2016 July August Marina World

July August 2016 Marina World

July August 2016 Marina World


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July/August 2016

Issue 96

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators

SF Marina has been building and

installing floating breakwaters and pontoons for

marinas worldwide since 1918. We are committed

to finding the best solution for every site.

The sturdy tugboat pontoons for the operation of

large vessels in a port on the Swedish West Coast are

examples of the capacity of our factory in

Wallhamn. The pontoons are 10 meters wide and

23 m long. They are also designed to accommodate

heavy construction vehicles.

Photo: Stig Jansson, SF Pontona

Postal address: SF Marina System AB, Propellergangen 4, 417 64 Goteborg, Sweden

Telephone: + 46 31 779 07 65 e-mail: info@sfmarina.com web: www.sfmarina.com



July/August 2016 Vol.16, No.6



World News 7

Cover Story: Suntex Marinas 21

US marina group Suntex Marinas develops

properties in top locations with an emphasis on

offering the best boating experience



Waterfront Developments 25

Wyndham Harbour and Trinity Point, Australia;

Mina Rashid Marina, Dubai; Hidd Al Saadiyat, Abu

Dhabi; Ocean Village, UK; and Porto Montenegro,


Environmental Management 44

Oscar Siches urges marina operators to take

a more personal approach to environmental

awareness and Donatella Zucca gives an update

on Villasimius Marina and its latest COBAT award

Products & Services 50

Front cover: Liberty Landing

Marina, a Suntex facility on the

River Hudson, New York, is very

popular with local boat owners

and transients seeking the iconic

sites of the city.


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Harborage Marina, St. Petersburg, Fl






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A prize for


Carol Fulford



On page 7 of this issue you will find a Call for Applications for the 2017

Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award – the MEDA. Take note of the

application deadline of 30th September and work on submitting details of

your marine to the award organisers – the PIANC RecCom – for consideration.

Winning the MEDA is a true accolade; it remains the ONLY design award of its

kind in the world.

Jack Nichol was a well known marina designer and long time active member of

RecCom – the Recreational Commission established to help educate designers

and planners of leisure-based waterfront developments within the broader reaches

of PIANC – the World Association of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. When he

died unexpectedly in 2001, the US section of PIANC, in conjunction with Moffatt &

Nichol Engineers, proposed an award in his memory.

In February 2003, Cabrillo Marina in Los Angeles, USA, received the very first

Jack Nichol Award. The winners since then make for an illustrious portfolio: Marina

Punta Gabbiani, Italy (2004); Hammond Marina, USA (2005); Marina de Portimao,

Portugal (2006); Charleston City Marina, USA (2009); Bahia Mar Yachting Center,

USA (2010); Mandurah Ocean Marina, Australia (2011); Combarro Marina, Spain

(2012); Cesme Marina, Turkey (2014); and Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore (2016).

No awards were given in 2007, 2008 and 2015, and in 2012 the rules and the

concept of the prize were redrafted so as to open it up to a wider audience.

But no organisation spends a year working on a prize giving, no matter how

prestigious. PIANC RecCom’s overall aim is to share knowledge for professional

marina designers and thus ensure success for waterfront development projects and

avoid substandard and unexpected results. Its members have a wealth of experience

and use this and their research skills to produce regular technical reports and

studies to assist in training new designers.

As part of its Marina Designer Training Programme, the RecCom holds short

courses around the world – Rome in 2013, San Francisco in 2014 and Buenos Aires

in 2015, for example. Attendees are tasked and challenged, learn much, and make

valuable contacts and often lifelong friends.

And don’t forget the 30th September deadline.

Your marina could become the twelfth Jack Nichol Award winner.

Further information on how you can become involved with RecCom can be found at


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 5

No Substitute

For Excellence



C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 70

Pantone 295 CVC

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100

Pantone DS 214-2 C



Liodi invests in

Dangjin marina

KOREA: A marina project in Dangjin, South Chungcheong, on hold due to

a lack of investment, is being financed by a Chinese investor according to

reports in Korea JoongAng Daily. The newspaper claims this is the first time

that a foreign investor has taken part in a development project related to

Korea’s yacht tourism industry.

China’s state-run Liodi Group has

submitted a plan to invest 114.8 billion

won (US$96 million) in developing the

port in Waemok, Dangjin, with a view

to building a 300-berth marina and

associated facilities, yacht club, leisure

Marina 1 to

open this year

and commercial buildings.

The investors seem to be planning

to turn the region into a new centre

for tourism connecting Dangjin with

Qingdao, China, the newspaper







UAE: The governing board of Al Zorah Development Company, a joint

partnership between the Ajman Government and Solidere International,

reports good progress with its flagship Al Zorah project.

Roads, infrastructure and landscape

work is already complete, along with

pedestrian trails, a 1.6km (1 mile)

beachfront and 12km (7.4 miles)

of waterfront. The development will

feature a unique gate at the entrance,

scheduled for completion in December,

that will mark it out as an iconic project

in the northern Emirates.

Marina 1, home to the first of four

marinas, which were completed two

years ago with a total fit out value of

AED 110 million, will open 47 berths

for yachts up to 24m (80ft) by the fourth

quarter of this year. Marina 1 will also

include a retail, food and beverage

park, a watersports centre, lawn and

play areas.

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin

Humaid Al Nuaimi, chairman of

Al Zorah Development Company,

commented: “Al Zorah is one of the

most ambitious projects in the UAE

and it is a matter of great pride to

see it finally coming to life. We are

confident that our project will have

a strong impact on Ajman and its

economy and we are keen to fulfil our

long term goal of providing a highquality

destination to both residents

and visitors looking for something


Jack Nichol Award

Call for



Recreational Navigation

Commission (RecCom) invites

entries for the 2017 Marina

Excellence Design Jack Nichol


To be eligible, a facility must:

provide berthing for recreational

boaters; have been constructed

within the last 15 years; have

operated successfully for the last

two years; and be accessible to the

boating public.

The marinas will be judged

on functionality, aesthetics and

environmental sustainability.

Applications are due 30th

September 2016.

For further information, contact

Simone Lanzalone at:


C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 70

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100

Pantone 295 CVC

Pantone DS 214-2 C

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016


The most important marina

construction decision lays

beneath the surface


Make a mooring decision worthy of

your entire marina investment

You spend a lot of time researching options for your marina build or upgrade. Since the

anchoring is what is going to hold your marina investment in place it is arguably the

most crucial components you will decide on. Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution that

expands and retracts with each tide and wave, taking on and dampening the forces

year after year. It does this while being invisible from the surface, creating some

of the most modern, sleek, state of the art marinas of the world.

With 45 years of research and development Seaflex is the

most technologically advanced mooring option in the

world, anchoring thousands of marinas, wave

attenuators and buoys worldwide.

Research your options, give

your marina the mooring

solution it deserves!


SINCE 1970 | INTERNATIONAL +46 90 160650 | US & CANADA +1 (310) 548 9100 | MW@SEAFLEX.NET

Green light

for Poseidon

CYPRUS: Poseidon Grand Marina of

Paphos, a joint venture that includes

major stakeholder Aristo Developers,

has been selected by the Ministry

of Energy, Commerce, Industry and

Tourism to build a marina in Paphos.

The project, which was mooted

over ten years ago, includes over

42,000m² (452,084ft²) of residential and

commercial development. The marina

will have 1,000 berths.



at Morgan’s


BERMUDA: Remediation work

at the former US Naval Base

at Morgan’s Point has been

completed in readiness for the

development of a luxury resort

with a 77-berth marina. Work on

the clean-up, which began in April

2013, was funded by the Bermuda

Government as part of a property

exchange deal made with the

developers Morgan’s Point Ltd.

The project, which will be a

phased development, will start

with the building of 157 waterfront

homes, a 79-room luxury branded

hotel with world-class restaurants

and spa, and the marina - which will

be able to host 21 megayachts in its

berth mix.

Craig Christensen, president

and CEO of Morgan’s Point Ltd,

said a huge milestone had been

achieved. “We are very grateful to

the Ministry of Public Works for their

tireless efforts in completing this job

so that we can begin to construct

a world-class resort that is sure to

enhance our tourism offerings and

put Bermuda back on the map as a

luxury destination,” he said.

Partners to boost marina

build programme

TAIWAN: YuYue Yacht Company and Bellingham Marine have signed a

Memorandum of Understanding outlining ways in which the two companies

will work together to create new marinas in Taiwan.

According to the new

partners, the growing

popularity of recreational

boating in Taiwan is straining

available resources. Three

marinas were completed

in 2013 adding 200 slips

to the region. However, all

have been filled. “There is a

shortage of boat slips in the

country, which is having a

dramatic impact on the cost of

moorage – it’s pricing many out of the

market,” said Vincent Kuan, director of

YuYue Yacht Company.

“A key element of building Taiwan’s

recreational boating industry is the

creation of quality-built new marinas,”

he added.

John Spragg, general manager for

Bellingham Marine, added: “As an island

nation with beautiful coastlines and

nearby cruising grounds, Taiwan has

the potential to create a thriving boating


John Spragg, general manager Bellingham

Marine, signs the MoU with the YuYue

Yacht Company team.

community.” He recognised, however,

the need for a professional approach.

“Growing a new industry takes time and

the support of developers like YuYue

who are committed to doing it right from

the start.”

YuYue Yacht Company is a dealership

in Taiwan for a number of high end boat

brands including Sunseeker, Galeon

and Quick Silver.

SPAIN: Vilanova Grand Marina in Barcelona has launched a 2016/17 winter season

benefits package called ‘morethanaberth’. Aimed at attracting superyachts, it includes

special rates and discounts for long term booking, free rental cars and storage rooms.

Customers also enjoy various technical services and frequent social events. The marina

believes it now offers one of the most competitive off season proposals in the western


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 9



- Zero impact on underwater world

- No lines, all forces absorbed by DualDocker arms

- Perfect for heavy & light-weight pontoons

- Jerk-free

- One step on board

- Worry-free during storms





- Marina & bay mooring solutions

- Berthing stabilisers

- Secure & space saving

Germany, 150 ton house, 5 km fetch

Best mooring solution

for challenging


• Heavy structures

• Unprotected locations

• Long fetch

• Choppy waters

Utmost customer

comfort guaranteed

Contact: Thomas Slatner

Mobile: +43 676 94 277 60

Email: thomas.slatner@dualdocker.com

Skype: thomas.slatner1






Pier ID Pedestals

SOS Pedestals

Multiple sizes available

Pump-out Pedestals

Superyacht Service Pedestals

The Quantum’s design embodies the qualities

of our world leading Classic pedestal,

complemented by the strength and aesthetics

of modern, marine grade anodised

extruded aluminium

Multiple colour/style options

t: ++44 (0)1205 724754 | rolec@rolecserv.co.uk

Visit our website : www.rolecserv.com

The world’s leading marina services specialist

t: ++44 (0) 1205 724754 | rolec@rolecserv.co.uk | www.rolecserv.com





VIETNAM: The first international

standard superyacht facility in

Vietnam opened in Danang City in

June. Several yachts, the largest of

which is in excess of 120m (394ft),

are already booked in for the

summer months.

