Mangere's 275 Times July 2016

Mangere's Community News. Issue #21

Mangere's Community News. Issue #21


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Edition #21<br />

july <strong>2016</strong><br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

Māngere’s<br />

times<br />

Our stories, our people, our Māngere<br />

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou<br />

Free!<br />


On the eighth of <strong>July</strong>, Lois Kirkbride<br />

family’s long association with the area, stretching<br />

back into the 1880s. Her great-grandfather,<br />

will walk out the Favona Primary<br />

Matthew Middlewood Kirkbride was<br />

gates for the last time as the<br />

the local member of Parliament and<br />

school’s principal, ending<br />

Kirkbride Road was named after<br />

25 years in the role as well<br />

him. The family also had a farm<br />

as her 50 year teaching<br />

in the area and have held many<br />

prominent roles, including her<br />

career.<br />

great-uncle who was one of<br />

She says teaching has been her<br />

the early Anglican minister at St<br />

passion before she even started<br />

James Church in Mangere Bridge.<br />

school.<br />

Lois says her family’s 130-year<br />

“When I was about three I was<br />

plus heritage in Mangere has<br />

found halfway up the road<br />

given her a deep love for the area.<br />

wearing just a singlet and a<br />

“It’s been special for me working<br />

nappy, saying I was going to<br />

here given our family's history in<br />

school. I obviously knew that was<br />

the area.”<br />

where I wanted to go and I haven’t<br />

Lois says the biggest motivation in all<br />

really left.”<br />

her years of faithful service has been the<br />

Lois’ life of service to the youth in<br />

children.<br />

Mangere is hardly a surprise given her<br />


Departing Principal: Lois Kirkbride<br />

Changes are coming to <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

A new opportunity has arisen<br />

which will be bringing some<br />

big changes to <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong>.<br />

Thanks to your support - we will now<br />

be able to share positive stories to the<br />

wider South Auckland community.<br />

Justin has been offered the role of<br />

News Director – South Auckland for<br />

Fairfax Media which will also mean<br />

he’ll be the new editor of the Manukau<br />

Courier. The new job is an exciting<br />

challenge and hopefully mean he can<br />

bring some of the flavour of <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

and Mangere to the Manukau Courier.<br />

But what it also means is that we will<br />

be putting the monthly magazine<br />

on hold - however it’s not the end of<br />

<strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> all together. Jo (and other<br />

contributors) will continue running<br />

L-R: Jo, Isobel and Justin Latif<br />

the Facebook page as a place for<br />

Mangere people to get local news and<br />

stay connected.<br />

The last 21 months have been such a<br />

privilege and it has amazed us how<br />

things have evolved from a simple<br />

four-page newsletter to a eight<br />

page magazine with <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> on<br />

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as<br />

well. The popularity of this initiative<br />

has shown that positive Mangere<br />

stories do matter and that Mangere<br />

people do need a place to express<br />

their voice. And what has stood out<br />

for us most is that Mangere must truly<br />

be one of the most resilient, caring<br />

and empowered suburbs around.<br />

So thank you Mangere for your<br />

support, you are such a special<br />

place and while there are some big<br />

changes coming - it's not goodbye -<br />

so watch this space.<br />

Nga mihi nui, Justin, Jo and Isobel<br />

Latif<br />

WHAT'S INSIDE: P3: U9 Hawks P4: Law Talk P5: Learn to drive P7: #ParkUpMangere P8: Notices

2<br />


MĀNGERE RETIRES cont...<br />

“Let’s face it – the children are our treasure,” she says. “My<br />

philosophy has been to let them be people and let that<br />

creativity come through.<br />

“We try to give the children a belief in themselves that they<br />

can succeed.”<br />

She’s proud of all the developments the school has made<br />

over time but is particularly thankful for her staff.<br />

“The school has doubled in size, including a computer suite,<br />

"<br />

She says a key to much<br />

of the school’s success<br />

has been down to the<br />

determined parents.<br />

"<br />

a new library and we’ve got wifi all the way through the<br />

school, with computers in every classroom.<br />

“And we’ve got great staff and many have been here a very<br />

long time.”<br />

She says a key to much of the school’s success has been<br />

down to the determined parents.<br />

“The parents in this community really<br />

want the best for their children.<br />

“These families do struggle, but they<br />

have a real determination to succeed for<br />

their children and it’s something I see<br />

time and time again.”<br />

Thanks to all our supporters!<br />

Here we would just like to mention the people that have supported us over these last two years.<br />

