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Impact Socket Safety


This is your sign of safety.

Straight Pin with Smooth Sides.


Bent Pin with Notched Sides.

Retaining Safety

Properly used, retaining rings hold sockets firmly in place on

drive anvils.

> > Always use retaining rings with pneumatic drive anvils and sockets.

> > Install rings correctly to ensure all rotational force stays between the anvil

and socket as rings are only intended to support the weight of the socket.

> > Consider using crush gauge rings for added safety.

> > Be sure to inspect both drive anvil and socket carefully before using.

How the Crush Gauge

improves safety

Cracked or worn sockets pose a safety hazard. Our Crush

Gauge Ring can indicate wear before there’s a catastrophic

failure. When a socket is cracked or excessively worn or when

an anvil is worn, the drive tool and socket don't rotate tightly

together. That action crimps the pin or “crush gauge” on the

retaining ring. If that happens, you know to inspect and replace

the socket or drive anvil.

Retaining Rings

When used correctly, retaining rings improve both the safety and performance of pneumatic impact drivers.

Proto ® offers three styles.

One-Piece Rings eliminate having to handle

two small parts. They work in much the same

way, but the pin is integrated into the ring and

installs quickly.

Crush Gauge Rings work like one-piece rings, but

they are specially designed to indicate damage or

wear on sockets and drive anvils. Fast and reliable,

they add an element of safety to your work.

Traditional Rings are made in two pieces that

include a steel pin and O-ring. To install, slip the

pin through the socket and drive anvil and slip the

O-ring into the socket groove.


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