORUM.

The Ministry of Trade, Commerce

and Industry has a mandate to promote,

maintain and encourage fair competition

within Antigua and Barbuda, and to prohibit

the prevention, restriction or distortion

of competition. The CARICOM

Competition Commission (CCC) has a

similar mandate under Chapter 8 of the

Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC)

for competition within the Caricom Single

Market and Economy (CSME).

The Ministry of Trade, Commerce

and Industry welcomes the collaboration

between CARIFORUM and the EU to

deliver this training initiative, and looks

forward to future partnerships in the area

of competition law and policy.

cont’d from pg 8

Service Commission in 2015.

A devoted Methodist from

her childhood, Ms. Wallace

has served on a wide range

of committees and has introduced

a number of firsts in

the church including the first

outreach health clinic. As a

health care practitioner, Nurse

Wallace has received numerous

awards including the Caribbean

Public Health Association’s

Most Distinguished

Award. Ms. Wallace’s contribution

extended to the region

and international health care

organizations and was highly

recognized by her peers.

She is aptly described by

her colleagues in both the

church and her profession as

an amazing trailblazer.

Ms. Antoinette Mary Carey

as a Member of the British

Empire (MBE)

For valuable contribution

to national development

particularly in support of the

Residential Care Project for

persons with severe disabilities.

A retired British citizen,

who spent most of her career

life in the aviation industry,

Antoinette Carey has been

nothing but dynamic and aggressive

in her efforts to help

the local youths and persons

with disabilities over the short

period of time in which she

has made Antigua and Barbuda

her home.

Having seen the urgent

needs of the Care Project

which provides residential

care for persons with severe

disabilities, Annette as she is

referred to fondly, sprung into

action and almost singlehandedly

transformed the services

offered to the residents into

one which is more developmental,

comfortable, activity

based and enriching.

The core needs of the residents

which had previously

been provided on an ad hoc

basis are now being provided

in a consistent manner by

qualified professionals as a

result of the significant resources

contributed through

fundraisers and other initiatives

spearheaded by Annette

through the registered charity,

The Friends of the Care Project.

Through the charity, for

which Mrs. Carey serves as

President, significant funds

have been raised to engage a

speech therapist and rehabilitation

specialist to provide

technical support for the residents

of the Care Project. The

changes in the quality of life

and responsiveness by the

residents has been described

as nothing less than transformative.

Significant advances

have also been made with

the development of plans to

construct a new multi-million

dollar facility to house the residents

of the Care Project.

Antoinette Mary Carey

has indeed played a key role

in improving the quality of

life for persons with severe

disabilities in Antigua and

Barbuda, particularly through

her voluntary service to the

Care Project of Antigua and


The three (3) honourees

are expected to be conferred

their honours personally by

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

II within the coming months.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

CIBC FirstCaribbean

launches new

mobile banking app

CIBC FirstCaribbean recently

launched its new user-friendly

mobile banking

app for smartphones which is

yet another innovation by the

regional bank to provide customers

with banking solutions

that fit their lives.

“The new Mobile App

joins a series of innovations

introduced to help the bank’s

customers determine the

banking experience they want

– in essence control over how

and when they bank is entirely

in the hands of the client,”

said Trevor Torzsas, Managing

Director of Customer

Relationship Management

and Strategy. Country Head

Stephane Burke said the app

“was something our customers

have been asking for and

the initial feedback since its

launch has been excellent. We

Thirty-eight shelters have been named

for the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season.

The shelters are the same as those that

were utilized in 2015.

Media houses have been provided

with the list and it will also be available

on NODS Facebook page.

The facilities consist mainly of

schools and churches and have been earmarked

for the 17 disaster districts in the

twin-island state. Not every community

will have a shelter but individuals are advised

to make use of those closest to their


are giving our customers here

in Antigua additional options

when banking with us.”

Mr. Torzsas said the new

app “proves that CIBC First-

Caribbean is the bank that fits

seamlessly into our clients’

lives. All the enhancements

that we have put in place over

the past two or three years are

part of our promise to deliver

innovative products and services

that truly meet our clients’

individual needs.”

“Banking that fits your life

- that is what we are ultimately

aiming to provide to all our

customers and our products

were the obvious place to

start and our Mobile Banking

App is just one of those innovations,”

the bank executive


He added that the bank

cont’d on pg 11

List of Hurricane shelters released

When moving to a shelter, residents

must take non-perishable food, water,

bedding, personal needs and other important

supplies as these are not provided

at the various facilities.