∞ Peter Sykes and ME Family Services: For believing in us and helping us with the start up of <strong>275</strong><br />

<strong>Times</strong> and being our No. #1 cheerleader and supporter.<br />

∞ Grace Lifi Ikiua and Good Seed Trust: For sponsoring <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> from the beginning and being a<br />

consistent and supportive sponsor.<br />

∞ Future Print: Producing quality printing for <strong>275</strong> TImes, with great flexibiliy and at competitive prices.<br />

∞ Skills Update: Being one of our main and most consistent sponsors over the last 2 years.<br />

∞ Vicki Sykes: Mentoring support. ∞ Christine Woods: Being our cheerleader and mentor.<br />

∞ Qiane Matata-Sipu: Donating camera equipment, advice and support.<br />

∞ Mangere Baptist Church: Sponsoring <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong>. ∞ Justine Skilling: For your awesome monthly articles.<br />

∞ Colin: Hand delivering thousands of <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong>. ∞ Louise Darroch: Hand delivering thousands of <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong>.<br />

∞ Teau Aiturau: Thanks for the deliveries and the encouragement.<br />

∞ Our family, friends and donors: You know who you are! Thank you for supporting us, giving financially and<br />

your encouragement.<br />

∞ Our contributors: Thank you to everyone who's submitted an article, a column, placed an ad, let us put our<br />

stands in your shop or cafe.<br />

∞ Our readers: A big thanks to all our loyal readers. This is your magazine and your voice. #<strong>275</strong>forlife<br />