Danang International Marina is at

first-phase development and will be

completed over the next three years

to accommodate yachts of unlimited

size stern-to and alongside at floating

pontoons. It is planned as a major

superyacht base for Southeast Asia

due to its central location, halfway

between Hong Kong and Singapore,

Boosting slips at

The Harborage

across from the Philippines and

Indonesia, and close to Micronesia.

Facilities include full yacht agency

services (including visa-on-arrival), full

provisioning (western and eastern),

full security, guest and crew services

and bunkering. Yacht repair and

maintenance services are offered in

cooperation with a local shipyard that,

according to marina director Allan

Goodman, offers the first ‘superyacht

standard’ service in the region.

USA: Safe Harbor Marinas, the largest owner/operator of marinas in the USA,

contracted Marinetek North America to design and build a section of bigger

docks at The Harborage Marina, St Petersburg, Florida.

The impressive extension, which

includes four side-tie moorings (seven

slips) for yachts up to 200ft (61m) and

ten slips for vessels up to 60ft (18m),

opens up great possibilities for the


“The beautiful deep waters of

Tampa Bay have attracted boaters

for years, but the lack of facilities able

to handle megayachts has made it

a non-destination for these vessels,”

explains Harborage Marina general

manager Brian Sweeney. “We get

requests almost daily for large slips

with adequate power and facilities and

now we are able to accommodate these


Marinetek’s floating concrete dock

system was selected for its good

design and low lifecycle costs. The

outer floating dock is a 13ft (4m) wide

Marinetek BRS series wave attenuating

dock and serves to protect the leeward

pontoons from incoming wave energy

The marina will be complemented

by a yacht club, scheduled to host

Vietnam’s first international sailing

regatta in June 2017.

Danang City, in central Vietnam, is

close to various historic attractions,

two championship golf courses,

theme parks and numerous other

entertainment options. Danang

International Airport connects directly

to the USA, Asia and Europe and can

accommodate private aircraft.

from Tampa Bay. Marinetek Superyacht

pontoons, measuring 10ft (3m) wide

and with a 24-inch (61cm) freeboard,

are used for the remaining docks and

are anchored using 18-inch (46cm)

square concrete piles. The wave

attenuator is secured using 24-inch

(61cm) square piles.

Connecting two types of dock

required extra thought. Aluminium

transition plates were used to connect

old and new docks as they differ in

design and freeboard and are not

physically joined together. “This

allows the two dock systems to react

independently to storm conditions

without affecting each other,” explains

Marinetek project development

manager, Bob Berry.

Safe Harbor Marinas is delighted with

the expansion. It brings the slip count at

The Harborage Marina to 355, making

it one of the largest marinas on the

west coast of Florida. With good upland

amenities including a captains’ lounge

and swimming pool, and easy walking

access to central St Petersburg and its

recently revitalised waterfront, Brian

Sweeney is correct in his assertion that

the megayacht expansion comes at the

perfect time.

“The demand for larger slips with

adequate utilities has never been

higher,” he says. “Half of the new

slips were leased before construction

began and now we are almost sold out.

Everyone loves the new docks.”

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 13

Creating the world’s finest

yachting destinations

with help from the world’s most respected yachting brand

Intelligent marina design

– Feasibility and design

– Capital costing

– Business planning

– Project management

– Operational handover

– Sales and marketing strategy

Operational excellence

– Commissioning

– Recruitment and training

– Turnkey management

– 1782 Club membership

– Financial management

– Performance monitoring

Sales and marketing effectiveness

– Brand affiliation

– Tariff structuring

– Global marketing reach

World-class marketing platform

– Yachting industry partnerships

– Networking and events

For support with boutique marinas to large scale resort developments, please contact:

Dan Hughes | +44 (0) 203 405 3223 | dan.hughes@cnmarinas.com | www.cnmarinas.com


The perfect

dovetail: the

MYP and

WMC 2016

NETHERLANDS: Strong interest is

building for the Marina & Yard Pavilion

(MYP) at METSTRADE 2016 and the

ICOMIA World Marina Conference (WMC).

The events dovetail on Thursday 17th

November – the final day of METSTRADE

– when WMC delegates have access to the

MYP for networking and refreshments.

The MYP will move to a new home in

the RAI halls in order to be adjacent to

the impressive Atrium complex where the

conference takes place. Exhibitor bookings to

date already match the record-breaking total

for 2015, which augurs well for the best ever

pavilion experience.

WMC kicks off with keynote speaker Adjiedi

Bakas, an acclaimed trend watcher, author

and speaker. He researches financial, social,

cultural, economic, technological and spiritual

trends and interprets these for an array of

clients. During his keynote, he will focus on the

marina industry and share his vision on future


The two-day conference programme will

then continue to explore current issues

relating to marina developments, regulations,

management and operations, and public/

private sector unification under the umbrella

theme of ‘the future of marinas in a changing


Networking and social events include

a welcome dinner at the Harbour Club,

Amsterdam and canal boat tour, and a site

visit to three leading marinas in northern


WMC 2016 is organised by RAI

Amsterdam in partnership with the ICOMIA

Marinas Group and the HISWA Holland

Marine Industry Association. Marinetek

(Finland) is the platinum sponsor; Seaflex

(Sweden), Poralu (France) and D-Marin

(Turkey) are gold sponsors; and Roodberg

(Netherlands) and Marina Planet (Italy) are

silver sponsors.

Marina World is the media partner for both

WMC 2016 and the MYP at METSTRADE.

Delegate registration for WMC is open and

early bird discounts are available until 1st


Further information:


Putiki Bay marina proposed

NEW ZEALAND: Kennedy Point Boatharbour Ltd has released preliminary

conceptual design plans for a marina of around 200 berths proposed for

Kennedy Point in Putiki Bay on the southwest side of Waiheke Island.

Leading New Zealand marina

developer Tony Mair and an expert

team of specialist consultants are

conferring with interested parties on

the concept designs and preparing

an application for resource consent.

Mair and his team have successfully

completed numerous marina projects

over the last 37 years. “The plans

have been developed to minimise the

impact to the proposed site and to

offer benefits to the Waiheke boating

community,” he says. Waiheke Island

is approximately 17.7km (11 miles)

from Auckland.

Designed around a natural deep

water harbour, the Kennedy Point

marina basin will require no initial

dredging and no maintenance

dredging due to the natural water

depth and the flushing benefits of

the proposed breakwater design.

In a first for New Zealand, a car

park structure for 80 cars will be

built on large floating concrete

pontoons, and stormwater run-off

will be managed through a treatment

and filtration system. The car park

structure is to be manufactured offsite

and then towed into position to

minimise effects of construction and

avoid the need for any reclamation.

The car park will sit lower in

the water than the existing and

proposed breakwaters and the boats

moored in the marina. The design

will not affect the intertidal zone

as the floating structures will be at

least 100m (328ft) away from the

foreshore, allowing existing waterbased

activities to continue without


The marina will be located

adjacent to the existing rock

breakwater, which currently protects

commercial vehicle ferries. The site

has already been modified with

marine structures and commercial


All materials for the project –

including the rock for the breakwaters,

the floating marina piers and piles,

and concrete car park pontoons – will

be brought in by barge to minimise

noise and local disruption. The

marina office, storage, visitor facilities

and proposed clubrooms will also be

floating; an approach that has proven

successful at sites such as Orakei

Marina in Okahu Bay.

The completion of the new

marina would open up a new

market of visitors to the island by

offering short-term moorings and

overnight trailer boat parking. It

would relieve some of the pressure

of overcrowding in the island bays

during the summer, enhance the

destination appeal of Waiheke and

have a positive economic impact on

the area.

Kennedy Point Boatharbour Ltd

has signed a consultation agreement

with Ngati Paoa Group Holdings Ltd

acknowledging the iwi’s cultural and

historical association with the island.

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 15









With over 40 years of planning and running marinas

across the globe, MDL Marina Consultancy is the team

to turn to for full service marina business advice.

Our marina professionals have experience across the marina

business, so we have the specialist know-how to support you

at every stage of the journey. We’ll work with you to extract

the very best results and make your plans succeed.

The close teamwork and tailored consultancy we offer is

the advantage that will deliver vibrant, profitable leisure

destinations with the foundations to deliver long term results.











our Statement

of Capability

to your mobile

device by scanning

this QR code.

+44 (0)23 8045 7155




marina opens

GIBRALTAR: The Gibraltar Government’s Mid-Harbour Small Boats Marina,

built by Marinetek, was officially opened on 26th April by Chief Minister Fabian

Picardo and Gilbert Licudi, Minister for Education and Justice.

The 700-berth facility for local

boats up to 10m (33ft) in length is

complemented by a fixed breakwater,

Minister opens

nautical base

SPAIN: Mataró Marina Barcelona, a nautical base to the north of Barcelona,

has been officially opened by Neus Munté, Minister of the Presidency of the

Government of Catalonia.

Offering berths for around 30 large

yachts of 20 to 50m (65.6 to 164ft), the

marina is equipped with all modern

services and has an amenities area with a

sports zone, a leisure space for crews and

an extensive service area.

The marina also comprises a training

area where students from the local

secondary school can undertake

practical studies for a diploma in vessel

maintenance. A sailing course for children

will also be established soon, along with

other initiatives related to sailing and


Managed by Varador 2000 under

concession from the Ports of Catalan

Government, the marina has been

designed, according to Minister Munté,

to make Mataró “a reference point for the

nautical sector in Catalonia.”

which acts as both a public promenade

and mooring pier for superyachts and

passenger vessels. The complete

Varador 2000 president, Xiqui Mas,

explained: “Our aim is to bring added

value to the Catalan nautical sector,

develop tourism and build wealth in the


L to r: Xiqui Mas, president of

Varador 2000; Catalan Minister

Neus Munté; and Mayor of Mataró, David Bote.


facility – Mid-Harbour Small Boats

Marina, Public Promenade and Super

Yacht Wharf - was described by Mr

Picardo as “the largest, one-off marina

engineering project in the EU in many


Marinetek worked to an exceptionally

tight schedule to supply the marina

components in a single phase. Five

different production lines were put to

work in Finland, Latvia and Sweden

to build 140 large All-Concrete type

pontoons and around 350 concrete

fingers, selected for their 50-year

design life and low lifecycle costs. Great

attention was paid to giving disabled

boaters good access.

“We were delighted to build such

a valuable contribution to Gibraltar’s

berth count,” said George Desoisa,

director Marinetek MED. “Building such

an ambitious project in just a single

phase was an excellent test of our

manufacturing and logistics capabilities

and proves that Marinetek can meet a

highly demanding schedule and deliver

a quality product on time. The Gibraltar

Government should be congratulated

on its decision to power ahead with a

concept that covers a range of berthing

needs and gives the local community

access to the waterfront.”




CYPRUS: The Ministry of

Energy, Commerce, Industry

and Tourism has accepted

a tender from PMV Maritime

Holdings BV to build and

manage a new marina at

Paralimni in the Famagusta

district in southeast Cyprus.