Individuals must note that animals,

weapons, illegal drugs and alcohol are

not allowed at the shelters.

Residents seeking shelter must abide

by a Code of Conduct enforced by shelter


While the government provides facilities

that are utilized as shelters, disaster

officials however encourage residents to

ensure that their homes meet certain requirements

that would reduce the chance

of major damage. Efforts should be made

first to shelter at home or with family or

friends. The last resort should be a shelter.

Individuals should stock up on emergency

supplies which include a week’s

supply of non-perishable food, water,

supplies for babies and children, battery-operated

radio and extra batteries, a

flashlight, medicines among other things.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs

from June 1 to November 30.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

ASC to establish Alumni Association

On June 28th the Antigua

State College will move forward

with plans to establish

an association for the thousands

of past students who

attended the institution.

“What we hope to do

is establish a grouping that

would serve two main functions:

1) to bring together

past students in a real and

meaningful manner and 2)

to provide support to various

programmes and projects at

the College,” Principal Hyram

Forde said. “The establishment

of the association is

quite timely as the College is

on the verge of celebrating its

40th anniversary.

“I am optimistic that the

men and women who have

passed through the halls of

this beloved institution will

do everything they can to ensure

that the alumni association

is successful,” the ASC

Principal added.

The first meeting is scheduled

for Tuesday 28th June at

6 pm in the conference room

of the Multipurpose Cultural

Centre at Perry Bay.

The agenda includes an

update on the College’s current

programmes and projects,

the establishment of an

alumni database and the election

of an interim steering

committee. Once elected, the

interim committee will lay

the groundwork for establishing

the association’s structure

and plan a formal launch.

The Antigua State College

was founded in 1977 following

a merger of the Leeward

Islands Teacher Training College

and the Golden Grove

Technical College.

Over the years, the College

has grown and expanded

its academic offerings.

It now has more than 1,200

students throughout its six

departments: Advanced Level,

Business, Engineering

& Construction, Nursing,

Teacher Education and Undergraduate


cont’d from pg 10

“already offers one of the best internet

banking services in this region; and this

combined with the new Mobile App and

the improvements we are making to our

ABM fleet means that our clients need

never set foot in a banking hall, unless

they’ve come to apply for a loan…and

even that is now possible online!”

Much like its internet banking, the

new app, accessed via Android, Apple,

Blackberry and Windows devices, affords

users the convenience of checking

their account balances, transferring

funds, paying bills and locating branches

and Instant Tellers, all from their mobile


He said the app was a “significant

step in our being able to add value for our

customers who can now do their banking

from the palm of their hand. Today’s individual

increasingly has a lifestyle that

is fast-paced that affords them little time

to spend in a queue in the banking hall.

Our Mobile Banking App will forever

change the way they interact with the

bank. Combine this with our online application

process and paperless statement

delivery and you have a best in class digital

banking service for the tech-savvy

who are always on the go.”

Mr. Torzsas noted that the bank which

has almost 250 years of combined experience

in the region will continue to invest

in a strong line up of services such as

its recently launched chip and pin technology

for its merchant clients to ensure

the highest standards of security. It will

also be moving to the same secure chip

and pin technology later this year for all

its credit card clients in order to give an

even greater degree of protection against

any attempts at compromising accounts.

He said the bank will also continue

to invest in building a foundation to service

its retail, wealth, business banking

and large corporate clients by continuing

to build close relationships with them as

“we drive a client centric approach to everything

we do”.

Mr. Torzsas said the bank was also

deeply committed to the communities

in which they operated and engaged in

a number of community outreach initiatives,

youth and education, health and

wellness and community relations, at the

local and regional level which are funded

through the bank’s charitable arm – the

FirstCaribbean International Bank Comtrust

Foundation Ltd.

One of the major regional health initiatives

is the annual Walk For the Cure

Trevor Torzsas

cancer fundraiser and awareness walk

which takes place in October across the

bank’s regional footprint.

Patterned after the bank’s parent company

CIBC’s annual Run For the Cure,

the regional event now in its fifth year has

so far raised over USD$800 000 and has

set a target of USD$1 million this year.

“The walk attracted over 20 000

walkers region-wide last year and the

numbers are expected to be considerably

higher this year as well as the money

raised as the individual fundraising committees

in each of our territories and hard

at work to ensure we meet and surpass

our $1 million target this year,” Mr. Torzsas


12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Incoming OECS Chairman PM Harris says regional

integration efforts must remain people-centred

Incoming OECS Chairman PM Timothy Harris, second left.