future<br />

print<br />

Contact: Tuhin Choudhury<br />

Unit 7/17 Airpark Drive

Kids get fit and fixing with Teau<br />

Something special is<br />

happening in a garage behind<br />

the Mangere Community<br />

House in Robertson Rd these<br />

days.<br />

Local biking legend Teau Aiturau (AKA<br />

Mr Tee or Triple Teez) has set up a<br />

base for his Mangere Bikefit operation<br />

here, providing a haven for children<br />

after school and on weekends as well<br />

as keeping hundreds of old bikes out<br />

of landfill. Teau’s main aim is “to keep<br />

local kids healthy” by getting them<br />

into biking as a way of keeping fit.<br />

He teaches them how to bike safely<br />

around the neighbourhood, taking<br />

a group out riding most days of the<br />

week.<br />

Many of the children who come to the<br />

club don’t have bikes, so Teau finds a<br />

way to give each child who registers<br />

with the club their own bike to take<br />

home. But first they need to learn<br />

how to fix and maintain it.<br />

“It’s safety first," says Teau, who taught<br />

himself the basics of bike mechanics.<br />

And he’s not the only one passing<br />

Under 9s<br />

show<br />

true team<br />

spirit<br />

By Leanne Rapana.<br />

Our team consists of 16 boys<br />

of Maori, Tongan and Samoan<br />

descent. This is our third year<br />

with Mangere East Flying Hawks<br />

under 9s team.<br />

Over the years the team has had new<br />

players and a new coach. Our team<br />

shows whanaungatanga, (attaining<br />

and maintaining relationships) and<br />

togetherness as a team. Managing<br />

a team is not just about teaching<br />

our boys how to play rugby league,<br />

it's also about working together as<br />

a team, valuing contribution and<br />

building relationships, acknowledging<br />

one's character and empowering our<br />

boys in every way we can. We are<br />

very proud to be part of the Mangere<br />

East Hawks Rugby League club and<br />

appreciate the support the club has<br />

given us. And we are very happy<br />

that Jay Toki accepted the coaching<br />

position. He has been coaching rugby<br />

Teau demonstrating how to fix a bike.<br />

on these skills- now the children are<br />

teaching each other and their parents<br />

as well. The other day he caught a<br />

group of youngsters trying to steal<br />

bikes from the garage and invited<br />

league for the past three years for the<br />

Hawks. A proud and educated Maori<br />

and also known as our local young<br />

kamatua in the area. He does well to<br />

work with children, he has a big family<br />

of his own<br />

and also<br />

teaches<br />

kapa haka<br />

at Kedgley Intermediate. What stands<br />

out the most about Jay’s mahi is his<br />

ability to make connections with the<br />

team. Our coach works with all players<br />

and treats everyone fairly, giving them<br />

equal opportunities, to develop the<br />

them in to learn how to fix them up.<br />

They did, and the next day brought<br />

their mates in as well!<br />

Teau has given out over 50 bikes<br />

to the community so far, and he’s<br />

managed this with very few resources.<br />

The bikes have been donated by<br />

members of the public or sourced<br />

from NGOs and Council.<br />

"Teau finds a way to give<br />

each child who registers<br />

with the club their own<br />

bike to take home."<br />

Teau now has a small group of locals<br />

working with him, fixing up what<br />

comes in and mixing and matching<br />

parts of different bikes to reuse as<br />

much as possible.<br />

But Teau would still like to see more<br />

Mangere children involved. And he’s<br />

always on the lookout for more adult<br />

supervisors as it’s important to have<br />

a good adult-child ratio on bike rides.<br />

If you can help out in any way,<br />

please get in touch with Teau on<br />

0223605748.<br />

FLYING HAWKS: The team with Leanne Rapana and Jay Toki in back row.<br />

necessary skills they need to succeed.<br />

The boys in the team commented<br />

that “our coach is cool, fast, funny<br />

and strong, and we like the chants we<br />

do.” The team has developed very<br />

well since he<br />

has coached<br />

our team.<br />

Mangere East<br />

Flying Hawks would like to give thanks<br />

to our coach for all he has done for<br />

us. Whakawhetai ki a koutou kia nui!<br />

Continue to empower us!<br />

Leanne Rapana has managed the<br />

