Caribbean Times 37th Issue - Friday 24th June 2016


Caribbean Times 37th Issue - Friday 24th June 2016

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Friday 24th June 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Justin Peters

The Miss Antigua Barbuda Pageant 2016

has come to an end. With so much talent on

one stage everyone came out rooting for

their favorite, but we all knew that there

could only be one and Leanda-Ann Norville

has captured the crown. The surprise was

evident as tears came to her eyes as the announcement

was made that she is the 2016

Miss Antigua Barbuda.

Her triumph may have come as a surprise

to many because based on the awards

presentation prior to the announcement of

the winners one may have been inclined

to think the results would have shifted the

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Leanda-Ann Norville, centre, was crowned Miss Antigua Barbuda. She is flanked by

Colin James, right, and Maurice Merchant.

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

cont’d from pg 1

crown in another direction.

Leanda-Ann, though, for

whom this was a second

Carnival pageant run having

competed in the final Queen

of Carnival Show in 2014

before the show was aptly

renamed to the Miss Antigua

Barbuda Pageant, was

praying daily and walking

with confidence granted by

God. Speaking with Caribbean

Times, right after the

show, the newly crowned

queen said that she has to

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thank God for without him

her victory would not have

been been possible. When

asked what she was going to

do now, she jokingly replied,

“I am going to sleep now.”

Truly a story of determination

and resilience, Leanda-Ann

is a testament to the

adage, “if at first you don’t

succeed, try try again.” Her

example is one that other

hopeful in years to come can

rely on when the chips seem


She has vowed to do her

best to bring the Jaycees International

Crown back to

Antigua and Barbuda. She

will go up against young

women for the coveted title

this July that will catapult

her onto the international

pageant arena and put her in

line to represent Antigua and

Barbuda, as well as the entire

Caribbean region on the

world stage.

The winner received a

check for $20,000 and a

scholarship for an undergraduate

program at the University

of the West Indies

The Dow’s Hill Interpretation

Centre in English

Harbour, provides an entertaining

audio-visual presentation

on the history and

modern day life of Antigua

and Barbuda.

valued at $30,000, the first

runner up, Dennell Payne

walked away with a cash

prize of $15,000 and Tiana

Edwards, took home an impressive

prize of $12,000.

The new Festivals Commission

set a trend last night

by presenting the winners

with the checks for their

prize money when they

were sashed, a practice that

it hopes to continue every


All of the contestants delivered

amazing performances

and walked with the poise

and elegance that belongs on

the international stage. Never

before has a pageant had

such a following with each

delegate having an almost

cult following garbed in

t-shirts displaying the name

and in some cases the face of

their favorite contestant.

The meticulous planning

and execution displayed by

the team at the Antigua and

Barbuda Festivals Commission

has set the mark higher

for pageantry in Antigua and

Barbuda and must be commended.

The stage, the lighting,

the sound, the on-screen

preview videos, the charismatic

hosts, Phil George

and Donna-Marie McIntosh,

local songstress Asher Otto’s

amazing performance,

the background dancers, all

seemed to fit perfectly into

place to complete a well-designed


As with any event, there

can be improvement, mostly

with the setup of the bar areas,

which seemed disjointed

from the main theme of

the pageant. One can look

forward to more improvements

next year considering

how far the show has come

since the inaugural edition

last year.

Caribbean Times would

like to congratulate Miss

Antigua Barbuda 2016 Miss

Leanda-Ann Norville and

extend best wishes and good

luck in the upcoming Jaycees

International Queen

Show on Sunday July 24th,

2016 at the Antigua Recreation





Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Government still wants Beaches

By Everton Barnes

Despite the recent ‘warof-words’

between the government

and Sandals Resorts

International, which owns the

Beaches brand family resorts,

the Antigua and Barbuda government

still wants the proposed

Beaches project to go


The announcement comes

from Information Minister,

Melford Nicholas, who

was speaking at the weekly

post-Cabinet press conference.

He said the government

regretted that the current impasse

with Sandals Resorts

had been brought into the

public domain. However, both

parties had agreed to back

away from the public ‘tit-fortat’

and return to the more private

negotiations table.

“The prime minister indicated

that he had received a

letter from the legal counsel of

Sandals Resort and the tone of

the letter indicated a desire to

Flow Inter-Secondary School

Debate Series Champions 2016

Winning School –Antigua Girls High School Left to right: Blossom Richard, Trishona Ainsworth,

Njarie Mathes, Alicia Paul (Best Speaker of the Series) and Shand Merchant from Flow

return to ‘private’ discussions

on the contentious issue,”

Nicholas reported.

He confirmed the appointment

of a Cabinet Ministerial

Committee which will sit

with the Sandals Representatives.

Sir Robin Yearwood

will lead the delegation that

also includes the current tourism

minister, Asot Michael,

and health minister, Molwyn

Joseph, a former tourism minister.

That meeting is set for

next Thursday.

On the Beaches issue,

Nicholas noted that the Sandals

Group had previously

indicated an interest in acquiring

the Halcyon Cove property

to develop a Beaches resort.

He said the government

is keen on having this project

move forward.

“Mr (Gordon Butch)

Stewart had expressed an interest

in developing Halcyon

in the Beaches brand and the

government wants to facilitate

this,” he added.

The information minister

reaffirmed the government’s

position that the arrangements

made between the former

UPP Administration and the

Sandals Resorts over the treatment

of the ABST was illegal

and that the government will

not condone an illegal act.

This, according to Nicholas,

should not however affect

the situation regarding

the Beaches hotel at Halcyon


4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

Direct flights to Cuba coming soon

By Everton Barnes

Intense negotiations

are taking place in Havana,

Cuba, on an air rights

agreement between Antigua

and Barbuda and the Spanish-speaking


Trade Minister, E.P. Chet

Greene, who is in Cuba leading

a trade mission there,

said the discussions that had

been ongoing some time ago

and which had stalled, have

now been revived with some

purpose. Greene reported

that the matter had gone beyond

‘a conversation’ to actual

work in progress to get

this to reach a conclusion.