KITTS – Prime Minister Dr.

the Honourable Timothy Harris,

at this morning’s media

launch of the Organisation of

Eastern Caribbean States’ 35 th

Anniversary Celebrations, reflected

on the appropriateness

and significance of the theme

Connecting People, Integrating

Ideas, Moving Forward.

“I think this is a well-expressed

theme because, ultimately,

it is the people who

would adjudge the successes

of the integration movement

within the sub-region of the

OECS, and ultimately all of

our efforts should be geared

at ensuring a better quality

of life for the people of this

sub-region,” Prime Minister

Harris, the incoming OECS

Chairman, said today, June

13 th , during a press videoconference.

This morning’s press videoconference

linked OECS

representatives in St. Lucia

with the press videoconference

participants who were at

the Eastern Caribbean Central

Bank (ECCB) in St. Kitts.

Linked up by videoconferencing

in St. Lucia were Mr.

Anthony Severin, the OECS

Commission’s Head of International

Relations; Dr. Didacus

Jules, Director General of

the OECS Commission; the

Honourable Dame Janice M.

Pereira, Chief Justice of the

Eastern Caribbean Supreme

Court; Mr. Donald McPhail,

Director General of the Eastern

Caribbean Civil Aviation

Authority; Mr. Embert

Charles, Managing Director

of the Eastern Caribbean

Telecommunications Authority,

and Mr. Cosbert Woods,

Chairperson of the 35 th Anniversary


At the head table in St.

Kitts were Prime Minister

Harris; Mr. Timothy Antoine,

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean

Central Bank, and His

Excellency Sydney Osborne,

OECS Commissioner. Mr.

Samuel Berridge, Senior Foreign

Service Officer in the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

and the Honourable Ian Liburd,

Minister of Public Infrastructure

et al. were also in

attendance. Journalists from

across the OECS were linked

up by video conferencing.

Prime Minister Harris

continued: “In keeping with

our theme, therefore, we the

people of St. Kitts and Nevis

proudly acknowledge and recognize

the roles, responsibilities

and invaluable achievements

of the key institutions

within our Organisation, and

we pay homage to the work

that has been done by the

Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation

Authority, the Eastern Caribbean


Authority, the Eastern Caribbean

Supreme Court and, of

course, our own Eastern Caribbean

Central Bank. Our

harmonized and coordinated

responses to matters of aviation,

telecommunications, the

judiciary and common currency

have borne dividends,

including the benefits of efficiency

and effectiveness, in

the handling of these matters

than would otherwise be derived

by our individual country

efforts. Working together,

for example, we have created

one of the world’s most stable

currencies, and equally

we through our pharmaceutical

procurement mechanisms

have achieved the most affordable

drugs for the people

of the region. Regionalism

has been people-centred and

our people in the OECS have

certainly benefited from it.”

Saturday, June 18 th –

OECS Day – which is the 35 th

Anniversary of the signing of

the Treaty of Basseterre, is

therefore an opportune time to

reflect not only on the accomplishments

of the OECS, but

also on the lives and times of

the luminary men and woman

who assembled in the capital

city of St. Kitts to help chart

the course of the region.

The original signatories

were Antigua and Barbuda

(signed by Deputy Premier

Lester Bird); Dominica

(Prime Minister Mary Eugenia

Charles); Grenada (Prime

Minister Maurice Bishop);

Montserrat (Minister of Education

Franklyn Margetson);

St. Kitts and Nevis (Premier

Kennedy Simmonds who

became the country’s first

Prime Minister in September

1983); St. Lucia (Prime

Minister Winston Cenac), and

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

(Deputy Prime Minister

Hudson Tannis). By signing

the treaty, they agreed to cooperate

with each other and

promote unity and solidarity

among the OECS membership.

The British Virgin

Islands joined the OECS in

November 1984 and Anguilla

in May 1995; both are associate

members. The Revised

Treaty of Basseterre, which

was signed on June 18 th , 2010

in St. Lucia and entered into

force in January 2011, established

the OECS Economic

Union, essentially creating a

single economic and financial

space in the Member States

and setting the stage for deeper

integration. Martinique became

an associate member of

the OECS in February 2015.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Bahamas military apprehends almost

200 illegal Haitians off west coast

NASSAU, Bahamas

— The Royal Bahamas Defence

Force (RBDF) has apprehended

199 Haitians off

the west coast of the Bahamian

island of Andros.