team for 3 years.<br />

“our coach is cool, fast, funny and<br />

strong, and we like the chants we do.”<br />


4<br />

Big changes set for SH20A<br />

Changes ahead on SH20A<br />

at Kirkbride Road.<br />

The Mangere community has had<br />

a front row seat to the construction<br />

of one of Auckland’s largest roading<br />

projects for more than a year now.<br />

The NZ Transport Agency’s SH20A<br />

to Airport project will increase safety<br />

and improve reliability for motorists<br />

travelling to and from the airport,<br />

as well as for the local community<br />

by separating motorway and local<br />

traffic. State Highway traffic will travel<br />

through a 580m trench and local road<br />

traffic will run over the top of Kirkbride<br />

Road Bridge.<br />

The project also includes a number<br />

of local road improvements such as<br />

new footpaths, cycle lanes and newly<br />

signalised intersections along Kirkbride<br />

There’s a saying that goes<br />

something like this; “if a tree<br />

falls in a forest and no one is<br />

around to hear it, does it make<br />

a sound?"<br />

In some ways the law and<br />

injustice work in the same<br />

way. If you are ripped off<br />

by a shopping truck or<br />

cheated by your landlord<br />

but you don’t know your<br />

rights, what’s the point<br />

of the laws protecting you.<br />

If your boss mistreats you or<br />

you feel like that dispute with your<br />

neighbour isn’t going well but you<br />

don’t complain – the law has no use.<br />

If you are a victim of injustice but don’t<br />

get someone to help does your cry of<br />

James Mohetuki - Mangere resident and trafffic controller<br />

for MHX Kirkbride Alliance.<br />

Road. The project is now gearing<br />

up for another major milestone,<br />

the opening of the northbound on<br />

and off-ramps which will be used<br />

temporarily as the northbound<br />

lanes from <strong>July</strong> 18 to mid-2017.<br />

Southbound traffic will stay where<br />

it is.<br />

By splitting the north and<br />

southbound traffic, the<br />

construction team has enough<br />

space to continue excavating the<br />

trench through the middle.<br />

James Mohetuki (pictured), who<br />

has lived in Mangere for more<br />

than ten years understands the ins<br />

and outs of the project as well as<br />

the benefits more than most.<br />

He’s also a traffic controller with<br />

the MHX Kirkbride Alliance and is<br />

advising people to take care while<br />

“injustice” get heard? Of course the<br />

answer is no.<br />

But then how can you know your<br />

rights and understand the law when<br />

you haven’t done a law degree? And<br />

shouldn’t society be fair and<br />

just anyway? Unfortunately<br />

life isn’t unfair and we only<br />

get justice when we speak<br />

up for ourselves. That is<br />

why undertaking the Law<br />

In A Nutshell course at the<br />

Mangere Community Law<br />

Centre is such a good idea.<br />

This eight-week course covers 16<br />

different topics of law<br />

covering everything you<br />

need to know for your<br />

everyday life, including<br />

family law, making a<br />

driving through the area.<br />

“The changes will be pretty major for<br />

motorists but they’re necessary to<br />

keep this project moving forward, and<br />

I hope when it’s all finished people will<br />

understand how we balanced getting<br />

the project built as well keeping traffic<br />

moving.”<br />

The local community should also take<br />

note that there will be no right turn<br />

into Kirkbride Road towards Massey<br />

Road if you’re heading north from the<br />

Airport and they should follow the<br />

sign-posted detours.<br />

For more information on the project<br />

or upcoming traffic changes you can<br />

visit www.nzta.govt.nz/sh20a-toairport<br />

Law Talk: Know your rights<br />

will, consumer law, employment law<br />

and much, much more.<br />

The course is taught by lawyers and<br />

community workers who are experts<br />

in their fields, plus you’ll be learning<br />

with a group of other keen locals who<br />

are trying to upskill themselves.<br />

The law centre runs the course every<br />

Wednesday morning from 930am to<br />

1230pm, and then next course starts<br />

on August 3.<br />

If you’d like to enrol contact<br />

reception@mangerelaw.org.nz to<br />

register your interest and someone<br />

will get back to ASAP.