The marina will be built in the

Saint Nicholas fishing shelter

area and will have capacity for

around 300 yachts. An option

exists to construct residential and

commercial developments around

the marina to enhance its viability.

The term of the licence

agreement is 125 years. Paralimni

Marina will be an official port of


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 17

Floating pontoons

All concrete: the evolution of fixed piers

Made in Italy

Pontoons, breakwaters, piers for super

yachts, floating bridges and constructions:

the best solutions for connecting sea and

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standard or tailor made.

Montecarlo - Monaco: new pontoons at Port Hercule

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Pontoons and constructions over the water


The extended pontoon system at Marina

Park, Leukermeer, has added 56 berths.

Dutch trade boost

NETHERLANDS: UK company Walcon reports a strong year to date for

business in the Netherlands. Varied projects have been undertaken by its

Benelux partner Infra Trading BV.

At the Turfhaven in Doesburg, Infra

Trading installed a facility that combined

finger pontoons and a long walkway

with a 441m² (4,747ft²) floating platform

(subsequently fitted with bicycle

storage racks). The structure is to help

people board an excursion boat and is

complemented by a number of berths

and an access bridge. System 21

New docks



pontoons were used for the project.

The first phase of a new marina at

Heveahaven in Renkum was also under

way at the start of the year. Walkways

and finger pontoons capable of holding

49 boats were installed in an area

previously used by craft waiting to use a

nearby lock. The project was the result

of an initiative to give Renkum residents

easier access to their local waterways.

The plan is to add more capacity in the


Another project involved extending

the existing installation at the new

Marina Park at Leukermeer, a

development providing luxury holiday

villas and apartments. Three existing

piers were lengthened and a new 90m

(295ft) pier added. In all, 28 finger piers

were installed providing 56 berths for

boats up to 13m (43ft).

In addition to various smaller

projects, Infra Trading worked with

contractor Tebezo BV to install 14 finger

pontoons, each of 10m (33ft) in length,

for a project at Lauwersoog. Plastic

floats with a high freeboard and black

painted galvanised steel framework

were used in the design. Galvanised

grating was used for the pontoon


“The Netherlands continues to be an

important market for us,” said Walcon

managing director James Walters.

Marina and berthing operators value

the quality of our products and over

the years the brand has built up a good

reputation in the industry. The team

at Infra Trading is doing a great job in

continuing the momentum and winning

new business across the Benelux


USA: Ocean Reef Club’s decision to

replace its fixed concrete piers with

concrete floating docks has paid

unexpectedly high dividends.

The club, based in Key Largo,

Florida, opted to have two docks (D

and H) replaced in 2011. Bellingham

Marine was awarded the contract for

this as well as the follow-up contracts

for Docks E and F in November 2015.

Members of Ocean Reef Club’s

Marina Village Condominium

Association have enjoyed an excellent

return on the investment. “The decision

to upgrade our docks was one we knew

would pay off,” said Sandy Marks, board

member of F Dock. “What we didn’t

appreciate was how large the payoff

would be. A single slip that was priced

at $250,000 before the renovation is

now valued at close to $750,000. The

returns are even more impressive for

the owners of the largest slips.”

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 19

Power Pedestals

At Eaton Marina Power & Lighting we have become known for our power

pedestals. With names like the Lighthouse and Hatteras, marinas across the

globe are using our power pedestals day in and day out.

Distribution Equipment

With years of experience in power management, Eaton offers a wide range of

electrical products. From safety switches to switchboards, Eaton can solve all

your marine electrical needs. Eaton is featured as a leading company for

power management.

Design Services

Eaton offers full electrical design services as a compliment to our full line of

electrical distribution equipment for Marinas and RV parks. Brought to you by

the same engineers that design the most popular power pedestals in marinas

worldwide – upholding safety, reliability and efficiency standards for more

than 100 years.

Eaton Corporation

Marina Power and Lighting





Revolutionising the

boating experience

Suntex Marinas, a leading US marina group based out of Dallas, Texas,

prides itself on taking a new approach to the boating industry. The company

specialises in developing properties at premier destinations which, on the

surface, may appear to be no different to any other marinas. At the heart of the

development, however, is a mission to revolutionise the boating experience.

With a steadily growing portfolio that

includes 29 full-service marinas, Suntex

focuses on offering superior customer

service; employing experienced

managers and staff; making conscious

contributions to the community; and

sporting a general enthusiasm for

creating memorable experiences on the


Boating for all

Suntex Marinas’ most important

focus is to enhance overall customer

experience at each of its marinas and it

wants everyone to have the opportunity

to enjoy time on the water. To achieve

this, Suntex offers boat rentals and has

also developed the Suntex Boat Club,

which offers the perfect opportunity

to introduce people who are not quite

ready to commit to boat ownership to

a range of boating and watersports


The Club offers its members unlimited

access to a fleet of top-of-the-range

pontoon boats, ski boats and wakeboard

boats, as well as complimentary use of

tubes, skis and wakeboards. Currently,

Suntex offers boat rentals at 16 of

its marinas and has eight boat clubs.

Several other operations are scheduled

to open this year.

Cost-conscious supplies

A systems failure mars any day on the

water and being

forced to pay

over the odds for

essential parts

at the marina

store makes it

worse. Suntex

has worked to

make its marina

stores a first

not last resort

by establishing



with vendors that

enable it to offer

the same pricing

as for non-marine

stores and


If a product

is not available,


staff will order

it. Delivery is

One of the best deep water marinas along

the US east coast, 300-slip Tidewater Yacht

Marina reserves 100 slips for transients

and has six slips for vessels up to 130ft

(40m) as well as T-dock positions.

usually within 24 hours, depending

on location, and shipping is free. In

addition to offering a wide array of

products, the stores offer regular

events and workshops for guests and

members to learn about the products

and services available.

Developing community

The Suntex team is dedicated to the

guiding principles of what the company

refers to as ‘conscious capitalism’.

Suntex places its focus on all

stakeholders – guests, team members,

service providers, the environment

and the local community – not just

shareholders. By developing the

community in which it operates, Suntex

has experienced rapid yet sustainable


“We embrace and support some

amazing community programmes,” says

Chris Petty, Suntex Marinas principal

and head of operations. “For example,

the Folds of Honor Foundation is our

primary beneficiary. We began our

nationwide campaign with Folds of

Honor in 2012 on the 4th July weekend,

which has become the annual kickoff

weekend for Patriot Boating Days.

The initiative encourages marinas,

manufacturers, boat dealers, retailers

and anyone participating in boating to

make charitable contributions to the

foundation during the month of July.”

Suntex Marina

Property Index

Vessel Storage

Property City State Sector Year Acquired Wet Dry Buoys Total

Amelia Island Fernandina Beach FL Coastal 2010 146 224 0 370

Bay Pointe Quincy MA Coastal 2012 258 250 0 508

Canyon Lake Canyon Lake TX Inland 2009 451 53 0 504

Captain's Cove Garland TX Inland 2011 589 151 0 740

Chandler's Landing Rockwall TX Inland 2011 702 75 0 777

Cranes Mill Canyon Lake TX Inland 2009 250 0 0 250

Crosswater Austin TX Inland 2012 243 0 0 243

Dale Hollow State Park Burkesville KY Inland 2016 170 0 0 170

Eagle Mountain Fort Worth TX Inland 2012 369 100 0 469

Glade Acworth GA Inland 2012 327 201 0 528

Harbor One Fort Worth TX Inland 2012 267 0 0 267

Hurst Harbor Austin TX Inland 2012 272 216 0 488

Lake Country Fort Worth TX Inland 2012 285 340 0 625

Laurel Marina Bristol TN Inland 2016 520 0 0 520

Liberty Landing Jersey City NJ Coastal 2010 520 300 0 820

Little River Canton GA Inland 2014 151 318 0 469

Ocean Yacht Portsmouth VA Coastal 2015 112 275 0 387

Pier 25 Moorings New York City NY Coastal 2012 0 0 40 40

Pleasure Cove Pasadeba MD Coastal 2014 36 380 0 416

Port de Plaisance Sint Maarten N.A. Coastal 2011 90 0 0 90

Red Rock Pella IA Inland 2015 119 120 0 239

Saylorville Polk City IA Inland 2012 477 100 81 658

Snook Bight Fort Myers FL Coastal 2014 74 169 0 243

State Dock Marina Jamestown KY Inland 2016 491 0 0 491

Tidewater Portsmouth VA Coastal 2014 300 0 0 300

York River Gloucester Point VA Coastal 2013 307 65 0 372

*Choto Knoxville TN Inland 2016 136 140 0 276

*The Ridges Hiawassee GA Inland 2016 346 0 0 346

*Fontana Village Fontana Dam NC Inland 2016 60 0 0 60

Total Owned & Managed 8,068 3,477 121 11,666

*Managed Marinas

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 21


York River Yacht Haven is a Southern

Chesapeake Bay landmark and sits in a 14-

acre natural hurricane hole.

Chris Petty

Chris Petty, principal and head of

operations for Suntex Marinas, talks

to Marina World about company

practice, goals and challenges:

Q: Why has Suntex opted to invest

exclusively in marinas as opposed

to other types of property?

A: Supply demand dynamics, barriers

to entry, inelasticity of the income

stream (recession resistant) and a

passion for the lifestyle.

Q: What are your primary

considerations when deciding to

acquire a marina?

A: Location and size.

Q: If you refurbish a facility what are

your priorities?

A: We reposition the assets to meet

high quality modern manufacturing

standards; improve and increase

customer services, retail and boat

club/rental; and improve repair and

maintenance facilities.

Q: What do you see as the benefits of

offering a marina brand? How have

you developed this brand?

A: A brand makes for consistency of

quality and service while retaining

the character of the marina

destination. We have a passion

for hospitality and a commitment

to creating quality experiences,

and aim to introduce everyone to a

lifestyle while providing access to

boating at levels that meet

various financial and time

commitments. Our brand

makes us accountable to

the guest at all levels.

Q: How much control do you

retain over any upland

development? What

elements, if any, of your

marinas do you franchise


Chandler’s Landing Marina, one of two Suntex facilities on Lake

Ray Hubbard in East Dallas, offers scenic views and plentiful amenities.

A: We control all upland development

within our fee or leasehold interest.

However, we generally lease

restaurant space to accredited and

reputable third party operators.

Q: Do you intend to expand your

business outside of the USA/


A: There are tremendous opportunities

within the continental US and

Caribbean, and that is where

our core focus lies today. As we

grow, there will likely be some

consideration for expansion outside

of these locations.

In addition to offering slips for all

boat sizes, Lake Cumberland State

Dock in Kentucky runs a popular

houseboat vacation business.


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016


Q: What are the aims of your Club


A: Our goal is to provide everyone

the opportunity to have access to

boating. We have paddle boards,

kayaks, personal water craft,

pontoons, runabouts, wakeboard

boats and houseboats, all of which

are available to rent for the day or

week. We also have a tiered annual

membership programme that gives

members access to a fleet of 240

boats in six states.