The BDF was on routine

patrol near north Andros last

Friday when it was diverted

to investigate the sighting,

which was initially reported

by police in Red Bays, North


KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent and

the Grenadines – The formal regional

conversation around marijuana in the

Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

will move forward when the first national

consultation on the issue is held

on Wednesday in St. Vincent and the


The Regional Commission on Marijuana,

in collaboration with the Government

of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

has convened a series of consultations

with a cross section of stakeholders

including youth, faith based organizations

and non-governmental organizations

and special interests groups.

In July 2014, the CARICOM Conference

of Heads of Government mandated

the Secretary General of CAR-

ICOM to established the Marijuana

The military officers

found the Haitians aboard a

wooden sailing sloop.

“The migrants were in

urgent need of food and water,

which were provided by

locals from the Red Bays

community,” said a statement

from the RBDF, which

also indicated the the immigrants

were transported by

a Defence Force vessel to

New Providence and handed

over to immigration officials


Acting Commander at

the Defence Force, Captain

Tellis Bethel, commended

Superintendent Arnette of

the North Andros Police Station

along with his team for

assisting the Defence Force

with its maritime operations;

the outstanding local fisherman

and resident of the area

for helping Defence Force

patrol craft to locate and

secure the wooden sailing

vessel; and the Red Bays

community for providing

food, water and other critical

logistical support, which

prevented loss of life.

Marijuana consultations in region about to begin

Commission which would, inter alia,

“examine the social, economic, health

and legal issues surrounding the various

aspects of Marijuana use in the Caribbean

and its implications, and make

recommendations to the Conference”.

In fulfilling its mandate, the Commission

will host three Focus Group

discussions and a Town Hall meeting

as part of the national consultation in

St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

They will engage with Youth drawn

from secondary and high schools, community

colleges, tertiary learning institutions,

out of school youth, youth

leaders and institutions working with


Discussions will also be held with

special interests groups such as researchers,

medical practitioners, including

of alternative medicine; advocates

for medicinal and others uses of

marijuana, and representatives from

the National Drug Council, as well as

faith-based organizations and non-governmental


The Commission, headed by Prof.

Rose-Marie-Bell Antoine, Dean of

the Faculty of Law, University of the

West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, is

composed of practitioners with expert

knowledge in a variety of disciplines

including medicine and allied health,

health research, law enforcement, ethics,

education, anthropology/sociology/


The consultation in St. Vincent and

the Grenadines is the first of the region-wide

engagements to be undertaken

by the Commission.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Monday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Interest of Percival Lowell

6. Floating slammer

10. Planetarium sights

14. Remark to the audience

15. Type of part

16. He ran beside a Ford

17. Humdinger

19. School near Slough

20. General Arnold’s nickname

21. It doesn’t detonate

22. Sketches over

24. ‘’Miss ___ Regrets’’ (Porter


26. Ray on ‘’Everybody Loves


28. In addition

29. St. Peter’s sculpture

31. Tit for ___

32. Use steel wool and elbow


34. Horror movie sound

36. Church bench

38. Scraps of food

39. Archie Bunker statement

42. Connors defeater, 1975

45. Serpent’s mark?

46. With less tread

50. Reprove mildly

52. Transgress

54. ‘’Okie From Muskogee’’


55. Towel embroidery, sometimes

56. Rector

59. Muddy the waters

60. Kind of coffee

62. Slithering squeezer

64. Poetic form

65. Falco of ‘’The Sopranos’’

66. Wild revelry

69. Hollywood cross street

70. Barely makes do ( with


71. Makes level

72. Baker’s dozen?

73. Native of Latvia

74. Certain golf club


1. Early fast-food employees

2. Continental flu?

3. More biting, in January

4. They may be classified or


5. Advance

6. Bombshell Brigitte

7. What some people are stuck


8. Repeated

9. Lawyer turned bridge wiz

10. Frankfurt’s river

11. Pitcher’s cuff

12. Wingding

13. They detect heat or motion

18. Lord’s Prayer opener

23. Uno + uno

25. Simmered slowly

27. Topographers

30. A patient response?

33. Beverage chest

35. Curly’s brother

37. Charlotte had one

40. Pull ahead of

41. Water container?

42. Be successful

43. Big bash

44. Sounding like a mad cat

47. Dribbled

48. Saying ‘ere or ‘ead, e.g.

49. Publicity piece

51. Pollution agcy.

53. Full-bodied

57. First name in photography

58. Hide ___ hair

61. Ball balancers

63. One way to begin

67. Offensive of 1968

68. ‘’Hail, Caesar!’’