Putting people first leads to better careers<br />

Siosaia Mataele needed a job and<br />

fast, so when he applied for a role<br />

through Agoge Recruitment he<br />

was just hoping to get hired. Little<br />

did he know, Agoge would set<br />

him up on a new career path with<br />

better money, positive working<br />

conditions and more opportunity.<br />

Siosaia had some reservations about<br />

using a recruitment agency but was<br />

pleasantly surprised to find Agoge and<br />

looking back he says having a good<br />

job has been awesome for him and his<br />

family. “I was made redundant from<br />

the job I was at and in the past I used<br />

online job sites to find work so this<br />

was the first time I’d been through a<br />

recruitment agency.”<br />

Agoge truly lives by their vision of<br />

People Matter therefore Do Good.<br />

Staff, like Siosaia, are not treated as<br />

an extra number, rather their people<br />

matter philosophy builds on going<br />

relationships with their onsite staff with<br />

the goal to place them in the best role<br />

for them.<br />

Siosaia says the whole process was<br />

simple and focused on getting the best<br />

outcome for all involved.<br />

“To anyone else looking for work - give<br />

Agoge a go, because they will look<br />

Practice<br />

gets you<br />

Behind the<br />

Wheel<br />

after you.”<br />

Sosaia Tolutau, Agoge Recruitment’s<br />

Solutions Manager, says Agoge is all<br />

about living their vision 'people matter',<br />

where it is an active focus for all that he<br />

does.<br />

“We focus the way we approach our<br />

clients, candidates, trainees and the<br />

general public by living 'people matter'.<br />

We do specific assessments to find out<br />

what the candidate is good at and if<br />

there is extra upskilling needed we can<br />

help provide the training to get them<br />

where they want to be.” Agoge also<br />

have a training division offering a<br />

range of industry courses, such as<br />

forklift training and manual handling.<br />

One person who knows the importance of practice, is Koia<br />

Teinakore (pictured), who has been a mentor for the last 13<br />

years, helping people in South Auckland get their driver’s<br />

licences.<br />

He has seen that practice, “gets rid of fears and nerves and prepares<br />

people for their test.”<br />

“Recently, I worked with a young woman, Laura. We had 12 weeks<br />

where we would meet each week. Sometimes twice a week to help<br />

her get up to par with her driving. It was important for her to get her<br />

Advertorial 5<br />

L-R Sosaia Tolutau, Lasa Savini, Angee Vave, Siosaia Mataele<br />

Agoge’s Key Account Manager, Angee<br />

Vave, says Agoge also ensures people<br />

stay in work.<br />

“We are here to help after our<br />

candidates get placed and we<br />

understand the day-to-day challenges<br />

of our people. We don’t just put people<br />

into jobs but also follow up with them to<br />

make sure they are staying committed<br />

and things are working out for the<br />

individual.”<br />

You can talk to the team at Agoge<br />

on 0508 926 825 or visit them at Unit<br />

D, 80 Richard Pearse Drive, Airport<br />

Oaks, Auckland. Agoge’s current job<br />

listings are also available online at:<br />

www.agoge.nz/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

Advertorial<br />

licence as they had a young child. They had to<br />

move forward, getting her restricted was her<br />

next stage. At the beginning, there were a lot of<br />

nerves. The more she practiced, the more she<br />

grew out of it and relaxed.”<br />

After hours of practice for her Restricted, Laura<br />

took the test and passed first time.<br />

“She has self-belief now, getting her licence was<br />

the best thing that she ever did. Her husband<br />

was in hospital for a couple of months so she<br />

needed to visit and needed her licence for that.”<br />

If you’re supervising or learning to drive, Behind<br />

the Wheel has workshops and resources to help<br />

you practice exactly what is needed for the<br />

licensing test. Registered Pledge teams receive<br />

a free workbook with a checklist to take out<br />

practicing.<br />

Remember, supervisors must carry a valid<br />

and current New Zealand driver’s licence<br />

that they have had for at least two years and<br />

must be sitting in the passenger seat. It’s<br />

recommended that learners complete at least<br />

120 hours of practice before taking their test.<br />

Visit www.behindthewheel.nz

6<br />

Janine Nillesen<br />

Ambury Regional Park Ranger<br />

Teau Aiturau a.k.a. Mr. T<br />

Time to Thrive Mangere Bike Champion<br />

Speed is the single biggest road safety issue in New Zealand today.<br />

Mangere community members, Auckland Transport and the NZ Police<br />

are working together to raise awareness of the dangers to our community<br />

created by speeding on local roads.<br />

The faster you drive the worse any injuries are likely<br />

to be. A pedestrian hit at 70 km/h has a 96% chance<br />

of dying, compared with a 40% chance at 50 km/h<br />

and only 5% at 30 km/h*.<br />

The faster we drive the more likely we are to crash.<br />

Faster speed means:<br />

• There is a bigger chance we will be going too<br />

fast when the road conditions change.<br />

• It is harder for other people to judge how fast<br />

we are going.<br />

• We need further to stop.<br />