Q: What do you see as the major

challenges facing marinas and the

recreational boating industry and

what are you doing to help meet

these challenges?

A: Our consumer base, like the general

population of America, is ‘greying’.

Our rental and club programmes

introduce the entire population to

boating. This offers an opportunity

Liberty Landing Marina is located on the

River Hudson across from the lower tip of

Manhattan. It thus enjoys a prime New York

position and includes many transient slips

in its 520 slip total.

One of the most versatile and elegant

mixed use marinas in the Caribbean,

Yacht Club de Port de Plaisance

Marina in Sint Maarten has plenty of

space for superyacht berthing.

for those who are not ready

to make the commitment to

boat ownership to participate

in the lifestyle. We have been

successful in converting renters

to club members to eventual

boat owners. In addition,

today’s consumer demands a

higher quality experience. We

are addressing that through

improvements to assets,

attention to customer service,

improved and increased service,

and an overall commitment to


Q: What are the company goals for

the future?

A: To create an enterprise marina

brand consistent with the highest

quality while sharing our passion

for the boating lifestyle with the



members offered

Captain’s Club


As Marina World closed for press,

Suntex Marinas confirmed a new

partnership with Marinalife to offer

its coastal customers a one-year

complimentary membership to the

Suntex Captain’s Club.

Available to transient, annual and

seasonal boaters, the programme

gives complete access to thousands of

discounts and specials for dockage, fuel,

services, restaurants and hotels, as well

as specific offers exclusive to Suntex

Marina properties. Every customer also

receives a personalised profile that holds

existing reservation itineraries, reservation

history and a logbook for notes. Marina

reservation services are available for the

USA, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean and

Central America. Pre-planned itineraries

as well as customisable cruises tailored to

any boating lifestyle are stored and include

popular cruising grounds throughout the

Great Loop, Intracoastal Waterway, the

Bahamas, Caribbean and Florida. To keep

boaters on the move, there is also a Fuel

and Service & Maintenance Locator that

allows members to identify ethanol-free

gasoline and high-speed fuel pumps,

as well as obtain fuel dock hours and


Captain’s Club membership comes with

a free ticket to any Show Management

Boat Show, a one-year subscription to

Marinalife magazine and a choice of

one additional one-year subscription to

a leading boating publication – either

PassageMaker, Yachting, Southern

Boating or Cruising World. The free

Marinalife Mobile App gives users access

to a database of marina and travel related

information on Apple mobile devices

including up-to-date listings and NOAA

charts. Online information resources are

available such as: Ask the Captain for tips

from local captains; Navigation Alerts

that give boaters time-sensitive email

updates for the particular cruising region;

customised weather and tide forecasts

from Weather Routing, Inc, and Featured

Harbor Reports for expert advice on what

to do and where to eat.

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 23






The Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) welcomes marina owners,

operators, developers and suppliers from around the world. This

year the MYP is featuring the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference

from Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 November. Don’t miss this

exceptional opportunity to meet your peers, see lots of innovations

and be inspired by the latest industry news.


The Marina & Yard Pavilion is an event of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform

for professionals in the marine equipment industry and organiser of the ICOMIA

World Marinas Conference.








Australia’s new marina communities

broaden boating down under

by Robert Wilkes


Wyndham Harbour

Following decades of planning, two spectacular waterfront communities 1,000

km apart recently opened in Australia. Wyndham Harbour and Trinity Point

are bold in scope and vision. Creating ‘something out of nothing’ marina

developments requires persistence, talent and patient investors. Each is an

example of how to build stunning new marina-based living communities on

raw land and unimproved coastline.

Wyndham Harbour, 39km

southwest of Melbourne

Wyndham Harbour is located near the

town of Werribee between Geelong

and Melbourne. To understand the

logic behind Wyndham Harbour one

must take into account the phenomenal

growth, cultural diversity and economic

vibrancy of Melbourne.

According to Australia’s largest

newspaper, Herald Sun, Melbourne

(population 4 million) is the fastest

growing city in Australia and has been

voted the world’s Most Livable City

for five years running. Built on the

Yarra River at the northernmost reach

of Port Phillip Bay, the city spread

southeastward for a century and a

half. West of the city, however, is lightly

populated. There is some industry near

the city and farming as one travels

farther west.

The developers recognised that

Melbourne was bursting at the seams,

bogged in heavy traffic and constrained

by a shortage of affordable housing.

They saw an opportunity for both a new

living community and a new marina.

The new marina would enhance the

boating experience for all of Port Phillip


Melbourne’s minister of planning has

predicted 900,000 people, or 20% of

Melbourne’s population,

will be living west of the

city by 2026. Wyndham

Harbour is intentionally

positioned to benefit

from that growth as

Melbourne inevitably

expands westward.

Barry Brott of the

ownership group said:

“People have been

talking about a safe

harbour in the western

part of Port Phillip Bay

for at least 40 years.

Now, with the opening

of our marina, it’s here.”

Wyndham Harbour celebrated its

opening in March of this year.

Brott continued: “We have been very

thoughtful in our approach and have

included a large team of excellent

consultants to help us get it right. We’re

trying to achieve a balance between the

land development and the water. We’ve

studied similar projects and many of

them emphasise the boating over the

land or land over the boating. We’ve

taken a patient, balanced approach

geared to get the most out of the bay.”

Trinity Point

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 25

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services to clients worldwide


Feasibility studies and market research

Business planning

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Tender and project management

Operational management

Environmental and legislative advice

Legal and property consultancy services



for any size


Tel: (305) 300-9596


Miami, Florida, USA



Golden Boat Lifts

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Wyndham Harbour

The marina is the first new bayside

marina in Victoria since St. Kilda in

1969. The first phase of the marina

was completed by Bellingham

Marine Australia using Unifloat

concrete floating docks. Marc Carney,

Bellingham’s sales manager for

Southern Australia, said: “The 150

berths from 10 to 20m (33 to 66ft)

built as phase one are now open,

and management has the flexibility

to change the slip mix in subsequent

phases as the market develops.

This includes larger slips or any new

configuration they may need.”

The fuel dock is now under

construction and the master plan

includes an array of facilities and

services, including drystack and haul

out capabilities. The Wyndham Harbour

sea wall provides one of the most

protected harbours in Australia and

encompasses enough water space for

as many as 1,000 berths.

Construction began in 2011 on 27ha

of land and 47ha of seabed. Stage

One includes 200 house lots, 100

apartments and 25 townhouses. The

lots have the infrastructure in place for

buyers to appoint their own builders.

In addition to the 150-berth marina,

there are two beaches, walking and

biking trails and a Marina Square plaza.

A further 130 land blocks and 130

apartments are also currently for sale

off-the-plan. Home sites directly on the

waterfront are premium because, as

large as Melbourne is, very few homes

are actually on waterfront. Wyndham

Harbour’s waterfront homes are a rare

commodity on Port Phillip Bay.

Wyndham Harbour’s location is

considered suburban, or perhaps

at this early point exurban. Aspiring

professionals early in their careers

often choose to buy an affordable

home outside the city and commute

to town as many do all over the world.

In Wyndham Harbour their commute

may well be the most pleasant part of

their day. A new passenger ferry into

downtown Melbourne is currently being

tested and will soon begin regular

service. Other potential buyers see

Wyndham Harbour as a place to

retire on water with their boat nearby,

or possibly as a second home.

At the present time, boating on

Port Phillip Bay consists mostly

of fishing and yacht racing.

Wyndham Harbour offers a new

cruising destination within a few

hours’ motoring or sailing time

from Melbourne. As Wyndham

Harbour continues to add new

businesses and is joined by other

new marinas around Port Phillip

Bay, new destinations will provide new

dimensions to the Melbourne boating


Trinity Point, 118km northeast

of Sydney

Johnson Property Group and its CEO

Keith Johnson have spent more than

a decade planning and developing a

luxury planned community at Trinity

Point. The site is located 88 minutes

from Sydney on Lake Macquarie

in New South Wales. The lake is a

scenic destination with a number of

picturesque towns, recreational areas,

national parks and beaches among

its many attractions. Boaters enjoy

the many coves and bays on the lake

and can pass through the Swansea

Channel to the ocean. From there they

can coast down to Sydney Harbour or

reach other east coast destinations.

Trinity Point is a master-planned

living community and a premium resort

Trinity Point

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 27

on the water and everywhere


Cap d’Agde,

Mediterranean Sea - shining a light on biodiversity.

Poralu Marine takes care of its environment.

More than 8,000 references over 5 continents


" Poralu Marine

leads the way in environmental


Projects involving the fragile natural habitats which make up the shores of the

Mediterranean Sea, and where the impact of port facilities on the flora and fauna must

be managed, demand unflagging commitment from those concerned.

More than 10 years ago, our port of Cap d’Agde committed itself to a policy of

environmentally responsible behaviour with a view to respecting the future port

environment. Since we care about our environment, we like to play an active role in

improving biodiversity and boosting the resident fauna in harbours. The port of Cap d’Agde

is one of the pilot ports in the Nappex project (this innovative ecological engineering

project is part of France’s national strategy for biodiversity). Nature deserves our respect,

and we expect Poralu Marine, as our partner, to behave responsibly.

The innovations made by Poralu Marine, such as the circular shapes in the Ecostyle ®

decking, allow light to reach the seabed and thereby protect the original natural

environment. The various materials used can also be recycled.

Aware of its responsibility to the environment, Poralu Marine is our partner in innovation

and has been coming up with solutions which take into account man’s impact on the

Mediterranean environment for nearly 30 years.

Pierre WEISS

Port Manager at Cap d’Agde



destination. It features

a 188-berth concrete

floating dock marina

also built by Bellingham

Marine Australia with

slips from 10 to 20m (33

to 66ft) and some select

slips to 30m (98ft). The

marina offers one of the

deepest marina basins on

the lake with a minimum

depth of 3m (10ft). Lake

Macquarie’s Swansea

Channel has recently

undergone a $2.7 million

dredging programme

further enhancing the

lake’s boating appeal.

The marina, boardwalk

and sea baths (refreshing

oceanside saltwater

pools) are open to the

public, which encourages

visitors to the lake shore.

When completed, Trinity Point

will be home to a five-star Pullman

Hotel, a 200-seat restaurant, a café

and a 300-seat function room for

conferences and meetings. Facilities

will include a luxurious day spa, pool

and gymnasium, an infinity pool with

waterfront cabanas, and retail outlets.

The residential side includes 189

building lots for sale to the public and

250 apartments to include permanent

residential and short-stay units.

With 23ha of prime waterfront, the

development will become one of the

largest mixed use projects in New

South Wales.

Braden Johnson, deputy managing

director, said: “The project is designed

to cater to a wide audience. Our market

includes Sydney buyers looking to the

future who need a place to get away

for the weekend with the family without

being too far out of Sydney. We expect

to attract people from far and wide

looking to retire within the next 10 years

who want to get in early and capitalise

on the opportunity to own property in

Trinity Point.”