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

A few clouds early, otherwise

mostly sunny.

High - 86ºF/30ºC

Low - 78ºF/26ºC

Wind: East South East 12 mph

Sunrise 5.33 am; Sunset 6.41 pm

Monday’s Crossword Solution


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

When you pass the torch and

it’s still burning, it’s the responsibility

of the next person

to keep it burning still.

You’ll be a torch passer, so

pick your person well.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

The uncanny incidents are

just too coincidental for your

comfort: Is someone trying to

pull one over on you? If so,

they picked the wrong mark.

Step back and take a long,

hard look.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You

think it takes a while to know

a person? Well, not so much.

One look and 15 seconds can

do 80 percent of the job. The

rest will get done in a few

interesting conversations tonight.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Every moment is a chance

to grow or an opportunity to

retreat. What do you think

today’s challenge is about?

Which way would be more

appropriate? How should you

fight the good fight?

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

The in-between spots are the

worst. So uncomfortable. You

wish you were here or there,

but you’re neither and you’re

both. Well, at least you’re

you, with that pretty smile.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Taking liberties could make

you a star or an outcast, depending

on the situation. In

the case of today, you’ll be

driven to a more outrageous

choice that could potentially

help many while bringing

you a glow of fame.


Dec. 21). People sound different

when they are under

stress or in attraction-mode.

Your attention to the subtleties

will tip you off as to what

is going on with someone

close to you.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). If your day had a mantra,

it would be something along

the lines of, “Tell me what I

don’t already know.” And the

good news is you’ll find it —

the nugget of information that

lights up your brain.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). As far as the people

around you go, you may find

that it’s harder to organize

them to your purposes than

you thought it would be. The

fact is, no one will know your

rhythm until you start banging

the drum.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). The most romantic people

are the ones who feel their

emotions keenly. It’s seen as

a weakness in some places, a

strength in others. So which

arena are you in?

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

“I’m going to step in; I’m going

to take care,” the second

in command will say. But

you’re the first in command,

and you’ll let everyone else

know you’re large, in charge

and handling it all.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

How many different ways

can you express your love?

This will be the question, and

you’ll take a very specific

(not a scattershot) approach

and express it like no one else

ever has.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Flow gives fans of FA Cup champions

Man United more reasons to celebrate

The rewards for Flow customers

just keep getting bigger and better as

the regional quad play provider brings

Manchester United fans even closer

to the game with signed official Manchester

United jerseys.

“Just when Manchester United

fans thought it couldn’t get any better,

Flow kicks it up a notch and scores

another win,” Man Utd aficionado

Glenroy Roberts said as he collected

his prize of an official signed Man Utd

jersey at a presentation ceremony at

Flow Headquarters on Friday 10 June


On May 21 st , all around the region,

Flow brought together Man Utd fans

in various prime locations to watch

their favorite team beat Crystal Palace

in a 2-1 win, securing their 12th Football

Association (FA) Cup title.

The hosting of FA Cup Finals

Viewing parties in the Caribbean was

just one of many ways in which Flow

has regaled fans of one of the most

celebrated clubs in modern football


Flow has engaged fans with a series

of great innovations such as the

Manchester United mobile app, the

Red Alerts SMS, the microsite among

others innovative products, services

and promotions.

By Carlena Knight

The 2 nd annual Village

Netball league hosted by the

Concerned Netballers group

has been officially opened.

The league kicked off

with a march pass and brief

opening in Parham.

Defending Senior champions,

Northeners, formally

Yorks, was joined by

Mixed defending champions,

HUFF Massy United

Grays Green, St. George’s,

Potters, Bolans, Clare Hall,

Seaglans, Parham, All

Saints, John Hughes and

newbies, Freetown.

Parliamentary Secretary

in the Ministry of Sports,

Collin James, gave the feature

address and the vote

of thanks came from Kizzy


Exhibition games were

played by all the participating

teams in the league,

Through these innovative methods,

Caribbean fans have access to win

tickets to Man Utd matches, up-todate

information on everything Manchester

United, including matchup

information, news stories, scores etc.

and come the new season more ways

to watch their favourite team on Flow

Sport Network like never before.

This means more Man Utd content

at home or “on the go” via mobile,

tablets and desktop devices, as well as

through the Flow ToGo app.

Flow has an exclusive, multi-year

deal with Man Utd, which was signed

earlier this year. Flow is the only

sponsor of Manchester United in the

Caribbean, offering unrivalled access

to the brand in the region.

