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A New Beginning

board of directors 2016-2018



Dale Miller

Division 15 Mechanical Ltd.

Vice President, Lower Mainland

Richard McLatchie

Lockerbie & Hole Contracting Limited

Vice President, Lower Mainland

Brian Bradshaw, Altac Services Inc.

Vice President, Lower Mainland

Mike Ohlmann, Fred Welsh Ltd.

Secretary Treasurer / Past President

Wayne Davidson

Davidson Bros Mechanical Contractors Ltd.

Executive Vice President

Dana Taylor


Associates Chairman

Mark Humphrey

Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.

Associates 1st Vice-Chairman

John Fu

Noble BC


Brad Haysom

Tight5 Insulation Contracting Ltd.


Henry DeJong, ESC Automation Inc.


Chad Kinsley

R.H Jones and Son Mechanical


Stuart Morrison

Northland Mechanical


Dan Taillefer

Viaduct Sheet Metal Ltd.


Len Voon

Aarc-West Mechanical Insulation (2013) Inc.


Andrew Wong

Alpha Mechanical Contracting Ltd.


Mike Vesterback

National Hydronics Group


Dave Erb

Erb Technical Contracting (Victoria)

With the completion of the Mechanical

Contractors Association of British

Columbia (MCABC) 2016

AGM, the presidency of the organization has

been passed to me. I consider this ‘my new beginning’,

and I would like to thank the executive

board, the board of directors, Dana Taylor, Jane

Andrew and the support staff of the MCABC office

in Burnaby for their assistance, and having

the confidence to appoint me president of the


It’s been 45 plus years since I started working

my way up from being a 1st year apprentice

in the plumbing industry. Upon becoming

a journeyman I have since worked on a variety

of projects in both Alberta and B.C., the last 25

years in the latter. I believe I have the passion

and knowledge to promote MCABC to more

of our industries’ associates, because I see the

benefit our association can provide, whether it

is educational programs and courses, networking

opportunities, the golf tournaments or the

charities we benefit. Members of MCABC also

have complimentary membership in the MCA

Canada (

We have been very fortunate to have had

numerous great past presidents, and I can only

hope to be referred to one myself when my term

comes to an end. It would be remiss of me to not

mention Wayne Davidson, from Davidson Bros

Mechanical Contractors Ltd., Dean Loewen,

from Altac Mechanical, Mike Ohlmann,

from Fred Welsh Ltd., and Andrew

Wong, from Alpha Mechanical Contracting

Ltd. as some of the upstanding

gentlemen who have preceded me,

along with the subsequent presidents

in the preceding years. I thank them for

continuing to improve and build our association.

These gentlemen have worked

hard to create an outstanding legacy for

MCABC and I look forward to continuing

that tradition, with some of you


As my mandate is to increase membership

while continuing to provide excellence

in educational programs, I encourage

you all to share the opportunities you

learn about through our website, emails,

or good old fashioned word of mouth.

All the programs MCABC offers are of

a first class calibre and are highly rated

with some top notch instructors. These

courses continue to assist our members

in achieving a high level of professional

expertise, and calibre. In order to not only

satisfy your clients’ needs, but surpass

them, MCABC offers courses that are Gold

Seal Certified by the Canadian Construction

Association. Having this designation under

your belt will differentiate yourself from the

competition as well as provide you with a substantial

competitive advantage.

Along with sustaining our current membership,

it is my hope to encourage new contractors

to join MCABC and become active

members, join a committee, aspire to a board

position and make a difference. We welcome

new ideas and fresh blood so to speak; in this

time of “connectivity” we understand the importance

of not becoming “old school.” We

understand the familiar mantra “but that’s

how we have always done it” and we know it

will kill membership growth.

I hope my passion for the mechanical industry,

being a rewarding and honourable

profession, will encourage others to become a

part of our professional organization. All of us

at MCABC have made changes as society has

demanded and I am looking forward to doing

my part.

Over the next two years as I work with all

past and newly elected executive members

and directors, I hope our paths will cross

while in my term as president.

Dale Miller

President, MCABC

6 Plumbing & Mechanical | SPRING 2016

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