Palmer Chiropractic Clinic In Kent WA, Offers Solutions For Knee And Leg Pain


Palmer Chiropractic Clinic offers methods for safe and effect pain relief. The chiropractor doesn't use drugs or surgery to accomplish results.

Palmer Chiropractic Clinic In Kent WA, Offers Solutions For Knee And Leg Pain

Kent WA, 20-JUNE-2016 - Palmer Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Brian Bussard, D. C. Are pleased to

announce that they offer natural solutions for patients who are suffering from pain in the knees or legs.

The pain can be caused by injuries, age, or posture issues. The Kent chiropractic authority uses natural

and non-invasive methods to alleviate the pain. No drugs are offered to patients who want chiropractic

pain relief.

Pain which is felt in the knee or the leg may not originate in that part of the body. Pains which are felt

in the leg or knee may be caused by damage in the hip or the lower back. Sciatica, for example, is due

to a "pinched" nerve in the lower back. Rather than addressing the pain at the site where it is felt, the

chiropractor looks for the underlying cause which is rooted in the spine.

Because of the important role of spinal health in overall health, a care plan for patients with knee and

leg plan is likely to begin with a spinal adjustment. The alignment of the spine is important to avoid

pressure on nerves. Removing pressure allows electrical signals to travel freely from the spinal column

to the lower extremities.

Another cause of knee and leg pain is posture. Properly aligned hips and spinal column mean that the

patient's weight is evenly distributed. The knee joint is a major joint of the body and correct alignment

there is crucial to avoid uneven wear of the joint. The chiropractor may make suggestions for posture

correction and exercises.

Learn more about solutions for knee and leg pain by checking out the web pages found at today. Members of the press and individuals who have questions

about the content of this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Brian Bussard, DC at the location

offered below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Brian Bussard, D. C.

Company Name: Palmer Chiropractic

Address: 24837 104th Avenue SE #100, Kent, WA 98030

Contact Telephone Number: (253) 854-7700

Contact Fax Number: (253) 854-2986



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