Driving at a safe speed for the conditions means you<br />

are less likely to cause injury to yourself or someone<br />

else. Let’s tackle speeding together by driving at a<br />

safe speed for every person around us.<br />

Being part of a community is looking after each other.<br />

Love being a local. Slow Down!<br />

Janine is a Park Ranger at Ambury Regional Park. Raising<br />

awareness around speeding is close to the bone for Janine<br />

and her family; her husband suffered a severe life changing<br />

injury as a result of a possible speed related crash. We all<br />

need to assess the situation and be ready for surprises<br />

when driving.<br />

Mr T from Time To Thrive takes children out cycling on<br />

Mangere roads. It is a great experience for them to get to<br />

know their town, gain confidence, make friends and keep fit.<br />

Mr T agreed to be a face of the campaign because he wants<br />

everyone to be responsible for keeping everyone safe,<br />

especially when they’re on bikes.<br />

* New Zealand Transport Agency

#Park Up For Homes: mangere<br />

When I saw the “Park Up<br />

For Homes” event being<br />

advertised on Facebook,<br />

I thought, “I can do that.<br />

What’s one night? Easy.”<br />

Wrong.<br />

I was so wrong.<br />

I barely slept and even though I had<br />

three blankets to keep me warm,<br />

the cold was unbearable. I was also<br />

uncomfortable with the lack of privacy.<br />

When you’re living in your car, your<br />

Nga Iwi catch garden bug<br />

By Justine Skilling, ME Family Services<br />

waste minimisation facilitator.<br />

“Through our collective<br />

mahi, things will grow”.<br />

Nga Iwi School is following in the<br />

footsteps of generations of Mangere<br />

people and learning how to care for<br />

and grow its own food. The school<br />

which has the values of I-Car-E<br />

(Integrity-Curiosity-Excellence:<br />

Manaakitanga), has recently opened a<br />

large new garden area, which includes<br />

ten raised beds and two orchard<br />

areas. Teacher and curriculum leader,<br />

Kathrina McGuire, has been the driving<br />

force behind the gardens, with lots<br />

of support from Principal Deanna<br />

Johnston, the school staff and most<br />

importantly, the children.<br />

“Gardening gives children the<br />

opportunity to learn how to grow<br />

healthy food, to learn where it comes<br />

from, to get some physical exercise,<br />

and to connect with their local<br />

community traditions,” says Kathrina.<br />

The garden area is the footprint of a<br />

classroom and provides lots of outdoor<br />

educational opportunities, as children<br />

are observing animal and plant life as<br />

well as how the weather impacts on<br />

gardens.<br />

The whole school has contributed to<br />

the establishment of the gardens, with<br />

children involved in choosing the site,<br />

constructing the raised beds, shifting<br />

private space is so accessible.<br />

Strangers can knock on your window<br />

at any time. And I’m not really sure if I<br />

feel ok with that, especially if you have<br />

children living in the car too.<br />

Throughout the night, I spoke to<br />

several people about why they were<br />

volunteering or supporting the cause.<br />

Many of them were supporting<br />

because they had been in similar<br />

situations in the past. I met a working<br />

mother, she explained that she was<br />

previously renting in a private property<br />

but her landlord continued to raise the<br />

rent.<br />

The landlord eventually raised it to a<br />

point where she could not afford it<br />

and was forced to move out. She was<br />

subsequently rejected from several<br />

properties and became homeless until<br />

she was accepted into emergency<br />

housing. Since then, she has rebuilt<br />

her life with her family and was able to<br />

attend “Park Up For Homes” because,<br />

Reina<br />

Vaai.<br />

mulch, turning compost and now planting. Each<br />

class has one orchard tree to look after and the<br />

opportunity to share a raised bed with another<br />

class, with children and teachers deciding<br />

together what they’d like to plant. The produce<br />

harvested will be cooked or used at school by<br />

the growers, or taken home to families. In the<br />

future, the school plans to develop a children’s<br />

kitchen to foster a complete garden-to-table and<br />

education for sustainability curriculum approach.<br />

Congratulations to the Nga Iwi school<br />

community for your I-Car-E mahi and we look<br />

forward to seeing it all come to fruition with<br />

your first harvest!<br />

Find out about our<br />

childcare options now.<br />

WINZ subsidies & 20 hours<br />

free care available<br />

“I know what it’s like and this is no way<br />

to live”.<br />

Thank you to the Park Up For Homes<br />

Organisers and all the awesome<br />

volunteers for making a stand and<br />

encouraging our leaders to take<br />

action. It was insightful, moving and<br />

courageous. Regardless of where you<br />

stand with your political views, a car is<br />

not a home. And nobody should ever<br />

have to go through this because like<br />

my friend said, this is no way to live.<br />

Submitted by Reina Vaai.<br />

Work from home.<br />

Become an educator today.<br />


Community Notices<br />


Sunday, <strong>July</strong> 10 at 2pm will be a kite day. There will be traditional<br />