The group worked with leading

architectural firm Squillace Architects

to ensure each residential offering was

designed to cater to buyer profiles at

various stages of their life. “People are

drawn to the site based on its gracious

architecture, premium amenities and

location,” said Johnson. “Our site offers

strolls along the boardwalk surrounding

Trinity Point’s shoreline. One can stroll

past the old sea baths being restored to

their former glory. We are close to some

of Australia’s most renowned beaches,

such as Sand Islands, Caves Beach

and Redhead Beach. We have national

parks nearby and a number of fine

restaurants in the vicinity.”

Similarities and differences

Each of these developments is

anchored by a state-of-the-art marina.

Imagine, and it’s difficult to imagine,

that they were built without a marina at

the heart of the project. The integration

of land and sea would be lost. The

distinctive, landmark quality of the

enterprise would be lost and the project

would lose its lustre. While it’s true that

marinas take time

to plan, permit

and build, they

are indispensable.

A developer

cannot create a

true waterfront

community without


Each project

team benefited

from patience and

careful planning

based on the

realities of their

markets. Both

developers took

the long view and

sought to optimise

Trinity Point

sites out-of-the-city but with enormous

potential. Wyndham Harbour and Trinity

Point are marina-community projects of

which the owners can be proud.

It’s hard to say if these Australian

developers are onto something new

and that building from scratch in places

out of the city (but not too far out of the

city) will be a trend. But it’s clear that

cities all over the world present similar

business cases as Melbourne and

Sydney. Perhaps these developers are

blazing a trail for the next generation of


Robert Wilkes writes about the marina

industry from Bellevue, WA, USA.


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016



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industry speakers



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of the marina market





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with fellow marina


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Fabiana Maccarini

Mina Rashid –

extending the city

into the sea

DP World, the container handling enterprise that has a huge ownership

portfolio of port terminals around the world, is in the process of developing

Dubai’s Port Rashid from a commercial port into a sea-oriented lifestyle

destination. The new waterfront development plan builds on Port Rashid’s

established success as a cruise ship hub and incorporates a 400-berth marina

for luxury yachts.

The proposed master plan includes

leisure facilities, cultural venues,

hotels, villas etc., with a view to making

Port Rashid an exciting and dynamic

waterfront attraction. Its specific focus

on the superyacht sector is a new

benchmark for Dubai and potentially for

the entire Middle East.

The value of history

Dubai-based consulting firm, FABMAR

Middle East, first proposed the marina

element. “When DP World asked

FABMAR’s opinion a few years ago

on the construction of a recreational

navigation infrastructure inside a

commercial port, I was very positive,”

says FABMAR CEO Fabiana Maccarini.

“At the time I was working on a similar

project in Civitavecchia, Rome, where

the historic port has been transformed

into a superyacht facility in a

breathtaking setting that has witnessed

20 centuries of history.”

“I believed that the port of Dubai

could undergo the same process as in

Rome and other commercial ports in

the world,” she adds.

Like Civitavecchia, Port Rashid has a

great historic claim, albeit less ancient.

Its natural harbour lured around 800

members of the Bani Yas tribe to create

a settlement in 1833 that was to grow in

size to become modern Dubai.

“When we started to study

the redevelopment of the

reclaimed area in Mina Rashid

that was to be converted into

a new tourist destination for

Dubai citizens, boaters and

cruisers, we realised that the

location – along the creek

where old Dubai was born –

offered a unique opportunity.

It could revert to being the

original core and heart of

Dubai while still retaining its

contemporary status,” Maccarini notes.

With this uppermost in mind, the

consultants broadened their brief.

“We were responsible not only for

developing a marina project, a tourist

village, commercial and retail facilities

- and more - but also had to design a

new area of the city that was connected

to Dubai’s roots in terms of location and

traditional activities (fishing, trading and

sailing). These considerations led us to

think about Mina Rashid Marina (MRM)

on a different scale – not only as an

efficient and top-performing marina but

as an extension of the city towards the

sea with a wide range of activities for


After the basic design of MRM

was completed, FABMAR undertook

a feasibility study that incorporated

a detailed marina market study,

general guidelines for infrastructure

and user requirements, and upland

support services and operational

facilities. The study revealed growing

demand in the market for space and

facilities for luxury yachts. Space for

superyachts – especially for vessels

of 100m (328ft) and above – was

particularly challenging to find. The

report concluded that the superyachts

category represents the largest

demand across the Arab Gulf region,

Africa, Europe and Asia.

The Port Rashid yachting hub was

therefore planned to accommodate the

needs of different clients: superyacht

owners and guests; captains, crews

and their families; the general public,

passengers, tourists and visitors.

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 33




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Telling the world

The MRM project was formally

announced at the Dubai International

Boat Show in March when His

Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin

Rashid Al Maktoum – the prime

minister, vice president and ruler of

Dubai – visited the Pavilion of Customs

and Free Zone Corporation in Dubai.

Mohammed Al Mannaei, director of

Mina Rashid DP World, explained that

the project was devised in response to

an increased demand for luxury yachts.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman

of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone

Corporation and chairman of DP

World, commented: “The corporation

will develop Port Rashid Marina as

an integral part of its commitment to

supporting the diversification of the

economy of the UAE.” He also indicated

that the project, as an integral part of

the Dubai 2021 Plan, is a high quality

addition to all that Dubai has to offer as

a major destination for luxury holidays

and marine tourism.

The first phase of MRM is scheduled

to open by 2018 and will accommodate

over 400 vessels of 15 to 35m (49 to

115ft) in length. A few berths will also

be available for luxury vessels of over

100m (328ft). In the second phase, the

development will focus more closely

on superyachts of 40m (131ft) and

above, transforming Port Rashid into

a homeport and yacht club destination

that will meet the needs of owners,

captains and crew.

The project will include a club house

and sailing club; a sports centre; an

exclusive club for superyacht owners;

captain and crew recreational facilities

and accommodation; drystack storage;

Close up of model showing extensive berth

arrangement for Port Rashid Marina.

and a maintenance facility.

The new marina could not be better

placed than within a vibrant waterfront


“With its ongoing transformation, Port

Rashid will continue to be the main

gateway to Dubai for people arriving

from the sea, while also attracting the

non-boating public during their leisure

time,” Maccarini concludes.

182x132mm_Marina World 2016_APRIL.indd 1 19/04/2016 20:31

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 35

Marina build begins on luxury

Abu Dhabi island

Work has begun on a 110-berth marina at Hidd Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The marina is being built by the Ghantoot

Group to its own design, and completion is planned for April next year.

Saadiyat Island (Happiness Island)

is a large, low-lying island of 27km²

(10.4 sq miles), off the coast of Abu

Dhabi. It is being developed by the

Tourism Development and Investment

Company (TDIC), which is allotting land

to private investors who will develop

sites in accordance with the island’s

master plan. When complete, the island

is touted to become the city’s cultural

centre, home to three museums and a

performance and exhibition centre.

Initial construction of the island

began in January 2013 and is expected

to complete in 2020. Split into sections,

the marina will be located in Qaryat al

Hidd. This section will also contain a

café and shops to create a community

hub for residents and visitors. The next

two sections will contain 461 modern

villas, built to harmonise with the

on site


beach landscape. In the final section,

prestigious secluded villas will be built

with uninterrupted sea views. There will

be parks, playgrounds, restaurants, a

school, community

centre, golf course,

5-star resort and

world-class yacht

club on the island,

all accessible to

marina visitors.

The island and

its marina are

being planned and

created around an


philosophy and


master plan.

Master planning

has incorporated designs to reduce

impacts on key island habitats, namely

mangrove and wetland areas. The TDIC

says it is identifying opportunities to

create new habitats where possible.

The island’s natural beach has

been awarded the Blue Flag annually

since 2013. The surrounding waters

are home to a wide range of wildlife,

including Indo-Pacific humpback and

bottlenose dolphins, green turtles,

stingrays, blacktop sharks and many

different birds.

Hidd Al Saadiyat project director, Greg

Slingerland, said: “We are witnessing

the evolution of Hidd Al Saadiyat into a

state-of-the-art development, especially

now, with the construction of the longanticipated


Esbjerg Denmark 2015

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www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 37



Ocean Village

Ocean Village Marina is one of the most prestigious and renowned marinas in

the south of England. Owned by MDL Marinas since the 1990s, it benefits from

a superb location at the heart of Southampton Water. Over the past 25 years,

the marina has been the subject of continued investment, and even more

prestigious developments are scheduled to be completed in 2017.

Much more than a marina

Ocean Village is a perfect example of a

mixed-use marina, residential, business

and leisure development. It sits on

traditional maritime territory at the

mouth of the River Itchen - the original

site of Southampton’s first working

docks, which date back to 1842. It

enjoys the dual benefit of sheltered

waters and immediate city centre


The basin, formerly used for

commercial vessels, now offers 375

berths and is sufficiently deep to moor

tall ships and superyachts up to 90m

(295ft). It offers direct access to the

Solent, making it a welcome home and

visiting port for thousands of boaters

each year, as well as being the base for

a number of prestigious yacht races.

Ocean Village is much more than

a marina. Surrounded by shops,

restaurants, cinemas and bars, it offers

outstanding recreational facilities and is

overlooked by the Royal Southampton

Yacht Club.

Benefiting from a number of

prestigious waterfront properties, the

marina is also home to several large

companies with offices or regional

headquarters in the complex.

Developing the waterfront

When MDL Marinas incorporated

Ocean Village Marina and its residential

estate into its portfolio of marinas in the

1990s, it had a vision - an ambitious

plan to redevelop the waterfront sites all

around the basin with the key objective

of building on the success of the marina

and creating a vibrant waterfront

development. To that end, the company

proactively sought to acquire the rest

of the estate and then embarked on

redeveloping the whole area while also

operating the marina.

MDL devised a master plan that

balanced all of the potential uses and

demands of a community by creating

places to live, work, play and relax.

This firstly saw the creation of new

waterfront homes, as well as a multistorey

car park. The construction of

the modern parking facility was a

prerequisite to cater for the increasing

numbers of cars resulting from the

various developments.

The next consideration in the

master plan was the provision of

further commercial office space, with

a particular focus on marine related

research and development, technology

and start-up companies. This resulted

in the development of the Ocean

Village Innovation Centre (OVIC), a

2,230m² (24,000 ft²) office building,

which offers first-class serviced

office space, meeting rooms and

virtual offices for up to 60 people in a

supportive community of innovative


Sandra Ryan, property director at

Artist’s rendering of the liner-shaped five star hotel and spa due to complete in 2017.


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016


MDL Marinas, commented: “Ocean

Village Marina is a great example of

a thriving mixed use marina estate.

Residential developments in marinas

can drive values by 20% or more in

comparison with similar non-marine

property and the residential developers

of Ocean Village have benefited from

this marina premium.”

This is not a marina that stands still,

and MDL is transforming it into a highly

desirable marina location for residents,

businesses, its annual berth holders

and visitors. It is central to some

exciting new developments including

the tallest residential building in the city.

Admiral’s Quay, an impressive

development of 299 apartments was

completed in 2015 and offers high-rise

living with properties boasting beautiful

panoramic views of the marina. The

ground floor offers a number of new

restaurants, bars and retail units.