“Ambassador Brian Chal-

Members of the trade mission to Cuba.

lenger is back in Antigua one week to get the documents

ready as I have invited

working on a draft agreement

on an air services agreement the Cuban transport minister

between the two countries. to visit St John’s for further

I have given the technicians and final discussions before

signing of the agreement,”

he disclosed.

The minister noted that

travel between the Caribbean

was what he termed ‘a nightmare’

noting that the present

circumstances provided an

opportunity to address this

very serious matter.

He added that the recent

meeting in Havana of the

Association of Caribbean

States, attended by Prime

Minister, Gaston Browne,

had given a mandate to improve

both air and sea transportation

between the Caribbean

nations. “This initiative

gives full support to the decision

by the ACS at their recent

meeting,” he observed.

The discussions in Havana

are not only concerned

with air transportation. He

said issues related to opening

up sea lanes between Caribbean

states is a major challenge.

“Since the demise of

WISCO, (the West Indies

Shipping Company) there

has not been any indigenous

Caribbean shipping line and

while we have a number of

lines operating through the

region, there priorities may

not be the same as ours,” he


He reported that his team

in Cuba is currently exploring

ways in which this matter

may be addressed in the

future. He said these talks

will continue and that he will

have similar discussions on

his return with people involved

in the sea trade.

The trade minister

lamented the fact that many

businesses across the Caribbean

have suffered because

of the absence of reliable

shipping lines between the


He also reported that

Leewind Paints has received

feedback in Cuba but the issue

is how to get the product

into Cuba is a problem.

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Misleading the public!

By Everton Barnes

A senior police officer

has described as ‘misleading’

the reporting by sections

of the press as well as

comments being made on

radio regarding the recent

case involving the former

Board of Education Executive

Secretary, D. Gisele


The officer said many

people listening to the news

report would go away with

the impression that the

charges against Isaac had

been dismissed. Additionally,

he charged that senior

members of the UPP were

contributing to the confusion

with comments they

made on a radio programme.

“This is contrary to what

the court ruled,” he explained.

He said the former

BOE executive faced three

charges – larceny, fraudulent

conversion and corruption.

The magistrate dismissed

the charge of larceny but for

the serious charges of fraudulent

conversion and corruption

he determined that

a prima facie case has made

and he committed Isaac to

stand trial at the September

2016 Assizes.

According to the officer

the magistrate - Conliff

Clarke – delivered his decision

in the case on Tuesday.

He had earlier reserved

judgment after hearing arguments

from the prosecution

as well as the defense

on whether a case was made

that merited a trial before a

jury at the High Court.

He concluded that the

issues raised by the defense

counsel go to the facts of the

case which were rightly submitted

by the prosecution

and which should be left

for the jury especially when

he considered the witness

statements of Director of

the Social Security Scheme,

David Matthias and former

Education Minister, Bertrand


Magistrate Clarke noted

that the defense’s main

thrust in the case was that

Cabinet had rectified the

board at the BOE error.

However, he said Cabinet

as the executive could

not correct a criminal offense.

This, he added, was

solely the responsibility of

the parliament.

The magistrate ruled that

the case of fraudulent conversion

was made out as

well as the case of corruption.

He dismissed the charge

of larceny as it was felt that

it was incorporated in the

charge of fraudulent conversion.

He also stated that he

was unable to determine

when the larceny took place,

but that in any event it was

not of much importance.

The prosecution’s case

was led by Senior Sgt. Dane

Bontiff, who appeared for

the Commissioner of Police,

while Justin Simon, QC, appeared

for the defense.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

Accused robbers

head to high court

By Deborah a Parker

Two men charged with robbing a UK national

had their matter committed to the September

Assizes. Servon Burton of Belmont and Kenroy

Willock of Gray’s Farm allegedly held up and

robbed Dr John Pearson at Devil’s Bridge at approximately

2:45pm on September 17, 2014.

Pearson, a surgeon, was allegedly relieved of

$600 and other personal items.

A third person was originally charged with the

offence, but based on instructions from the Director

of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the charge was

withdrawn. The committal exercise took place before

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel.

On behalf of my colleagues

in the United Progressive

Party, my family,

and on my own behalf, I

tender heartfelt condolences

to the wife and children and

extended family of the late

Dr. John Ashe, whose sudden

death yesterday shocked our


We have lost a brilliant

mind, an accomplished son

of Antigua & Barbuda, a professional

who worked in the

interest of his country and,

indeed, served for the benefit

of the world.

Although this last beleaguered

chapter of his career

was marred by worldwide

attention on what might have

been his failings, the people

of Antigua & Barbuda should

be in no doubt that Dr. Ashe

was classed among the best in

his professional endeavours,

and that his career ambitions

were supported by a formidable

intellect, capabilities born

of wide experience, and notable

ambassadorial charm.

A seasoned and highly

respected diplomat for more

than 20 years’ good standing,

Dr. Ashe served both the ALP

and UPP administrations of

the Government of Antigua &

Barbuda with distinction, and

this country benefited from a

number of initiatives and alliances,

forged by Dr. Ashe,

with friendly governments

Elderly woman to stand trial

for granddaughter’s murder

Deborah A Parker

A 69-year-old grandmother is

scheduled to have her murder case

dealt with during the September Assizes.

Millicent Cornwall-Roberts, for

the second consecutive day appeared

before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel in

District B yesterday, where she had

her matter committed.

The elderly woman was charged

with the September 2014 murder of

Deborah A Parker

He has come with a new sound this year,

and from all indications, soca lovers are loving

the sound.

‘Whinning Degree’ is especially very

catchy, and according to Lindy Charles, who

goes by the moniker Leepee Ching, “The song

has been receiving a very positive feed back..

very positive. People have been asking me

how I came up with it, how i got the music and

how i thought of doing it this way.”

“I must first say this is the new and improved

Leepee Ching...over the years i have

been planting, planting musical seeds, so the

and international organizations.

