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SKF - Integrated Condition Monitoring

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n g gc SKF Integrated Condition Monitoring Industry-leading tools and technologies for optimized machine maintenance and reliability The Power of Knowledge Engineering

cf n f g gc Interpreting the language of industrial machinery for over 100 years Critical Turbines Compressors Generators Cost of lost production Medium Cost per point Slow Pumps & motors Fans Walk arounds Gradual degradation Inaccessable locations Cooling tower fans Semi/online Online Required scan rate Gearboxes Machine tools Conveyor systems Gradual degradation Critical online Fast Sudden onset failure As the graph at left shows, potential costs for lost productivity rise with the criticality of the asset. Therefore, while frequent walk around inspections may be appropriate for motors, pumps and fans, continuous on-line monitoring is recommended for the most critical equipment that drives your business. SKF can tailor a condition monitoring programme to your needs, taking into account the type and criticality of your machine assets.

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