The final phase of the development,

scheduled for completion in 2017,

sees the opening of a new addition

to the Harbour Hotel group with the

launch of a five star hotel and spa. MDL

worked with the specialist hotelier to

develop the landmark building, which

is designed to resemble a luxury

cruise liner and will be sited on the

promontory that extends out into the

marina. The hotel will have a stunning

restaurant and rooftop champagne bar,

65 bedrooms and a spa, along with

85 luxury apartments overlooking the

Steak of the Art (above) and the Maritimo

Lounge (below) are just two examples of

the on-site bars and restaurants.

marina, and a number of restaurants

and retail outlets below.

Detailed planning

Right from the start of the project

the MDL Marina Consultancy team

has offered advice on the marina

infrastructure, including providing a

detailed investment plan to secure this

first-class marina well into the future.

This now calls for the development

of a new configuration for the marina

berths to meet the growing demands of

MDL’s berth holders and marina visitors

including superyachts. MDL’s in-house

team worked closely with external

partners to develop the strategy and

master plan for the site – bringing to life

the vision for the regeneration of the

Ocean Village Estate.

Speaking about the development,

Alex Beere, head of MDL Marina

Consultancy, commented: “The

culmination of the ten year

redevelopment at Ocean Village Marina

is approaching and the end result is a

really stunning waterfront development,

comprising a perfect mix of residential,

retail, leisure and marine facilities that

will attract visitors to both the marina

and the city. We are extremely proud

of the development and hope it is

enjoyed for many years to come by the

city’s residents, visitors and our marina


Facilities & Services

• 375 berths

• Max LOA: 90m (295ft)

• Fuel (petrol, diesel) available at

nearby Hythe Marina Village and

Port Hamble Marina

• Boat lifting and storage ashore

available at nearby Shamrock

Quay, Hythe Marina Village and

Hamble Point Marina

• Laundry facilities

• Yacht brokerage

• Bars and Restaurants: Banana

Wharf, Maritimo Lounge, Bacaro,

Steak of the Art, Pitcher & Piano,

Chiquito Mexican, and Royal

Southampton Yacht Club

• Cinemas: Harbour Lights Picture

House and Cineworld

• 776 space multi-storey Ocean Car


• Tesco Express (grocery/general


• Electric vehicle charging

• MDL WiFi

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 39

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Left and below: Berths for vessels of

all sizes are surrounded by retail and

residential property.

Dubai buyer to take

Porto Montenegro

to next level

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), the principal investment arm of the

Government of Dubai, has purchased Porto Montenegro Marina and Resort,

Montenegro, from Montport Capital.

Located within the Bay of Kotor, a

World heritage site on the Adriatic Sea,

the waterfront development offers a

lifestyle community for boat owners,

residents and tourists, set against

the magnificent background of the

Montenegrin mountains. In only ten

years, award-winning Porto Montenegro

has firmly established itself as a prime

destination for the yachting community.

The move to acquire the property

is in alignment with ICD’s strategy to

add high quality international assets in

fast growing markets to its substantial

portfolio. The transaction marks its first

investment in Montenegro and in the

marina sector.

“The internationally renowned Porto

Montenegro presents an opportunity

for ICD to access a successful

business with significant potential

for development expansion, both in

the marina and landside,” said ICD

executive director and CEO, His

Excellency Mohammed Al Shaibani.

“It also represents a strategic fit with

our expansion plans into international

luxury real estate and hospitality

sectors while providing exposure to a

new geography.”

Porto Montenegro was conceived

and developed by Canadian

entrepreneur Peter Munk, founder of

Barrick Gold of Toronto – the world’s

largest listed mining company – who,

with an international group of investors

led by Lord Rothschild, envisaged and

financed the transformation of a derelict

naval base into a major yachting


The development has always enjoyed

the support of the Government of

Montenegro and its Prime Minister,

Milo Djukanovic. He has confirmed

that the government will continue its

cooperation with the new investors

to develop a clear nautical tourism

development strategy for Tivat and

Boka Bay. “[We] will continue to work

together on further positioning of

Montenegro as a high-end tourist

destination,” he said.

Peter Munk, the majority shareholder

of Montport Capital, commented: “I’m

enormously proud of what has been

accomplished at Porto Montenegro. It

has helped transform the perception of

Montenegro throughout the world, has

sharply increased the country’s tourism

revenue, and has created thousands of

direct and indirect jobs. The Investment

Corporation of Dubai is the ideal party

to take the resort to the next level,

and to maximise its virtually unlimited

potential. With this transaction, I am

confident that I am leaving Porto

Montenegro in very safe hands.”

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 41

Since 1992

High holding?

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You bet!


(North America): 1-844-771-7159

International: +1 207-489-9345

Fax: +1 207-489-9346

Email: info@helixmooring.com


In addition to 450 berths already

built and fully occupied, and with

the necessary approvals in hand

to build another 400 berths plus

develop land, the resort has the

potential to double in size. Most

recently it has added the world’s

largest superyacht berth to its mix.

At 250m (820ft), it significantly

exceeds the second largest (190m

- 623ft - at One Ocean Port Vell

in Barcelona, Spain) and is an

investment for the future launch

of ever larger yachts. The largest

megayacht currently afloat is 180m

(590ft) in length but the newly

designed 220m (721ft) vessel

‘Double Century’ could set new


Porto Montenegro has also

announced the launch of the

Regent Pool Club Residences.

Located directly adjacent to the

existing Regent Hotel and centred

around an expansive pool deck

with landscaped gardens, the Pool

Club is connected to the hotel by a

raised private walkway, giving owners

and guests direct access to the hotel’s

five-star services and facilities.

Conceived by award-winning

Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo of

London and Mlinaric, Henry &

Zervudachi interiors of Paris, the

Private property owners at Porto

Montenegro enjoy spacious living area

and excellent views.

residences have been designed

to maximise space and views,

staying true to local architectural

traditions while maintaining high

levels of privacy. The residences

each have a landscaped terrace

and have unobstructed sea

and mountain views. Based on

the hotel condominium model,

they have direct access to the

extensive services and amenities

of the Regent and an on-site

management team can take care

of all maintenance and rental

administration at owner request.

Further developments will

doubtless be announced in the

not too distant future. “Looking

ahead, our aim is to realise Porto

Montenegro Marina and Resort’s

full long term potential,” noted Al

Shaibani. “Our priority at ICD is

to support management in the

fulfilment of its ambitious plans, and

to further establish Montenegro as a

prime European yachting destination.”

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 43


Oscar Siches

It’s time to take some

real responsibility

by Oscar Siches

There are enough reasons to adopt environmental control practices

everywhere, including in our marinas. The most common reasons are the

“we should do it” approach, which is a bid for social acceptance, and the “we

must do it” rationale, which aims to comply with regulations. But what’s the

purpose? Is it just to be on the good side of things by ticking the rules and

regulations box and letting people see how green you are (or seem to be)?

Have you ever asked yourself if

expectations could be raised? And what

the legacy would be? Are you conscious

of the difference of being proud of

something and just being satisfied with


Don’t worry, I’m not going to make

an apology for spiritual, intellectual

and emotional values but they are

there nonetheless, and when it comes

to ecological matters activating these

values makes a whole lot of difference.

The human being

We are tired (and bored) of seeing

advertising/propaganda about the end

of the world and its living species due to

human generated pollution. Those who

feed us such information usually go in

for such extreme statements that we, at

street level, absorb them with the same

(very low) interest as we do a horror

movie and do not even think about their

validity. In my opinion, this backfires and

is a waste of an opportunity to make

people aware of the situation. Yes, we

spoil, we pollute, but we also realise,

organise and clean.

The problem lies in the ‘we’. Is it

really us? Or the city’s rubbish and

recycling collection services, the marina

personnel and subcontractors who

clean up our leftovers, the government

that establishes a new policy on clean

energy production? Here we come to

one universal justification that works for

almost everything: “I pay my taxes - a lot

of taxes - the city/country/municipality

must do their job”. Yes, you do pay, and

that money is used (with a different

degree of efficiency depending on the

place) to cover the enormous costs

incurred in running a society that aims

to maintain a good quality of life.

But let me be both pragmatic and

provocative. Have you thought about

generating less

rubbish? Consuming

less electricity?

Investing in

renewable energy?

Cleaning the car with

a couple of buckets

of water instead of

a hose? Driving an

average of 10km/

hour slower than

usual? Or do you

think that it’s not

worth it because

it’s just you trying to

save the world on

your own, other people do not do it, and

your effort is therefore wasted.

We, as resource users, are the main

players when it comes to environmental

control. Expecting someone else to sort

out our poor green practices means

we are trying to sort out the situation

by approaching the effect and not the

cause. When we want to lose weight, we

should start by eating less and following

a balanced diet, not just by taking pills.

Time for action

While ignoring the extreme tone of

the apocalyptic messages, we must

acknowledge the real and chronically

bad situation regarding pollution.

Sperm whales, turtles and pelicans

are found dead with stomachs full

of plastic. New stronger species,

having grown defences to cope with

pollution, deplete weaker species.

Smog levels remain above safe limits

in many cities. Changes in weather

patterns generate floods and stronger

storms. What are we doing about this?

Nothing, really. We just hope that a

higher power will come up with an idea

on how to deal with the situation. But

most governments, including first

world ones, are not succeeding as

there is no budget assigned to the

environment. Only highly developed

countries e.g. Scandinavia, Germany

Teaching children the value of their

environment is the best step we can take to

protect the world for the future.

All photos: Organizacion Ondine


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016


and Benelux take the matter seriously.

The environmental summits fail to reach

compromises. It seems we will have to

suffer the consequences until the gravity

of the matter is given the necessary


Global press misinformation/

news manipulation does not help. A

campaign, for example, against small

family charcoal fires in India encourages

us to think that they are responsible for

our weather miseries. But when delving

into the official reports, we discover that

the output of a year’s worth of fires in

India is equal to the output of a Chinese

coal power station in just one single day.

Everything, of course, counts but let’s

keep a reasonable perspective.

The marina environment

Yacht clubs and marinas are hubs for

society groups who take pleasure in

the sea. Apart from environmentally

conscious management and

installations that reflect this, marinas

have a relaxed customer base that is

ready to take part in actions, events and

sporting activities that relate to the sea.

This is ripe ground for environmental

awareness. Seeing a floating plastic

bottle while watching a regatta from the

shore affects us a lot more than seeing

the same bottle at a street kerb.

The fact is that when we are in a

place we like and where we enjoy

ourselves, our senses are magnified;

making the ugly worse and the good,

sublime. We should use this state of

mind in our guests and clients and feed

them the basics of environmentally

respectful behaviour in a noncataclysmic,

non-imposing way. We

shouldn’t aim at the adults - we created

the problem and we are maintaining

it, so trying to teach us is a waste. We

should focus on the children. We should

create a consciousness in them that

is as integral to their growing up as

learning to swim or sail.

What can marinas do?