This includes signed merchandise,

tickets, exclusive video on demand

(VOD) content exclusively to Flow

customers as well as interactions with

Man Utd legends such as club ambassadors,

Bryan Robson, Andy Cole and

Dwight Yorke.

With “Txt for a ticket” promotions,

cool giveaways, which include official

Man Utd gear and merchandise, Red

Alerts SMS and so much more Flow

and Flow Sport Network have become

a cool haven – the undisputed home of

sports in the Caribbean – where Man-

Glenroy Roberts receives his signed Man

Utd official jersey from Flow’s General

Manager Joe Mathieson.

chester United, football diehards and

sports fans in general can converge to

be immersed in all things Man Utd,

football and indeed all things, sports.

The 2015/16 FA Cup Champions

- Manchester United – reportedly

worth more than US$3.2 billion has

been listed atop the “12 most valuable

teams in Global Soccer,” according to


Second annual Village League opened

both in the senior and intermediate

division and

a mixed game where defending

champions, HUFF

Massy United Grays Green

defeated John Hughes, 17-


Games are expected to

begin next week.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

Lady Caswan created a stir, while Fresh Milk,

Lil Miss Perfect and Movado were brilliant

By Vanroy Burnes

Newly imported thoroughbred,

Lady Caswan created a stir at the

Cassada garden race track on Sunday

in the Antigua Triple Crown Day

3 Race Meet 12 th June. Lady Caswan

and Jockey Michael Semple ran away

from the other two horses in the 6.5

furlongs creating a 15-length gap soon

after the starting gate flew open.

However unable to make the club

house turn at such high speed, Jockey

had to go wide almost crashing into

the rails, but Jockey Semple managed

to hold her down and brought her to

a halt just after passing the 8-furlong

mark. In all that excitement Jockey

Jeff Jacobs and D Queen B along with

Lady Anne and Jockey Gerard Defreitas

ran past Lady Caswan, who suddenly

gave chase with renewed vigor

and managed to past Lady Anne before

crossing the finish Line.

There was a buzz all over the gardens

with fans and horse racing pundits

saying that Lady Caswan seemed

to own the fastest time run at the gardens

and also the first time in history

that a horse stopped in mid-race

and still managed to place second. D.

Queen B and Jockey Jeff Jacobs won

in a time of 1.20.28 seconds.

The gardens was full of excitement

from start to finish from race 1 when

Sparkle and Julian Walters prevented

Jockey Leroy Campbell from dishing

out monies to the crowd after he was

beaten into second place on Leantic

over 6 furlongs in a time of 1.21.56


Bella and Jockey Michael Semple

was simply too good for Lightfoot,


Money and Rachel beating them

into second, third and fourth places

respectively in a time of 1.33. 79 seconds

over a 7 furlongs.

In race 3, the 2014 and 2015 half

bred of the year Fresh Milk earn sweet

revenge over Thoroughbred Carol

Vontrell who beat her in the last race

meet, but Jockey Michael Semple rode

a brilliant race and after head and head

for most of the 7.5 distance, narrowly

edges our Carol Vontrell by just about

cont’d on pg 18

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Sir Reginald Samuel presents

awards to outstanding athletes

By Vanroy Burnes

CPTSA Wings Sports

Club held a brief ceremony

on Monday June 6 th at the

Athletics Association office

at the YASCO Grounds to

honor the most outstanding

athletes of the Sir Reginald

Samuel Track & Field Classic

which was held on 7 th &

8 th May 2016.

With the exception of the

most outstanding athletes’

awards, all the medals were

presented to athletes up to 3 rd

places in the various categories

on the competition days

and to coaches a few days


The following athletes

were acclaimed as the most

outstanding individuals

during the event.

In the U-9 Girls Gerilyn

Barnes, U-9 Boys Scian

Hastings, U-11 Girls Kiarra

Webber, U-11 Boys Sekoi Joseph,

U-13 Girls Mia Mcintosh,

U-13 Boys Zody Roberts,

U-15 Girls Sonia Jones,

U-15 Boys Kitwana Thomas,

Open Class Females Nia

Coates, Open Class Boys

Kelvin Simon.

All the trophies were presented

by Sir Reginald Samuel,

Patron of the event. Coach

of PSE Club Teddy Daley

was presented with most outstanding

Club award.