Maori kites flown as well as modern day ones. So bring your kite<br />

or attend the workshops. It'll be on rain or shine and meeting will<br />

be at the main OSHR entrance on Old Ihumatao Quarry Road.<br />


Fafangu Koula O Pakilau Band Reunion and Tribute Show at<br />

Mangere Bridge Tavern, Mangere Bridge. Thurs, <strong>July</strong> 14, 7:00pm.<br />

"Fafangu Koula o Pakilau" or known as the "Golden Bells of<br />

Pakilau" was the first reggae band in Tonga.<br />


Maori ChoreLab Te Kanikani Whakamatau<br />

Mangere Arts Centre. Wed, <strong>July</strong> 13, 6pm. The aim of the<br />

Māori Choreolab/Te Kanikani Whakamatau is to expand the<br />

choreographic expression of Māori in Tamaki Maukarau.<br />

Pick & Mix: Momentum Productions - Out of the Box<br />

Mangere Arts Centre, Saturday <strong>July</strong> 30, 3pm – 4:45pm. Auckland<br />

Live returns with the winter season of Pick & Mix - a series of<br />

weekend performances and workshops showcasing the funniest,<br />

bendy-est and most artistically excellent performers this side of<br />

the Tasman Sea.<br />


Do you enjoy using your skills to help others? We are looking<br />

for volunteer electrical workers to offer repair work of small<br />

household electrical appliances at a free community repair café!<br />

The Repair Café is a collaboration between Auckland Regional<br />

Migrant Services and MakerHood: we aim to foster creativity and a<br />

“fix-it” attitude within South Auckland's diverse communities. The<br />

event will be held on <strong>July</strong> 23. Email bexr@arms-mrc.org.nz<br />


A community network meeting for anyone working or living in<br />

Māngere, 10am, <strong>July</strong> 28 at Māngere Community Law Centre.<br />


Communicare Māngere run a Friendship Centre in Māngere.<br />

Weekly group meeting in the Netball Centre in Court Town<br />

Close opposite the Town Centre. Guests enjoy morning tea, light<br />

exercise, craft activities then some bingo and a cooked lunch from<br />

9.30-12.30 for $6. Call 631-5968 for further information.<br />

Welding +<br />

Panel beating<br />


AND<br />


Recreation<br />

& Sport<br />

Automotive<br />

Joinery<br />

& Cabinet<br />

making<br />

Forces<br />

Pre-Entry<br />

Employment<br />

Skills<br />

Don’t<br />

just dream it.<br />

NCEA Level 2<br />

Warehousing<br />

& Forklift<br />

Operations<br />

BECOME IT!<br />

8<br />

Leaving a lasting impression in this world?<br />

Open from 7.30am-6.00pm / Meals all provided by our onsite chef<br />

Enrolling children 6 months - 6 years / 20 hours free for 3-6 year olds<br />

09 257 4788 info@lifechildcare.co.nz www.lifechildcare.co.nz<br />

facebook.com/LifeChildcareCentreMangere<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

Māngere’s<br />

times<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

Design: Jo Latif Words: Justin Latif<br />

Publisher: ME Family Services<br />

<strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

www www.<strong>275</strong>times.com<br />

TWR000695 HP<br />

ZERO FEES &<br />


FOR 16-19YRS<br />



20+ YEAR OLDS<br />

FREE<br />

Learners or<br />

Restricted Licence<br />

(conditions apply)<br />

Conditions apply.<br />

HANDS ON<br />



(09) 257-5732 | 59 TIDAL RD

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