His expertise in climate

change and sustainable development,

particularly, was

widely acclaimed; and as

proof of the regard in which

he was held, Dr. Ashe’s bid

for the presidency of the UN

General Assembly in 2013

was not only uncontested,

but actively supported by all

members of the GRULAC

her granddaughter Jael Thomas.

The 18-year-old girl lived with

her grandmother in Mock Pond, All


She was allegedly beaten to death

with a stick by Cornwall-Roberts.

The stick used in the incident,

along with pieces of garments belonging

to the accused, a witness

statement and an interview make up

the list of exhibits to be used at the


Statement by Baldwin Spencer on John Ashe passing

nations. He was able not only

to stand with the best and the

brightest this world produced,

but to stand out among them.

Accordingly, I say without

hesitation that yesterday, June

22, 2016, was a sad day for

our Nation.

Hence, with respect, sincerity

and gratitude, I add,

“May the soul of Dr. John

Ashe, a demonstrated patriot,

rest in peace eternal.”

Leepee Ching has a new sound

sounds you are hearing this year is just proof

that the music tree is growing,” the artiste added.

Speaking further about ‘Whining Degree,’

he said, “I composed the song...and ‘Jus Bus’

the music guru and I sampled and produced

the was recorded at Masterpiece

Studio..that studio has the vibes and right energy,

so I love working with them. The song

is basically paying homage to the ladies who

have that yo-yo waistline.... that sugary waistline

the special gift of waist management the

ladies with the degree in Whinning....carniva/

soca ladies have the best waistline.”

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Justice Redhead’s farewell speech

Waiting Jurors! I must say

thanks very much for your

service. I must also say goodbye

to you at this stage. This

case will be the last case I am

presiding over in Antigua. I

am due to go to Montserrat

for 3 rd July after I would have

completed the Montserrat

circuit. I shall not be returning

to Antigua in September

to sit as a judge. I must say

that it was a great pleasure

working with you. I hope that

you have benefited by your

service as jurors.

By the way, I should say

to you that apart from fulfilling

a civic duty, it is a noble

thing as citizens to serve as

jurors. You play a vital role

in administration of criminal

justice in our society. Think

about it, nobody could be

sent to prison, or be deprived

of his freedom unless you

members of the jury say that

that person is guilty of the offence

for which he has been

charged or pleads guilty. As

a matter of fact your role in

the administration of criminal

justice is as vital as that of the

judge. In fact anyone who is

charged with a serious criminal

offence must be tried by

a jury. I personally believe

passionately in the jury system,

it is not perfect but it is

the best system. No one as I

have said can be sentenced to

prison or be deprived of one’s

liberty unless you as jurors

say that that person is guilty.

So in a way as jurors you protect

the freedom and liberty

of the Antiguan citizen and

by extension you protect your

freedom and liberty.

In order to maintain trial

by jury you should serve

willingly when called upon

to do so.

I say my final goodbye to

the bench in Antigua and Barbuda

after 31 years and six

months. No one has served,

as judge, as long as I have

in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme

Court. I know that

there are those, particularly,

the criminal element in our

society, who will rejoice at

my departure, there are those

who felt that I passed heavy

sentences. That is so because

my aim in sentencing was

that sentence would have

a deterrent effect, particularly

with serious offences,

murder, rape, gun offences,

armed robbery and unlawful

sexual intercourse i.e. intercourse

with girls under the

age of 16 years.

If by my sentences I was

able to deter just one person

from committing such offence

then I would not have

acted in vain.

Let me say too, to have a

crime free society is utopia

but what we can achieve is

a serious reduction in criminal

activities in Antigua and

Barbuda by early detection

of criminal activities. In this I

have every faith in the police

force to achieve this, early detection

and successful prosecution.

Make no mistake a

country which is riddled by

criminal activities cannot

progress economically.

Antigua, for instance relies

heavily on Tourism. The

tourist will stay away in a

climate of high criminal activities.

Investors will not be

keen to invest their money in

such a climate.

I am grateful to the Chief

Justice and the Judicial and

Legal Services Commission

for enabling me to serve.

Finally I make the observation

i.e. most of the serious

criminal offences are committed

by men between ages

18-40 years. As a result the

prison is populated mostly

by young men. Women on a

whole do not commit serious

criminal offences. There must

be a reason for this or reasons

for this trend, i.e. young men

are mainly offenders where

are the fathers? My view is

that if fathers would take an

active and positive role in

their son’s lives, less young

men will get into trouble.

Every time a young man appears

in Court, the mother is

there with him. Sometimes

one can see the agony in the

mother’s face, it is really

heart wrenching. The father

is never present.

As I say goodbye after 31

years and six months I hope

that I would have contributed,

even in a small way, to

the development of the jurisprudence

in the OECS I must

say that I will miss most of

my friends at the bar, particularly

John Fuller, hard working

Mr. Smith and Ms Adams

from the D.P.P’s office. Mr.

Fuller was the first lawyer

who appeared before in Antigua

on 1 st February 1985. I

shall also miss my court staff

Mrs. Masson, my clerk, Mr.

Joseph my Bailiff, my secretary

Ms. Mack and the police

officers who appear in Court

and lastly but by no means

least, my driver Mr. Duberry.

Good luck and may God

bless us all.

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8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

The OAS: Not a moment for pride

On June 23, the Permanent Council

of the Organisation of American States

(OAS) held a meeting called by the Secretary-General,

Luis Almagro, under Article

20 of the Inter-Democratic Charter,

to present a report on Venezuela to the

34-member body. Below is the statement

I made at the meeting as Antigua and

Barbuda’s Ambassador.

My delegation regrets very much all

the circumstances that have brought us to

this meeting. The Organisation of American

States has been weakened by them.

Whatever the outcome of our actions today,

the Organisation will be even more

greatly damaged than it already is.

Our countries established this Organisation

‘to achieve an order of peace

and justice, to promote their solidarity,

to strengthen their collaboration, and to

defend their sovereignty, their territorial

integrity and their independence’. We

have strayed from those fundamental objectives.