Teddy Daley also accepted

a medical Kit costing approximately

US $3,000 from

president of the Athletics Association

Mr. Everton Cornelius

on behalf of his Son

Keston Daley trainer of the

Athletics Association.

cont’d from pg 17

two head lengths in a time of 1.37.56

seconds, the other thoroughbred beaten

was New Moon into third place.

However, in the feature race of

the day, the Governor General’s Cup

over 9.5 furlongs distance, six runners

took to the track to include two new

runners Out On Bail and UBetter Believe

It along with Annelle, Feature

Attraction, LilMissPerfect and first

Triple Crown Series winner Demolition


However, it was LilMissPerfect

that stole the spot light, because seems

to be of the picture for most of the distance,

while UBetter Believe It, Feature

Attraction and Demolition Man

all up there, LilMissPerfect and Jockey

G. Morris from Barbuda ran past

UBetter Believe It just before the finish

line for a surprise finish in a time

of 2.01.75 seconds. LilMissPerfect

was the smallest horse of the lot.

In the final race of the day, the talk

was all about Strategic Manoeuver

Jockey Jeff Jacobs and the 1 st Triple

Crown Stables, but Jockey Michael

Semple and Movado and the Chief

Rocker Stables had a plan.

Movado who had a long layoff due

to injuries created the biggest upset of

the day to win the A1 & Lower class

over 5.5 furlongs in a time of 1.07.50

seconds. Strategic Manoeuver was

second and Silent Action third. Michael

was Jockey of the day.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

ABFA announces Under 20 Men’s team

By Carlena Knight

The Antigua Barbuda

Football Association has

announced its squad for the

CFU Men’s Under 20 CFU

World Cup Qualifiers.

The 19-member squad

will contest in group 1 versus

host Dutch St. Maarten,

Cuba and Puerto Rico in the

hopes of landing in the top

two to advance to the finals

in October which will be

held in Curaçao.

Villa Lions FC dominated

the selections as four

players, Kahendi Jackson,

Deni Henry, Leroy Graham

and Ngozi Harvey were selected.

Division one champions,

Greenbay Hoppers had

two selections, brothers, Jarmarlie

and Javorn Stevens

while SAP also had two with

Kemoi Williams and Jermaine

Browne being called.

Fort Road FC’s Vashami

Allen and Matthew hall

were also selected along

with Ajarnie Thomas and

Kendukar Challenger of

Young Warriors.

Rodre Hunte of Potters

By Carlena Knight

After being postponed for nearly two

weeks, the highly anticipated Antigua Barbuda

Basketball Association Cheerleading

competition will take place on Thursday,

June 16 th at the JSC Sports Complex.

Starting at 7pm, seven schools will battle

it out for the title and the bragging rights that

come along with it.

Princess Margaret, Ottos Comprehensive,

Sunnydale, Trinity Academy, Christian

Tigers and Daryl Sethir of

Old Road were also selected

along with Generation

Next’s Christian Corbext

and Javorn Locker of Willikies.

The Under 20 Men now

following in the footsteps

of the senior team have also

drafted a few overseas players

to the squad. Benedict

Bowers of Ebbfleets FC, Jacob

Blackstock of Banbury

and Luther Wildin of Notts

Gunty will round off the


ABBA cheerleading event

set for later this week

Faith Academy, Antigua Girls High and All

Saints Secondary will cheer off for the first

of what will become an annual event.

The fundraising event which is in aid of

gaining funds for the male and female national

teams competing in the Under 16

CBC Championships in Guyana from July

4 th -16 th , will be hosted by local TJ Da DJ

and will feature guest performances from the

Spirit Starz cheerleaders and Anthony Rose.

Admission is only $10 and food and

drinks will be on sale.

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heads to collect victory with more than

four overs remaining.

Having lost David Warner for the

rest of the tournament due to a broken

finger, the Australians gave an ODI debut

to the left-hander Head, who had

his cap handed to him by Damien Martyn.

Head’s inclusion as a middle order

batsman who also bowls off spin was

a pointed message to the out of sorts

Glenn Maxwell, who was dropped before

Australia’s previous match, a victory

over South Africa.

That result had been built upon

strong batting in the afternoon, and

Smith had similar visions when he

walked out to the middle. Somewhat

surprisingly Holder sent the Australians

in when he won the toss, but he was all

smiles after getting Finch with sharp

bounce and subtle away movement.

Smith and Khawaja were both

struck on the splice of the bat by prancing

early deliveries from Holder and

Jerome Taylor, but they were then able

to steadily build a platform that by 24

overs had taken on the dimensions of

103 for 1. At that point Smith and Khawaja

chose to accelerate, and in the

next three overs they piled on 36.