Marinas can do a lot. First of all, forget

about being an inshore island and think

more broadly. In most cases you are

part of a community. You are occupying

part of a community space for a

purpose not shared by everybody. This

is not a problem, because a swimming

pool, a tennis club or an exhibition hall

is in the same position. But with regard

to environmental matters you have the

advantage of being on the seafront and

being surrounded by boats; a pleasant

sight with an ambience that everybody


Every marina is a small laboratory.

You can generate events that can involve

the general public. Explain about the

algae and marine growth in the pontoons

and pylons, the rubbish generation

and the collection process – and don’t

keep the event concealed within the

premises. A presentation about weather

is an environmental subject. Cleaning a

beach, introducing the local fauna and

flora, watching the city services deal

with selective waste, explaining the rain

water collection and the boatyard water

recycling system are experiences people

do not forget because they are fun, they

were presented in a beautiful place and

in a simple way that everybody could

understand - and everybody was invited.

At the ISO Tourism Services Committee,

norms are being created for industrial

tourism, including visits to old mines and

shut down nuclear power plants.

But “Ah,” I hear you cry – “the

municipality or government should

organise this for the people in town,

not us!” This is a big mistake, a way of

thinking that has already done enough

damage. We do not like to be seen as

elite, right? The stigma of elitism is

one of the issues that hurts boating at

its core. We have been feeding off the

Port-City integration. Well, let’s change

that thinking and broaden our desire to

do good for the sake of it and set a good

example to our children instead of just

telling them that something cannot be

done because “it is complicated.”

When at sea, collect floating debris

during a boat rally. Clean a beach that

can only be reached from the water.

Organise a rally where lowest fuel

consumption is the target. We know

that every marina is an island, and

that is to our advantage, because all of

these simple actions can be tailor made

to be interesting, uncomplicated, cheap

and please everybody. People will learn

a lot more from an event where they

can go with their friends and family than

from books, the press or the TV.

Forget about government subsidies

or external funding: such thoughts

cannot prosper. Develop a conscience

about having the next generation’s

environmental education in your own

hands. We do not have to aim to make

a better world for our children; we have

to educate them to be able to make a

better world for themselves.

Oscar Siches CMM runs the consultancy

firm Marina Matters in Mallorca, Spain.

He can be contacted on email:


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 45

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stars in Italy

The COBAT Sea Project, recently renamed The Blue Stars of the Mediterranean,

is a unique initiative that promotes and rewards best environmental practices

at Italian marinas while also acting as a kind of ‘TripAdvisor’. Marina di

Villasimius was the winner of its 2015 best eco-friendly marina award.

Donatella Zucca reports

Dedicated to the environmental

sustainability of marinas, the Blue

Stars project is supported by COBAT, a

national consortium for waste collection

and recycling, and Legambiente, a

not-for-profit scientific environmental

protection organisation. With its

new name will come new ideas that

involve students and university-based

researchers, an online guide named

‘way4port’ and an interactive website.

The original COBAT criteria

for marina excellence, however,

remain intact. All marinas must

have appropriately signposted

self-contained collection points for

waste oil, pollutants and hazardous

materials. Separate recycling

containers must be provided for

glass, aluminium, paper, plastics,

organic matter and waste water and

these containers must be collected

Blue Stars of the Mediterranean project

leader Enzo Biassoni (right) and with

the COBAT team (far right).

and emptied by contractors with proper

licences. Port services must use

only electric vehicles and, except in

designated areas, cars are banned in

mooring areas, which can be reached

via protected pedestrian and cycle

paths. Solar panels must be installed

and other renewable forms of energy


In addition to all standard facilities

expected in a good marina, Blue Stars

Marina di Villasimius in Sardinia is the

winner of the 2015 best eco-friendly marina


of the Mediterranean marinas must have

access and services for disabled people;

pollution, fire and accident emergency

plans; and clear signage with safety


Following a procedure that is similar

to the Michelin Guide to restaurants,

from 2016 onwards selected marinas

will receive one to five Blue Stars of the

Mediterranean awards for sustainable

development, environmental protection

and for reducing their environmental

impact within the local area. Different

types of marinas will face difference

levels of demand.

The website is currently under

development to host the way4port

online guide to Italian ports and a

dedicated App will soon be available.

The guide will include practical

information on the marinas and on what

to do and see in the area, including

cultural activities, dining and shopping.

Together with MACRO Srl, a computer

science specialist, a record of visitors

to all harbours will be maintained and a

programme is being devised to award

scholarships for development of the

ideal green marina.

The promoters and sponsors of the

initiative have significant manpower.

COBAT is a consortium of 600

companies, including 100 waste

collection specialists and six recycling

plant owners, who service 80,000

customers annually. Legambiente has

115,000 members and supporters

who volunteer their services during

environmental emergencies.

“In 2014, we started our research

to identify the 20 best recycling

performers in 150 marinas. This led

to an awards ceremony, then the

idea of a guide and finally to the Blue

Stars of the Mediterranean concept,”

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 47


Round the clock: the many views of Marina

di Villasimius – designed to minimise

environmental impact while ensuring good

customer service.

explains project leader Enzo Biassoni,

a TV script writer who champions a

responsible approach to the oceans.

“We sent a questionnaire to 300

marinas and a designated person

checked the validity of the entrants in

each region,” he adds.

How do Italian tourist ports rate in

environmental terms? “I have been

involved with this since 2003 and

can say that standards have grown

significantly. We have no reason to envy

France or Spain – even the best marinas

of the French Riviera lag behind us,”

Biassoni asserts. But the terms of the

Stars package extend further, of course.

“Our project is unique as, in addition to

assessing environmental sustainability

and giving nautical information about

each marina, we look at the marina

in a broader context.” Archaeological

sites, for example, are highlighted and

fabulous wine regions promoted.

Winning the award

Marina di Villasimius in Sardinia is

sufficiently close to Cagliari to benefit

from city facilities but far enough away

to look out towards the natural beauty

of Capo Carbonara, a protected marine

area on the southeast coast.

The Blue Stars of the Mediterranean

winner was determined by a jury of

scientists led by biologist Jacopo

Aguzzi who spearheaded the leading

marine ecology institution Scienze del

Mar di Barcellona. Of the 20 marinas

shortlisted for the 2015 award, three

are in Sardinia. Competition was fierce

as many innovative projects have been

implemented. “Santa Teresa di Gallura,

for example, is building solar panels

and an LED lamp system and Marina

Loana in Liguria has installed panels

to its entire shipyard and captures

seawater to work its air conditioning

system,” Biassoni notes.

Marina di Villasimius was, however,

deemed to be particularly special.

“The marina has been designed using

common sense within a protected

marine area and offers high level

services and reputable shipbuilding;

an excellent combination of elements,”

Biassoni proffers. This opinion is

endorsed by Aguzzi, who also explains

how important it is to establish a

reference framework for the future.

“To develop the first venture of its

kind in the Mediterranean we have

combined various indicators, developed

by Integrated Coastal Resources

Management studies which focus

on the conflicting use of resources

in tourist and commercial ports.

From here we put together a list of

environmental compatibles – technical,

human and social. The combination of

these in Villasimius gave the marina the

maximum points.”

Yet more criteria will likely be added

later down the line to cover elements

such as the engineering of docks and

dams. “The engineering impact of these

types of structures on currents and the

seabed is not being considered now but

it will be. Every year, we revitalise the

programme so as to keep in step with

technological developments and involve

experts in different sectors. Among

other things, we will look to assess the

way marinas can activate monitoring

systems for water quality and the

seabed using underwater cameras and

marine salinity gauges.”


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016


Focus on Villasimius

Marina di Villasimius is a safe and

well-equipped harbour with 840 berths

arranged in a water space of 72,000m²

(775,000ft²), protected by a 560m

(1,837ft) breakwater. It is able to moor

vessels of up to 60m (197ft) thanks

to generous water depths which, in

places, measure 6.5m (21ft).

Like all the best marinas, it offers

traditional services with the exception

of boat movers and cranes, which it

does not operate on a large scale.

A fuel station is open daily, and a

shipyard and service centre with

active businesses operate according

to seasonal demand. Boat owners

benefit from WiFi, access to a beauty

salon, a take-away food service and,

during the summer, a shuttle to the

pretty village of Villasimius and the

best beaches. The marina is part of the

Marinedi Srl network of Mediterranean

ports, which imposes a uniform level of

quality standards, and shares common

resources and agreements with

insurance and financial services and

airline companies.

As Marinedi has a strong focus on

the maxi-yacht sector, captains and

crew enjoy good services and easy

access to the village via a shuttle

service. They also have the use of

courtesy cars to reach Cagliari, which

is about 40km (25 miles) away via a

scenic coastal road or a high-speed


The marina is generally busy. “We

have 500 boats in the harbour all

year round. The majority are Italian

but around 22% are from overseas,

mostly Swiss and German, then Dutch,

English and French,” says marina

director Amedeo Ferrigno, who has

been at Villasimius for the past nine

years further to a 30-year role at the

Port of Capri.

“We are well served with planes,” he

adds, “and we enjoy a special natural

benefit – you can leave port during

the Mistral winds and in less than

200m (656ft) you are in absolutely

calm waters. Our customers, many

of whom are long-standing, really

appreciate this as well as our care for

the environment.”

The marina manages its water quality

very carefully, has ‘ecological islands’

and offers free pump-out of black, grey

and bilge waters. Staff collect waste

goods for recycling. Solar panels

and an LED lighting plant give clean,

responsible energy and, in much of the

marina, chains, cement and ropes have

been eliminated. A webcam is installed

for security purposes, along with a

surveillance system, entry systems and

armed guard patrols. “In terms of the

weather, we’ve had winds of 78 knots

and nothing has happened,” Ferrigno


Planning for the future is ongoing

but, as the current concession ends in

2020, projects have slowed down. “We

are, however, submitting an economic/

financial plan to the regional authorities

which should convince them to renew

the lease,” Ferrigno reveals.



at your fingertips






Visit our website


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 49


Australian survey

data released

The Marina Industries Association (MIA) has announced

the release of the Club Marine 2015 Health of the Australian

Marina Industry Survey. The survey of Australian marinas

builds on previous data released in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

The collaborative research is a result of a unique long term

partnership between the Recreational Marine Research

Center (RMRC) at Michigan State University, USA and the MIA,

with the active participation of many Australian marinas.

The survey provides

extensive data and analysis

based on a robust 40% sample

of Australia’s 346 marinas. The

information in the 127 page

report provides details relating

to the economic, social and

environmental performance of

marinas in general, marinas

located in different regions,

as well as different types and

sizes of marina. It also provides

valuable trend data and


Findings reveal that

Australian marinas are

financially healthy and over

half of the marinas expect

revenues to grow in the

2015/16 financial year. The

majority of marinas continue to

undertake various measures

to enhance their facilities and

the quality of the service(s)

offered. The findings also

strongly suggest that there

continues to be ‘demand’ for

marinas to add storage spaces

and customer services.