Solidarity and collaboration have

been sacrificed for political and ideological

advantage; egos have overtaken

statesmanship; diplomacy has been forsaken

for newspaper headlines. Today,

to the outside world, this is an arena for

public confrontation; for scoring points

on each other; for discord not accord.

This is not a moment for pride.

Having said that, my delegation holds

the view that the item on our agenda

today is not properly before us. We are

aware that the Secretary-General has

been fortified by a legal opinion from officers

of his Secretariat, to call this Special

Meeting of the Council to present a

report on Venezuela under Article 20 of

the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

My delegation is not persuaded that a

legal opinion from the Secretariat is the

most convincing basis on which to proceed

with this controversial and doubtful

course of action. In other inter-governmental

organisations of which my government

is a part, when a member state

becomes a contentious matter, legal

opinions are sought from outside the institution,

and usually from thee eminent

jurists from member states. Of the three

opinions, the organisation is guided by

the two that most closely reflect a common


This procedure is followed precisely

to establish the independence and integrity

of the actions that might follow from

such legal opinions. There should never

be any doubt concerning the legal basis

for our actions. In this regard, my delegation

remains unconvinced that Article

20 of the Inter-Democratic Charter can

be invoked by either the Secretary-General

or any member state.

The Article is clear. It states that the

convocation of the Permanent Council

may be requested by any member state

or the Secretary-General “in the event of

an unconstitutional alteration of the constitutional

regime that seriously impairs

the democratic order in a member state”.

But, there has been no “unconstitutional

alteration of the constitutional regime”

in Venezuela. That county has an

elected government, and it has a National

Assembly which was democratically

elected, as we heard two days ago from

the distinguished former Head of Government

of Spain who was an observer

of those elections. What is occurring in

Venezuela is a struggle for power between

several political factions, but as of

now there has been no ‘unconstitutional

alteration of the constitutional regime’.

In this connection, the basis for the convocation

of this meeting is deeply flawed,

and on questionable grounds.

Even if the invocation of Article 20

had any validity, what are the actions that

can flow from it? The Article says that

this council, “depending on the situation,

may undertake the necessary diplomatic

initiatives, including good offices to foster

the restoration of democracy”.

Regrettably, even if a situation did

exist that could justify initiatives and

By Sir Ronald Sanders

good offices, our Organisation has been

disqualified from playing such a role in

any way that could be regarded as credible.

The good faith and objectivity of the

OAS has been squandered by an unseemly,

undiplomatic and unhelpful public

quarrel between the Secretary-General

and the sitting, elected head of government

of Venezuela.

The capacity of the OAS to play any

good offices or diplomatic role in Venezuela

was also undermined by a public

statement issued by 15 member countries

on their own, after they failed to get support

from the majority of member states

at the OAS General Assembly last week.

Therefore, the validity of invoking

Article 20 is not only extremely doubtful,

but its invocation would lead to no

practical purpose for this Organisation.

Indeed, it works against any objective to

promote peaceful and constructive dialogue

within Venezuela, since it strengthens

those within Venezuela who would

use it to delay genuine efforts for national


None of this is to say that circumstances

in Venezuela do not require mediation

and good offices to bring the factions

to the table of negotiation. If there

is one thing upon which we can all agree

is that such a national negotiation in Venezuela

is imperative.

cont’d on pg 9

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

cont’d from pg 8

What we all want in Venezuela

is peace and tranquillity

and steady progress toward a

political compact that is based

on constitutionality and the

rule of law. That is why the

OAS should encourage and

support, as best it can, the

current initiative being undertaken

by three former heads

of government from Spain,

Panama and the Dominican

Republic. The group has been

accepted by all parties as genuine

honest brokers; they are

experienced politicians and

leaders; they have the best

chance of success.

My delegation is also

aware that the problem Venezuela

faces is not only political.

Indeed, more fundamental

is a financial crisis that

has helped to feed political


We appreciate that the

financial crisis, resulting in

large part from a rapid decline

in the world price of Venezuela’s

principal commodity,

oil, has caused hardship and

deprivation across the country.

My delegation would

like to see the circumstances

of the Venezuelan people

improved, even as the trio of

former Heads of Government

seeks to promote a political


In the midst of the global

financial crisis that began in

2008, Venezuela played a significant

role in stabilising the

economies of many Caribbean

countries. Indeed, it is true

to say that without the help

of Venezuela, our economies

would have collapsed with

all the consequences for increased

poverty, higher unemployment,

escalating crime,

and floods of migration, including


The problem would have

spread from our sub-region

to the shores of many other

countries in this hemisphere.

Therefore, my government

has authorised me to inform

this Permanent Council that,

should Venezuela want it,

we are prepared to join with

other interested nations of

the Caribbean Community

(CARICOM) to explore with

Venezuela how best we may

make a meaningful contribution

to alleviating the social

and economic challenges that

confront that sister-state of

our American family.

Given all these circumstances,

my delegation does

not support the agenda item

before us. The application of

Article 20, in the absence of a

dialogue mechanism will not

restore democratic order in

Venezuela. We urge that this

Council resolve to support

the current political initiative

by the group of three former

Heads of Government and

gave it time to do its work.

In the meantime, all of us

should tone down our own

rhetoric, return to the highest

diplomatic practices and seek

to uphold the historic mission

of the Americas “to live together

in peace and, through

their mutual understanding

and respect for the sovereignty

of each one, to provide for

the betterment of all, in independence,

in equality and under




The Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board (ABSSB)

advises of its intent to commence criminal prosecution on

ALL non-compliant employers and self employed persons.

To this end, all employers and self employed persons, who

are in breach of their statutory obligation to Social Security,

are strongly urged to contact the Social Security office to

regularize their status between June 1, 2016 and August 31,


The ABSSB wishes to commend all employers and self

employed persons who have consistently complied with

their statutory obligation and encourages all employers and

self employed persons to ensure that moving forward every

attempt will be made to adhere to their Social Security obligations.

Editor’s Note: The opinions

expressed in this Op-ed

are those of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.


