The Sandbag Times Issue No: 22

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The Veterans Magazine


Board game helps Canadian military

Canada's military has

been experimenting with

a tabletop game inspired

by the war against ISIS

to help plan what tanks,

planes, ships and people

it needs to fight

effectively in the coming

decades. The ISIS Crisis

uses dice, markers and a

large map of Iraq and

Syria, and is the latest

twist in a governmentwide

effort to use more

games in the workplace

for training and

education. "This

certainly does have

potential to add

additional rigour to our

process," said Col. Ross

Ermel, in charge of a

directorate that plans

how the Canadian Forces

must evolve. "It does

show some promise.…

It's one of the things that

we are certainly

considering." The ISIS

Crisis is known as a

matrix-type game, a

concept dating from the

1980s, with minimal

rules and using debates

and arguments, unlike

traditional war games

with complex rules and

drawing on probabilities.

Matrix games allow

complex, multi-sided

issues to be explored,

often by up to six

players who don't need

particular expertise in

the subject matter. Some

government planners say

gaming may also have

potential for directly

engaging citizens. Ermel

says his militaryplanning

unit, which has

never before played

matrix-type games, is

using the ISIS Crisis to

"stress test" forecasting

methodology rather than

to predict Mideast events

or any long-term

Canadian role in the

regions. Read more.

New Zealand Z War hero mother denied a

say in where his medals go

The family of Rory Malone

say they have been denied

"closure" for their fallen son

after he was blocked from

receiving his New Zealand

Gallantry Medal at

Government House. They have

launched a petition for a full

ceremonial service for the

medal he was posthumously

awarded for his heroic actions

at the Battle of Baghak, in

Afghanistan in August 2012.

Lance Corporal Malone was

killed after pulling his

wounded commanding officer

Major Craig Wilson to safety

during an intense firefight

when their unit was ambushed

in a remote valley in the

Bamiyan province. It emerged

this week that Malone's

girlfriend, Kate Johnston, who

was appointed as Malone's

"primary next of kin" by the

Defence Force, requested that

the medals be posted to her in

Australia. This requests was

denied by Government House.

Click here to read more.

Robbers soldier shock in McDonalds raid

Two wannabe hamburglars were

foiled when they tried to rob a

branch of McDonald’s where 12

soldiers were eating lunch.

The servicemen – from an elite

military unit who are trained in

hostage situations, prevented the

two men carrying out an armed

robbery in France. The suspects

burst into the Ecole-Valentin

branch and as one guy fired a

warning shot, the other began

raiding the tills. When

McDonald’s employees took

cover in the kitchen, the soldiers

set upon the would-be burglars.

The servicemen shouted for

them to stop, and one of the

robbers fell down some steps

and was apprehended.

While his accomplice was shot

in the torso. They held the men

until police arrived soon

afterwards to arrest them. 7 |

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