Goodman Chiropractic Clinic In Lawrenceville GA, Recognized As An Authority On Natural Spinal Pain Relief


Goodman Chiropractic Clinic provides options which are noted for natural pain relief. Chiropractic methods are safe and non-invasive.

Goodman Chiropractic Clinic In Lawrenceville GA, Recognized As An Authority On Natural Spinal

Pain Relief

Lawrenceville GA, 21-JUNE-2016 - Goodman Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Caz Goodman, and Jennifer

Goodman are pleased to announce that they are able to provide authoritative solutions for spinal pain.

The methods used by the Lawrenceville GA chiropractor office team are natural and non-invasive.

There are no pharmaceuticals used in the care plans designed by chiropractors. Substances identified as

painkillers today are not always effective for spinal pain. Drugs can lose effectiveness over time and

may cause damage to internal organs.

A major cause of spinal pain is misalignments of the spinal column. When the spine has subluxations, it

is can create pressure or compression of the intervertebral discs. The compression can cause them to

bulge into the nearby tissue and nerves. The muscle fibers become irritated, causing additional pain in

the area. Pressure on nerves leading to the extremities can cause limited mobility and weakness.

The doctor begins with a consultation in order to determine the underlying cause of the spinal pain. He

may require digital imaging studies to go along with a physical examination. Once the data is collected,

a recovery plan can be designed which will alleviate pain, as well as to enhance the body's ability to

heal itself.

Spinal health is related to the health of other parts of the body, so many chiropractic methods focus on

the spinal health and alignment. Restoring spinal alignment is done by the use of a chiropractic

adjustment. Other natural methods which may help to relieve spinal pain include massage,

electrotherapy and ultrasound. The natural methods focus on holistic wellness.

Learn more about relief for spinal pain by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others with questions about the

contents of this press notice are invited to contact the doctors at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Caz Goodman DC; Jennifer Goodman

Company Name: Goodman Chiropractic Clinic

Address: 3370 Sugarloaf Parkway, Suite G-7, Lawrenceville GA 30044

Contact Telephone Number: (678) 225-5553



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