TO: Her Worship the Licensing


St John’s Magistrates Court

High Street

St. John’s


TO: The Magistrate of District


St. John’s Magistrates Court

High Street

St. John’s


TO: The Commissioner of


Police Headquarters

American Road

St. John’s



Skerritts Pasture in the parish

of St. John’s, in Antigua, DO


that it is my intention to apply

at the next special session,

to be held at the St. John’s

Magistrate’s Court, High

Street, St. John’s Antigua on

the 5th day of July, 2016 for

a Liquor Licence in respect

of my premises known as


& BAR” situated at Temple

Street, St. John’s Antigua.

This application is made

pursuant to Section 3 of the

Licencing (Intoxicating Liquor)

Act Cap 249 of the

Laws of Antigua and Barbuda

Revised Edition 1992.

23rd June, 2016

Lawrence Daniels

Daniels, Phillips & Associates

Attorney-at-Law for the Applicant

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

CDB launches US$15 million

Education Project in Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada – At

the J.W. Fletcher Catholic Secondary

School in Grenada, 217 boys and girls

have been making do with inadequate

space. Teachers and students work together

creatively to make the best of

the eight classrooms, spread across two

blocks. But this arrangement is not suitable

for optimal outcomes in the education

sector in Grenada; nor does it meet

regional best practice standards.

For this reason, J.W. Fletcher is one

of six schools across the country that

will be expanded or rehabilitated as part

of the Grenada Education Enhancement

Project (GEEP), funded by the Caribbean

Development Bank (CDB). Teachers

and students look forward to the construction

of two new blocks which will

provide three classrooms, administrative

space, labs for Building Technology and

Electronics, and rooms for Music, Art,

Technical Drawing and Counselling.

GEEP was launched on Wednesday,

June 15 in St. George’s, Grenada where

Dr the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell,

Prime Minister of Grenada reaffirmed

the duty of the Government and the right

of the child to quality education.

“If we truly believe that every child

deserves that kind of opportunity, and

that every society deserves to have students

who can access those kinds of

opportunities, then our collective effort

becomes extremely clear. Our work is

to make sure that opportunity is not just

a possibility, but a promise. Opportunity

is a right that inspires educators to

truly devote their lives to empowering

our children. It is a right that encourages

parents to expect their child will graduate

from secondary school and college

and succeed in life, even if the parents

never had that chance themselves. A

Government’s work is not done until

we have lived up to that promise,” Dr

Mitchell said.

In addition to J.W. Fletcher, other

schools to be improved are: Grenada

Seventh Day Adventist Comprehensive;

Bishop’s College in Carriacou; Presentation

Brothers’ College; St. Joseph’s

Convent, St. George’s; and St. Joseph’s

Convent in Grenville.

The expansion and rehabilitation

work is part of Phase One of the GEEP

for which a loan of USD15 million and

a grant of USD533,000 have been approved

by CDB’s Board of Directors. It

complements the Government of Grenada’s

efforts to address the substantial

need for improved education infrastructure.

“The implementation of the project

will allow our Ministry to be better

positioned to serve its stakeholders at

all levels, and to take on a professional

approach towards the conduct of the

business of education. The country on a

whole will benefit by way of improving

the availability and relevant professional

skills. It is therefore my expectation

that the beneficiaries of this timely investment,

will seize the opportunity to

make maximum use of the opportunities

afforded,” said the Honourable Anthony

Boatswain, Grenada’s Minister of Education

and Human Resource Development.

Grenada was so badly affected by

Hurricanes Ivan and Emily in 2004 and

2005 respectively, that some damaged

schools have not yet been restored and

some continuing to be housed in temporary

structures. Some of the country’s

secondary schools, originally operated

as primary institutions, must be expanded

if the country is to achieve universal

secondary education.

The Project also aims to enhance the

quality, relevance and effectiveness of

instruction and includes a component

for training and professional development

for approximately 1,700 teachers

and principals.

Patricia McKenzie, Vice-President

(Operations) at CDB lauded Grenada’s

work and leadership in education:

“The experience of many countries

has amply demonstrated the power of

human capital development to expanding

economic opportunities and reducing

poverty. Likewise in Grenada, education

attainment is strongly correlated

with economic gains and lower poverty

rates. Consequently, the government

of Grenada has been investing approximately

5.2 percent of GDP annually on

education, spending ECD102.1 mn, in

2015, higher than any other sector and

among the highest in the OECS. As a

consequence of the significant investment

you have made in education, Grenada

has made tremendous progress in

reaching several measureable targets for

basic education – achieving universal

secondary education in 2012, reaching

the Caribbean-specific Millennium

Development Goals in 2015 and virtually

eliminating enrolment disparities

between males and females, you have

demonstrated leadership in this area,”

Mrs. McKenzie said.

The Project is now officially underway,

with construction expected to begin

by 2017.

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Rescuers search rubble in East

China after tornado kills 98


Rescuers in eastern China

searched Friday for survivors

of a tornado and hailstorm

that killed at least 98

people as it swept over a

city’s outskirts, destroying

buildings, smashing trees

and flipping vehicles on their


The tornado hit a densely

populated area of farms and

factories Thursday near the

city of Yancheng in Jiangsu

province, about 800 kilometers

(500 miles) south of


Jiangsu Governor Shi

Taifeng said Friday that the

death toll had risen to 98

people, with 800 others injured,

according to the official

China News Service.

Earlier, the state-run Xinhua

News Agency had said 200

LONDON – The British pound

plunged to a 31-year low Friday as results

in the country’s European Union

referendum gave the “leave” side a

small but growing lead.

The figures delivered a deep shock

to financial markets, overturning earlier

anticipation of a narrow victory for “remain.”

The pound initially soared as polls

closed and two opinion surveys put “remain”

ahead and two leading supporters

of the “leave” campaign said it appeared

the pro-EU side had won. But it

Firefighters walk down a road in Funing county in Yancheng city in

eastern China’s Jiangsu Province.

people were critically injured.

On Friday, rescuers

worked to carry injured villagers

into ambulances and

deliver food and water to

others, Xinhua reported,

although state broadcaster

CCTV said that roads were

blocked with trees, downed

power lines and other debris.