Ed Mahoney, director

of the RMRC, claims that

the Australian series of

collaborative studies is a ‘cut

above’ anything else conducted

within the international marina

industry. “The very high

response rate and consistency

of the data collected on

biennial surveys provides

valid and reliable data for

identifying marina

trends including


investment and their

contribution to local

communities,” he


MIA president,

Andrew Chapman

CMM, said the long

term collaboration

with RMRC and

the support of

Club Marine

were invaluable.

“Our industry is

competing for limited

time and capital with

many other leisure

industries. High

quality research

is a foundation stone for

our industry to effectively

communicate our value

and worth to investors, the

community and to government,”

he continued.

Findings from the survey will

be announced progressively.

The report is available free of

charge to participating marinas

and may be purchased from the

MIA via www.marinas.net.au


installed at Haslar

Haslar Marina in Portsmouth, the largest marina in

Dean & Reddyhoff’s portfolio, has become the first

in the UK to install Rolec’s new Quantum service

pedestals. The company ordered 150 anodised

aluminium pedestals as part of a £1.5 million

refurbishment project.

The Quantum,

launched last year, was

designed using marina

operator feedback as

Rolec sales director

Martin Georgeson

confirms. “During the

development of Quantum,

we undertook a feasibility

study with many of the

UK’s leading marina

managers to get a feel

for what they considered

to be the perfect service

pedestal,” he says. “As

a result, Quantum,

with its clean, sleek

lines, was developed to

incorporate a variety of

key features – including

customised sizes and

colours, anodised

aluminium exterior finish,

LED lighting, anti-light

polluting louvres, IP65

rated weather proofing

and internal electric/water


In addition to supplying

the pedestals, Rolec

undertook the design and

installation of Haslar’s

new electrical distribution

system, water system,

marina lighting and

emergency services.

Haslar marina manager

Ben Lippiett says the

marina is thrilled to be

rolling out the Quantum

pedestals. “They are well

built and look superb on

the marina,” he notes.

Contact Rolec Services in

the UK on email:



www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016

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Easy launch

for kayaks

Getting in and out of a

kayak is often tricky and

can be extra difficult or

even dangerous when done

from a dock or seawall. The

new Kayak Launch from

Golden Boat Lifts offers an

effective solution.

Installation is simple. The

lift can be mounted on a wide

variety of seawall, dock and

deck materials, and takes up

little space. To use, paddlers

simply use the winch to lower

the kayak into the water,

descend the ladder and lower

themselves into the boat. A

grab rail on the water side is

Lift package rounds out services

Italian company Boat Lift has delivered a new hoist and self-propelled cart to Marina

Baotic in Croatia.

Ordered with 220 ton

capacity and a 90° steering

system, the hoist is equipped

with Boat Lift’s standard

remote assistance system

and has an extended upper

beam. The cart has 100 ton

capacity and also has 90°

steering, which operates in

conjunction with hydraulically

operated width selection/

expansion. The package

enables the marina to haul

out vessels with different

types of keel.

Marina Baotic is located

in the central part of the

Croatian coast near the

town of Trogir and offers

a variety of services. It is

one of the largest and most

comprehensive providers of

services for nautical tourism.

The marina is very happy

with the new equipment as

it rounds out the services

on offer and enables staff to

handle vessels up to 50m in


Boat Lift has also

recently delivered a 220 ton

amphibious hoist and a 110

ton hoist to a facility in the

south of Italy and is preparing

to deliver a 220 ton hoist to

the Netherlands and a 450

ton hoist to Russia.

Contact Boat Lift in Italy on

email: info@boatlift.it

used to steady oneself and to

push off the lift. Upon return,

the kayaker simply guides the

craft onto the bunks, climbs

out and winches the boat up

out of the water.

Fully welded using marine

grade aluminium, the Kayak

Launch supports watercraft

up to 100lbs (45kg) and the

bunks adjust to fit a large

range of widths. Built for a

saltwater environment, the

winch utilises a stainless

steel cable. Two models are

available – a 5-step with 4ft

(1.2m) of travel and a 7-step

with 6ft (1.8m).

Contact Golden Boat Lifts in

FL, USA on email:


Milestone certification

Perma Composites, the manufacturer and supplier of pontoon decking systems such

as PermaStruct and PermaTimber, has secured two BSI quality standards. This makes

it one of the first companies in Australia to achieve certification to ISO 9001:2015 and

also satisfy AS4801 for Occupational Health & Safety.

Marc Barnes, managing

director for BSI Group

Australia and New Zealand,

described the success

as a “milestone”. “By

gaining ISO 9001:2015

quality certification, Perma

Composites is proving its

commitment to maintaining

the highest level of quality

systems management for

both its clients and its own

people,” he said.

Perma Composites

CEO Andy Greathead

added: “Quality and OH&S

accreditation are important

cornerstones in ensuring

that Perma Composites

can be trusted as a high

performance manufacturing

and supply partner. The

investment in achieving

this level of accreditation is

money well spent and also

recognition for the hard

work our staff have put in,

but the real benefit is that

our operating procedures

allow ourselves and our

customers to sleep well

at night knowing we have

adopted the highest

standards in quality, safety

and service.”

Contact Perma Composites

in Australia on email: info@



www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016


Pro 8.2 upgrade launched

The software platform MyTaskit has released the Pro 8.2

Operations upgrade to give customers better integration

with the coordination module. This helps businesses

streamline by coordinating tasks among technicians, subcontractors

and customers.

The new release also offers

greater capabilities with the

Service Scheduler, such

as the ability to make quick

changes to the daily schedule

and expanded forms for detail

viewing through graphs and

charts to help with real-time

operations analysis.

The MyTaskit Pro

Operations module manages

tasks such as processing

work orders, ordering parts,

renting slips and expediting

billing. It also tracks all profit

centres, handles accounts

payable and consolidates

financial reporting. In use

with the Coordination

module, it enables service

managers to create, modify

and reprioritise service tasks.

Other features for the

upgrade include: automatic

software updates; new

Order Entry integration for

processing online orders;

improved point of sale

tips and service charge

capability; better accounts

receivable statement

tracking; customisable

statement descriptions; and

added Efficiency Hours and


“The close alignment with

the Coordination module

makes coordinating business

and handling all the backend

analysis, payroll and billing

easier than ever before,”

says MyTaskit founder and

A new marina has now been completed in Podersdorf

am See on Lake Neusiedlersee in eastern Austria. Dock

Marine Systems was awarded the design/build contract

and used its PMS pontoons for the project. Dockside

pedestals were supplied by Rolec Services.

Contact Dock Marine Systems in Austria on email:


CEO Kevin Hutchinson. “The

enhanced Service Scheduler

provides better insight for the

scheduling and rescheduling

of technician tasks. Every

software update attempts to

over-deliver on our promise

to our clients: to help them

run a more efficient and

profitable business.”

Contact MyTaskit in FL, USA

on email: info@mytaskit.com


Slipway Trailers

Improve your boathandling

Roodberg P: +31 (0) 513 52 13 13 E: info@roodberg.nl

www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016 53

Average Net C

Audit Per





Index to Advertisers

Accmar, USA 26

Bellingham Marine, USA 6, 7

Best Marine Solutions, USA 55

Camper & Nicholsons

Marinas, UK 14

Conolift by Kropf Industrial,

Canada 34

DualDocker, Austria 10 & 11

Dura Composites, UK 43

Eaton Marina

Power & Lighting, USA 20

Eden Technologies, Italy 42

Gigieffe, Italy 36

Golden Boat Lifts, USA 26

Helix, USA 42


Netherlands 31

Ingemar, Italy 18

JLD International,

Netherlands 46

M-Tech, Australia 42

MDL Marina Consultancy, UK 16

METS, Netherlands 24

Maricer, UK 34

Marina Master by IRM,

Slovenia 49

Marina Projects, UK 26

Marine Travelift, USA 56

Marinetek, Finland 4

Martini Alfredo, Italy 36

Moffatt & Nichol, USA 32

Orsta Breakwater,

Netherlands 37

Pacsoft, New Zealand 46

Pile Ring, New Zealand 46

Plus Marine, Italy 32

Poralu Marine, France 28 & 29

Rolec Services, UK 12

Roodberg - a brand of Frisian

Industries, Netherlands 53

SF Marina System, Sweden 2

Seaflex, Sweden 8

Seijsener, Netherlands 40

Star Marina Solutions, UK 40

Walcon Marine, UK 35

High spec



Florida-based GCM Contracting

Solutions has built a special tilt wall

for the Rose Marina boat storage

facility in Marco Island.

The new 142-boat drystack, which

was 80% full before the external shell

was even complete, has 11inch (28cm)

thick walls. The larger panels were

constructed on site and followed an

elaborate assembly process to ensure

they would be a perfect fit.

The company is also due to

undertake a similar project at Gulf Star

Marina on Sanibel Island.

Contact GCM Contracting Solutions in

FL, USA on email:



PWC docking

HydroHoist Marine Group has

launched a PWC docking platform

called HP Extreme.

Described by HydroHoist CEO

Mick Webber as offering “the easiest

load and launch of any PWC docking

platform on the market”, it is fully rollersupported

utilising high performance

5in x 2in (127mm x 51mm) rollers.

Roller width and placement are easily

adjustable to accommodate different


The platform is manufactured from

expanded polystyrene (EPS) marine

foam for increased strength and leak

elimination, walking surfaces are flat

and anti-skid, and an exclusive ‘airpillow’

bow stop is fitted.

HydroHoist worked with Persico

Group, an Italian company recognised

as a worldwide leader in engineering

mould designs. The mould was

then shipped to HydroHoist division

RotoMoldUSA for final assembly and

ultimate production.

“This CNC [Computer Numerical

Control] mould means an exacting

standard of form, function and fit –

again, a first in our industry and in

cooperation with another worldwide

leader in the field. We are thrilled to

bring this level of engineering to our

customers,” Webber said.

In addition to customer-friendly

features, additional product

enhancements include stainless steel

roller axels for increased strength and

compatibility with fresh, brackish and

salt water.

The HP Extreme is one of three new

products that HydroHoist has brought

to the market so far in 2016. The other

two are a two-valve boatlift control unit

and a boatlift designed specifically for

saltwater use.

Contact HydroHoist in OK, USA on

email: sales1@boatlift.com


www.marinaworld.com - July/August 2016





















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clean marina...

















INNOVATOR in marina


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peristaltic reliability...

The # 1 selling SaniSailor,

AquaClean and Fast Attack systems

also represent our core mission;

Leadership in the market,

Partnership with our clients and

Innovation in solutions!

Find your solutions at:



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Get total control with our

New Forklift Lineup.

Higher capacities now available.

The NEW expanded capacity lineup of Hydro M-Drive forklifts comes from our

long line of the industry’s highest performing boat handling equipment. Equipped

with the exclusive Marine Travelift Hydro M-Drive, our forklifts make it easier to

navigate your yard while hauling the boats you need to lift. The dual action

pedal provides operators with complete drive control to easily handle loads

of different sizes.

Contact our sales team for introductory pricing on the forklift that will take

on the demands of your yard.


• Smoother acceleration

and deceleration

• Simple to operate

• Effi cient dual action pedal

• More control over uneven



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