West Indies’ anxiety had risen

quickly, but Holder was able to settle

it with a miserly spell conceding only

13 from three overs when the batsmen

were looking to attack. The reward

came indirectly when Holder brought

on Brathwaite, who was the beneficiary

when Smith charged wildly at his first

ball and skied a return catch.

A period of further stagnation followed,

a previously fluent Khawaja

mired in the 90s and Bailey trying to

get started.

Ultimately Khawaja was unable

to reach there figures, and there may

be some examination of his running

between the wickets after he failed to

make a third run from Bailey’s reverse

sweep to third man.

Mitchell Marsh came into bat before

Head, and he was able to add 49

with Bailey in six overs before skying

Brathwaite to mid-off.

Bailey’s innings was replete with

typical good sense and the occasional

hefty blow, meaning Australia did not

totally squander their earlier platform.

Australia seemed content with 265, but

they reckoned without the pyrotechnics

of Fletcher and Charles, and the skilled

insouciance of Samuels. (ESPNcricinfo)

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Samuels, openers help

West Indies gun down 266

BASSETERRE - A rollicking

opening stand and a

Marlon Samuels special lifted

West Indies to their second

victory of the triangular

series over an uncharacteristically

sloppy Australian

side in St Kitts.

From the strong platform

of 139 for 1 after 27

overs the visitors’ innings

lost momentum, and the target

of 266 was vulnerable to

an early assault on the short

boundaries of Warner Park.

Johnson Charles and Andre

Fletcher duly hurled themselves

at a bowling attack,

which was missing Mitchell

Starc, and were helped by a

pair of dropped catches from

Usman Khawaja.

Those misses helped

take the West Indies to an

opening stand of 74 inside

10 overs, and that early acceleration

allowed Samuels

to sculpt an innings in his

familiar style - long periods

of inactivity mixed with

brief bursts of power and inspiration.

Darren Bravo and

Denesh Ramdin offered support,

and a wobble arrived

too late to save Australia

from defeat.

Khawaja had taken advantage

of a promotion to

the top of the order to help

guide Australia’s innings,

but he fell short of what may

have been possible again.

Bogged down in the 90s, he

Marlon Samuels thumped three successive sixes off Adam Zampa.

was ultimately run out when

chasing a third run for his

partner George Bailey.

Steve Smith, the captain,

forged 74 without always

looking in complete control

of his game or the conditions,

before Bailey played

sensibly to push the visitors

beyond 260. Jason Holder

bowled an exemplary spell

for the West Indies, having

started on the best possible

note by surprising Aaron

Finch with bounce and having

him taken at slip for a

duck in the first over of the

match. Sunil Narine was

also economical, while Carlos

Brathwaite and Kieron

Pollard claimed two wickets


Fletcher and Charles

clearly had boundaries

on their minds when they

walked out to start the pursuit,

helped by the fact there

was no Starc to contend

with, for reasons of rest.

Nine times the rope was

reached or cleared in the first

seven overs, and from there

the required rate was never

likely to drift beyond six

runs per over.

After Khawaja’s misses,

James Faulkner contributed

an excellent cutter to deceive

Fletcher, and Adam

Zampa struck in his first

over with a skidding delivery

that pinned Charles in

front of middle stump. However,

their early work gave

Samuels and Bravo time

to get established, without

Smith being able to pressure

the scoreboard through his


The boundaries flowed

momentarily to a trickle,

but neither batsman lost his

composure, and the target

had been whittled down to

99 from 115 balls by the

time Bravo was claimed by

Zampa with a bouncing leg

break that touched glove and

pad before looping up for

Matthew Wade.

Ramdin kept Samuels

company as the equation

shrank still further, and it

was left to the senior batsman

to put the result more

or less beyond doubt with a

trio of sixes off Zampa in the

41st over. The first of these

was centimetres away from

being caught by the debutant

Travis Head, who did

take the ball cleanly but was

thrown off balance by the

proximity of the rope and

unable to hurl the ball in for

a successful juggle. The next

two cleared him comfortably.

Samuels would not be

Samuels without moments

to counterbalance the brilliance,

and a languid single

the same over ended his

innings when Wade scampered

around the stumps

and fired a dead-eye throw

at the non-striker’s stumps.

Coulter-Nile found a way

through Ramdin and coaxed

the thinnest of edges from

Holder to keep the crowd

on tenterhooks, but Pollard

and Brathwaite kept their

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