Heavy rain and the possibility

of further hailstorms and

more tornadoes complicated

rescue efforts. In badly

hit Xintu village, survivors

grieved over lost relatives

and surveyed the damage

wrought on their homes.

The disaster has been declared

a national-level emergency,

and on a trip to Uzbekistan,

Chinese President

Xi Jinping ordered central

government bodies to provide

all necessary assistance.

Tents and other emergency

supplies were being sent

from Beijing, while schools

and other facilities were

used to shelter survivors,

CCTV said.

The network showed

people carrying the injured

to hospitals, cars and trucks

lying upside down, street

light poles snapped in half,

and steel electricity pylons

crumpled and lying on

their side. Power and telephone

communications were

knocked out over a broad

area. Jiangsu is a coastal

province north of Shanghai.

Yancheng is an ancient city

with more than 8 million

people. (AP)

UK Pound plunges as referendum

results point to EU exit

then suffered one of its biggest one-day

falls in history, plummeting from about

$1.50 to below $1.35 as results suggested

a strong possibility the U.K. would

vote to quit the bloc.

As results poured in, a picture

emerged of a sharply divided nation:

Strong pro-EU votes in the economic

and cultural powerhouse of London and

semi-autonomous Scotland were countered

by sweeping anti-Establishment

sentiment for an exit across the rest of

England, from southern seaside towns

to rust-belt former industrial powerhouses

in the north.

“A lot of people’s grievances are

coming out and we have got to start

listening to them,” said deputy Labour

Party leader John McDonnell.

With more than 16 million of an expected

30 million votes counted, the result

was closely split, with the “leave”

ahead by a few hundred thousand votes

- and “remain” underperforming analysts’


A vote to leave the EU would destabilize

the 28-nation trading bloc, created

from the ashes of World War II to keep

the peace in Europe. A “remain” vote

would nonetheless leave Britain divided

and the EU scrambling to reform. (AP)

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Provide food

6. Harvest

10. Foot digits

14. Chubby

15. Helper

16. Biblical prophet

17. Dozed

18. Curdle

19. Christmas song

20. Perfect gymnastics score

21. Legacy

24. Consent

26. Beliefs

27. Temperature unit

29. Perspire

31. Brainstorm

32. Art ____ (‘20s movement)

34. Create lace

37. Action word

38. Paid out

40. Wordless actor

41. Printing measures

42. Fascinated by

43. Sign

44. Respond

47. Inventor’s protection

49. Attraction

52. Black pool ball

53. Upkeep

56. Fitting

59. Capri or Wight

60. Intermission

61. Aristocratic

63. Store away

64. Wood source

65. Laid bathroom flooring

66. Collections

67. Glide

68. Winter toys


1. Charge

2. Ready, willing, and ____

3. Adolescents

4. Telepathy (abbr.)

5. Go to bed

6. Hidden supply

7. Provoke

8. Smell

9. Tiny

10. Renter

11. Atmosphere layer

12. Build

13. Shoppers’ delights

22. Requires

23. Earl Grey, e.g.

25. Snatch

27. Plunge

28. Genesis garden

29. Fragrance

30. Refusal word

33. Long, narrative poem

34. Schedule

35. Hymnal word

36. Camping need

39. Theme

40. Butterfly’s kin

44. Extends (a subscription)

45. Have supper

46. Warns

48. Brokers

49. Wrong

50. Glue

51. Aviator

52. Go onstage

54. Roman tyrant

55. Voyaging

57. Implored

58. Koppel and Turner

62. Tanker cargo

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Mostly sunny skies.

High - 86ºF

Low - 78ºF

Wind: East 13 mph

Sunrise 5.35 am; Sunset 6.44 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


CANCER (June 22-July

22). Outgoing, generous, unafraid

— this is how others

will experience you today.

You’ll be the one to talk to.

You’re approachable, friendly

and full of usefulness.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Perhaps

you recognize a jealous

glance, or there’s another

reason you’ll react quickly to

protect what’s yours. What’s

truly yours cannot be stolen.

It is intrinsically woven into

your eternal soul.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

This thing you’ve earned for

your years and years of dutiful,

cheerful, constant and

loyal service will look suspiciously

like good luck. Or is

it the other way around? It’s

confusing, this business of


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

The wrong person can say

the right thing, and you’re

in such a zone of awareness

that you’ll totally get it, act

on it, make good and make

a little money while you’re

at it.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). What you need to know

in order to make an informed

decision will land in your

world today in the form of a

phone call, news feed or gut

feeling that simply cannot be


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). This isn’t a day for you

to stretch into new zones or

encourage anyone else to

do so. Your talent is sorely

needed. In fact, when everyone

follows their natural talents,

everyone will win.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). Your last-ditch effort

will be the one that catches

on. You won’t know which

one it is until that happens.

So don’t stop until your purpose

has caught on.

ARIES (March 21-April

19). When you’re absorbing

everything around you, moment

to moment, as the day

passes it’s guaranteed that

your mind will get cluttered.

The balance of observation

and ignorance is key to sanity,

or at least peace.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

When you give your word, it

means you’ll stand behind

it and defend and honor it.

You’ll do what it takes to see

it all the way through. This is

the integrity needed most in

the world today.


Dec. 21). The rules of reciprocity

do not state that the

giving and receiving will

happen in equal amounts and

from the same people. Open

it up and trust in the balance

of the universe.

TAURUS (April 20-May

20). You’re eager to get

things moving so you can

have some time off at the

start of next month. Are they

cooperating? Maybe not as

well as you’d like, but your

polite charms will go far.

GEMINI (May 21-June

21). Appropriateness will

be a major asset if the agenda

includes fitting, blending

and being “in.” That is more

important than it seems right

now, although it will certainly

be more interesting to mix

it up.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

Drakes backs women to extend domination

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – West

Indies Women’s head coach, Vasbert

Drakes, believes the regional side can

continue to dominate World cricket for

a long time, once the core of the current

squad is kept together.

