Knox County Chiropractic Office, Hayden Chiropractic, Helps Chronic Back Pain Sufferers


Hayden Chiropractic offers solutions for back pain. The methods are safe and natural and do not require drugs or surgery.

Knox County Chiropractic Office, Hayden Chiropractic, Helps Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Galesburg IL, 21-JUNE-2016 - Hayden Chiropractic and Dr. Jeffrey Hayden D. C., are pleased to

announce that patients with chronic back pain can find solutions by visiting the chiropractor. The Knox

County chiropractic authority uses natural and non-invasive methods which alleviate back pain and

restore full health to the patient. Dr. Jeffrey Hayden is able to determine the cause of the pain and to

suggest appropriate pain solutions.

The alignment of the spinal column has an effect on the health of the rest of the body. When the

vertebrae are out of alignment, the result can be pain, loss of mobility and weakness. The pain level can

range from minimal to constant and unrelenting pain which interferes with other activities of daily

living. Chronic back pain is often caused by the improper alignment of the spinal column.

Dr. Jeffrey Hayden will perform an examination to determine whether problems with the spinal

alignment are causing the pain in the back. Rather than to attempt to mask the pain with drugs, or to

perform surgery, chiropractors use methods which are natural and which promote the body's ability to

heal itself. Painkillers tend to lose effectiveness which taken over long periods and may cause damage

to the internal organs.

The natural methods which the chiropractor uses are designed to promote the body's ability for selfhealing.

A spinal adjustment to restore alignment is often the first part of chiropractic therapy. Other

elements in a therapy plan include massage, posture correction, exercises and natural efforts to promote


Learn more about relief for chronic back pain by checking out the website at today. Individuals and press corps individuals who have more questions

are encouraged to contact Dr. Hayden at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, D. C.

Company Name: Hayden Chiropractic

Address: 1174 North Seminary Street, Galesburg IL 61401

Telephone Contact Number (309) 344-4988



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