Tips to Create a Killer Logo that Speaks Volumes about Your Brand


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Top Logo Design Factors to be c onsidered for Good Branding

Did you know?

The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the

world’s population.

A Logo is often a company’s first impression and makes a huge

impact on a customer's brand perception, purchase decisions

and overall attitude toward a product. Designing and crafting

a brand logo is much more than simply placing a name in a

square and calling it a day.

Make it Appropriate

Logo design is the integral part of your branding and should

be consistent with all of your other visual assets. So, choose a

symbol that avoids any disconnection between your audience

and their perception of your products or services.

Make it Simple

Don’t cram too much into a logo and avoid photographs or

images that include text or fine details. Rather, stick to one,

simple shape or symbol for the maximum clarity and


Keep it Clear

Don’t add subtle effects like drop shadows, beveling or

patterns to a clear graphic logo because this can quickly be

lost or distorted across devices and platforms and can reduce

the effectiveness of the logo.

Convey Meaning with Colors

Choose an appropriate color for your logo that well explains

your service and quality. Learn what different colors indicate

and pick one or two that deeply demonstrates your business.

Avoid subtle shading and grading effects.


Create your business logo in such a way to work in a variety of

different dimensions. Because, if the logos are not created

professionally they can become distorted when resized or

become illegible when shrunk to fit small dimensions.

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