The Windies Women captured their

first-ever Twenty20 World Cup when

they beat three-time defending champions

Australia Women in the final of the

tournament in Kolkata last April.

“Our high impact players like Stafanie

Taylor and Deandra Dottin really

made inroads into the opposition and allowed

us to control the games for longer

periods,” said Drakes, a former West Indies

Test player.

“It’s exciting for the West Indies because

we have some younger players like

Hayley Matthews and in five to 10 years’

time, if we can keep that group together,

we should be able to dominate for a long

period of time.

“West Indies cricket really needs it.

We came a bit out of the woodwork but

there had been quiet work behind the

scenes on what was needed to be done

for them to control the environment and

taking the game away when it matters.”

While it was the side’s first major title,

they have been making steady progress

in recent years. In fact, they were

good enough to make the final of the last

50-overs World Cup in India three years

ago when they lost to Australia.

Drakes said the foundation for the

squad’s current success had been laid by

previous coach and former West Indies

vice-captain, Sherwin Campbell.

“I used to work for the Barbados

Cricket Association so I spent some time

developing some of the ladies who have

represented the West Indies,” Drakes noted.

“I inherited a squad from Sherwin

Campbell who did some tremendous

work with the ladies team over the last

five or six years. He laid the foundation

and my transition was pretty easy because

I had coached those ladies before.

“When I took over 12 months ago,

our first objective was to win away from

home so we could climb up the ICC


“We would have played in Sri Lanka

and beat them, we played Pakistan and

beat them and we went to South Africa

before we travelled to India and we had

built some really good momentum.

“We had done a lot of research and

recognised that we had a team who were

close to peaking.”

The next major tournament for

West Indies Women will be next year’s

50-overs World Cup set for England.


Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

SeaView Academy’s Annual After-Assessment Lime will be

held this year at the school campus at Scott’s Hill on Friday,

July 24, 2016 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. The event will be a

great opportunity for the entire family to participate in fun

activities, movies and games, enjoy great food and spend

quality time together!!! Entrance is FREE!! Tickets for delicious

BBQ meals are available for sale: $15 – Chicken; $20

– Fish. Don’t miss out on the best event, with exam students.

Call 461 6555 TODAY for your tickets!

The JCI Youth Symposium takes place on Friday 24th June,

from 9am-3pm at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre. Exciting

topics to be discussed including Social Media Etiquette,

Youth Leadership and many more. Secondary School and

State College students are invited to attend and be inspired.

The Antigua and Barbuda Athletic Association will host the

2016 National Athletics Championship on Saturday July 9

and Sunday July 10, 2016 at the home of Athletics – Yasco

Complex. Vendors who wish to ply their trade in and outside

the Yasco Complex are asked to contact: The Treasurer - Ms.

Judy Blackman at telephone # 728 8500 for Registration.

Please note that spaces are issued at a “First Come” basis

and that there are limited spaces available both inside and


All vendors desirous in plying their trade at the Annual Mango

fest 2016 on 24th and 25th July, at Victoria Park, Botanical

Gardens, is asked to collect a registration form, from the

Ministry of Agriculture Lands Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs

on Independence Drive. Space rental for a 10x10Tent space

is $50Ec and 20x20 is $100Ec.Registration ends July, 15th,

2016. Remember the date July 24 & 25, 2016.

The Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) invites you to a community

screening and talk at the Potters Primary School on

Tuesday, 28th June at 5:00pm. The discussion is on Managing

Sickle Cell Anaemia by Dr Alafea Stevens of the Mount

St. John’s Medical Centre. The screening include blood pressure,

blood sugar and cholesterol. Information is power. Join


Are you a Building Technology student and are interested in

furthering your education in this field? Or are you thinking

of entering the field of Architectural Technology? Earn a full

scholarship to the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute

of Technology (ABIIT) to pursue an Associate Degree

in Architectural Technology. Simply apply to ABIIT and enroll

in the Architectural Technology program and write a 500

word essay on “Why the field of Architecture is important

and how will attaining a degree in this field enable you to

achieve your academic and professional goals” Submissions

may be dropped off at the Coolidge campus or emailed to and Deadline

for submission is 2nd September 2016.

76ers take Ben Simmons

with No. 1 pick in NBA draft

NEW YORK – Ben Simmons

went from Down Under

to the top of the NBA draft,

and a record number of international

players followed.

The Philadelphia 76ers

took the Australian with the

No. 1 pick on Thursday night,

making him the first of a record

14 international players

chosen in the first round.

Nearly half the selections

in the 30-pick round were international

players, topping

the 12 international players

chosen in the first round in


Simmons climbed on stage

to the sound of cheers from a

Philly-filled crowd hoping he

could turn around the 76ers.

Not long after the same

crowd was largely quiet as

the draft filled with unfamiliar


The picks included the

first Austrian (Utah center

Jakob Poeltl, No. 9 to Toronto),

the highest Greek player

ever drafted (Georgios Papagiannis,

No. 13, Phoenix,

rights dealt to Sacramento),

two Croatians (Dragan Bender,

No. 4 to Phoenix and Ante

Zizic, No. 23, Boston), and

two players from the Caribbean

(Buddy Hield, Bahamas,

No. 6 to New Orleans; and

Skal Labissiere, Haiti, No. 28,

picked by Phoenix but dealt to


The NBA said there were

26 international players selected,

surpassing the record

of 21 set in 2003.

Some of the international

players won’t come to the

NBA next season, and perhaps

never will.

Simmons might be ready

to star now.

Philadelphia grabbed the

versatile 6-foot-10 forward

from LSU who averaged 19.2

points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.8

assists to become the only

player in Southeastern Conference

history to finish in the

top five in all three categories.

He comes with some

questions - he made only one

3-pointer - but too much potential

for the 76ers to pass

up with their first No. 1 pick

since taking Allen Iverson 20

years ago. (AP)

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016

Ministry of Tourism hosts Tourism Awards

Friday 24th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

Browne is new Chairman of Selectors

Former wicketkeeper,

coach, and talent manager,

Courtney Browne will be

the new Chairman of Selectors

for the West Indies

Cricket Board.

Browne has been on the

senior men’s selection panel

for almost six years and

he has had oversight for selection

for the women’s and

under 19 programmes for

the last two years while being

regional talent manager

for the same period.

Before joining the selection

teams, Browne served

as Chairman for the senior

selection panel in Barbados

and also served as an alternate

selector for the West

Indies senior men’s team.

Before becoming a selector,

he was the wicket-keeping

coach at the High Performance

Centre in Barbados.

cont’d from pg 20

called for big effort from his batsmen.

“We got one of the top four batsmen to

get a hundred which is what we were asking

for [and] it’s about repeating it again,”

Holder pointed out.

“It may not be Marlon tomorrow, it

maybe somebody else but regardless of

whoever it is, we need one of the top four

batsmen to bat us down to 40, 45 overs. I

think once we have a set batter there especially

in the top four, it is easier for guys to

come in and play around him.”

West Indies will have to keep their eyes

on charismatic leg-spinner Imran Tahir

whose career-best seven-wicket haul in the

St Kitts game, flattened West Indies.

Holder said they were aware of Tahir’s


“He’s a world class bowler. He’s not

Browne thinks that with

the increased exposure to

matches in various formats

“players will now have an

opportunity to be seen.”

The comprehensive technical

programmes being

offered by the WICB “will

give players so much more

chances to solidify their

skill sets.”

The new appointment

will take effect immediately

and will run for two years.

Browne is awaiting his final

results following his recent

completion of an MBA in

General Management/Business

Administration. He

also has an Executive Diploma

in Project Management.

The England-born Barbadian

played 20 Tests and

46 one-day internationals

for the West Indies over

ten years. He was the wicket-keeper.

The WICB, effective

October 1, 2016, will appoint

the former Chairman

of Selectors, Clive Lloyd,

as a special Ambassador.

While in this role, Lloyd

will be responsible for being

a spokesperson for the

Board at special events in

and out of the region.

Lloyd will end his stint

in the current role on September

30, 2016. “The time

as Chairman was quite rewarding

and I am hoping

my contribution would have

added value to the current

system.” For the period up

to the end of that contract

Lloyd and Browne will ensure

there is a smooth transition

and hand-over.

About the new role,

Lloyd said “I made every

only done well against West Indies [but]

he’s coming off a seven-wicket haul against

us in his last encounter,” Holder noted.

“I think we just have to be a little more

aware of what he brings. He’s one of those

bowlers who’s pretty accurate with his

trade … we just have to play him a lot better

than we did in the last game.”

Holder remains a doubt for the game

after suffering a left hamstring strain in the

last outing against Australia. His fitness

will be assessed prior to the start of the 1

pm encounter. (CMC)

SQUAD – Jason Holder (captain),

Johnson Charles, Andre Fletcher, Darren

Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin,

Kieron Pollard, Carlos Brathwaite, Shannon

Gabriel, Sulieman Benn, Sunil Narine,

Jonathan Carter, Ashley Nurse.

Former wicketkeeper, coach,

and talent manager, Courtney

Browne is the new Chairman of

Selectors for the WICB.

attempt to serve with distinction

and I was pleased

to contribute to the game

again. I look forward to the

new role. The details of that

arrangement will be discussed

and will be released


The former captain has

served the WICB in multiple

roles. Among his most

noted was captaining the

1975 and 1979 teams to

victories in the World Cup.

This significant appointment

coincides with Lloyd’s

50th anniversary of representing

West Indies Cricket.

He made his test debut

against India in December


The President, Dave

Cameron, thanked Lloyd

for his service and for the

selfless contribution made

to West Indies Cricket.

Cameron noted that “we

are satisfied that Clive’s upcoming

role will serve as

another great opportunity to

promote the best of West Indies


20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th June 2016


– West Indies captain

Jason Holder has urged his

side to produce an improved

all-round performance as

they prepare to face South

Africa in a do-or-die contest

here Friday which will

determine their fate in the

Tri-Nations Series.

West Indies’ form has

been patchy throughout the

series and it has left them

bottom of the standings on

eight points, four behind the

second placed Proteas, with

World champions Australia

having already qualified for

Sunday’s final.

Victory will assure West

Indies of a berth in the final

alongside the Aussies and

Holder said it was important

they addressed the areas

which led to their 139-run

defeat to South Africa, when

the two teams last met at

Windies seeking improvement

Warner Park last week.

“We have to go back to

the last game we played

them in St Kitts and we

have to be better in the first

ten overs. I thought they ran

away with the game in the

last ten overs so we spoke

about that,” the 24-year-old

all-rounder said here Thursday.

“One of the things we really

stressed on in the dressing

is the first ten overs and

then finishing off in the last

ten overs. Those are pretty

much the business areas

of the bowling department

where games are probably

won or lost.

“[You] set up in the first

ten and then close out in the

last ten so we just have to be

better there.”

South Africa piled up

343 for four in the last game,

with Hashim smashing 110

in a 182-run opening stand

with Quinton de Kock who

got 71.

The stand laid the foundation

for the subsequent assault

which was spearheaded

by Faf du Plessis and

Chris Morris.

Holder said his side

needed to counter this fast

start and try to hinder South

Africa’s early momentum.

“It’s a situation where we

need early wickets and the

middle overs pretty much

take care of themselves.

That’s where we generally

bring back the game and

peg back some economical

overs. My main focus is finishing

off the innings well in

terms of death bowling,” he


“And we need to field

well. We had a few close

chances in terms of run outs

[in the last game]. I think if

we could make one of those

half chances into a chance I

think we would be in with a

good shout.

“We always aim for two

run outs per game so I think

if we tick that box in terms

of having two run outs, I

think we’re in for a good


A heartening sign for

West Indies has been the

form of Marlon Samuels.

The experienced righthander

struck a superb 125

in a losing cause against the

Aussies in a losing cause

last Tuesday at Kensington

oval, to follow up his 92

against them in St Kitts.

But with the remainder

of the batting proving

inconsistent, Holder

cont’d on pg 19

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